June 2011 Journal

6-1 Around 4:30p a Driver’s Education enters the roadway were I was parked. It drives all the way to the end of the roadway, which it stayed for approximately 3 minutes. Then it makes it way toward me and then stops. It is now behind the rear of my vehicle. After one minute of leaving, I feel a tingling sensation on my left feet. It has GPS my location for further targeting. I just change my position before this vehicle entered the scene. Soon after, I see another driver’s education vehicle. Also noted is these vehicles have their bright lights on, which I typically see on gang stalking vehicles.

6-1 I was woken several times with a rapid heartbeat and unstabled nervous system. It was 5 minutes after 2A and 7A. During the early morning hours, I feel continuous transmissions directed at my head. I got out and walked a little and it disappeared after a while.

6-2 Was woken around 11p and I immediately felt that they were transmitting an electro-magnetic signal to my left leg. This prompted me to tie my left leg with a grounding wire. When I stood up, I felt a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system.

6-2 Was woken around 5A and I immediately felt that they were transmitting an electro-magnetic signal to my right leg. Remember earlier I tied my left foot because they were transmitting through it. When I stood up, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was followed by painful micro-wave weapons that was directed between my legs.

6-2 I drank the Deer Park Water 082657500638 that I purchased from an IGA store. As a result I felt multiple transmissions directed at my head. It was particularly in the back of my head.

6-3 Was woken around 4A. I automatically noticed my privacy elevated and then a painful electronic signal being pulsed at this area of my body.

6-3 Faxed the Affidavit, Certified Returned Receipts to my Fax Service. It was the paperwork that Jeff Murray sent. Meanwhile, I mail him back the paperwork for his file keeping.

6-3 Was at my friend’s Les’s house. I was there the previous day. When I came from the BIG LOT store, I purchased water, which I boiled. After boiling the water, I put it in the refridgerator. When it cooled, I sip some of the water. it had a mint taste to it. Something I tasted before. I think the mint taste was to cover the amount of chemicals that was in the water. Anyway, soon as I drank the water, within a few minutes, the lady that lives across the street arrives. She rushes in the hous without knocking or being invited. After she arrives, a short time later, James Brown (neighbor who lives directly above Les) family member arrives. There is now four people who can GPS my physical location. After starting my work on typing last month’s journal on my computer, I noticed a presence of electro-magnetic waves directed at my head. The lady who arrives earlier was a beckon and they were feeding off her signal as this was the direction it was coming from. Because of the amount of transmissions being directed to my head became overwhelming. I got up to go to the kitchen. When I got up to go to the kitchen, I noticed foot steps behind me. The signal was definately coming above me. This explains why I would not RENT an APARTMENT. The intensity of the targeting increases when you are in the same dwelling with these people. The closes allows them to target you directly. Anyway, I left his house to go into my van, which was parked outside. Not only did the transmissions disappeared, but all parties left the area. The reason why they were there was that I dranked the contaminated water I purchased at BIG LOT, which made my body vulnerable to their electronic equipment. If I did not drink the water, none of these parties would have ever came on the scene. But the BIG LOT store selling the chemically treated water is more liable to criminal charges than the perpetrators that were GPSing my location.

6-4 After being woken up around 2A, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was after standing up. The heartbeat speeds up and slows down a few times beofre it stablizes.

6-4 Was woken around 6A. The water that I purchased from BIG LOT store on Ramsey St. is a contributing factor. The heartbeat rythems and nervous system is being controlled by the remote technology.

6-3 2:22:54 Big Lots! #00369 3725 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Tele. no. 910-488-6734. Manager: Jennifer. Purchased Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water 1 Gal. btl. One of the “customers” was trying to help me figure out the price of the water. Later I see this guy and his significant other in a company vehicle. It was positioned within 5 feet from my vehicle. It was not in a parking spot, they were on their cell phone GPSing my location. I did not see his vehicle when I parked at this location. I also saw a guy in his jeep on the other side of me. I also did not see him before. But his vehicle was parked correctly. Anyway, the bar code for the water is: 075140005154. The water was heavily contaminated even after boiling it. It had a mint taste, probably to cover up the chemicals that was in it.

6-4 Was woken around 11p with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This is a result of consuming the contaminated water I purchased from BIG LOT. When I stood up is when I felt the heartbeat the strongest.

6-4 At around 8A as I was laying down I felt pulsing on two sections of my head. The electronic pulsing of my head was continuous when I stood up, my heart rate elevated and the pulsing on my head increased as well. When my heart rate slowed and became normalized, the electronic pulsing of my head stopped.

6-4 When I went back into Big Lots! I saw several “employees” at the front door. One of the employee female’s that I saw at the front door stood on line behind me, GPSing my location. Also as I was entering the store, I noticed three “employees” stocking the water that I purchased yesterday. I have video footage of all of this.

6-5 YSA-9752 white pickup truck.

6-5 After going to sleep around 5A, I was woken. First I turned on my side, but then I noticed an electronic pulsing of two sections of my head. When I stood up, not only did my heart rate increased, but the pulsing of my head became more obvious. It was in sync with my heart rhythems. Then I also noticed my left leg numb. They often transmit through my leg to cause my heart to elevate. When I laid back down, I felt a strong electronic jab near my heart. It was a burning sensation. Recently they do this to me as a first step to elevating my heart rate.

6-6 Food Lion legion rd store. Soon as I consumed the apples that I purchased at this establishment, both of my hands began shaking. It was like electrical current going right through it. The apples were Pommes Royal Gala Apples 0333830267616.

6-7 I did not experienced a rapid heartbeat and unstabled nervous system throughout the night. But after falling asleep around 6A, 8A and waking up at around 12A, each time I stood up I experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. Earlier I placed urine throughout my vehicle and that played a positive role in decreasing any attacks that might have occurred.

6-6 17:41 Food Lion #0809 2885 Legion Rd Fayetteville, NC 28306. Tele. No. 910-426-0088. Purchased SO Lemonade and Grape Soda, small Lemons and Gala Apples. When I consumed the Apples I immediately experienced shakiness of the arm and hand. While walking through the store, I saw various carts of unpacked items and several workers placing items on the shelves. When I was checking out, a man stood directly behind me.

6-8 Woke up around 12A and went back to sleep. What woke me up was feeling signals on my left feet. Then I noticed signals being directed to the back of my head. It was around 1:15A.

6-8 As I was driving south on I95, after existing, I noticed a red truck. It was stopped waiting for traffic to pass before it could enter the intersection. That’s what I thought until I observed more closely. There was periods were there was no traffic and the red truck had plenty of opportunity to leave the intersection. It was clear the vehicle was waiting for me to drive behind it. Knowing this, I decided to pull over. This left more than 100 ft between my vehicle and this vehicle. Within two minutes, a tractor trailor parked on the shoulder. Observing this vehicle, the man inside the truck was just sitting there doing nothing. It is my understanding that both of these vehicles were positioned to target the rear section of my vehicle.

6-9 Was woken very early in the morning and at around 6A. Each time I stood up, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and unstabled nervous system.

6-8 We had our first COALITION meeting. Jeff Murray and Peter was in attendance. Lindsay Baldwin was absence. The purpose of the meeting was to come up with a name, mission statement and statement of principles. The meeting also allowed us to form an Affidavit Committee, which will oversee submitted statements from the TI community.

6-9 The poping sounds of the portable generator is getting louder and is covering a larger area. The generator is positioned in the woods opposite of HWY 87 off owen drive. The generator has been setup in this area to allow the perpetrators to pulse a micro-wave signal. The micro-wave signal also has a negative impact on digital tv signals – besides the human body. Finding these individuals with a low-cost micro-wave detector will be fairly easy.

6-8/9 I feel pulsing on my leg, knee and even elbow. The pulsing involves an electronic signal being directed at these areas. It is a feeling of vibrations and stinging that is very discomforting.

6-8 I felt multiple vibrations to my chest area as I was driving on Gillepsie St. The signal cause my heartbeat to increase. Several times I had to pull over to catch my breath.

6-10 Was woken around 1A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was after standing up.

6-10 As I was laying down, I felt electro-magnetic signals directed to my legs and elbow. It was around 3A. This also includes burning me between my legs with painful micro-wave weapons.

6-10 Throughout the night into the morning, I’m experiencing constant pulsing of my elbow.

6-10 Just before a vehicle enters the roadway where I’m parked, I heard a portable generator pulsing the micro-wave signal. It is closer than it has been in the past.

6-10 Soon as I touch the ice that I purchased at the ICE HOUSE on Legion road, I can feel the electro-magnetic signal on my hand and fingers.

6-11 Was woken twice and each time I stood up I felt an electro-magnetic signal surrounding my entire body. It also included a rapid heartbeat and unstabled nervous system. This was accompanied by shakiness of the right arm. At some point I was attacked on my genitals and between my legs with micro-wave laser weapon.

6-11 After constantly hitting my stomach, I eventually received the symptoms of diapheria.

6-11 I purchased IGA purified drinking water 041270861083 24 btl., which was shortly after 7A in the morning. After boiling it and drinking it, I noticed an increase in electro-magnetic weapons directed at my stomach. At some point, I developed diapheria symptoms, which resulted in multiple bowel movements. I have saved one btl. of water for future testing.

6-13 Was woken with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system at around 3A. The next thing I know was them blowing my genitals up and they were pulsing of my left knee. When I stood up, I felt my right arm shaking uncontrollably. This was followed with attacking my penis with micro-wave laser weapons. The pain was intensified as I walked outside to place urine underneath my vehicle. When I got back inside the vehicle, the pulsing that occurred earlier stopped. It had rain earlier in the night so some one placed this conductive technoloy to produce that kind of signal. Most of the signals were coming from underneath me, because my roof was wet and the side wals were slippery.

6-14 After waking up around 1A, I noticed electro-magnetic signaling coming from underneath the fan that I was laying on. Then around 2A, after standing up I could feel the signals directed at my head. It was continuous. Meanwhile, the perpetrators keep attacking my feet, causing the muscles in my foot to vibrate multiple times.

6-12 13:28:11 Family Dollar Store #7562 4700 Cumberland Rd Fayetteville, NC. tele. no. 910-425-7753. Purchased dozen eggs 026855123435, Quaker Instant Grits 030000044308 and Hawaiian Punch Red 128 oz. 014800646085. Seen manager “rosa” stocking items onto the shelf when I first entered the establishment. When I was ready to pay for items, she checked me out. After consuming these products, I experienced attacks on the stomach, pulsing on my head, burning of my genitals and legs, swelling of my right arm, etc., by electro-magnetic weapons. The attacks were especially brutal after 2A.

6-14 10:49 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store # 471 2636 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303. tele. no. 910-486-4050. Purchased TJ Farms Fries 755440003028, TJ Farms Cut Corn 755440004316, 2 Tastee Choice Cooked Salad Shrimp 746167560260, TJ Farm Select Broccoli Cuts 755440003418, and Down Home Foods Chicken Thighs 885105330128. Noticed a large amount of “stock” people working inside the store. Noticed that many items were just placed on the shelves before I got there. Ask for the manager who is named WILL. At first sale’s clerk Mellisa told me that the manager is not there. Other clerk looked puzzled when I asked for the manager clearly indicating that they know about the product contamination. And last, “customer” gets on the line behind me.

6-14 4:17 After answering the phone, the person on the other end did not answer. Then I asked repeatedly who it was and their response was followed by heavy breathing on the phone. Then I told them that I have their number, which I started reading it. And they hang up the phone. Their phone number is 214-269-5195/

6-15/16 Was woken twice with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system after standing up. This was proceeded by attacking me with micro-wave laser between my legs.

6-16 Right before I was going to eat, I heard the pulsing sound of a generator. As I was driving, I see a white car sitting on the side of the highway. Then later I see a white mini van with two women. Their vehicles are able to activate these pulse generators remotely.

6-14 11:03 IGA Carlie C’s 2738 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303. Tele. No. 910-483-8454. Store Manager: David Bland. Purchased Fresh Meat Ground Beef 220102405460, Louana Corn & Canola Oil 073391123368 and Russet Potatoes 032383530512.

6-18 This is the second day that my battery power was turned off remotely. It was 4AM. It was about TEN minutes before 4A. When they woke me with a rapid heart beat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was experienced when I stood up. It was proceeded by electro-magnetic weapons directed at my head, knees, elbow, legs and eyes.

6-18 I’ve been seeing more of the driver’s education vehicles. This morning I saw one before 9A. Never have I seen one of these vehicles this early in the morning.

6-18 The soda and water that I purchased from Food Lion on Legion Rd. was very heavily contaminated. After consuming these products, I’m inflicted with multiple transmissions directed at various parts of my body. This is compounded by someone tracking my position from the woods with a generator hand-held micro-wave device. It produces a loud poping sound as they follow me.

6-18 After consuming the products I purchased from Food Lion, I could taste the smart dust particals. This happened long after I have digested the products. These particals are being accessed by the perpetrators and that’s why at time’s I can feel them in my mouth.

6-19 At around 15 minutes to 4A I was woken with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was noticeable after standing up, which my heart was pounding really hard. Then suddenly I heard a loud poping sound coming from the woods. My vehicle is positioned near skibo rd and yakin rd (closer to skibo). The poping sound is from a micro-wave hand-held generator.

6-20 Was woken with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was immediately after digesting the contaminated water that I purchased at Food Lion on Legion Rd.

6-20 Seen blueish gray vehicle driving to the end of the road in my Owen Drive location. This vehicle kept moving within the area I slept two days ago. After about 5 minutes of being in this area, I felt an electronic signal surrounding my body.

6-21 Around 6:45P a tractor trailor vehicle parks within 50 ft from my vehicle. The company of which this truck is from is FLATBED UNLIMITED in Florida. As I was walking towards this vehicle, I felt a large amount of electro-magnetic energy coming from this vehicle. It was directed at my head – pulsing various parts of it as I was walking.

6-22 Driver’s Education vehicle around 8A. This is the earliest I’ve seen them in this area. It situates itself in front of my vehicle. The vehicle was white and the license tag: 55303S. It keeps circling around me. There is no reason for this activity other than it is GPSing my location.

6-22 Seen over 10 driver’s education vehicles and each one of them were positioning themselves towards me. One Driver’s education actually blocked me in so I wouldn’t be able to leave the targeting area. This places everyone’s life in harm’s way! I manage to go around it on the GRASS SHOULDER, but it was close!!!

6-22 I seen a cumberland county school bus on two occassions. One bus actually stopped at my rear of the vehicle and than proceeded to the turn off. I have seen school buses being used in this way in other locations as well.

6-22 Felt electro-magnetic signals targeting the right back side of my head. It was continuous.

6-21 AIDI Store #72 3447 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Purchased Pur Aqua Spring Water 24 btl pk 041498112899. Heavily contaminated – even after boiling it. I could literally taste the chemicals in the water. I saved one btl. for future testing.

6-21 Short Store 19. Manager: Glen. Video tapped stock person leaving the store. Purchased 2 Fanta Orange soda’s. 04900050257.

6-20 As I was reading my Journal on my Talkshoe conference call, I was repeatedly attacked with electro-magnetic weaponry on my head. This included attacking my leg with painful directed energy weapons.

6-22/25 It has been three nights when I experienced my battery being drained for the purpose of attacking me with persistant directed energy weapons. The fan reduces the amount of electro-magnetic signals coming from the direction of the ground. When the operators of this technology is unable to accomplished this task, I’m immediately attacked with painful micro-wave laser weapons. The weapons are directed at my penis and upper legs. The technology creates abrasions that resembles legions and cuts.

6-26 Was woken around 2A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. Earlier I was transmitted a dream concerning having a physical altercation with law enforcement. This is not the first time I was given this kind of dream – which is associated with violence. I do not have a criminal record, or a history of violence. The only reason why this criminal enterprise would induced this kind of dream is to manipulate my thoughts into this direction

6-26 D. Marie Muhammad did not show up for her 2P conference call meeting. Will have to reschedule. Next week I will be interviewing Peggy Gongora (Sunday 2P). Waiting for Linda and Elvira to submit their information needed to complete the Affidavit process. Mary McCabe needsto reschedule for another interview.

6-26/27 Constant pulsing my front right feet with electro-magnetic transmissions. This process later leads to targeting this area of my feet with multiple transmissions.

6-19/28 For the past week the perpetrators have been waking me up by blowing up my penis, burning my penis, burning my legs surrounding my penis, burning my buttocks – which resulted in multiple bumps being created, burning my anus area and stimulating the muscles in this area. It is a scripted procedure that they have been doing to me for the past week. This also includes a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system.

6-28 D. Marie Muhammad has not email me about her unannounced disappearance Sunday. I assumed she might not be ready at this time. I did not contact her for an explanation, because I have several people on the rooster. However, once I have gone through more candidates, she will be reschedule.

6-22/28 I have changed my primary area for where I spend most of my time. The Owen drive area has become over crowded with perpetrator vehicles targeting me with electro-magnetic weaponry.

6-29 Was woken about 15 minutes before 1A. When I stood up, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. Meanwhile, I felt a strong signal hitting my right feet and then saw a vehicle pass me in this location. This was followed by attacks with painful micro-wave laser weapon directed at my penis.

6-28 The peaches that I purchased from IGA store on Cedar Creek Rd was extremely contaminated. Upon consuming this product, I felt a large amount of transmissions directed at my right arm and hand.

6-28 10:02A IGA Carlie C’s 500 Cedar Creek Rd. tele. no. 910-483-8972. Store Manager: Siggy and Richard Copeland. Before I could enter the store a young male IGA worker was waiting outside. I noticed other perpetrators around him. The male followed me into the store. Then, as I was shopping I noticed items on the shelves as if they were never touched and were just placed there. So the store was already setup for me to shop there. When a store is setup, other products that was once on the shelves are removed and replaced by products that were reconditioned for the electro-magnetic weaponry that is used on me. From the store manager to the stock clerk and cashier, all of them are a party to this horrific crime against humanity. Anyway, I purchased 2 24btl. of Dasani Water, Fresh meat/fryer combo pack, IGA winter blend, 2 IGA spaghetti, speckled jelly beans, peaches and garlic salt/super size. All of these items were contaminated, because as soon as I consumed these items, I felt electro-magnetic transmissions through my right arm and hand. I did not experienced this situation before consuming these products. And when I woke up from my sleep, I felt a strong heartbeat that I did not experienced yesterday. I did not consume water and food yesterday, although it was 94 degrees. Earlier, when I consumed the cooked chicken, spaghetti and vegetables, 8 vehicles passed me. No other time did I notice such a large amount of vehicles on this section of road passing at one time (24E into 95S). The chemicals that is in the food turns my body into somewhat of a magnet that allows individuals equipped with GPS and micro-wave devices to target me.

6-29 Often times when it rains, I have to place a bucket outside to catch the water. This is the only way to get uncontaminated water as both the btl. water and tap water has been compromised. But seldom do it rain, or rain hard enough to b able to offset the chemicals that I’m forced to consumed, because the protections have been void in favor of keeping me in this criminal program. The rain also makes it possible for me to take washups.

6-29 Shortly before 7A I was woken. When I stood up, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and unstabled nervous system. After my rapid heatbeat subsided, I noticed an electro-magnetic signal being directed to the front of my head. When I moved my head, the signal followed. So I covered my head with my hand and the perpetrators of this technology then started targeting my feet. The transmissions were coming from underneath the vehicle. When that did not prove to be successful, the perpetrators of these tortorous crimes attacked my penis with the micro-wave laser weapon. This weapon has already created a line of blisters across both sides of my penis. The pain is enornous!

6-29 If I’m laying down and then decide to stand up, almost immediately a vehicle will drive by. It is my understanding that when I stand up, the perpetrators of these crimes can no longer calibrate my entire body with the technology. The vehicles, which pulse a micro-wave signal, allows perpetrators to do the attacks.

6-29 The Dasani water 049000031652 that I purchased from IGA Carlie C’s was heavily contaminated. Upon consuming this product, I was inflicted with micro-wave and electro-magnetic pulsing of my head. I did not boil the water. Earlier, I felt stinging on different parts of my head. Although the signals felt like it was coming from above, I know it was coming from underneath the vehicle. The nano technology particals that was placed earlier allows the criminals operating the technology to target me more viciously.

6-29 The speckled Jelly Beans 64085540595 that I purchased from IGA Carlie C’s were heavily contaminated. Upon consuming this product, I experienced shakiness of the right arm and hand. This was followed by signaling of electro-magnetic technology to various parts of my head. If an inspector was to visit one of these establishments, they would have a 95% chance of finding one of these contaminated items, which makes a person suseptible to electro-magnetic technology. In short, if I focus on purchasing products that I have to cook down, the chemicals within the product is reduced considerably. Cooking is the only way to reduce the chemical reactions to the remote technology that they use.


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