July 2011 Journal

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7-2 Was woken around 5:30A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system after standing up. When I laid back down, I felt electro-magnetic pulsing on my head. This was while I was laying on my fan. As a result, I put some urine underneath my vehicle. After coming back to my vehicle, I was repeatedly attacked in my anus and penis with painful micro-wave laswer weapons. Drinking the Dasani water that I purchased from IGA Carlie C’s is a major contributor to these attacks. And because I drank the water allows the perpetrators to work with a new set of chemicals that was freshly in my body.

7-2 After eating the contaminated food and water I purchased from IGA on cross creek rd, I drove on highway 87. Large groups of vehicles were already positioned behind me. When they passed me, many of them stalled in front of me. As I was leaving the highway system, two vehicles followed me off the interstate. They were traveling at such a great speed that even though I was traveling fast, they managed to catch up to me. As I was driving on Owen Drive, a black vehicle speed up behind me and refused to switch lanes. I had to come to a complete stop. When I got to the Exxon Gas station, they were already several perpetrators there. I went to another gas station, it was HESS. When I got to the very end of the station, the first truck went around me. However, a tan colored truck positioned himself right beside me. This effectively cut off outside access to the street from the gas station. There was absolutely no reason for him to be sitting here and his actions was clearly to GPS my location. I left. Next I drove to the back of a hotel. There wasn’t a single vehicle at this location. Within 5 minutes, I see 6.

7-2 My computer is frozen on the screen before I could get into windows. The perpetrators have done this several times before. It could take more than 30 minutes before I could go into windows.

7-2 After cleaning the roof of the smart drust nano- particals, I no longer experienced the signal penetrating different parts of my skull.

7-1 After taking Les to PWC to pay his bill, I parked my vehicle. When I got out of my vehicle, I noticed a large amount of perpetrators in this parking lot. I was able to record vehicles with missing hub caps, perpetrators with cell phone devices GPSing my location. I even seen a male perpetrator standing by his vehicle with the hood up. But the longer I stayed, the more aggressive the perpetrators became. I’ve seen them walking around my vehicle. So I could no longer stay in this area.

7-1 When I got to Harbor Freight hardware store, I Immediately saw a woman on her cell phone. She was positioned directly in back of another establishment. After parking at the store’s parking lot, I went inside the sore. Most of the time I was positioned in the front of the store, so I could eye my vehicle. However, a brief period I went to pay for my item. It was less than two minutes that I did not see my vehicle. The sale’s clerk purposely opened a register that was not lined of sight of seeing my vehicle. When I went out of the store, I see a femae with a “HARBOR FREIGHT” name tag standing right across from my vehicle. I have seen this before. I also noticed my vehicle door cracked open. So someone did manage to open my vehicle, but nothing unusual was noticed.

7-2 Because my VGA serial cable stopped working. I went a couple miles to shop for a new cable. When I got there, I saw a post office vehicle. The guy in the vehicle had sun glasses. I went inside the store, but I was curious to know why this guy was just riding the clock. So I came outside to see why he wan’t moving to a new location. Not to my surprised, I seen him GPSing my location on his cell phone.

7-3 Was woken around 2:30A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was after standing up.

7-3 Around 7A, after being woken, I noticed my genital enlarged and it was followed by burning and stinging of this area. I did not have a rapid heartbeat or uncontrollable nervous system.

7-3 Cable company comes to house to work onlines at around 8:30A on a Sunday morning.

7-2 19:28 Food Lion Store #0809 2885 Legion Rd Fayetteville, NC 28306. Tele. no. 910-426-0088. Manager: David Vega. Purchased Gwaltney Great Dogs 785331778209, my Essentials purified Drinking Water 725439100519, Elbow macaroni FL Brand 32oz. 035826000811, 2 Fanta Strawberry 2 Liter btl. 049000050271.

7-4 Was woken around 2:30A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was experienced right after standing up.

7-4 At around 9A I was woken by Les, which I was staying at his parking lot in front of his house. When I stood up I felt a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. Then I felt multiple transmissions on my head. It was like some directing electricity at different parts of my head.

7-3 Interviewed Peggy Gongora on Sunday at 2A. I was able to get part of her story as our conversation was interrupted by surrounded individuals. Plan next meeting soon.

7-4 Felt transmissions directed to the very back of my head. The signal was coming from the direction of a house beside Les’s place. When I got behind the sheilding of the van, the signal disappeared.

7-4 Angie from across the street paid Les a visit several times. Each time she was there, it was a 5 minute interval. At one point, she had a brief conversation with the neighbor’s across the street. Previously as I saw the neighbors directly across the street pulling out, they had their lights on. I often see perpetrator vehicles have their headlights on even in the middle of a sunny day.

7-3 I felt multiple signals on my feet as I stood inside the kitchen. James Brown was not home, but a male recently visit a house across the street (204 Circle CT) was responsible.

7-5 Was woken around 3A, 6A and 8A. Each time I was woken, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. Upon standing up, these symptoms are related to the contaminated foood and water I purchased from Food Lion.

7-2/5 Each time I consumed the food, I can taste the smart dust particals. The smart dust particals is as small as a grain of sand, but it like melts away as you chew your food.

7-5 After leaving and coming back, the black vehicle parked in front of the house on the street was not there. But it shortly return. Then the lady and her female associate drove off. The female driver (dirty blond) hair had cell phone device pressed to her head. And I see her checking her phone as to clarify that the information on the phone was correct. This house is directly across the street (204 Circle CT).

7-5 Upon Angie coming over, I had to leave immediately. She is a beckon to the electronic weapon attacks that I’m receiving. Vehicles and people in surrounding houses feed off of her signal. Her behavior is also very obnoxious for a person of her age group. She’s in her mid- 40’s and explains the kind of people being used for this kind of activity.

7-5 It’s been about 3 nights since being in the Ramsey Street location. I’ve been wanting Les to take me to the store where I can not get a good view of my vehicle.

7-6 Pastor Anthony Carstarphen accompanied me to purchasing items at home depot and Target. I need him to watch my vehicle, because often times when I leave my vehicle unattended, someone goes in it and places devices that make my body suseptible to their electronic equipment. Throughout this period, I seen several vehicles, although some did not enter the store.

7-6 I was in an accident situation that was not directly my fault. The vehicle was going to fast and this forced me to brake into the shoulder. Unfortunately, the vehicle crashed into a guard rail after avoiding to hit me. I have video taped evidence of vehicles speeding up to me for the purpose of gather signal information. The vehicle puts out a magnetic field that increases any signal generated in it. This includes the human body. This helped by technology that was purposely placed in the frame of the vehicle, which I was running errands in the night while I’m sleeping. When she came up to me, she gave me very little time to move into the shoulder. This forced her to immediately take the right lane, which cause her to swirve into the guard rail. Although she wasn’t hurt, her entire front end of the vehicle was total. This situation was complicated by the presence of stalking vehicles that were coming off of 95. They were all lined up in the right lane – which is a typical pattern of staliking vehicles. These vehicles were going no more than 40 miles per hour. I just consumed food that I purchased from ALDI’S on Raeford Rd. When I consumed these contaminated contents, 1) my body gives off a stronger signal and 2) the perpetrators become more aggressive at gathering this information. Although her actions did not appear to be perpetrator motivated, the large presence of perpetrator vehicles and her aggressive drive style lead to this accident. I was in an actual accident with an SUV over a year ago. I attempted to change lanes to be able to cross out of the intersection. Instead of the vehicle giving my signal the right-of-way, it speed up. I end up hitting the back side of the vehicle. The reason why it speed up, it needed to positioned itself infront of me, because that is how their micro-wave equipment was configured. Let me give you a clearer idea. Some vehicles that target me or either “HEAD” vehicles or “REAR” vehicles. Others target me from the side, as their devices are positioned in their cars. This is why I started driving left lane, because this puts me 1) further away from these devices and 2) I noticed a significant reduction in the targeting. If their is significant reduction in the targeting, I can concentrate on the driving without distration. The distration comes in the form of pulsing my head with a electronic signal. It is similar to someone pushing your head with two fingers. Just imagine someone pushing your head in while you are driving. The electronic pulsing also includes other parts of my body that distracts me from driving. If I could avoid this situation by driving in the left lane, than I have to do it. Also a problem with drving in the right lane, cars/vehicles entering the intersection position themselves between me and the other vehicles. So now I’m snake between two vehicles with no resource to get over to the shoulder to avoid the presence of these electronic devices. If there were at least micro-wave radio frequency detector systems on the highway, I wouldn’t be writing this entry in my journal. These systems would also jame those frequencies that allow the perpetrators to target their subjects with micro-wave weapons. All in all, the lack of enforcement in this area is putting everyone’s lives at risk.

7-7 Was woken around 12A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was after standing up. I also felt my entire head burning from the presence of the electronic energy. Five minutes later a vehicle enters the scene. All the entry ways including two billboards have these remote devices that perpetrator vehicles can access on the highway as they pass through the area.
7-7 Was woken around 9A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was after standing up. The pounding of my heart was extremely strong and it included my entire arm and hands shaking.

7-7 When I remove body waste, I can smell the chemicals that they place in the food. It is a horrific smell.

7-6 9:48 A ALDI’s store #22 4920 Raeford Rd Fayetteville, NC 28304. Purchased 3lbs Smoked Sausage, Cinnamanon Rolls (heavily contaminated), Purified Water (Heavily Contaminated) I could taste the thich fluids through my esphagus and how it was coming up through my throat, chunk tuna in oil, gala apples, wide egg noodles, 24 oz. mushroom sauce, penna rigate, valencia oranges (heavily contaminated) felt tightness of the eyes, and swiss cheese singles. The manager of this store is Brenda. Food, water and other products are often switched out before I enter an establishment.

7-8 The more I consume the food, the more I could taste the smart dust particals in the food and drink. And sometimes I can feel the smart dust particals in my mouth even though I have not consumed anything. The smart dust particals make my body suseptible to the electro-magnetic weapons.

7-10 Was woken around 8A and when I stood up, I felt a noticeable rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. The heart rythems kept fluctuating from fast to slow, which lasted a little over a minute. I also felt various electro-magnetic signals directed to different parts of my head. It was like electrical current entering my head. When I laid back dwon, I was attacked between my legs near my penis with painful micro-wave laser weapon. This area has been swelled up with multiple blisters and legions.

7-10 Was woken around 10:30A with a similar heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. But it wasn’t as severe, except the signal was being directed to my foot/leg, which was noticed the night earlier. Grounding my legs reduces some of the methods that they use.

7-10 Several perpetrator vehicles came on the scene different times. Each time they came into the area, I had already changed positions. So there is a direct correlation of changing my position and the perpetrators coming into the area to GPS my location. The first vehicle was a motorcyclist. It had it headlights on and one missing light beam.

7-10 Pastor Mehrzad New Conference Line is 98337.

7-11 6:50A Exxon Short Stop Gas Station 26 1717 Owen Dr. Fayetteville, NC 28304. Manager: Jim Edwards and Cashier: Kwasia. Felt a large amount of electro-magnetic energy near the register. Purchased Fanta orange 12pk cans 049000030730. After consuming this product. I felt electro-magnetic waves throughout my entire body. This was after boiling the beverage.

7-11 After arriving at the Owen Drive location, after only 5 minutes, one of the Driver Education vehicles came on the scene. It was 7:30A. I have never seen these vehicles in this area this early. It was mostly positioned in the back end of the road.

7-12 Soon as I would turn on the vehicle engine, two vehicles would pass me. Or if they (operators of the mind control technology) know I’m about to leave a location, the area where I’m parked at will start to see more vehicles. They couldn’t have this much people on the ground or in a position that is convenient to their agenda. Superificial thoughts are implanted in the head of nearby drivers. All it takes is driving in my location with a pre-programmed cell phone that the operators of this forced terrorism of human dignity. The thoughts are from surrounding cell phone towers and satellites and an automobile is convenient in mutiplying a cell phone signal, which allows a targeted location to be pinpointed. And the results of this activity is instant. The operators get what he/she wants: Unlimited amounts of people who are not aware of this activity and the lack of enforcement.

7-12 Urine Sample: I was looking at the bottle of urine that I’m keeping for evidence and noticed a large amount of smart dust particals. The smart dust particals can be seen at the very bottom of the bottle of urine. The smart dust particals look very similar to sand, but they are a lot lighter in weight. The smart dust particals makes my body susceptible to the electro-magnetic weaponry that is used to do neural monitoring, control of vital functions of the body remotely. This is done via satellite technology.

7-12 19:43:34 IGA Carlie C’s 600 Cedar Creek Rd Fayetteville, NC 28312. Tele. No. 910-483-3489. Store Mangers: Siggy and Richard Copeland. As I was shopping in this establishment, I’ve seen Siggy and other store employees stocking new items on the shelves. I also overheard Siggy communicating with her subordinate about whether the meat needed stocking. I seem her rushing throughout the store as if she was meeting some kind of deadline. I saw a male clerk placing new items on the shelf. And I noticed a cart full of soda. This was not a soda isle. Anyway, I purchased Genline Faygo Fruit Punch. This item was heavily contaminated even after boiling it. This product bar code is 073800002879. Upon consuming this product, I immediately was attacked on different areas of my head. This was felt under an ice cooler, metal chair, metal hot plate and metal bridge. I knew something was wrong when my eyes wield up. They became increasingly watery. I also consumed a mountain dew, which was earlier than the previous beverage and did not get this reaction. I will definately have to get this product tested to see the level of contaminates and how it would make someone vulnerable to the electro-magnetic technology that is often use on me. I purchased ground beefand alles rotini 16oz, which I have not consumed as of yet, but I can guarantee that the ground beef is heavily contaminated as was indicated in my video, “this section was already done.” The insidious and openish of the food contamination is pretty obvious with this establishment. One it has been determine that these products are unsuitable for human consumption. It’s pretty necessary that legal action will follow. The evidence of cooperation is quite obvious.

7-13 I’ve been keeping a large bottle of urine samples and it shows the presence of smart dust particals. These particals are positioned in the bottom of the speciment. There is no question, judging from the particals and the chemical smell that there is a great association with malicious food contamination. I have been able to save the drinks from various establishments for testing as well.

7-13 I had to use a towel to filter some of the contents. The contents is the chemicals and smart dust that have been placed in these products. After filtering these elements, I have to boil the content for continue stiralization. This will be followed by filtering the contents again.

In this process, I can loose as much as half of the product, but it is a small price to pay. I can not rely on the current establishment to safeguard these products from further contamination, as I have already contacted them (regulated agencies). No response was given and in one case, I was told by an FDA official to contact the police department. I also have contacted the health department about this situation – even going as far as going inside their offices, and the official made excuses as to why they weren’t responsible. In other words, the perpetrator organization already have their people working inside of these government agencies. This was at the very beginning of me finding out about the malicious food contamination.

7-12 An area that I once were able to receive over 16 television channels has been reduced to 4 TV stations. The amount of electro-magnetic interference is enormous! The EMI is coming from the combination of cell phone towers, satellite systems and passing vehicles pulsing microwave transmissions in my direction. If this much EMI have an effect on digital TV signals, just imagine the effect these signals have on the human body and life in the area. These signals can also affect AIR traffic in the area as it can affect their communication devices.

7-13 Was woken around 1:15A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. When I stood up, I was burned between my leg with a microwave laser weapon. As I drove off, I did not see any vehicle traveling behind me. Within a few moments, I noticed a cluster of vehicles. They were in the far distance. I was traveling the speed limit, which wasd about 70 miles per hour. In order for these vehicles to catch me in such a short distance, they had to be going more than 20 miles beyond the speed limit. So as they were closing in, I decided to exit. In less than a minute time, two vehicles were behind me. I often see two vehicles following me off the highway into an intersection. The purpose of this activity is to coordinate my position. When I re-enter the highway, there were a tractor trailor and a few cars ahead of me in the far distance. There was no vehicles behind me that I could see. When I exit and eventually got onto HWY 87 (from I95 S), I immediately seen two vehicles. They were already positioned on the side of me to gather my GPS location. They were no other vehicle that I could see as I pulled into the shoulder to let these vehicles pass. When I pulled back onto the highway, I could now see a vehicle in the far distancve. I was now traveling 5 miles over the speed limit of 60 miles per hour. In order for this vehicle to have catch me, it had to be going more than 30 milers over the speed limit. So I exit the highway so the vehicle wouldn’t gain ground. They were already two vehicles near the intersection, as I came towards the light in both directions. I re-entered the highway to go back into the opposite direction. The main purpose of writing this entry is to explain the intensity of the mind directed harassment and how the operator of the technology manipulates people around me.

7-12 I had to drink the rest of the fruit punch because 1) I was highly dehydrated, 2) I had spend my money for the week. Although I did filtered the drink, I did not boil it. Boiling the beverage is crucial in breaking down the chemicals. However, I was so dehydrated because of the nature of the heat situation. It was about 100 degrees outside and hotter in the vehicle. 15 minutes into drinking this beverage I developed diapheria. The result of this condition was the persistant attack of electro-magnetic weapons directed at my stomach. Carlie C’s is the only supermarket in the area, so this left me opened to a business that was already prepared with the contaminated products.

7-14 As I was operating my group session conference call, I noticed a white pickup truck driving to the end of the road. I asked him what he was doing and his reply was he was on his cell phon. As I was leaving this location, a blue car passed me. When I came up to another secondary road location, a vehicle was parked there with it headlights off. This happened within a 5 minute period from the time I seen the first vehicle and the last vehicle.

7-13/15 Noticed a large amount of electro-magnetic signals being directed to different parts of my head. After placing some urine on the top of my vehicle, the signals subsided, but were not totally eliminated.

7-15 9:48A Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #471 2636 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303. Tele. no. 910-486-9050. Purchased Stars & Stripes Concord Grape Soda 061500004165 and Arizonia Sweet Tea 613008723309. Both products were heaviy contaminated. This was after filtering it and boiling it. Upon consuming these beverages, I immediately noticed tightness of the eyes, shakiness of the arm and hands. This was followed by directed energy weapons being directed to my head and stomach.

7-13/17 The perpetrators of the crimes I’ve been experiencing have been targeting me exclusively while I lie asleep. The result of this is swelling on my eyeballs. Also, I got on-going headaches and I could not concentrate. I’ve been boiling and filtering my water regularly. This reduced the thick liquid that I feel coming up my throat. I also noticed attacks to my stomach. So these criminals of this satellite based technol make a point to me that no matter what I do to limit the intake of these chemicals, they will make my life a living hell.

7-17 I consumed white potatoes yesterday and when I woke up in the morning, I was attacked on the top of my head with electro-magnetic transmissions. Meanwhile, just earlier I could hear a micro-wave pulsing sound. It was coming from the direction of the woods. When I consumed the potatoes I added barbeque sauce that I purchased from Food Lion. I did not boil this product. The product is called “my essentials” honey barbecue sauce. I did not experienced these constant attacks before consuming this product. Becaue of this, I can no longer purchase barbecue sauce, ketchup, salad dressing, spread, because to boil it will significantly take the flavor from it. I will also have to limit meats and other products, because, I can not reduce the chemicals from these products. The malicious contamination of these products is directly associated with the attacks on my body with electronic weapons.

7-17 At around 11:15p I seen a white mini-van drive pass me to the end of the backend road. I was positioned about 35 ft from the end of the road. It turned around directly in back of me, which meant that it was GPSing my location. This is the latest I’ve seen a vehicle in this location. Earlier I felt a vibration as if someone was standing on my vehicle. Later after the vehicle left, I changed my location. When I stood on top of the vehicle, it looked like someone placed liquid on the roof. This prompted me to leave the area. However, before leaving this backend road, I’ve seen a light on just before existing this road. I have seen people over here before. The perpetrators of this crime have been burning the linnings of my eyes with the directed energy weapons. The constant burning causes irritation and blurrines. It has also lead to getting headaches and mindgrains.

7-19 20:53 IGA Carlie C’s 600 Cedar Creek Rd Fayetteville, NC 28312. Tele # 910-483-8972. Store Manager: Richard Copeland, but a male named “KEN” was filling in as manager. Purchased hicken thighs, Bestream broccoli cuts, Bestream ASP/COR IGA Crinkle Fries, 24 Btl. Dear Park Water and peaches. The peaches is the only product that I consumed adt of them were contaminated. When I bite into them, I could feel a signal coming out of them. This explains how they are able to attach their electro-magnetic systems to my body. The food has been re-conditioned to “MAGNETICIZED” my body, whereas the operator of this technology can map my brain frequency. This explains burning certain parts of my head. That creates entry points to control and manipulate various parts of my body. And it is all done remotely (satellite). If there were stonger enforcement regarding food safety, I wouldn’t be writing this entry. The enforcement should have offices in every city with intensive lab facilities that can test the food. Anyway. as I was shopping at this establishment, two females pass by me. This was a somewhat empty store so it was very unusual to see someone. The second female was GPSing my location, but I’m sure the 1st female’s phone, although hidden, was configured to work with her’s. Meanwhile, I see a third female (not related to the two) just pacing this section of the supermarket. Her body language told me she was involved as well. Later, as I was about to check out, I see the “acting” store manager rush out of the office. He was probably watching me through the cameras. This had happened to me at other stores, whereas the “manager” would come out of the office once I completed shopping. It is a well groomed criminal operation with a fine tooth comb. What was originally placed there to protect customer safety is being used for this criminal purpose. There should be a requirement that these stores are monitored by the public. It will allow us to see what is being brought into these stores.

7-19 After waking up at around 10:30A, I heard a loud sound coming from the direction of the woods. The constant exposure of the microwave transmissions affect my sleep, eating and ability to cope with daily activities.

7-19 For over 4 weeks, except for the car “accident” that occurred two-weeks ago, I did not have contact with law enforcement officials. The government agency that is overseeing these so called experiments that I did not consent to, probably told them not to bother me. In other words, it is not something that just happens. If I’m constantly being confronted by the law, the perpetrators who uses the micro-wave weapons from the woods, would have to tun them off. Each time they turn them off, they have to recalibrate it to my body frequency. But honestly, I’m very much aware that law enforcement knows about this program, because 1) I tell them everytime they confront me, 2) they put me in this program and 3) they are activate participants.

7-15 My insurance adjuster called me to tell me that I was not responsible for the accident. This was based on the testimony of the other insurer and the police report.

7-19 The Deer Park Water 082657504063 that I purchased from IGA supermarket Carlie’sw heavily contaminated even after boiling it. As a result of consuming this product, I could taste smart dust particals in my mouth, my eye was attacked, my hand and arm was shaking, my vision became cloudy. The “water” did not quinch my thirst. It was not like drinking water, but 75 percent chemical even after boiling it.

7-19 when I laid down, I was immediately attacked on different sections of my head. This was followed by attacking my eyes. Then I noticed images being transmitted to me. When I went to sleep, I was woken with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. I did not experienced this activity the previous days, because I did not consumed the water.

7-20 7:21A Food Lion #0760 401 & and Rews Rd Fayetteville, NC 28311. Brittney was said to be the manager. When I pulled into the Food Lion parking lot, a woman with a small child pulled in with a red vehicle. As I was shopping, I saw two familiar faces that I have seen in another FL store. This was convincing that the criminal organization that is bringing in this contaminating food is using the same people. Anyway, I purchased Tropicana Berry Punch 048500005071. When I went to open the cap, it was stuck. The string would not open it, I had to push the tab in. It was so glued on, that it did not open until drastic measures was taken. This is an indication that the product was tampered with. I also purchased grapefruit, which I saw a “clerk” working at this session. I have seen this person at another Food Lion location. When I consumed both products, I was attacked on my head and stomach continuous with electro-magnetic weapons. This was followed by diaphreia.

7-22 ZZT-3084nc. Red Ranger XT Pickup truck. Felt signal coming from the direction of the pickup, which was parked beside me early this morning 7:30A. It is now after 10A. Location was 205 Circle Court off Ramsey Street.

7-22 10:55a ALDI Store #72 3447 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC. Purchased 24pk. Spring Water (haven’t consumed yet), Long Grain Rice (haven’t consumed yet), Peaches in ELS (contaminated – attacked in stomach with electo-magnetic weapons), Nature’s Nectar 100% Apple Juice 64oz. (heavily contaminated even after filtering the product through the towel and boiling it.) 047498738356, Flat Leaf Spinach was heavily contaminated. It looked like they were dipped in a chemical solution. Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice Cocktail from Nature’s Nectar 041498137328 was heavily contaminated. Parkview classic smoke sausage 041498178284. When I bit into the sausage, I could taste the smart dust particals. The smart dust particals make me susceptible to the electro-magnetic weaponry technology. 1000 Island dressing was heavily contaminated upon consuming it. Then I noticed the seal was not attached to the bottle. That means that the cam (or top) could be opened without breaking the seal. While I was consuming it, the operators of this criminals technology immediately start focusing their weaponry on my stomach. This is always an indication that the product has been tampered with, since they can see what I see. Over 95 percent of these products have been defaced and reconditioned for the purpose of carrying out these criminal remote assualts of my life. More than enough people know about this but nothing ever gets done. Food safety is no longer the issue, but food cultivation is.

7-23 After going back to sleep around 7:30A, I woke up as if I was sleeping for 8 hours, but it was only 10A (which is three hours from 7A). When I stood up, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system.

7-23 Conference call with Joan Heffington for Independent Lawsuits. She will be answering questions about the process of filing one: 7/25 9p EST 724-444-7444 access code: 99191.

7-24 Was woken several times throughout the early morning hours, but at 8A is when I noticed an extremely strong rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was after standing up. Also noticed was electro-magnetic pulsing of several areas of my head. It was in sync with my rapid heartbeat. Once it disappeared, so did the pulsing of my head.

7-22 Upon consuming the salad dressing and smoked sausage that I purchased from ALDIS, I experienced on-going diapheria. I went to the bathroom about 6 times within a two hour period. My stomach felt bloated and I could smell chemicals through my bowel movement.

7-24 9:08A Food Lion #0809 2885 Legion Rd Fayetteville, NC 28306. Tele. No. 910-426-0088. Lauren was cashier. Puchased 2 FL brand strawberry sodas 2 liter. 035826007834 and Mug Root Beer 01293508. Both items were heavily contaminated even after boiling and filtering the contents. Immediately upon consuming these products, I heard poping sounds coming from the direction of the woods. It sounded like several individuals using handheld devices. Whereever I drove throughout this parimeter, I heard these sounds, so they had at least 8 people or more working from this area.

7-24/25 Since consuming these sodas, I could feel the transmissions directed to my head as if someone was standing right over me and sticking me in the head. Each time I woke up, I noticed a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. The last time I woke up, it was around 6:30A and i could feel the transmissions through my legs and feet. This was only after sleeping for 3 hours.

7-24 I was given a sexually deviated dream after going to sleep at around 6A and waking up at around 8A. And after waking up , the 1) increased my heartrate at extreme levels, 2) blew my penis up, 3) manipulated my central nervous system, and 4) induced shakiness to my arms, hands, legs and feet.

7-26 A can of peaches that I consumed at around 8:30A gave me such a negative reaction. First, as I was walking to my vehicle, I immediately felt an electro-magnetic signal directed to the back of my head. The signal was continuous. Anyway, I purchased this can of peaches a week earlier an unlike most things I do to my food, I ate this product straight fro00m the can. This gave me full exposure to the contaminates. I will not be purchasing this product anymore, as I’m unable to cook it contents, as it will greatly alter the taste and usefulness. As a matter of fact, I can no longer purchase can goods as the result will be the same. Note earlier, I cooked some frozens vegetables and franks. I did not have this same reaction. This reaction also included tightness of the eyes. Anyway, over 90 percent of the things I purchase in these businesses have been altered as to make my body susceptible to electro-magnetic technoLOGY.
7-28 Because the water that I purchase from ALDI’s (041499127640) was heavily contaminated, I was forced to not drink anything for the entire day. Meanwhile, the temperature outside is over 100 degrees, but inside it is 20 degrees more. The contamination is so bad that even after boiling it, I had large seepage of chemicals coming out of my ears. My ears is the area that they focus the attacks the most, when these chemicaster my ear drums. I have to place a battery in my ear to minimize additional damage.

7-27 After consuming the water that I purchased from ALDI’s, I noticed a constant steady pulsing on the top of my head.

7-28 I had to park in another area, because the attacks were being directed to my knees.

7-28 In many places I’m only getting the spanish channels. These channels never experienced the kind of interference that the english channels are receiving. It’s no coincidence. When these crimes first happened to me, the previous day I filed a complaint about two hispanic officers. The patrol officer was accompanied by an African American officer. But he wasn’t the one who frisk me. It was the hispanic officer. However, I have written both in my complaint. When I went to make a complaint at the police station house, it was a hispanic officer that told me I could not file one with her. So I file one with the commissioner via EMAIL. When I went to CITY HALL to make a complaint, it was a community affairs officer I seen with a smirk on her face. So here you have 3 hispanic officers that have a grudge on me. And the result is gang stalking, electronic harassment, food/water contamination, 24 surveillance, etc.

7-30 I went to pick up my mail today. I noticed the package had been opened, because the parcel wasn’t completely sealed. It looked like someone opened it and reattached the parcel. I also noticed that the clerk working behind the desk was extremely “friendly” as two other times I saw her, she hardly noticed me – or said two words to me.

7-29 I received a phone call from Pastor Anthony Carstarphen about a letter he received from the Sheriff’s office. It was about a lawsuit that was lorged against me from an accident that took place over three weeks ago. The accident, which wasn’t my fault had to do with a vehicle traveling too fast and ending up hitting a guard rail on highway 87. Since my insurance company ruled in my favor, she filed this case to retrack the cost of fixing her vehicle that I did not wreck. I contacted the insurance company and was told to fax the citation to them. They told me a lawyer from their office will represent me. End of story!

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