October 2017 Journal

Affidavit: http://govsponsoredsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

10-1/3 Throughout this period the attacks have been focus on my legs and  ears, which a burning sensation was felt. Stinging and directed energy attacks to my head, toes, feet legs and hands. Trembling of my limbs (arms, hands and shoulders) each night (especially after standing up).

10-3 I was on the phone about transaction claim and one sale’s person I continued to have trouble speaking to her, as her mine was wondering to something else she was doing. She kept reverting back to what I had already told her. It was obvious she was assigned to take my call, which gave her access to the implants in my body. As I was on the call, I noticed smelling  smoke, which is the ritual part of the attacks I receive daily. But in the night told me that she was heavily involved in programming these implants to do specific things in my body.

10-3/4 Induced sleep, strong burning sensations to the legs and ears that occurred in the night into the morning. Rapid heartbeat that was centered around the chest was also felt. Be careful who you talk on the phone. The phone is a transceiver, which transmits and receives. Just think of a Citizens Band Radio. It is also a remote control devices, which means that it can be access by anyone who is aware of the technology. So, if it is on, it is transmitting and receiving and being remotely accessed. If you are still using your phone for random conversations, DON’T. You are setting yourself up. When ever a call is initiated a connection is established. Just think of the Internet. No matter where you are in the world, you can communicate with your significant (receiver) other. But there is another side to this equation. Your significant other can communicate with your local perpetrators (visa-versa), through what is called apps. They can synchronized the attacks to your direct location, because the phone is right next to you. To complicate matters, your phone has been secretly modified with apps that aide the perpetrators in attacking your body. This is particularly a concerned for people using smart phones and androids. This is why I rarely make calls, because of this situation.

10-4 I ate chicken and vegetables and than pork chops. Both of these items had been in the Freezer for over a month. However, nano technology was still present in these items. They were purchased from Ramsey Street Save A Lot.

10-4/5 Towards the morning, induced rapid heartbeat coupled with strong signal sensations around chest.

10-5/6 Sleep in a different area within my homebase. I heard the criminal organization moving the pulsing device to a different location as I heard it pulse a few times. When I initially went to sleep and was woken, I felt a surge of energy on my chest. I was laying on my back. Than I felt constant pulsing directed to the side of my head closes to my right ear. The next wake up was the typical body vibrations centered around the hips.

10-6 Went out of area for the first time in over a month. I walked several miles to run some duties. The attacks was minimum. However, as I got to the storage room, I see one of the attendants that I had seen before. I got very unusual behavior from him – as if he was happy to see him. I knew something was up. When I got to my storage room, I could taste the smart dust in my mouth. I knew he had put it down. Immediately there afterwards constant signal attacks was felt to the right knee. I had not experienced anything like this at my homebase or places I had been.

10-6 Induced sickness and weakness. Induced bowel movement. Induced nausea. Induced dizziness and body drain. This occurred soon after getting back from my 5 mile journey. It is something they do and it is an effect of being hit so many times by GPS coordinated attacks.

10-6 After finishing my errands, I was to drain to go outside the area. So I went to neighborhood store. 602 Gillespie Street, Fayetteville NC. When I went into the store, i noticed the older guy from a previous visit. This time he was not wearing tinted glasses. There was also a younger male employee. I purchased Roman Noodles and Brookdale Premium Ham 16oz can. While checking out these items, the younger guy points his cell phone at me. Anyway, as I was consuming this product (I cooked it first). I noticed a large amount of nano crystalline  – smart dust in the Ham. It was so much that within each consumption, the crystal sensations became more present. Also, film started developing in my mouth. Same as what happens in hospitals, which patients are asked to consume a concoction to assist with medical exams. I don’t know what other chemicals are in these products, but the can goods allows the criminal organization to concentration it in the cans.

10-6/7 As the night fell, immediate spasm attacks to the hands. This occurs everytime I get back after a long journey. One, they setup the homebase for these attacks. Two, I’ve been hit with so many GPS attacks that my body become more vulnerable. Anyway, these spasm attacks occurred on my hands, legs (upper (joints) and lower), right side of both hands, left forearms and back. And increased attacks to the stomach as usual. Shortly afterwards, I see a single line of chemtrail. The chemtrail represent two things to me. One, creating a point of directed energy attack. And two, how individuals in the surrounding area are manipulated through this matrix. As I was laying down, genital attacks and induced muscular pain could be felt in all these areas that the spasm attacks occurred. Now we know where the induced muscular pain comes from.

10-7 8A I heard several pulsing devices from different areas of the woods, This is directly connected to what I consumed yesterday. The nano crystalline – smart dust is a wireless technology that can be accessed by surrounding pulsing devices for programming. It does not matter if it is inside the body or outside the body.

10-7 I get two beeping tones while I’m on the phone and several beeping tones throughout the call. I can never been in one place while on the phone as this will allow the perpetrators to track my implants. I thought about switching to a non android phone, but my company doesn’t allow you to just use a computer. Again. The phone is a transceiver that can be manipulated to do specific things to implanted subjects. The smart phone allows simultaneous programming without the need of people in your perimeter.

10-7 17;26 Dollar Tree Stores # 4902 336 Eastern Blvd Unit 1, Fayetteville NC 28311-5175. Phone: 910-484-1388. Manager: Will: Soon as I got on the line this individual got on behind me. Then she took out her phone and start dialing into it. Meanwhile, the store clerk I had seen several occasions took a little time before she rang up my order; a tactic used to delay the subject so that the cell phone perpetrator can modified implants. The clerk always have a cell phone device that interlinks with the perpetrator customer device, which is why the customer perpetrator gets on line behind me. This is shown on video. After I had already left the line, her boyfriend (or handler) appears. This is noted in the picture segment. Understand that the distortion occurred while recording so some of the clips are distorted.

Purchases: TJ Farms Vegetables, Broccoli, Dry Pinto Beans, Garlic Salt, Orange Chicken, Sea Salt Grinder, Dark Chicken Meat, Pop Chicken, Chicken Strips/Patties, Bar S Garl Bologna, Kosher Salt, Elbow Macaroni, Flour Tortillas, Chopped Onion Seasoning and non Food Items.

10-7 Food Lion. Due to the rain, I lost the receipt, but I have video footage. However, the video time was reset from outside infiltration, so it is reading the incorrect time and date. I got into the store after 5p. The way I know this is the spy glasses that I was using showed the correct time and date. When I got into the store, I was immediately exposed to several stock people. There was at least 6 isles being stocked and all where in the food section. When I got to the checkout line, I see one of the stock person doing inventory.

10-8 In the morning I consumed the grapefruit and than the Apple turnover from Eastern Blvd Food Lion. I tasted the nano crystalline in the Apple Turnovers. Later I had a salad (lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and avocado) with Olive Garden. And nano crystalline was tasted in these products as well. In between this time, I consumed Fu Ming Orange Chicken from Eastern Blvd Dollar Tree. It had nano crystalline – smart dust in it.

10-8 After consuming these products, increased attacks to the stomach, than burning and signal sensations was felt on both elbows. Than increased tightness of the upper arm muscles. Burning sensations to the ears and legs (particularly the upper joints) and signal attacks to the head became noticeable. When signal attacks are felt in these areas, they are using the surrounding directed energy weapons to move, manipulate and program these consumed nano crystalline – smart dust particles into my body.

10-8/9 During the night, the attacks continued mainly focused on the swelling of my arms.

10-9 Increased nano crystalline – smart dust forming in my mouth after consuming the bananas and red grapes, which I purchased from Food Lion Eastern Blvd.

10-9 The Food Lion Brand Chicken wings with Broccoli and Onions had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming these products, increased tightness to the arms, muscle manipulation and burning of the inner ears.

10/10 Throughout the night into the morning, induced muscular pain to the upper arm joints, stomach attacks and an induced rapid heartbeat. After 6A before waking up, body vibrations and trembling. When I left the area briefly and came back, I heard a loud popping sound from the church property.

10-10 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the chicken breast nuggets. This product was purchased from the Eastern Blvd Dollar Tree.

10-10 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the carrots that I purchased from Eastern Blvd Food Lion. Upon consuming this product, a crystal sensation formed in my mouth. Than attacks to the right temple and induced muscular pain to the upper right arm joint was felt.

10-10 Induced air pressure that could heard and felt in the left ear and signal attacks to the right knee.

10-10/11 Everything seem to be ok until around 3:13a when I was suddenly woken with a jolt to my stomach. Then I heard a vehicle with a loud muffler leave the warehouse from the main street. This attack was then complicated by trembling directed around my chest, which also affected my arms.

10-11 Ate several times in the day. It included the chicken breast nuggets, vegetables and bologna from Dollar Tree. The Nature’s own bread and fresh broccoli from Food Lion. While consuming these items, I tasted noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. After a while, tightness of the upper arm muscles was felt. This also included stinging to different sections of my legs. And directed energy attacks to my stomach, which is typical while and after consuming products laced with these nano tech pathogens.

10-12 Body vibrations in the morning after waking up, which mostly affected my arms.

10-12 Consumed another package of chicken breast nuggets, natures own bread and frozen vegetables and the result was the same. Attacks to the stomach, arms and legs.

10-14 On my way to the Ramsey Street Shopping District, I found ,myself gagging from congestion and film, which coughed up corn kernels. These corn kernels were purchased from the Eastern Blvd Food Lion.

10-14 When I first got to the Ramsey Street Shopping District, I stopped by the mail drop off facility. There were no one present by the owner, which lasted for about a half an hour. During this time I seen several persons walking through and two vehicles sitting on an active roadway. This was perculiar, but it was something I took notice of. Than a short time later I see a group of individuals coming into the mail drop off facility. So I suspect that the vehicles were just stagging points for getting people into this facility. As always, I did not stay very long, because I’m aware that their presence had to do with attacking my body with directed energy weapons.

10-14 When I was finished with the mail drop off facility, I head two doors down to the Dollar General store. As usual, I see several carts full with boxes throughout the store. I did not purchased any food, although I recorded that Andrea worked at this store.

10-14 My trip was to Lowes, which I brought several items. Although I was expecting my help, I did not experienced the heavy presence of perpetration that exist in other establishments. Then I roll my cart into BIG LOTS. Immediately upon entering this establishment, a black female claiming to be manager approached me. This was very perculiar for this store, as this never happened to me. When I told her that I needed to leave my cart at this part of the store, it appeared that she understood me. I went on to look for a blanket. Than I made my way back to the from the store. That’s when I saw her staring at me. I did not confront her, but I kept her in my eyes. As I moved around, she moved with me. I considered this racial profiling, even though she is black as well. So I left the store. Later I recanted how this happened to me in several stores. Usually when this happens, the perpetrators do not want you to buy anything. They could not infiltrate this store in time, so the next best thing is to manipulate the people’s behavior around me. This usually takes the form of following you in the store.

10-14 Ollie Bargain Outlet Phone: 910-822-3116. Manager: Dawn. I had not been into this store for nearly 3 years. But I recognized the name of the manager. When I first entered the store, it was unusually crowded than before. Than I see a male come out of the office. It was weird shopping in this as I had ran into problems with the employees in this store. Anyway, I purchased several cans of Chicken Of The Sea Tuna, Lance Peanut Brittle, Sardines, 2lb Brown Rice, 48 oz Palermo, etc. I did see a female on 5 different occasions. When you see a person more than one time, just suspect that they are involved in your electronic stalking. When I got into the line, that’s when I saw DAWN. I got some video footage, which is very important. Anyone who has been working in a store for such a long period of time is important in my evidence gathering.

10-14 14:45 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. 3646 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28301-7646. Manager: Jose. Phone: 910-482-0038. Unlike the prior visit to this establishment there were strolls of carts throughout the store. There was one cart in the front though. The manager, Jose, was in the office until I asked the sales clerk on duty where’s the manager. Anyway, although there weren’t the same kind of store carts throughout the store like Dollar General, I later found over 90 percent of the items containing nano technology pathogens. So, what that means is that they had already finished restocking the store prior to me shopping at this establishment. Anyway, I purchased Chicken Tenders, Nuggets, Spicy Nuggets, Honey Wheat Bread, Whole Wheat Bread, Steamed Cord 10oz., TJ Farms Vegetables, Fisher Boy Fish, Bean/Cheese Burrito, Jamaican Patties and non food items. When I got on the line. I captured face footage of a male immediately getting online behind me and short later, taking out his cell phone. The footage is very choppy, but I got a facial.

10-14 After coming back to the homebase, I immediately was attacked on my left eye. The criminal organization placed nano technology sensors in the area. Later I heard several others firing off from time-to-time. When the night came, the typical pulsing sounds were heard. And what sounded like firecrackers followed. It is how these devices calibrate the attacks in your body. Location of the sound is coming from the church property.

10-15 Induced spasms attacks to the right hand immediately following consuming the spicy chicken, the roman meal sun grain whole wheat bread from the Ramsey Street Dollar Tree Store. While consuming these products I tasted nano crystalline – smart dust (glass sensors) in it. I did not experienced any attacks before consuming this product. Other attacks induced muscle attacks to the back and the typical stomach attacks, which resulted in consuming nano laced foods.

10-15 The Danish Cookies “Kahlen Berg” from Ollies Ramsey Street was altered. Some cookies did not match the category they were group in and most of the prezels were broken. So someone opened it and resealed it to make it looked like it was from the manufacterer. While consuming this product, I heard a low popping sound from the direction of the church and warehouse properties. Meanwhile, attacks was felt on the left leg as directed energy.

10-15/16 While laying down, continuous attacks to the joints of my arms Other attacks was concentrated on my genitals. Heard several dogs on the back of the warehouse on the main street. As the day light came near, body vibrations concentrated around my hips.

10-16 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust (glass sensors) in the Golden Krust Jamaican Style Chicken Patties. This item was purchased from the Ramsey Street Dollar Tree.

10-16/17 While laying on my stomach, attacks constantly felt oon my genitals and both of my arms It was in the form of swelling and induced muscular pain. When I laid on my side, the attacks drifted to my stomach and than my legs The pain was so intensive that I had trouble sleeping throughout the night. Also stinging to the toes and finger joints was felt.

10-18 Early in the morning around 5:17a I heard a pulsing device. It was at the position of the warehouse on the main street. Then at around 9:30a/10a I heard a loud male voice. He was definitely in my perimeter. The warehouse, which now displays an autoparts sign is a stagging point for heavy perpetrator activity.

10-18 Constant pulsing attacks shortly after consuming the chicken breast nuggets, vegetables and Nature’s Own Wheat Bread. These products were purchased from Dollar Tree Ramsey Street.

10-19 Ate the Brown’s Best Pinto Beans (Dollar Tree) with the Palermo Sausage (Ollies) and Wheat bread from Dollar Tree. Upon eating these items, I tasted nano crystalline – smart dust (glass sensors) specifically in the Sausage and Bread. Later attacks was felt on the legs, toes, hands and feet as stinging. Meanwhile, constant directed energy attacks to the stomach was felt.

10-19/20 During the night as I was laying on my stomach, constant stinging attacks to my genitals and lower end of my spinal cord. Later I heard the pulsing devices from three different directions. The church property, the woods south and east of me At around 1a, I heard one of the church property residence shouting at his dog. This is part of the program to arouse the implants in my body. This script only happens when they want to reach me Plus, the only reason why they attack my genitals, is because they can’t do the body vibrations (a process of causing the body to tremble), which allows the surrounding perpetrators to program the implants to do specific things to your body and mind. This can only be achieved if you lay on your side or back.

10-20/21 I consumed the meal just I did the day before and the results were similar. However, these attacks also included the back of my jaws. This is something they use to do over 5 years ago. I do not want to take time to analyze this, but it is necessary for me to at least record it here. As the night came, like many times before, when I lay on my stomach, they burn my balls (genitals) and induced tightness of the arm muscles. When I turn on my side or lay on my back numb sensations to the heals of my feet, directed energy attacks to my stomach, stinging sensations to the toes, legs, feet, finger joints, ears and elbows. Towards the late part of the night, I hear someone shouting “YO”. It was in the direction of the church property. This is where their main operations have moved to. They are definitely using outside people and I have noted this many times before. Sometime around the 3a hour, Body vibrations, which lasted until I rise up for the day activities.

10-21 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust (glass sensors) in the dry macaroni that I purchased from Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd. It became more noticeable as I was consuming it, because the surrounding perpetrators were accessing these wireless devices. Attacks of the stomach and feet became more evident.

10-22/25 Hacking of my computer has cause me to be absent for extended period of time. The hacking is around the USB ports, which cause them not to work at all (2 ports), or to not function properly. So I  have a half of a machine at this point until I can remove the software that is blocking it.

10-23 17:06 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. 2636 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303-4144. Manager: Frank. Phone: 910-486-9050. When I went into the back of the store, I see a clerk name joshua stocking in the frozen food section. I purchased Crackers 5.3oz, Vegetable Crackers, Fast Bite Chix Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, BBQ Rib Sandwich, Apple Cider Vinegar, Chicken Tenders/Nuggets/Patties, Fruit & Nuts, Indulgent Mix, Tropical Fruit Mix 6oz., Sun Flower Seeds, Gourmet Mixed Nut, Broccoli, Dry Pinto Beans, Nut Mix, TJ Farms Corn and non food items.

10-23 17:31 IGA Carlie C’s 2738 Bragg Blvd. Fayetteville, NC 28303. Phone: 910-483-8454. Manager: Dennis Digman. While shopping I come across some stocking activity. One particular store clerk made himself visible several times – medaling. Other activity was found in the meat section, which is typical for this particular establishment. One particular isle, several train agents (stagging as customers) was cluster around the corn bread/meal. They read my mind as this was an item I was going to get since now I have an oven. Anyway, I purchased Large Lama Beans (which I later to found with maggot infestation), Hayes Green Split peas, Hayes LT Red Kidney Beans, H Autry Cornmeal Yellow, Gold Farms Honey, Smoked NeckBones, Turkey Drum Sticks, CLF Cello Carrots 2L(which I later found to have noticeable nano crystalline in it.) and bananas.

10-25 The Turkey Legs, Yellow Self-Rising Corn Meal Mix and Dry Green Peas had noticeable nano crystalline in it. From time-to-time a crystal sensation would form in my mouth. Then signal attacks to the feet and toe joints, tightness of the arms. These items were purchased from the IGA Supermarket on Bragg Blvd.

10-25/26 During the night into the morning, burning sensations to the legs, which cause it to tense up.

10-26 Noticeable nano technology in the Fast Bites Breaded Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Sandwich and BBQ Rib Sandwich. These items was purchased from Dollar Tree Bragg Blvd.

10-28 13:03:38 Dollar General Store #01353 3445 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC 28311-7643. Phone: 910-630-0078. Manager: Deloris. Before coming into this store, I notice a tracker trailer parked right outside of the store. This is very peculiar as the loading suppose to occur in the back of the store. When I came into the store, I immediately saw cars and boxes stroll throughout the store. This particular business is notorious for this kind of activity. But I don’t usually buy food from this business. I did buy Jiffy Corn bread mix though. Also, after a short period in the store, I see the guys that had the trailer parked outside, now stocking inside the store. Everything was preset or stagged by the very second as everything is done by the criminal MATRIX organization.

10-28 12:40:28 Save A Lot #8046 3447 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC 28311. Phone: 910-822-1012. Manager: Tomas. Before coming into store, I was sitting outside. And a burgundy pickup came in and parked in the area. It would be noted in the screenshot below. As I was shopping I came across unpack carts sitting in middle of the isle. I also came across person dressed in black, or, wearing dark sun glasses. One such person did not meet any of these identifiers, but my left ear began to ring when he came by me. I spoke to the manager briefly. He was doing inventory, which meant that the reconditioned items had already been placed on the shelves. And as I came towards the line, one individual was checking for me, as her body language shows in the video. They have to have certain people in the line, because you are in a fix position at this point. Anyway, I purchased Red Delicious Apples, BLBRY MFN MX 16.9z Stks, Broccoli FRZ 16z WYLWD, BTRML BSCUIT 16z M D, Carrots, Brownie Cookie Doug Mix, CROWN CT Fries 48oz., DC Onion Rings 40oz, Evaporated Milk 12oz, Fish Stiks 48oz, Garlic, Frozen Peas 16z., Rotini mantia 16z., Shell Pasta 16oz., Tomatoes 4pk 18z., Polish Sausages and other items. Later it was found that 100 percent of the items contain nano pathogens that aide in cointelpro electronic torture, systematic racism and human rights violations of the highest order.

10-28/29 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust (glass sensors) in the Michigan Apples that I purchased from Save A Lot Ramsey Street. Upon consuming this product induced diarephia symptoms. Then stinging attacks to the toes, fingers, legs and arms. This was coupled with constant attacks to the stomach when I laid on my stomach when I laid on my side and back. When I laid on my stomach, attacking was felt on my genitals. Later attacks was directed to my hips in the form of stinging. This stinging attacks eventually led to body vibrations centered around my hips. Also the technology was attached to my heart creating a jelly like vibration effect. Before consuming the apples, no such attack occurred.

10-28 Stinging attacks to the right foot upon consuming the California Carrots.

10-30 Crystal Nano (smart dust) in the Brown rice I purchased from the Ramsey Street Dollar Tree.

10-30/31 Went to sleep early, because it was unusually cold. When I got up shortly later I heard someone in my area. So I couldn’t go back to sleep. They were coming from the direction of the woods. This happened twice and it involved using a mobile/portable device. Then less than 15 minutes later I heard a loud pulse sound. This time it was coming from the Warehouse on the main street. This happened twice as well. I also heard someone placing down something on the side of me. This is opposite of the church property and warehouse on the main street. There is a group of residences on this side of the woods. Anyway, this shows the scope of my targeting, which started in 2007.

10-31 The Lama Beans that I purchased from IGA Bragg Blvd had noticeable nano Crystalline – smart dust in it and it had maggot infestation. Upon consuming this product, induced tightness to the arms, stinging to the legs and inner ears and directed energy to the hands. This was coupled with directed energy attacks to the stomach.



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  1. I have no allergies to food. I’m very aware of what this criminal organization is doing to the food. I have and others have been documenting this for years. There is video explaining this in great detail and the public should be concern.

  2. You know I believe in electronic stalking I know I am a regular of this, the burning, the electron war and I have a long history of contacting presidents, government, but it’possible to are outright allergic to most foods. I’m vegan so I don’t associate with your dead food one can think should be buried instead of eating. Some people really are allegic to most foods, makes their throats close, senses a contaminate in the food.
    You are free to email me. It’s not private. I can’t afford email, and mail only allows me to respond through them, but no emails.
    I check my mail only occasionally and rarely do I have any mail.

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