by Magnus Olsson

Activities are being organized around the world — by millions of victims of Electronic Torture — to inform the public that July 31 is “World Day Against Electronic Torture.”

For the first time ever Professor Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, will present to the 75th UN General Assembly Session in October his report on “Cybertorture” which are Forms of Computerized Remote Electronic Torture against Illegally Targeted Individuals worldwide.

This includes:– Remote Electronic “Tagging” Of Innocent Victims By Brutally Assaulting Them Through Their Bodies And Into Their Neurological Systems with Microwave Pulses and Radiofrequency Signals Using Directed-Energy Weapons And Directional Antennas, In Order To Conduct Round-the-Clock Remote Electronic Surveillance Over Them — Often Illegal Forms Of Conducting Electronic Surveillance Over Innocent Civilians Through A Victim’s Body Performed By Corrupt Law Enforcement Officers With Microwave Weapons — In A Method Called “Remote Neural Monitoring”;– Criminal Forms of Electronic “Mind Control” Experimentation To Manipulate The Victim’s Bodily Functions, Which Are Usually Directed From The Brain, Including Artificially Manipulating And Altering The Functions Of All The Body Systems, Such As: Motor, Digestive, Neurological, Circulatory, Evacuations Of Bladder And Bowel, etc.;– Illegal Electronic Sending Of Subliminal Unwanted Messages (Voices Or Musical Themes For Psychological “Entrainment” — Which Are Forms Of “Brainwashing”), By Penetrating The Victim’s Auditory Cortex In The Back Of Their Head Right Into Their Brain By Means Of “Voice-to-Skull” (Patented) Technologies;– Illegal Remote “Mind Reading” Experimentation which consists of Detecting Involuntary Movements Of Vocal Cords Subvocally (Patented),

When The Victim Is Not Speaking But Thinking In Silence, So That An A.I. Computer Figures Out What The Victim Is Likely “Thinking About” By Analyzing Their Vocal Cord Movements, Including Their Very Private Mental Prayers; and many other Outrageous Criminally Dangerous Forms Of Illegal Experiments which are Currently Being Conducted Over Large Masses Of Defenseless Civilian Populations, Without The Victim’s Consent Which Is A Legal Requirement For Human Experimentation Under The U.S. Belmont Report For Human Subjects Experimentation.

All The Above Atrocities And Human Rights Abuses Are Conducted In Total Violation Of All Victims’ Constitutional Rights, And In Violation Of The Human Rights And Fundamental Freedoms Of U.S. Citizens And Legal Residents, Aa Well As Of Millions Of Other Victims Worldwide.

All The Above Is Conducted In Total Violation Of The Geneva Convention And Its Protocols Which Forbid Using The Above Weapons Of War — Which Have Been Internationally Classified as Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMDs) — In War Crimes Over The Civilian Populations, Especially In Territories That Are Not At War.




I would welcome other Ti s to Texas if they want to live near other ‘Tis. I have room for up to six Ti s who don’t mind living in a camper of their own. I am basically charging them lot rent of $399 for utilities – water sewer etc.

NEW! — There is now also a trailer on the premises equipped with showers, kitchen and restrooms to accommodate those who may not have a camper!!!

The property is isolated and in the country…. 15 miles away to two different cities …1 hour from ocean or San Antonio. No buses or public transportation. But it’s quiet here and I am easy going as well.

Drama people not needed. Everyone should be easy going and calm we could meet once a week and talk to ease some of our issues as it’s always the isolation game with our perps not wanting us to talk to anyone but them.

For more information, please contact:


PACTS NEWSLETTER: United Nations Update Report

I have just received news that the office of the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has published all the documents it has received from its latest Call for Inputs on its website, including PACTS’ statement and the other groups and individuals in our world TI community and beyond. 
This shows that the UN Special Rapporteur’s office is taking our community’s complaints seriously, that our situation has merit and we therefore, look forward to more from his office in the days ahead.
The list can be viewed at:

Targeted Individual Organizations

People Against Covert Technologies & Surveillance (PACTS):

Alliance to End Targeting:

Citizens Against Harmful Technologies (CAHT):

Targeted Justice:

Freedom For Targeted Individuals:

Targeted America:

Surveillance and Harassment Survivor’s Alliance (SHSA):

Targeted UK:

If your organization is missing, or, if you are aware of any other TI organization, please list it in the comments.

Eventually I will be creating a column listing these organizations.

Government Sponsored Stalking is an information distribution website and is limited to this function. So future contact must be made to the above organization for further assistance. Thank you for reading and be safe.


White Supremacy, The Black Community & Wireless Technologies

We know how white supremacy affect us physically, but “we” fail to address the spiritual aspect of white supremacy. And this is the most formable aspect when you talking about wireless technologies and their capabilities and how they are used to both submit someone who is targeted or someone who is being used to target our communities.

So the crimes that Black Americans I have been facing can not stop at Slavery, Jim Crow, or on-going systematic racism. It must include relationships that exist in our community. Because we are talking about technologies that influences and manipulate people to participate in crimes against humanity.

What I have witness time and time again, how the controllers of this technologies use Black Americans to engage in these crimes. But it wasn’t always that way. It started with rural white guys who had nothing to live for. So I know they have the capability of latching their wireless technology to the Black American frequency, which explains why 90 percent of my targeting is from this group.

So how does Reparations cover this particular crime, because I have lost at least 15 productive working years of my life? What about the impact that this criminal program have been on my health? Or, the countless days I had to forced myself not to eat the food that I knew had nano technology in it that aide the perpetrators in attacking my body wirelessly?

There are many examples of why Reparations wouldn’t even come close to paying me for what I have endure under this white demonic system that has led to almost loosing my life more than 5 times. Whether it was through starvation, or driving close to a ditch that would avoid some of the targeting. And forget the amount of agonizing pain that they put all over my body for just being alive.

Anyway, while Black Americans continue to turn over statues, the white supremacist continue to operate undercover to manipulate my community with this wireless technology. And we continue to stay silent about this issue, even though it is so obvious of what is really going on. Just like you can have a police officer who can kill a man in the middle of the day with on lookers and the world is clueless on what is really going on. But it is evident to me (and many TIs) that these wireless devices has had a very negative impact on our population. Just like the advent GMO foods and nano technologies. We can not ignore what is really happening.

So just because you can’t see it happening, doesn’t mean it is not happening, because for a long time, things have been happening behind the scenes. But now more than ever, these white supremacist have the aide of wireless technology that allows them to see you through walls and complete darkness. They can read and manipulate your thoughts and others around you for a specific purpose. They can project things into your mind that make you paranoid and fearful of people around you. I see this being done a lot in major cities.

But the more sinister things is how they are able to use the technology to manipulate people around you. Because you are constantly exposing people who might not be aware that they are targeting you. That is how powerful this technology is. So the issue really needs to be about education. How does it work. And how it has impacted certain communities in a detrimental way. And why it is important to ban wireless devices or at least limit it use. This can come in the form of developing devices that allows the user a way of detecting these wireless devices. I think that is all for now. But if you have more to say about this topic, please feel free to comment.


George Floyd Last Words

These are the last words of George Floyd, a 46-year-old man who died as a US police officer pinned him down, kneeling on his neck for seven minutes, until he suffocated:

“It’s my face man
I didn’t do nothing serious man
please I can’t breathe
please man
please somebody
please man
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
man can’t breathe, my face
just get up
I can’t breathe
please (inaudible)
I can’t breathe sh*t
I will
I can’t move
I can’t
my knee
my nuts
I’m through
I’m through
I’m claustrophobic
my stomach hurt
my neck hurts
everything hurts
some water or something
I can’t breathe officer
don’t kill me
they gon’ kill me man
come on man
I cannot breathe
I cannot breathe
they gon’ kill me
they gon’ kill me
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
please sir
please I can’t breathe”

Then his eyes shut and the pleas stop. George Floyd was pronounced dead shortly after.


We All Need Help, But How Can We Help Each Other?

I’ve been disseminating a plan to purchase property across the country for years. This idea will allow us to escape painful levels of our targeting while allow us to connect with other TIs. But after several years of explaining how this plan will work, I’m given excuses of why it wouldn’t work and why no one will be interested.

Meanwhile, I am flooded each week with comments of how painful someone’s targeting is. But how can I help you, if we don’t have a plan. So instead of waiting for someone to contribute to my plan, I have started to seek out new spaces to enact this idea. The idea to purchase land across the United States.

I’m not asking for money, because I do not want that on my shoulders, if the project goes bust. But I do want everyone reading this post to save at least $100 a month towards the purchase of land.

The land parcel could be 1/2, 3/4/ or 5 to 10 acres. It does not have to be built up land. Reason, because the purpose is so persons can camp out in the form of RV’s, Tents, campers, Cars, Vans or tarps or if you prefer, a cabin kit.

Because anyone is allow to be on the land, they should provide a statement of why they are being targeted. It should be notarized mailed to the address provided. This does not necessary have to be my address. But the TI who is offering the land space.

As you know, they are many TIs forced out of their homes due to the targeting. Some are living in their cars and others were driven to homelessness. But most TIs have an income to take care themselves. But they don’t have a plan.

So if we can purchase parcels of land across the United States, than TIs who are forced out of their homes can have somewhere to go.

The idea is to limit the amount of time that a TI can stay on a parcel for 3 months. Than they will be given a list of other TI parcels to stay on.

The reason why this idea is good, is that, it is very difficult for the perpetrator to track a TI who is constantly moving. So this is for TIs who have a steady income that is not tied to a job.

But if a TI is tied to a job, it is no reason to limit it to just rural sections. We will be glad to include urban dwellings as the project expands. But we have to start somewhere and I think this is the direction we should be going.

In the meantime, if you contact me for help, I will continue to refer you to the three organizations that I’m familiar with. But to be honest, I don’t see that as a solution to your overall issue.

You want the pain to go away. And this is how to limit the pain as you develop a strategy (with your colleagues of course) of how to stop this targeting.

But the pain won’t go away simply talking on the phone, or joining some unproven organization that continues to show it can’t get the job done. The pain will go away simply by you taking the necessary action that will make it difficult for the perpetrators to target you.

I will leave it up to you. Because this isn’t the first time that I have written a post like this on this website. I use to do it more often. But each year it becomes less, because I have already understood a long time ago that 1) TIs rather complain than follow real solutions and 2) And the TI community is heavily infiltrated with perpetrators who play on our own fears.


Found property

It isn’t official. But I’m currently negotiating a purchase price for this property. It is right off the interstate, which is very convenient for me in the area that I’m in.

I won’t provide too much details about the property except that it is two acres. There is farm land adjacent to it and a back road to go to and from the property (upon negotiations).

As it stands, if everything goes well, I will use it as a hold for something much better. For instance, I don’t want to be this close to the highway. And I prefer 5 to 10 acres to be used as a camp site for RVs, campers, cars, vans and tents.

The idea is properties that I purchase is for TIs to have a place to go to reduce the severity of the targeting. There will be a very low fee for staying on the property. And TIs will be responsible for trash and waste disposal among other things.

As this concept develops, we can see more properties like this across the country. And it does noy have to involve investing a lot of money.

You can read more about this concept here:

Although initially the concept involved a collaboration of individuals (or organizations). It has been scaled down to single ownership of one or more parcels of land between 3/5 or 5/10 acres. When I have time, I will rewrite how this looks like on paper.

But the main objective is for TIs to find safer Haven in the various land parcels. So there will be a stipulation in place that TIs are only limit to one month (or 3 months under special circumstances) to stay in each of the properties.

This is good in that your perpetrator(s) will find it more difficult to Target you in the way that they want, which is the reason why this concept exist.

One thing before I close. All persons wishing to camp on any site that I manage, must furnish a notarized statement, which should be about three pages long. It must describe when your targeting started, who is responsible, what technique that they used and what authorities have you been in contact with about this manner?

All information will be scanned and put in a secured location. No one will have access to these files unless the owner puts it in writing. And all documents will be destroyed upon owner’s request, if they are suspended from the property. A waiver must be signed for this to occur.

I guess that is all for now. Wish me luck.


PACTS NEWS: UN starts investigation to ban cyber torture

UN starts investigation

to ban cyber torture

Magnus Olsson, Geneva, Switzerland
8 March, 2020                                 

UN Human Rights Council (HRC) Special Rapporteur on torture revealed during the 43rd HRC that Cyber technology is not only used for internet and 5G. It is also used to target individuals remotely – through intimidation and harassment. 

On the 28th of February in Geneva, Professor Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel Inhuman Degrading Treatment and Punishment, has officially confirmed that cyber torture exists and investigation is now underway on how to tackle it legally.

Electromagnetic radiation, radar, and surveillance technology are used to transfer sounds and thoughts into people’s brain. UN started their investigation after receiving thousands of testimonies from so-called “targeted individuals” (TIs).

Professor Nils Melzer is an expert in international law and since 2016 he holds the Human Rights Chair at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. His team has found evidence that Cyber technology is used to inflict severe mental and physical sufferings.

“Judges think that physical torture is more serious than cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment,” he told the Guardian on 21 February. “Torture is simply the deliberate instrumentalization of pain and suffering.” These psychological torture methods are often used “to circumvent the ban on torture because they don’t leave any visible marks”. (1)

Cyber psychological systems like cognitive radio are used to interrupt human perceptions and memory. They can also be used to spy on people violating personal integrity which could lead to corruption and slavery in society. Cyber torture is also called no-touch torture or brain-machine interface.

One way to handle this situation is to regulate new technologies and use AI control mechanisms by independent and impartial investigators. The evidence gathered could then be used to convict criminals easier and quicker in the future.

Professor Meltzer and his team are now underway to create an international legal framework covering cyber technologies that can cause torture which previously was hard to prove. In the future it may be necessary to establish ***Radio Frequency Spectrum police*** in order to protect humanity from cyber terrorism. Nils Meltzer also revealed to me personally that the HRC will release several reports on this subject soon in the future.


Government Insider: Regarding The Technology used against TIs

I’ve come across new information regarding this technology. It seems we’ve been on the wrong path. The common consensus is some sort of ultra low frequency.

In reality they are using a technology known as Near Infrared Spectroscopy. Using nanometer wavelengths in the near infrared spectrum, they are obtaining blood flow patterns based on the absorption of chromophores in the brain. They use an advanced artificial intelligence to then recognize patterns and decode blood flow into inner thoughts, images, and impulse thoughts.

This technology is being combined with a new intelligence program known as SENTIENT. SENTIENT is used as an analysis tool in order to combine the brain data from the near infrared spectroscopy along with IR visuals (through most materials and thin metals), Laser Doppler Vibrometers (focused laser beam reading soundwaves in a given area). This program combines these and other sensors to give the operators options to proceed.

Currently the only known deterrent to this technology is Carbon Black. There are possibly others, anything that can absorb or reflect the near infrared spectrum waves.

I understand this is quite different from what we’ve believed thus far, but they are using satellites to track people and scan their brain with this technology.

I don’t have much more information, but the foils and mylar aren’t enough to reflect near infrared. I wanted to keep everyone informed.

Forgot to mention when used at a high enough power level, can cause brain injury and death