August 2011 Journal

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8-1 Persistant contamination of water pushed through the pipes by surrounding neighbors was my ordeal while staying at Les’s house.

7-31 The month ended with constant burning of my anus, head and penis with directed energy weapons.

8-2 The letter that pastor Anthony Carstarphen was suppose to fax to my insurance company was lost. He claims his wife threw it away. There, I have to wait until the 4th to pick up the summons from the Sheriff’s office. Also, I have to change the address from his house to the Rescue Mission. The problem started with the DMV telling me I needed a physical address.

8-2 At around 7A I experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system after standing up. This was followed by burning of my penis and anus. The signal or electro-magnetic transmissions was coming from both the bottom and top of the vehicle.

8-3 My income has been reduced and I don’t have any emergency income. It has been depleted because of on-going electronic and gang stalking torture pigs that I have been in place nearly 4 years ago. I have contacted the Justice Department with an Affidavit as well as the FBI, human rights commission and nothing has been done on my behalf.

8-3 Was woken around 6:30A with a rapid heartbeat and unstabled nervous system after standing up. This was followed by burning around my penis and anus with painful micro-wave laser weapons. Soon after my genitals was being pulsed continuously. Meanwhile, I could feel multiple signals directed to my head. This was in sync with my rapid heartbeat.

8-3 After consuming the peaches that I purchased from IGA Carlie C’s, I felt multiple signals directed on the top of my head. This was followed by continuous attacks to my stomach with directed energy weapons. As I was driving most of the vehicles were positioned in the same lane that I was in. I had to pull over to the turning lane multiple times. When I went to get ice from the ice house, a vehicle pulled into this area. I was able to video tape the license plate and the position this vehicle was to me. When I parked on the side of the road, after a while a tractor trailer parked right directly behind me. I have experienced vehicles of this size parking behind me for a certain period of time. These vehicles particularly concern me, since often times I could feel the pulsing of micro-wave transmissions coming from it. That’s because these vehicles produces a large and strong magnetic field around them. When a cell phone is activated in a call – the signal from the cell phone is greatly increased. Anyone in the proxmity of this vehicle is surely to get a dose of the signal. However, if someone has already been configured to be exposed to these signals according to the GPS settings, their exposure increase 10 times. After only a few minutes of the truck leaving, I could feel a larger range of electro-magnetic signals directed to my entire body.

7-26 A male in an old pickup truck made a point to speak to me. He situated his vehicle right next to mine (driver side). He must have been parked next to me for almost 30 minutes. Cars and other vehicles had to go around him, because he was parked right in the flow of traffic. Throughout the conversation, he kept looking down. He also mentioned that he operates an organization called American Constitutional No such website exist. He acted like he was informed about everything wrong with America, but when I called him the next day, he did not know anything. His phone number is 910-872-3611.

8-4 At around 1:30A I was woken with a rapid heartbeat and unstabled nervous system. This was after standing up. After laying down my penis area was burned with micro-wave laser weapon. This included my anus area.

8-4 At around 7:30A, I was woken with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This included pulsing three small sections of my head, which was in sync with the raapid heartbeat. These symptoms did not disappear until I was out of the vicinity. The rapid heartbeat, unstabled nervous system and pulsing of my head was directly connected to the ice water that I drank yesterday. Although I was able to filter some of the smart dust particals from the water, most of the particals remained. These particals makes my body susceptible to the directed energy weapons that is used on me on a daily basis.

8-4 Seen state trooper on the side of the road. I did not see this vehicle when I first parked in this area. This individual was over 1,000 feet from me (HWY 24), which I was on the road coming off INT 95N. He or She was within line-of-sight of my vehicle. It does not matter how far, as a micro-wave signal can travel great distances.

8-3 As I was laying down, several times I heard a micro-wave pulsing sound. It was coming from the direction of the wod. The pulsing sound was in sync with the electronic pulsing that I felt on the side of my head. This pulsing sound was immediatly heard after consuming ice water that I purchased on cedar creek rd. The amount of smart dust particals was so overwhelming that it wasn’t enough just to filter the water. I had to boil it and then filter it twice again.

8-4 I went to the sherif’f”s dept. to pick up the summons. I needed to pickup the summons to fax to the insurance company. As soon as I parked in the parking lot, a wave of vehicles parked in my proxmity. One individual even stayed her vehicle the whole time I was there. I think she was the person to go into my vehicle when I wasn’t looking – or the time when I was picking up the paperwork. Meanwhile, as I was coming towards the sheriff’s headquarters, I seen two guys talking, but one of these guys kept loooking at me. Another guy that I have seen before, but wasn’t associated with the two guys that I seen first was just sitting. I took noticed of him as I have seen perpetrators just sitting or standing around with nothing to do. When I went into the sheriff’s office to pick up the paper work, I noticed that it would take a little more time than I was willing to wait, so I told the officer I was going to be back. I knew the lady was sitting in her car and that she had the potential of going into my vehicle. When I went outside to check on my vehicle, the guy who was sitting cocked an attitude when he saw me. This is why I don’t overlook anyone that I see sitting or standing around. They are often watchout people.

8-4 9:14A ALDI store #22 4920 Raeford Rd Fayetteville, NC 28304. When I entered this establishment, I went straight to the back of the store. There is where I saw the security guard. Then I saw one of the “stock” persons carting a load of items out of the well established storage area. The security guard’s behavior was very odd. It was like they were expecting me to go into this section of the store. They were already several people in this section as well and they were picking up several items. As I was going to the front of the store, the security guard followed me in this direction. I purchased Valencia Oranges (heavily contaminated), brocolli crowns (did not consume yet), peaches (when I bite into them, my arms and hands began to shake).

8-3 8:02A IGA Carlie C’s 600 Cedar Creek Rd Fayetteville, NC 28312. Tele. No. 910-483-3469. Store manager: Richard Copeland. Purchased CC Fresh Hot Sausage – ground, Red Potato 10 lb. bag, and peaches. The peaches were heavily contaminated. After consuming this product, I could feel shakiness on my arm and hand. Also, my eyes tightened as well as I felt electro-magnetic transmissions directed at my stomach. Once I boiled the potatoes and sausage, I could taste the presence of smart dust particals. Smart dust particals makes me susceptible to the electro-magnetic remote technology being directed to my body.

8-5 Was woken around 7:30A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was followed by attacks to my penis and anus. Earlier I consumed water and peaches that I purchased from ALDI’s.

8-5 While drinking the water I got out of a facit next to the insurance: Allstate, I drove to another location. While driving to this new location I see a guy with sun glasses parked in a gray vehicle on the side of the hwy. He was accessing his GPS, which was positioned above him. I have seen people accessing their GPS systems when they pass as I have seen people positioned on the side of the road.

8-6 Was woken around 6:09A due to my fan going off. When I stood up I noticed my heartrate elevated and electro-magnetic signals pulsing the left side of my head. This was complicated with an unstabled nervous system.

8-1/6 I’ve been experiencing on-going electronic brain mapping from remote satellites. This is complicated by person’s with handheld micro-wave devices, vehicles pulsing micro-wave as they pass me or follow me while driving or parked and cell phone towers that have been turned up for this purpose. The brain-mapping happens on different sections of my head, which first includes burning/stinging and eventually resulting in transmissions of electrical energy being directed in these targeted areas. I have tried shielding and reducing intake of contaminated food, but it have had very limited/positve results. Although I have not had any direct contact with law enforcement, I have seen them in their vehicles targeting my locations with GPS.

8-6 The electronic brain mapping being delivered from satellites remotely appears to be worse when I’m lying down verses if I’m sitting up, even though I’m in a shielded more enforced area.

8-7 Water tha I got from a local business was heavily contaminated. Earlier I got water from a local motel, but the flow of the water was so slow. This allows more chemicals to be pushed through the system, which effectively makes the water unusuable. However, although the flow of the water was a lot less controlled and I did not suspect that someone was inside monitoring or manipulating the system that pushes these chemicals through the water, it was heavily`contaminated. The system was already in place to push the chemicals through the syste.Boiling the water does limit the contamination, but when I drove to a new location, I felt electro-magnetic pulsing directed at my head. I did not experienced this problem before consuming the water. The business is right off of Owen drive.

8-8 Vehicle on highway positioned on my front end. It was on HWY 87 about 2,000 ft. Burgand driver’s education vehicle was positioned on my back end. It was about 50 ft. from me on the back end road. Both vehicles had it headlights on even though it was brightly sunny outside. Another driver’s education vehicle was further down the back end road. It was around 10A.

8-9 17:49:58 Dollar General Store #09792 7681 Clinton Rd Steadman, NC 28391-8905 Tele. No. 910-483-1415. Purchased Hawaiian Punch Juicy 01480064081 (heavily contaminated after consuming product without boiling) and Minute Maid Lemondade 025000058387. Did not consumed this as of yet. The check out person was not wearing a name tag. Also noted that male stood directly behind me on the line as soo as I was ready to check out. He did not leave the parking lot until I left the store. Whenever I consume these contaminated products, I feel like I’m being drugged. This is followed by coughing and thickness of the siliva. After a while, it involved electronic brain-mapping.

8-9 The Hawaiian Puch that I purchased from Dollar General lead to massive diaphria. I went over 6 times within the last two hours.

8-10 Was woken and 2:10A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system As soon as I stood up, I felt an electronic jolt near my head and my electricity was turned off.

8-9 I saw several trucks driving around with it emergency lights. They kept coming through the area, but it was after working hours. After settleling within my new spot, they left after 5 minutes. This was prearraigned to make it look like it was government workers – or DOT. But these individuals were there for the purpose of tracking my bio-frequency and is a result of drinking the contaminated Hawaiian Punch that I purchased from Dollar General. The Hawaiian punch turns my body into an ANTENNA that transciever-GPS devices can feed off of.

8-10 At around 10:15P a male with glasses positioned his vehicle behind me. He has his bright headlights on. It appeared that he got out of his vehicle to place something in the frame of my vehicle. But I did see him get back into his vehicle after I asked him “what are you doing over here.” He left shortly. But when someone parks directly behind my vehicle with bright headlights, I take notice.

8-12 The vehicle traffic in a non-heavy traffic area was increased soon after it rains. The vehicles will be diverted off of route 24 for the purpose of using these vehicles to generate a micro-wave signal by way of cell phone and electro-magnetic signal generated from their vehicles. This also indicates that someone usually generates a signal from the direction of the woods.

8-7/12 The operators of this technology have been directing the energy weapons to both my right leg (mostly) and my left leg. Oftentimes when I wake up, my legs feels like it is on fire. The electro-magnetic signal is directed to the muscles and has had a very painful effect.

8-13 Constantly burn my anus and penis area with micro-wave laser weapons. It was so horrific that the entire area was swelled up to the point that I could not sleep throughout the night. These attacks usually happen when the operator of this technology can not do the electronic remote brain mapping, which they can control other parts of my body.

8-9 11:05:59A Carroll’s IGA 7431 Clinton Rd Steadman, NC 28391. Tele. no: 910-485-3333. Purchased 1.90lbs peaches (heavily contaminated – upon consuming this product, I could taste the smart dust particals in my mouth.) and 10lb. of ICe Bag. This is the first time I was in this store.

8-8 13:38 IGA Carlie C’s 1490 Owen Dr. Fayetteville, NC 28304. Tele. No:910-484-2270/ Store manager: Jason Brock. Purchased Fresh Ground Beef and Peaches – which was contaminated.

8-12 11:42A Carroll’s IGA 1431 Clinton Rd (Route 24) Steadman, NC 28391. Tele. No: 910-485-3333. Purchased 10LB. ICE BAG, 2.54lb. peaches (heavily contaminated – I was able to taste the smart dust particals in my mouth), Pampa Elbows and Fresh Chicken Thighs. Noticed worker taking empty boxes into the storage area. While consuming the peaches, I see a number of vehicles coming into my direction. As I was driving, I see vehicles coming out of the parked area, so I turned into the parked area to avoid vehicles riding directly behind me. As I was leaving the parked area, a green mini-van missing all four hubcaps enters. The further I drove, the more vehicles converge onto the roadway in my direction. Oftentimes I’m forced to drive on the shoulder. It changes the magnetic field that these perpetrator guided vehicles rely on to target me. All in all, whenever I consume the contaminated food, AGGRESSIVE tracking is experienced, which results in more targeting of SATELLITE BASED directed energy weapons (DEW). If I did not take these percautions, I would immediately be attacked on my head with electro-magnetic weapons. This can interfere with my driving coordination, which in effect put other driver’s at risk.

8-14 The micro-wave signal increased since the last time I was in this area. I’m currently located off Owen Drive and Hwy 87 on the back road. These signals have an effect on TV stations in the area as they cause electro-magnetic interference. In the time of “National Security” one wonders why this activity continues.

8-14 I hear poping sounds in the woods opposite of the Hwy 87. This occurs directly after cooking the contaminated food. The chemicals that is maliciously placed in the food makes my body susceptible to electro-magnetic and micro-wave attacks. In other words, it electrofies my body, which in turn make these technology attacks possible.

8-16 Was woken before 4A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. Meanwhile, my penis was remotely errected, which included micro-wave burning. It felt like someone cut me with a razor around my genital area. Then I could feel the signals underneath the vehicle connecting to my head. Soon afterwards, my electricity power was turned off. So I could no longer use the fan, which helps to shield me from the electro-magnetic energy.

8-16 For the past three weeks, the operators of this criminal technology have been targeting my legs with electro-magnetic weapons. The energy being directed to my legs is very painful. It feels like someone laid a hot IRON on my leg. The on-going attacks have affected my ability to walk, as the directed energy is being directed to the upper muscles of my legs.

8-16 A sheriff officer was sent to me after 5 minutes of moving from my spot. The spot that I moved to was much better for other vehicles to see me. But more importantly, I was able to move safely from line-of-sight of the cell phone towers that was turned up to make it easier for passing vehicles to target me, and individuals situated in the woods with handheld micro-wave weapons. I was told to leave this area even though I was there less than 24 hours. I have seen vehicles parked on the highway over three days. This was definately a setup.

8-16 11:38A Carroll’s IGA 7431 Clinton Rd (Rte. 24) Steadman, NC 28391. Tele. No: 910-485-3333. Manager: William. Purchased 10lb. Bag of ICE, 3.30lb of peaches (was more contaminated than previously. After eating several, I could feel the electro-magnetic signals increasing around my body, but it was most noticeable on my head. After a while, I could feel continuous electronic remote brain-mapping, which involves signals/transmissions being directed to different areas of my head. Onions 3lbs, bone-in-sirloin pork chops, and Fresh chicken Thighs. I have experienced all kinds of negative reactions to the food.

8-16 14:46 IGA Carlie C’s 600 Cedar Creek Rd Fayetteville, NC 28312. Tele. No.: 910-483-3468. Manager: Richard Copeland. Purchased 4 IGA Wound War Water. Before entering this establishment, a middle aged female was positioned in the front of the store. She was GPSing my location. As I was in the store, as I was going towards the water, a male was GPSing my location. Oftentimes perpetrators will be checking the bar codes of the items to make sure those items have been contaminated. All in all, after boiling and consuming the water, the perpetrators was still able to target me with directed energy weapons.

8-16 14:37:01 Family Dollar Store #0745 1322 Clinton Rd Fayetteville, NC. Tele. No.: 910-323-9259. Manager: Benedette. Purchased FD Ammonia 64oz. 054200908208, Sun Liquid Tropical Detergent 188oz. 072613708963, and Tide Powder Orignal 33oz. 037000277842. While shopping, the manager accused me of video-tapping the store. Meanwhile, the entire store was being re-shelved. So her reaction was that of GUILT. Also, a particular “sell’s person” positioned himself near me. This allows the perpetrators of the remote technology to target me.

8-16 A little before two PM, I noticed the attacks on both of my legs to be unbearable. The electro-magnetic signals is continuous and it is covering my entire upper legs. It feels like electrical current going through my leg.

8-18 The perpetrators of this criminal technology was able to map my heart to my legs. For instance, each time lay on my side, the immediately start pulsing my legs with electro-magnetic remote energy.

8-18 Changed my sleep orientation, because the usual sleeping has been configured to attack me more intensively. However, each time I would wake up, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was followed by pulsing certain sections of my head with electro-magnetic energy.

8-18 The signals is being concentt in the are that I sleep. The way I was able to find this out is my cell phone signal is strongest on the floor near the front of the vehicle. The perpetrators have place smart dust/nano technology in the front of the van. The perpetrators are able to pulse an electro-magnetic signal regardless of whether I dis/connect the battery.

8-18 Anytime I would change my location, they will pull a car over for the purpose of GPSing my new location. It would be parked far enough that I could see it, but far enough that someone could not suspect that this vehicle is involved in Cointelpro/Domestic Terrorism against me, which involves the use of micro-wave weapons. Earlier I see a SHERIFF cruiser and a TRACTOR TRAILOR parked on the side and the day before a vehicle with a trailor behind it and a pickup truck infront of it. Also traffic picks up immediately in the area just before I leave.

8-19 Laundrymat. Went to the laundrymat at around 7:50A. The reason why I got there so late was because the Bank ATM was not working. Two vehicles had drove up to the ATM in less than a minute of me being in this location. One vehicle had a missing hub cap on both sides and the vehicle behind it was a RED pickup truck. There was no one there before these two vehicles came on the scene. Oftentimes after coming into an empty lot, vehicles like these two will come into the parking lot. The purpose is allways to target me with electronic devices. Anyway, I was forced oe a non- BOA ATM, which cost me $2.25. Whe I made my way to the laundrymat, a single individual was there. Then a lady came in about 5 minutes afterwards. When this happens, I’m in the first phase of the targeting. I do not feel the presence of electro-magnetic weapons until the third person comes into the laundrymat. But there are already several workers who are potential perpetrators that can be used in the targeting. Meanwhile, I noticed two vehicles parked in the back of this establishment. I did not noticed this pattern in previous visits to this establishment. When I walk towards these vehicles, I felt a electro-magnetic signal come off of these vehicles, which was directed to the back of my head. One vehicle was white, the other burgandy. This is very significant as most vehicles of these colors target me (White/RED (symbolizes Burgandy).

8-20 ZZT-6157nc came into the back end of the road and parked towards the beginning of the road. It turned it headlights off and was parked in this positioned less than 5 minutes. There was no other reason for this vehicle to be here other than to GPS my location. It was around 10:30P.

8-21 I seen several vehicles entering this area since around 10:30P. It is now around 12:30A. The perpetrators have placed these remote micro-wave transmitters throughout this stretch of road.

8-21 Power turned off around 3A. This was followed by burning of the genital area.

8-21 I can see someone in the trailer that sits inside the Green Biz property. I noticed a light pointed at me. I have seen these micro-wave handheld devices before, as these items was the primary mode used to attack my body. It is around 5:30A Saturday morning, but the attacks using this method is around the clock.

8-21 The billboard light was turned on after it was off earlier. It is around 2:30A.

8-21 Several times throughout the night and the early morning, my battery was drained. Each time I was forced to get up.

8-21 At around 7:30A, I was woken up after sleeping only one hour with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. But this was not followed by electro-magnetic signaling throughout my body.

8-21 After driving away from the owen drive area, I noticed a vehicle3 sitting on the side of the road. This was in direct line-of-sight to the secondary road that I came from. When a vehicle is positioned in a location, it’s purpose is to GPS my location. If I would have stayed in this area, I would have been a prime target of the electro-magnetic technology. But I decided to leave the entire location in preference for driving down the highway 87 south. This vehicle, which was in positioned on the section then drove off. All of this was a response of me consuming the contaminated FOOD and WATER. Consuming these products makes me susceptible to electro-magnetic technology.

8-21 I’ve been noticin pulsing of electro-magnetic technology underneath my vehicle. The pulsing sound is similar to what I hear coming from handheld devices from the woods.

8-20/21 A lot of attention have been placed on burning my penis and Anus with micro-wave weapons. The attacks was so brutal that the skin around these areas swelled up. In the worse case, a blister was created, which could result in an infection.

8-22 The gate to one of the billboards was unlocked and opened. No service vehicle was insight.

8-22 Towards the beginning of the back road on Owen Drive area, I see a white vehicle. This is the only property in the area and where many of the perpetrators are working from. When I first came into this area, the lot was nearly empty, now you can barely fit another vehicle in this lot. So this is clear evidence that this is a prime location for criminal activity, which electro-magnetic weapons are being used.

8-19/22 A lot of focused this weekend has been burning the mouth of my anus and the sides of my penis. The attacks is associated with the use of remote micro-wave laser weapons.

8-23 I was woken around 8:30P with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. Soon afterwards, I felt electro-magnetic transmissions on different parts of my head. Earlier, the operators of this criminal technology kept attacking my stomach. Later this resulted in me getting on-going diapheria. It is now around 11A and I had over 8 bowel movements. This is the result of drinking CONTAMINATED water and food. The water was a mixture of rain water and bottle water. The rain water was contaminated as a result of chemtrail spraying of the area by AIRCRAFT.

8-19 ALDI store Ramsey Street. I purchased Pommes Apples 033383007618 (this product was heavily contaminated. After only consuming three Apples, I threw up about 4 times). Paramount Oranges 033383110509. (Was contaminated and resulted in an upset stomach, which was complicated by persistant electro-magnetic transmissions that was directed in this area). Also noted, I was not able to use my camera phone.

8-24 When I went to bed, the billboard that is positioned towards the end of the back end road was off. When I was woken around 3A, this same billboard was turned on to illuminate the area. This allows the operators of this criminal technology to see me more clearly.

8-24 As I was driving past the billboard, while I was listening to my radio, the station would become distorted. The electricity around the billboard is being used to pulse a micro-wave signal in this area. This explains why perpetrators can be seen driving up to these billboards to reactivate them when they are turned off due to bad weather conditions.

8-24 I changed location were I was parked. After a while I could increasingly feel electro-magnetic signals being directed to different parts of my head. It felt like someone on the ground directing negative energy to me. This prompted me to move to another location. When I left, I felt intenstive burning of my penis by remote microwave technology.

8-24 As I’m driving around other vehicles, I feel multiple stinging on different parts of my head. It can get so bad that oftentimes I have to pull over.

8-25 At around 7A I was woken due to my electricity being turned off. When I stood up, my heartbeat was elevated and my nervous system was unstabled. Throughout the night the perpetrators of this criminal technology kept attacking my penis with electronic weapons.

8-25 Court Case concerniing “accident” was postpone until Sept. 28th at 8:40A.

8-26 Constant burning of my penis and anus area has resulted in the targeted area turning white. The attacks are related to the criminals of this technology not being able to do the remote “Human Experimentation.”

8-26/27 Slept underneath the bridge last night, because of all the rain the area has been receiving. Being underneath the bridge did not have an impact in shielding me from electro-magnetic weapons. Plus the technology has been placed in the framework of the vehicle, which allows the operator of this criminal technology to transmit these electro-magntic waves to my body. This has resulted in multiple rapid heartbeats and uncontrollable nervous system. As usual several vehicles pass me right after waking up, so they can capture the frequency. The food that I purchased from a cedar creek Rd IGA Carlie C’s store was heavily contaminated and it played a large role in the above events.

8-27 The perpetrators of the technology is focusing their weapons deeper and deeper in my anus area. This also includes assessive burning of my penis and electronic brain-mapping. The attacks is associated with the WATER that I purchased at IGA 0412706183. Before consuming the water, the attacks are greatly reduced.

8-28/29 I was woken several times throughout the night and morning. The result of this was a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was more noticeable after standing up. It was around 3A When I laid back down, I was aggressively attacked with electro-magnetic and micro-wave weapons. It was directed to my anus and penis.

8-27/28 After consuming the food that I purchased from IGA earlier, I felt aggressive electronic brain-mapping and pulsing of both of my les with electro-magnetic weapons. The attacks were so bad that I had to tie my legs to the battery and hold my head with both hands.

8-29 ZRJ-2122nc drives all the way to the end of the road on the back end road off Owen Drive HWY87.

9-1 Was woken at around 1A, 3:30, 7:15A and 10:30A. Each time I experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. The attacks was followed by discharging my battery, which forced me to be without shielding, as the fan underneath my head provided some level of protection from the electro-magnetic attacks.Several times of the night I had to drive to a new loccation, which forced me to use needed gas for the week.

8-31 The month ended with a lot of focus on my anus and penis area with electro-magnetic attacks. But it also included constant pulsing of my legs. The signals is being feed to my body from above and below. Intensive burning of my buttocks, which involves placing bumps the size of golf balls in different parts of this area. The increase in contaminates in the food that cause me to throw up several times. Although I did see less vehicles in the area I’ve been staying in, the attacks actucally increased. One occassion I see a small plane flying in a circular around an antenna that is positioned in my immediate area.Othertimes, a plane is spaying chemtrails that affects my overall environment.

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