September 2011 Journal

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Readers advised: The content you about to read includes explicit language that warrant mature observation and understanding. If you will be offended by such content, please do not continue.
9-1 Was woken at around 3:30A, 7:15A and 10:30A. Each time I experienced rapid heartbeat and uncontollable nervous system. The attacks was followed by discharging my battery, which forced me to be without shielding, as the fan under my head provided some level of protection against the electro-magnetic attacks. Several times of the night, I had to drive to a new location, which forced me to use needed gan for the week.
8-31 The month ended with a lot of focus on my anus and penis area, which electro-magnetic attacks were directed mostly. But it also included constant pulsing of my legs. The signals is being feed to my body from below and above the vehicle. Intensive burning of my buttocks, which involves placing bumps in parts of this area. The increase in contaminates in my food that cause me to throw-up several times. Although I did see less travel in the area, I’ve been staying at, the attacks actually increased. On one occassion I see a small plane flying in the area several times. It appeared to be circling an antenna site that is past the Green Biz property and is also frequent by cars GPSing my location.
9-3 After drinking FL brand pinapple soda that I purchased from a LEGION RD Food Lion store, the operators of this criminal technology start pulsing my head with remote electro-magnetic weaponry. This is sync with the pulsing that I heard earlier from the direction of the woods. The soda did not have that fuzz and was laced with a lot of chemicals. I did not boil the soda.
9-2/3 My battery was able to power my fan until they ran it down. It was around 1A. It was until three AM that I was able to go back to sleep, because this also included running down my battery.
9-3 At around 5:30A, was again woken up because of a dead battery that was run down by the perpetrators. It wasn’t until 7A that I was able to go back to sleep. Also, I had to move my location several times, because of the electro-magnetic attacks. Furthermore, the billboards that was turned off earlier automatically, was turned back on to illuminate the area were I was sleeping. This was one of the reasons why I changed my locations several times.
9-2 Everytime I would lay down, the operators of this criminal technology kept pulsing my legs with electro-magnetic energy. This time it also included my lower leg.
9-3/4 I was woken around 1:30A with a extremely rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This is contributed to consuming the FL brand soda that I purchased from the LEGION RD Food Lion store. I went to sleep shortly after 9P.
9-4 The battery was cut off about 5 minutes after 2A. This corresponds to being woken earlier. Plus, when I turned my radio on, they interfere with the radio station, making it difficult to get any.
9-4 I heard a loud noise right in the very front of the vehicle. This isn’t the first time I heard this sound. I usually hear this sound a while after getting up or just about going to sleep. I did disconnected the battery hours earlier.
9-4 I heard loud vehicles coming through this area at all hours of the night. It is now around 3A. Yesterday a large truck past (4A) and it was loud, had missing headlight and a blue light in the front where the dashboard is. I also have a blue light in the front of my dashboard to power my orgonite. So this is not a coincidence. Plus, the truck was positioned on the highway the exact time I was going to drive to a new location. I digress.
9-5 Was woken around 7:30A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was experienced after standing up. Soon after, I was attacked with microwave laser weapons. It was directed at my penis.
9-5 As I was driving on HWY 87, I seen a number of vehicles “parked” on the side of the HWY. I particularly noticed two vehicles parked together on the shoulder lane. I have seen this pattern many times before. Two vehicles represents two signals that is generated as an attacked frequency.
9-5 I went to the storage room to pay my bill and as I was sitting by the desk, I felt multiple signals coming from the direction that the cell phone was at. When I got up and moved, the transmissions disappeared. The cell phone was programmed by the storage room attendant; Don, to target various areas of my forehead. This was done right before I enter the storage, as the perpetrators of the mind control technology can read my mind. Anyway, I noticed the storage room attendant had a brand new BMW. Previously she had been driving a white vehicle. It had temporary tags. As I was putting items inside the storage room, I felt multiple signals transmitting throughout my body. As I was leaving the storage room, the attendant was programming the same phone that was sitting on her desk. FIGURE IT OUT!!!
9-5/6 This is the first time in a while my battery wasn’t turned off. Was woken around 7:30A. When I stood up, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system.
9-4 My phone broke after dropping it, so I went to Best Buy to purchased another one. I noticed a sale’s person placing new electronic devices on the shelves. I thought this was very unsual, since this was the middle of the day. I assumed the electronic equipment was sabotaged.
9-1 20:28 Food Lion #0809 2885 Legion Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28306. Tele. No. 910-426-0068. Purchased naval oranges 3lbs. and Eastern South Peaches. I was over charged 1.79 a pound, which should have been 99 cents a pound for the peaches.
9-3 11:05A Food Lion #0809 2885 Legion Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28306. Tele. No. 910-426-0068. The store was barely crowded, but did notice perpetrators in this establishment. I even saw one of the clerks nodding to one of the “customers” and suspected that the purchases was tampered with. Not to my surprise, the sodas and water was heavily contaminated. When I went to sleep this night, I was woken with an extremely rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. My entire body was literally shaking like a leaf in a bad wind storm. Purhcased “my essentials” root beer 12pk. (725439112291), 2 Orange-Pineapple – damaged bar code and 2 Fruit Punch (725439105750). I was sold all 5 sodas for $10 without a $25 purchase, which is usual for this price.
8-25 10:41A IGA Carlie C’s 600 Cedar Creek Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28312. Tele. No. 910-483-3469. Store Manager: Richard Copeland. Purchased MFF Broccoli Florets for $2.25 amd white potato 5lb. bag for $3.95. Both products were heavily contaminated.
9-4 10:12A IGA Carlie C’s 1790 Owen Drive Fayetteville, NC 28304. Tele. No. 910-484-2270. Jason Brock store manager. Serving as manager is Michelle. When I first entered the store, I saw a three sale’s person stocking in the vegetable section. They were almost completed. Purchased CC Meatloaf for 1.90. CC Fresh Pork Sausage for $2.51 and IGA Winter Blend for $1.45.
8-24 10:21A IGA Carlie C’s 1790 Owen Drive Fayetteville, NC 28304. Tele. No. 910-481-2270. Store Manager: Jason Brock. Purchased Gwaltney Hotdogs for 3.89, Pears Busc. 1.23lb. and peaches for 1.39lb.
9-6 After storm passes through the area at around 2:30p a company vehicle (I Buy Cars) drove all the way to the end of the back end road. I turned my camera system on to video tape the evidence. For about 5 minutes, he was just sitting in this spot. Then around 2:50 p a North Carolina School Bus came within viewing of my vehicle. It did not pass me like the previous vehicle. It was positioned near the Green Biz property before you get to the billboards. These areas are all active areas for remote micro-wave transmissions. The bus no. was 319. I have seen these buses be active in this spot. It usually happens during the school year. When ever a storm passes, a number of vehicles are seen in this area.
9-6 Red amd grey Dodge vehicle goes all the way to the back of the dead end road. It is around 4:05p. I’ve seen this vehicle before. Sheriff vehicle was parked the front end of the road, which also lies a remote transmitter.
9-7 The power is being turned off through the fan that I purchased from Maxway on Yakin Rd. I did not have this problem with a previous fan that I purchased at this establishment.
9-7 A large amount of fluids coming out of my ears (5:30A.).
9-8 Woked up around 5A. I immediately noticed that my head was being pulsed with a continuous electro-magnetic signal. When I stood up, I was attacked with the technology between my legs and anus area.
9-8 Was woken by an Ambulance Paramedics who told me he received a call from one of the workers at the Green Biz property. He said the worker was concerned that my vehicle was parked at the same place for 3 days.
9-8 I heard loud pulsing sounds coming from the direction of the woods. It was continuous from 7p up until around 11p in the late evening.
9-8/9 Was woken around 3A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was noticeable after standing up. It was followed by burning my anus and genitals with the electro-magnetic weapons. Then around 3:30A my electricity was turned off. It wasn’t until 6:30A that I was able to use my electricity again.
9-9 Went to IGA Carlie C’s on Owen Drive and as soon as I left the store, I consumed bananas. They were heavily contaminated. Meanwhile, the same people I saw stocking this section was stocking it the last tim in every section of the store, I see an entire box load of foodin the alse. More later.
9-9 Soon as I got back to my Owen Drive location, I heard the familiar pulsing sounds in the woods. Then I seen a grey vehicle drive to the back of the road. Because of these two situations, I left the area.
9-9 Consumed ground meatloaf from a product I purchased from IGA on Owen Drive and it was so heavily laced with smart dust particals that I could not eat it. It was like eating dirt, but it was a large number of nano tech particals, which is turns my body into an antenna for nearby vehicle, handheld GPS devices and remote Satellites can manipulate.
9-9 Vehicle comes into area a little before 5P and stayed in area for about 15 minutes. It was positioned in the back of the dead end road.
9-10 Driver’s Education – Around 9:30A I came out of my vehicle and I immediately noticed a Driver’s Education White Vehicle parked on the shoulder. It was about 50ft. from my parked positioned or where my vehicle stood. I have experienced these vehicles being in close proxmity to my vehicle many times before. As soon as I walked towards it, it speed away. However, this vehicle turned around. Now the vehicle is facing me. It is now about 200 feet from me. The only reason these vehicles would positioned themselves this close to me is they have been assigned to GPS my location. I even have video footage of this occurance and explains how the state plays a role in this cointelpro harassment. The vehicle number is: 19854-S.
9-9/10 I went to sleep around 11P. but was woken at around 2A, 3:30A and 7:30A. Each time I experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was followedby feeling pulsing on my head and shakiness of my entire body. When I laid back down, I was attacked by painful micro-wave weapons between my legs and anus. These attacks are contributed to the chemicals in the food that I ate yesterday.
9-10 Had to hold my head the entire morning because I’m feeling constant transmissions in this area. I’m forced to not consume food/water today and possibly tomorrow because of this fact. When I don’t consume food/water, the transmissions are greatly reduced.
9-12 North Carolina School Bus no. 187 drove all the way to the back of the dead end road. This isn’t a usual move as this bus usually stops short at the Green Biz property. It was around 3:30p.
9-11 Special Commemoration done for 9/11 survivors on TICSD Spiritual Revival Conference call. Had guest from KELB, INC. and FFCHS prayer line with Minister Juanita. We discussed recent suicide of former FFCHS board member Pam Anderson and prayer ended the call.
9-10/11 Was woken several times with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. And each time I stood up, I was attacked between my legs with painful remote micro-wave weapons.
9-12 Contacted Penny Harris and Solo Igbinoba from the FDA. I sent them several attachements explaining the food/water/electronic harassment. The journal is from this and last year. Further, an attachment of an AFFFIDAVIT that I written in July of 2009 was sent. A follow up call will be made next Monday.
9-13 Tried contacting these individuals several times. I was finally able to speak to Penny Harris, but SOLO has yet to return my call. Later I found that he can’t do anything on my behalf and have forward this information to Penny Harris.
9-12 Slept from around 9P to around 11P. I did not got to sleep until 3A the next day.
9-13 Each time I woke up, I was inflicted with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system: 5:30A and 6:45A. I did not experienced these symptoms the previous day.
9-13 Will be cooking the chicken I purchased from an IGA Super Market on Owen Drive. Felt constant transmission to my left eye. This was complicated by signals directed to my body.\
9-12/13 Throughout the night I felt stinging throughout my body. It was similar to the stinging attacks I get on my head. These attacks are similar to a mosquito bite – so you could imagine how uncomfortable it is to sleep.
9-13/14 Went to bed around 9P, but was woken several times throughout the evening: 2A, 5:15A. Each time I experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was followed by burning my penis and anus with electro-magnetic/micro-wave laser remote weapons. Later this included pulsing my leg below the knee with the technology. ther felt transmissions directed at my mouth.
9-14 At around 7:30A I seen North Carolina School Bus sitting right next to the Green Biz property in the middle of the road. This means that if a vehicle was to come into this road, they would have to travel on the lane of on-going traffic. Anyway, vehicles who come into this area are usually GPSing my location. This is pretty early to see this vehicle. The vehicle was there for about 10 minutes. I had slept in this area, which explains why this vehicle was sitting in this area for so long.
9-14 The water that I purchased at IGA has a large amount of SILICONE in it. That’s why it has such a heavy feel o it when I consume it. I explained this to both Penny Harris and Solo Igbinoba from the Atlanta’s FDA office. I was told by Penny Harris that the FDA could not do anything on my behalf. This was after speaking to her three times. The reason, the FDA does not test for nano technology or anything that will make the body susceptible to electro-magnetic technology. This technology with the combination of the FOOD/WATER CONTAMINATION allows the operator to read my thoughts, manipulate my thoughts, see through my eyes, transmit dreams to my mind, elevate my heart rate, control my nervous system, etc. Anyway, the alternative I was given was to take my food to a lab and have it tested. This could cause thousand of dollars, which means if you are poor and lack resources, you are forced to accept that your food will always be contaminated. Whatever happened to PUBLIC SAFETY?
9-15 North Carolina School Bus came into area around 8:30A. It positioned itself to my front end and was at the Green Biz entrance.
9-14 YNH-4916mc Blue two-door pickup truck F-150/Ford (7:15P). It went all the way to the back end of the dead end road. Later the individual told me he was a police officer and was concerned that I was writing his license plate down. He had on a EMS shirt and what looked like a police shield – which made him be a detective. Meanwhile, another vehicle came into this area a few minutes later. It positioned itself at the Green Biz lot, which is before the billboard on this dead end road. The third vehicle came into this road, which it went to the back. It was a grey mini van with a male and female inside. The license plate was YXD-8414nx. It was 10 minutes after the first vehicle, which stayed in the area over 15 minutes.
9-14/15 Experienced a rapid heartbeat and unstabled nervous system each time I was woken:1:30A, 3:30A, 5:30A and 7:30A. The 7:30A was worse than the others. I also noticed electronic brain-mapping, while laying down. And each time I stood up, I was attacked by painful micro-wave weapons.
9-16 At around 7:30A, I woke up with a rapid heartbeat and unstabled nervous system. Then around 8A, this included constant pulsing with remote electronic weapons of my left leg.
9-16 There is so much smart dust technology in the food I purchased from the OWEN DRIVE IGA store that the food is almost uneatable. Plus, I see at least 15 different perpetrator workers re-stocking the shelves when I entered the store. This is so usual that I expect it. But this time it was so obvious.
9-16 12:14:29 IGA Carlie C’s 1790 Owen Drive Fayetteville, NC 28304. Tele. No. 910-484-2270. Manager on duty: Gregg. Purchased peaches 1.39lb, Cured Uncooked semi-air Dried Sausage 230248303506 (an excessive amount of smart dust particals – upon consuming this product, I was inflicted with a large amount of electro-magnetic waves directed at my head, feet and stomach.). Everytime I chew the sausage, I could taste these particals in my mouth. It was like eat sand or dirt, but would just be consumed into my mouth. And IGA Crinkle Cut Frozen French Fried Potatoes 041270485807 (I did not noticed contamination of this product). Last week I purchased ground meat loaf from this same establishment, and it too was very heavily contaminated with smart dust particals. It was so bad that I had to throw it out. I barely have resource to purchase what I buy. Anyway, smart dust particals is a nano-technology that is being placed in the food, water, products, soil and the air for the purpose of directing satellite based electro-magnetic weapons at individuals. It is not limited to TARGETED INDIVIDUALS, although this population receive the intensive part of the technology. Anyway, after leaving the store, when I walk towards my vehicle, I noticed my door was cracked. It did not manner that I had put my camera on and the vehicle alarm was set.
9-9 9:03:37A IGA Carlie C’s 1790 Owen Drive Fayetteville, NC 28304. Tele. No. 910-484-2270. Store manager on duty: Michelle. Purchased Fryer Combo Pack (heavily contaminated. Taste smart dust inside the chicken after cooking it for several hours), IGA wound war water (the contamination lead to a large amount of fluids building up in my ear – large amount of SILICONE in water come up my throat), Mahatma Rice and Bananas, which wasn’t packed onto the shelf. Most was in boxes. Once I consumed this product, the remote electro-magnetic energy was first directed above my anus area, which the perpetrators have created a series of bumps in this area. Then it was directed to my stomach.
9-15/16 Was woken several times throughout the night and morning. Each time I was inflicted with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. And after laying down, the directed energy was focused on my penis, between my legs and my anus. This happened at1:00A, 3:30A, 5:30A and 7:30A.
9-16 Contacted IGA Headquarters (await call back), FDA (Spoke to Penny Harris), the United States Dept. Of Agriculture, which I was referred to the Dept. of Health in Raleigh. I await a call back from Craig Williams. This is a response to the Sausage I purchased from IGA, which consist of a large amount of smart dust particals. The smart dust particals makes me susceptible to electro-magnetic weapons. Consuming these contaminated producvts always lead to a manipulated heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system.
9-16 At around 4P I see two Driver Education vehicles. They went all the way to the back end of the dead end road. They linger there for about two minutes. Then the both of them just left the area.
9-16 After returning from IGA supermarket, I entered the dead end road and notice a large amount of electro-magnetic signals coming from the beginning of the road.
9-17 When I woke up, I had a big lump on my backside. I did not have this blemish the previous day.
9-18 Blue car enters back end road. It was was around 11A.
9-18 12:45P Older model vehicle enters the back end road. License plate: SUX-4110nc. It stalled as it was coming towards me and then situated itself at the end of the roaf for about 10 minutes.
9-18 Large amount of SILICONE in water. After consuming this product, I felt electro-magnetic energy in all directions of my head. This was combined with hearing micro-wave pulsing from the direction of the woods. The product was purchased yesterday at a Legion Rd Food Lion. The product is: Essential Drinking Water 2416,9 iz btl. Bar code: 725439100519. Drinking or Eating any of these products always leads to electro-magnetic attacks. Not consuming anything for a day minimizes the attacks as these attacks are related to the chemicals that they put in these products. These products are stocked within thirty minutes of me entering the area and sometimes while shopping at these establishments. These criminals are so widespread that it includes everyone of which the GOVERNMENT is purposely putting chemicals in the food for MIND CONTROL and READING.
9-18 White vehicle with two people inside goes directly to the back of the road. This vehicle lingers in this area. The license plate is ZVY-4687nc. The time is 3:40p.
9-17 When I came out of my vehicle I seen a Driver’s Education vehicle. It was parked within 50ft. from my vehicle. It license plate was 19854.
9-18 Large amount of electro-magnetic energy to my head after drinking water from Food Lion store. This was so bad that I had to hold my head for several hours. This included placing wires on the top of my head.
9-17/18 Was woken several time in the evening/morning and each time I experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. At around 7A in the morning, it was worsen by directed energy directed at certain parts of my head and blowing up my genital.
9-18/19 Was woken several times with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. The last time I was woken was 6:45A.
9-19 North Carolina School Bus enters backend road but turns before billboards. It was 8:15A.
9-19 After the school bus came into this area, soon afterwards I felt aggressive electro-magnetic pulsing centered on the top of my head. It was continuous until I left the area. Later in the night they placed these remote devices in my vehicle, which I heard a loud sound come from them. But I disconnected my battery – although earlier in the morning it was drained. Anyway, as I was driving on the shoulder, the pulsing stopped, but started again later. The result of this pulsing is the availability of vehicles on the highway. When I left the main section of the highway, the pulsing of my head stopped. I even saw a man on a bike on the highway.
9-13 I received an email from an unsuspecting individual who did not give their name or actual email address. But it was a message saying that they were happy to harass me and that I will never receive any justice in this manner. They also mentioned that I should commit suicide. Does that sound like HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION?
9-19 A large number of red and white vehicles followed behind me and stalked in front of me. They are in areas where traffic is at it lightest. The operators of this technology is feeding signals in their minds to get them to participate in this terrorism against me.
9-19 I observed the water today to see why the criminals were able to pulse my head with such force and noticed a large amount od smart dust particals inside the water. This was after boiling the water for about a half an hour. The particals were mostly in the bottom and will come up as I pore the water. So I end up filtering it again. However, the water was so thick with chemicals (including large amount of SILICONE) that I used a couple of paper towels. It goes through it, but very slowly. The water will have to be boil again.
9-19 Contacted the U.S. Department Of Agriculture of which I spoke to a Craig Williams. His office is located in Raleigh, NC. He referred me to his associate to take down the recorded information. Her name is Mino at tele. no. 919-733-7366. Email: She is the food compliance officer. I will be emailing her my information regarding food and product contamination that I’ve experienced recently. The food contamination consist of a sausage that I purchased on September 16 at 12:14:29p. Although the complaint is not limited to IGA Carlie C’s, I have to focus it on this store, because of the amount of noticeable smart dust particals in this product. The contamination also included water that I purchased from a Legion Rd. Food Lion recently. Anyway, I was told to send her an email with name, address, phone number and details about the product and it contamination.
9-17 08:18A Food Lion #0809 2885 Legion Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28306. Manager: Aaron Banco. Purchased My Essentials Purified Drinking Water 24 btl. 725439110204 and 5lb bag Fresh From The Start White Potatoes 648196050555. Both of these products were heavily contaminated. When I consumed both of these products at different times, it lead to aggressive electronic pulsing of my head. In the water I could clearly see the smart dust particals. And the white potatoes, I actually taste it, which is similar to consuming unclean food. While I was shopping, I saw the “soda” man placing soda on the shelf. The vegetable dept, I see someone stocking items there. And the meat dept, I saw two people coming out of the cutting meat area placing meat on the shelves.
9-16 07:53:14 Family Dollar #0068 2873 Owen Drive Fayetteville, NC. Telephone No. 910-485-1015. I purchased non-food items, however, I did noticed a “customer” rushing in my direction. As I was checking out, I saw him with some pens, of which he positioned himself directly behind me. Almost 100 percent of the time individuals like this one would come into a store and go seeking for me and after getting on the line they would immediately step behind me. That’s because they have programmed their GPS cell phone device to target a specific part of my body frequency. As I was leaving the store, this individual was talking on their cell phone. This is the same cell phone device that this individual was holding in his pocket, which he was directing it towards me.
9-17 08:35:01 Family Dollar #4894 3043 Legion Rd. Fayetteville, NC. Tele. No. 910-426-9100. Asst. Manager in the store, although I heard someone in the storage area. When I first entered the store, KYLE was holding some chocolate bars in his hand. While shopping, he kept standing by the window, which gave him a clearer view of my vehicle. Unlike previous visits to another Family Dollar, I did not see any other “customers.” When I left the store, I see a black SUV positioned itself on my non-driver side. I could not see it from the store, but the assistant manager KYLE was able to see this position. The device that was placed right in front of the vehicle on the non-driver side emits a signal that targets my body. There’s also a device that the street perpetrators access and it too emits a signal. The front is directed at my head and the back of the vehicle is directed at my feet. They can target my entire body by just targeting these two areas.
9-19 I contacted the headquarters of IGA Carlie C’s. I spoke to a Jay Mclamb who works in the Business Dept. He told me he was going to look into this situation, after I explain to him 1) the contamination and 2) the number of employees assigned to work in a store at a given time. I even explained to him about Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment and Nano Technology. I will refer to him in the future.
9-19 TNF-1919nc man and woman in burgandy pickup truck BEEPS horn as he pass me. I was parked between the two billboards and he was coming from the dead end of this secondary road.
9-19 The perpetrators of the crimes that I’m experiencing activate my carbon/smoke detector remotely. This process runs my battery down, which puts my life in danger. This is a response to not being able to pulse my head with their electronic weapons. This occurrance was proceeded by directing painful micro-wave weapons between my legs, penis and anus. The attacks was continuous for about three hours.
9-19 North Carolina School Bus seen around 2:10p at the Green Biz entrance of Owen Drive next to Hwy 87.
9-19 Driver Education vehicle seen around 3:30p at the Green Biz entrance. It did not stay long. My inverter supplying my battery electricity was shut down remotely.
9-19 North Carolina School Bus seen at Green Biz entrance except this bus didn’t actually enter the entrance. It was occupying the forward lane. Any other vehicle would have to go around it. Plus the driver came out of the vehicle. Came 3:45p and left 3:54p.
9-19 Driver’s education vehicle enters Green Biz area about 4:10p.
9-19 Driver’s Education vehicle passes me and goes directly to the back of the back end road. 4:15p.
9-19 ACF-2136nc. Small white vehicle goes as far as my rear part of my vehicle and turns around. Male and Female in vehicle. This was about 4:16p. So the driver’s education vehicle was coordinated a single frequency, or one is transmitting a signal and the other is receiving it.
9-19 2568nc Black Jeep came into area, which it wized by me at such a high velocity. I was walking outside the vehicle at the time. It went all the way to the end of the dead end road and turned around. It was 6:05p.
9-20 18 wheeler truck parks on the side of the road on hwy 87. It is positioned towards the rear of my vehicle. I’m in the back of the dead end road. It is 7:40a. This happened shortly after waking up, which I was in the process of driving off.
9-19 Attempted to contact Penny Harris from the FDA several times, but I was not successful. We were scheduled to talk today. So this gives you an idea why nothing is being done in this situation.
9-20 North Carolina School Bus came into the Green Biz property. It was around 1:30p.
9-20 Spoke to Penny Harris from the FDA. She referred my information to her supervisor: Calvin Foulks. His direct number: 404-253-2241. He works out of the Atlanta District Office. She suggest that I call him Thursday/Friday after 1p.
9-20 Family Dollar #0068 2873 Owen Drive Fayetteville, NC. Tele. No. 910-485-1615. When I walked into the store it was being restocked. There were boxes that have not been finished. However, the store was close to being completed. But it was clear that they were expecting me there. So I did not purchase anything.
9-20/21 Was woken with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. I did not feel any noticeable symptoms while laying down. It was not until I stood up that I experienced the noticeable heartbeat and electro-magnetic signals being directed to my forehead. I also noticed signals/transmissions directed to my hand. It was around 3:45A. I contribute this experience to consuming the products I purchased from IGA Carlie C’s on Owen Drive.
9-21 Two “Restricted” calls received while I was on the phone. I did not receive any calls prior to this occurance. It was 2:23p. I was on another call at the time.
9-20/21 Was woken several times throughout the night, but 3:45A is when I stood up. Instantly my heart rate was fluctuating from fast to slow. Then I was attacked between my legs and anus with painful remote micro-wave weapons. This was after laying back down. I stayed up for about two/half hours and went back to sleep. Throughout this period I heard a loud sound coming from the front and back of the vehicle. Someone must have installed a device or series of devices in the vehicle frame. This happens almost everyday.
9-21 I went back to sleep around 5:30A. When I was woken around 8A I immediately felt a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. Then when I stood up, I felt the electro-magnetic signals directed to my head.
9-20 11:48:47A Flower Food Store 415 Goldsboro Bakery Tolar 4609. Tele. No. 910-483-4773. Invoice# 94191. Manager: Debbie. Purchased Cap N’ Kid Creamy Peanut Butter 088252040111, Blackburr’s Strawberry Preserves 070270502207, 2 Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread 072250037129 – Tasted smart dust in this product, which lead to targeting directed at my head, Bluebird Apple Danish 072359351492, Bluebird Ice Honey Bun 072359350686, Bluebird Cherry Cheese Danish 072359101158, Bluebird Apple Pie 07235930174, Bluebird Cherry Pie 07259350181, Tasty Kake Cream Filled Koffee Kake Cupcakes 025600002247 – heavily contaminated with smart dust particals. The perpetrts were accessing these particals in my mouth, Bluebird Carrot Cake 72250900317, and clover valley white bread 070210001432. When I entered the store I saw about 4 people “shopping” at this establishment. I saw noticeable perpetrators who were surveying the items on the shelf. These items were placed on the shelves a short time before I entered the store. Note: I found an Apple Crumb cake opened, which I gave to “DEBBIE”.
9-20/22 Because I did not cook any of these items that I consumed from the Goldsboro Bakery, I received the full effects of the contamination. While consuming these items on foot, I noticed vehicles on the adjacent hwy 87 slowing down. I also saw a large amount of RED and WHITE vehicles traveling together (side by side). I even saw a tractor trailor stopping on the side of the hwy. Meanwhile, I felt stinging on different parts of my head. This is associated with the passing traffic gpsing my location. My body becomes an antenna when I consume this contaminated food. Anyway, there is a few minutes between when I consumed these contaminated products and how my head is attacked. The food/products together with passing vehicles pulsing micro-wave transmissions is associated with the on-going attacks on my life. Later in the night when I go to sleep, the perpetrators are able to use synthetic telepathy in those areas of my head that was attacked (stung) earlier. This then allows them to attack other parts of my body as my head/brain controls th other functions of my body.
9-21/22 Was woken at around 1:50A. This was because of the perpetrators of this criminal technology directing the painful micro-wave weapons at my penis, between my legs and my anus. So I got up and went outside. Immediately I noticed a surge of electro-magnetic energy surrounding my entire body. It was more pronounced on my head. I contribute these attacks to consuming products I purchased from Goldsboro Bakery and monitoring a conference call the day earlier. Many perpetrators are able to hook into the cell phone carrier that you subscribe and than direct some of the signals to your body. The signals could be used to get more accurate reading of your body for more detail targeting. This is the reason I often make calls while walking or driving, because they are also feeding off the technology that was placed in the framework of my vehicle, which happens to include smart dust particals that was in my food (now in my body) and around the vehicle.
9-22 Continuous pulsing of both my feet.
9-21 I did not see a single vehicle in the area. I know there is association to the food that I purchased at the Goldsboro Bakery.
9-22 This is the second day that I do not see any traffic on this backend road. However, the electro-magnetic attacks did not stop. It is around the clock.
9-22/23 Throughout the night I was woken with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. Shortly before two AM when I stood up, I experienced the above symptoms. I stayed up until about 4A. When I woke up around 5:30A, the perpetrators attempted to put me back to sleep, but I got up anyway. Not consuming the contaminated water and food resulted in reduced symptoms.
9-23 Drivers Education vehicle goes all the way to the end of the dead end road, but slows down before passing me. Then the vehicle slows down before it turns towards me going in the reverse. License plate: 57901-S. This is the area that I slept last night so it is a targeting point for GPS. It was around 5:45p.
9-23 Around 5:45 – 6:03p after driving out of the backend road, I noticed 3 pickup trucks parked by the Green Biz property. Then I saw another pickup truck entering this area. These are there licenses: BT-4459nc, CY-3658nc, SZM-2159nc and AX-9059nc. I left this backend road and entered another one crossing Owen Drive. After parking briefly, I heard a series of loud poping sounds. These are several individuals with handheld micro-wavbe devices hooked into a generator. Then I left this road and re-entered the back end road I left from. I went into my original spot, which is between the 2 billboards. All in a sudden I heard the same poping sounds that I heard from the previous location. It was worse on the Green Biz side. This is what prompted me to drive towards the Green Biz property. Not only did the poping sound stopped, I saw a man and a dog standing by an antenna site being used for Airport communications. I suspect that this antenna site is also being used for pulsing a micro-wave signal in this area. It is quite obvious to know that the same individuals who own these pickup trucks are also attacking me with these micro-wave devices. The sound is so deafning that I had to leave my original area. Later around 7p – 7:15p this sound followed all the way to the end of the road, which is now my new positioned. It looks like these individuals were contracted to work on these remote micro-wave pulsing devices that is situated throughout the cooridor (from the point you enter the dead end road over towards the Green Biz Property and to the end of this stretch).
9-23/24 Was woken around 3:30A. After standing up I felt a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. Then when I laid back down I was attacked with painful electro-magnetic microwave weapons. It was directed at my genitals, between my legs and anus. The attacks is associated with consuming peanut butter and strawberry preserves on Nature’s Own bread that I purchased at Goldsboro bakery. This is coupled with the btl water that I purchasee from Food Lion on Legion Rd.
9-24 Was woken with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system once I stood up. It was around 6:30a and 8A.
9-24 Two pickup trucks parked outside the Green Biz property: BT-4459nc and AX-9059nc. Saw man in property – gate wasn’t opened.
9-24 I saw a caravan with two men. They were first parked at the gate were the first billboard. They opened the gate and drove right into it. However, there was a road that did not know it existed. Later I found The road actually go far beyond the billboard and into an area that has been cut out for this harassment purpose. Anyway, I just assumed that they were workers who were going to put up a new sign. But after waiting 30 minutes, no such activity existed. As stated above, they actually cut a road from the entrance of the billboard site into an already cut out woody area. I notice something tied to a tree that looks similar to a punching bag, but it was indeed one of these remote devices that is used to pulse strong electo-magnetic energy in my direction. The guys were simply there to upgrade this area. Anyway, I fail to copy down their license plate and assumed they were legitament. Over 95 percent of the time they are perpetrators. Anyway, like many times before, the gate was left opened. They were too lazy to opened it all the way, because when I went to close it, it was broken. It was like they ran into it. So obvious they were trepassing on private property. It was around 1:30p.
9-24 At around 7:30p a vehicle stopped short of passing me as I was walking. I was parked right beside the Green Biz property on the secondary road. After 5 minutes I felt a series of electro-magnetic weapons directed at my head.
9-24 A little after 8p a pickup truck passed me. It passed me, which it turned it front end towards me. Then the vehicle sat there with it headlights on. It was between the Green Biz property and the billboards. After about 15 minutes, I decided to drive towards the vehicle. The man was clearly awaken when I passed the vehicle. I turned my brights on and he turned his park lights on. His license plate: YNH-4916nc. This is the same person that confronted me about copying down his license plate.
9-24/25 I was woken at around 1:15A, but I did not have a noticeable heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. However, I did receive a call as soon as I was woken. The perpetrators will often get someone to call me so I pick up the phone. By picking up the cell phone, I’m allowing these perpetrators to access my brainwaves remotely. Earlier I was monitoring the cell phone, of which I noticed a stream of directed energy weapons targeting my head. When I shut the call down, the directed energy weapons disappeared. The cell phone is a transceiver being used to attack me remotely. In other words, it is a bridge. The perpetrators can feed off the signal.
9-25 Certain vehicles that passed by me make an unusual sound. The sound is similar to reving up a charger but it is actually a vehicle that has been modified to direct a powerful micro-wave signal in my direction. The reving sound that I often hear is similar to tires going on the side of the shoulder. There is a warning strip that produces this similar sound.
9-25 Pastor Anthony Carstarphen came to my location after my vehicle refused to start. In no way was I intended to ask for his food, however, when I did cvonsume it, I immediately felt an electro-magnetic signal directedf to my head. The symptoms also include my hand trembling. Although it was a brief, it was noticeable. Anyway, what this shows show widespread and blantant the food cvontamination is. And it also explains why there are so many “STALKERS” on the ground. The government is simply putting NANO TECHNOLOGY IN EVERYONES FOOD AND THEN USING THE DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS TO GET EVERYONE TO PARTICIPATE IN CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.
9-25 At around 6:30p I seen a vehicle that I have seen previously. The license plate is: YNH-4916nc. This guy claims to be a police officer. But his actions are perp oriented. I also noticed a second vehicle parked behind him at around 8:30p.
9-26 White vehicle goers as far as Green Biz property. It was about 11:55A.
9-26 Driver’s Education vehicle pass me on the backend road and goes into the 2nd billboard entrance. I am positioned between the two billboards. It license plate: 5800-S. It just left, it did not stay in area. It was around 4:50p.
9-26 Driver’s Education vehicle goes almost to first billboard. It slows down towards my front end. Time: 5:35p.
9-27 Cumberland Community Action Program Yellow School Bus was seen coming out of gas station on Ramsey St. It had a one working bright headlight. It was traveling at a slow speed. The time of incident is around 8A.
9-26/27 Was woken several times with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was more evident after standing up.
9-25/26 Was woken several times with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was more obvious after standing up.
9-27 ABE-6916nc white vehicle drives on the back of the stores. The stores are positioned outside Ramsey Street and Country Club Drive. It was parked about 200 ft from me. Seen him in the back with his cell phone, while passing him going back to the main parking area. As I made my second trip through this section, he had changed his positioned.
9-25 The peanut butter that I purchased at Goldsboro Bakery had obvious smart dust partical in the product. The interesting thing about this was the product was properly sealed. The product is the Cap ‘n kid creamy peanut butter 08825204011. The only way this product could be contaminated is through the manufacture level.
9-25 17:26 Food Lion #0809 2885 Legion Rd Fayetteville, NC 28306. Tele. No. 910-426-0088. Manager: Jonie Smith. Purchased peaches and California RIO STAR Grapefruit 095829500206 (both products were heavily contaminated. After consuming these items, I felt electro-magnetic transmissions throughout my entire body. It was specifically noticeable on my right arm and hand). noticed a store employee: Jovan Stocking in the vegetable/fruit section and she was almost completed. Then I saw a man named Vinny stocking bottles of water in front. These are not coincidences as I often purchase these items, which is noted earlier in my notes.
9-27 8:50 I see a lot of delivery trucks in the back of the Food Lion Store. This is the Rosehill store.
9-27 Staples – I went to this establishment to make copies. When I first entered the store, there were very few peope inside there. Within 5 minutes, a swarm of people came in. One lady particularly situated herself next to me. Her shoulder bag was pointed in my direction. Then another four people situated themselves near the copiers. I had to make trips two and from the store so that their devices aren’t able to target my body intensively.
9-27 Post Office – The samething happened when I entered this establishment. I was the only person on line. Then a swarm of individuals came into this establishment. They are stacked on the lines like cattle. Unbelievable!
9-27 CF-3879nc white pickup truck. Went all the way to the backend of the dead end road. It was about 12:55p.
9-27 11611-1 company vehicle sent in the area, which it went to the back end of the dead end road. It was around 2:25p.
9-27 North Carolina School Bus 344 goes to the Green Biz entrance and then turns back. I was positioned before you get to the Green Biz entrance. It was around 3P. I had just changed my position from the billboards.
9-27 Pick up truck goes to the back end of the dead end road. It was traveling very slowly. It took time to turn around. License plate: 9545dv handicapped. Perpetrators with senority often use these plates.
9-27 Spoke to Calvin Foulks who is Penny Harris supervisor with the FDA. His response was very similar to Penny, that they might not be able to do anything on my behalf. I even told them I have evidence and they told me that they don’t test food. The food have noticeable smart dust particals that makes the body susceptible to the electro-magnetic technology. This includes remote electronic brain mapping, pulsing my legs, hands arms and head. He told me he will get back to me next week.
9-27 Contacted Minoo from the USDA and she hasn’t return my call. It has been more than week now.
9-27/28 Was woken around 4A after going to sleep around 11:30p. I was inflicted with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This is associated with the food I purchased at ALDI. Both the oranges and sausages were heavily contaminated. Upon eating the oranges, painful directed energy weapons was directed at my anus and buttocks. The operators of this criminal technology created a patch of bumps in this area. The sausages were heavily laced with smart dust particals, so much that everytime I bite into them, it is like eating food filled with dirt. Thereb is no way to get these particals in the sausages unless it is being done by the manufacturer. I will have to send a letter to the manufacturer as a documentation. The GOVERNMENT AGENCIES that suppose to protect the consumer from this malicious contamination has been shut down by the infilitrators.
9-27 ALDI’s contact information: 1200 N. Kirk Rd. Batavia, IL 60510-1443. Telephone: 630-879-8100. I purchased the smoked polish sausage (Parkview) 04149878291 and BELLE OF PIRU Orangs 033383110509.
9-28 The billboard was not illuminated last night and I noticed hearing a very loud sound after being up for about 30 minutes. So the operators of this technology is still placing these devices underneath my vehicle when I’m sleeping. Note: My battery was not connected, so these devices are being powered by something else. All I know is that these devices work with the combination of the contaminated food that I purchased.
9-28 Contact info for FBI: 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington D.C. 20535-0001 Phone: 202-324-3000. Contact Info for U.S. Dept. Of Justice: 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington D.C. 20530-0001. Phone: 202-514-2000. Contact info for Attorney General public comments: 202-353-1555. Email: – attachments not accepted.
9-28 Before I could turn over the engine, I see a white pickup truck parked next to the Green Biz entrance. It was around 6:55A.
9-28 STM-5914nc male in military gear drove to the back end of the dead end road. I was positioned at the back end of the road. It was 7A.
9-28 North Carolina School Bus 286 slows down on HWY 87 as it pass me. This same vehicle ended up on the back end road at the Green Biz property entrance. It first stopped, which it was facing me. Then it turned around. These vehicles are being used for the electro-magnetic targeting beside the Drivers Ed in this area. Owen Drive area. It was around 7:20A – 7:25A.
9-28 AER-4613nc. Driving on left end of road as I decide to drive on the left end of the shoulder since there weren’t any shoulder to drive on in the right lane. What prompted me to make this decision was how this above vehicle was driving. This individual was driving very slowly on this fast lane and usually this is cause for conern. Vehicles drive this slow is a feeder vehicle and surrounding vehicles feed off of it. What this vehicle did was turned into the shoulder at the very point I was beginning to pass her. As a result, I was forced to put on my brakes to avoid hitting her.This cause me to slide into the guardrail. The individual was driving this stretch of road for over 5 minutes, so it isn’t a coincidence that she will choose to jack knife me at the moment I was going to pass her. Also, I was in route to a court case that I was schedule to happen only about 30 minutes. Whether it was the mind control operators or her assignment, it does not manner. It was done intentional. Anyway, I sustain some minor damage to the front end. It was a broken side light on the driver’s side. Also, in addition, the vehicle will need 1) front end alignment, 2) new rotators 3) brakes, and 4) 2 new tires. The incident occured around 8A.
9-28 The court case was 8:40a, but I was late due to the intentional “accident” that happened earlier. The case was dismissed due to lack of evidence, but appeal is possible.
9-28 Contacted ALDI customer service and I spoke to a Brittany WILK. She told me she will follow up with my complaint and will be mailing me something to place my evidence in. She also stated that I can email my evidence to:
9-28 XNP-7198nc Grey vehicle turns into lot and turns out the same way he came in. His vehicle is missing a hub cap. It was 11:30A. The incident happened at 705 Robenson St.
9-28 12:26p Post Office – Mini Van followed me into the post office. One of the ladies who was in this vehicle got on line directly behind me. I felt a noticeable electronic pulsing on both sides of my head. When I moved from her, the pulsing stopped. It could be how the post office was configured with these devices and the combination of how the perpetrators phones were programmed. However, I just remember drink tap water from 705 Robenson street, which after consuming it, I was attacked by directed energy weapons. This also explains the Grey vehicle coming into the lot. It was around 12:26p.
9-28 12:08:14p IGA Carlie C’s 1790 Owen Drive Fayetteville, NC 28304. Phone: 910-484-2270. Store Manager: Gregg. Purchased fresh meat fryer drumsticks 220432202722 (Dunn. NC 28334 910-892-4124). Seen stock woman stocking the meat section. No name on her tag. Noticed two males stocking in the frozen food section. But mostly the store looked prepared, as most of the items were not taken.
9-28 The entire water system is contaminated. Upon consuming water at 705 Robenson St., I experienced GAS and was continuously attacked by electronic weapons. This explains how I was being attacked in the post office. t was around 11:30A when I was in this location.
9-28 As I was driving into the back end road, I seen a North Carolina School Bus 481. I got a chance to speak to the driver. He told me that he was doing break test and that’s why I see these vehicle in this location.
9-28 YNH-4916nc arrived in area around 6:55p. His positioned is the Green Biz property, which is about a thousand feet from me. I have noted this vehicle 4 other times. Before he entered I did not feel any electro-magnetic waves, but within 10 minutes the signal surrounded my body. I can only point to his presence as the reason for the electro-magnetic waves increasing in this area. This is the time when he is in this area, as this prg. is time specific. I left, because the signal was just too unbearable and I did not like the idea of someone just sitting in this section of the road.
9-29 Lisa Schwartz Dept. of Agriculture meat and poultry was contacted. 2 West Edenton Street Raleigh, NC 27601. Phone: 919-733-0167. Was referred by Minoo. It took her two weeks to tell me she doesn’t investigate cases such as the one I referred to her ealier. Anyway, Lisa told me that someone else will handle the investigation. She did not tell me specifically who will handle it. Just that they will call me back. Another RUN AROUND.
9-29 Heard loud pulsing micro-wave sounds from the direction of the woods. It was around 10:30A. At around 10:35A I seen a RED pickup truck with the license plate: SXJ-6779nc. It was positioned at the Green Biz property entrance. It kept circulating this area for about 5 minutes (or searching for a targeting signal point). Then this vehicle decided to go pass me to the end of the dead end road. A second vehicle entered the area at 10:42A. It was a CUMBERLAND COUNTY pickup truck. The license plate was 2694-1. Unlike the RED pickup truck, it went straight to the back of the dead end road.
9-29 After going to sleep around 1A, I was woken around 5A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This was noticeable after standing up. What followed was electro-magnetic attacks to my head. Later it included electronic pulsing of different sections of my head. Consuming the food that I purchased from ALDI’s is a major contributor to the attacks I received today.
9-29 AEP-8581nc and burgandy colored car at 3P came into this area. The AEP-8581nc was a WHITE vehicle that stopped within 100 ft from me and continued forward until it reached the end of this road. The Burgandy vehicle raced pass me and was already situated in the back end of the dead end road when the WHITE vehicle meet it. They did not leave together though. The Burgandy vehicle left immediately, but the WHITE vehicle left slowly. The WHITE vehicle was the main feeder vehicle.
9-29 A sign truck went all the way to the back end of the dead end road and then positioned itself to the 1st billboard. There was no reason for this vehicle to go past this billboard just to turn into it entrance. Later I found that this vehicle went through the gate, but no sign work was done. It was a staged event to make it look like the driver was going to do sign work on the billboard.
9-29/30 At around 9:30p I went to bed, but was woken due to an extreme amount of electro-magnetic transmissions directed at different points of my head. This also included a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system, which my arm and hand was shaking. I did not eat or drink the previous day, however, my vehicle position did not change.
9-30 While cooking the sausages that I purchased from the Raeford Rd ALDI’s store, the electro-magnetic signals surrounded my head. The chemicals that is placed in the food comes in the form of vapors that make me susceptible to the electronic weapons being directed to me.
9-30 Although it is around 3:30A, the traffic increased around me. It is the result of cooking the chemical laced food that makes my body susceptible to electro-magnetic remote technology. I also noticed loud noises in the frame of the vehicle. This is associated with someone placing these remote devices, while I was sleeping. These remote devices allows the criminals of the electro-magnetic technology to saturate the area.
9-30 Only one side of the billboard’s is illuminated. The side facing me. The second billboard is dark.
9-30 Increase in Chem-trails in the area. Clouds are formed from the spraying. It was cooler than usual, so the notion of spraying because of hot weather is false.
9-30 As soon as I came out of my vehicle, a DIVISION OF HIGHWAY truck with a bright right headlight went to the end of the back end road. There were two guys in the truck. There was no other vehicle that came in this area, except this truck. It was around 10:05A.
9-30 At around 10:30A, two DIVISION OF HWY and a lift tractor went to the baof the dead end road. This is a heavily perp area. Well, I end up leaving this section of the dead end road. Within 5 minutes, they left the entire area. This is the FASTEST work that I ever seen done by a work crew. It was a STAGED event.
9-30 I contacted the FBI two days ago and was told by an associate who didn’t want to give her name that one of the agents will be contacting me within 2 days. This was Sept. 28th. She was referring to the next day as being the second day.
9-30 At around 12:10p, a black vehicle raced past me. It went all the way to the back end of the dead end road. I was positioned beside the Green Biz property before the entrance.
9-30 Vehicles are just coming in her every 5 minutes. Already 10 vehicles within a 30 minute period.
9-30 Electronic pulsing of the lower right leg with electro-magnetic transmissions. It was around 5:15p. Note: The amount of vehicles coming into this area is associated with this activity.
9-30/10-1 I was woken around 2A with no rapid heartbeat or unstabled nervous system. While woken at around 4:15and shortly before 7A, I experienced the above symptoms. Around 4:15A I had prepared a meal for later in the day. Note: The chemicals that is placed in the food and water makes me susceptible to the above symptom even if I’m cooking it. Inhaling the vapor is enough to tigger these attacks. Also noted, at 2A after standing up I was attacked with painful micro-wave weapons between my legs. These kind of attacks is associated with their inability to produce the rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous, which is so common when I’m waken.
SUMMATION: The attacks were increased particularly concerning smart dust particals in the food, a large number of people accessing this area for GPS purposes and AGGRESSIVE electronic brain-mapping. I also notice a lot of attention involved in installing this remote technology around me.
But the worse part of the TARGETING occurred on the 28th of SEPTEMBER on HWY 87. The incident occurred around 8A, shortly before I had to attend a court hearing. It involved a GREEN vehicle that was traveling at a SLOW speed on the LEFT lane. Because of the nature of the TARGETING, I was forced to drive around this vehicle, which involved using the shoulder. As I was passing this vehicle, the individual decided to glide into my lane. REMEMBER, I watched this individual for 5 minutes before I decided to go around this person. This forced me to brake HARD. As a result, I spinned out into the GUARDRAIL. The damages that occurred in this incident resulted in my wheel base bending on my driver side. So now the brakes is grinding into the rotors. This job is at least $200 to fix.
At this time, I did not have any direct interaction with LAW ENFORCEMENT officials, although a male claiming to be one was present in this area about 6 times. His license plate is: YNH-4116nc. He was wearing an EMS shirt.

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