June 2018 Journal

Affidavit: http://govsponsoredsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

6-1 The Black Eye Peas that I purchased from Dollar Tree are still hard after cooking them for over 4 hours! Noticeable crystalline – smart dust in them.

6-1/2 Strong Body Vibrations after being woken twice. Just yesterday I attempted to consumed the Black Eye Peas that did not soften even though I had them in water for two days and cooked over 5 hours. So they have developed a machine that put the nano technology in these products. And this explains why the peas couldn’t get softer and the attacks was elevated.

6-2 10:55a Save A Lot Ramsey Street Food Stores #8046 3447 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC 28311. Phone: 910-822-1012. Manager: Krystle. Walking into the store I immediately seen the Manager typing on their phone. This was capture on camera. Than, while shopping at store, I noticed she had change the style of music. This was also pre-arraigned. And as I was shopping I noticed increasing amounts of individuals entering the store. What I know about this is when there is someone like a manager in the store or employees, the perpetrator customers have something to attach to. That’s because the store had been setup for the directed energy targeting. Anyway, I purchased Apple Cider Vinegar 32oz, Black Eye Peas 16oz., Bolgn Thick 16oz. Bar S, Brd Onion Rings 16oz, Broccoli Crowns 16oz. Dole, Carrots 2lb Bag, Chdr Brat 19oz., Chicken Drumsticks/Thighs, Corn/Peas 16oz WYLW, Garlic, Hamburger Buns, Iced Oatmeal Cookies, Lentils, Lima Beans 16oz., Lemon Juice Tiptone Grove 32oz., Onions Vidalia, Oranges navel, PCN Shortbread cookies 11.3oz., Jalapeno Peppers, Pinto Beans 64oz., Salt 26oz Marcum, Smoked Sausage Links 40oz. And Tangerines Clem, Tomatoes 160z. When I got on line, someone followed behind me. The manager was now the cashier.

6-2 Signal attacks to the head, which started in May. These are dime sized attacks.

6-3 Did not consume anything the day before so the attacks was restricted around the lower back. However, when I drank some of the Kurtz Apple Cider Vinegar, Crystallized nano (smart dust) formed around my mouth. Also the technology could be tasted in the Bars Thick Bologna, the premium Citrus Clementines 3lb Bag, the Sesame Street Navel Oranges 3lb Bag and the LeCours Finest 11.3oz., Pecan Shortbread Cookies. Upon Consuming these items, increase attacks to the stomach and immediately afterwards, painful stinging attacks to the legs, toes and feet. Spasm attacks to the feet and an hour later spasm attacks to the right side of my right hand. This is often the area that I feel the muscular pain at. All these items were purchased at the Ramsey Street Save A Lot.

6-3 Muscle Pain to the right hand.

6-3 Signal attacks to the head during night fall. Heard someone earlier walking around in the woods.

6-4 The oranges that I spoke of earlier about having nano crystalline – smart dust in it, after consuming them this period, immediately stinging attacks to the head in the form of dime size attacks. This was later signal attacks and induced tightness of the arm muscles, signal attacks to the neck towards the evening, burning, crawling and stinging attacks to the inner ear, signal attacks to the right hand, which result in abnormal movements of the muscles, stinging attacks to the joints of the toes and fingers, etc.

6-4/5 Twice when I woken the body vibrations was centered around the mid-section 1:00a and 6:30a. However, the attacks was elevated to trembling after being woken the third time.

6-5 Ate Carrots early in the morning and shortly afterwards, stinging attacks to the head, this was similar to the day before with the oranges. This was followed by dime size signal attacks to the stung areas. Then stinging attacks to the bottom of my feet. Much later I experienced a strong popping sensation to my right ear, before this I heard someone talking real loud. This was coming from the warehouse on the main street.

6-6/7 Rapid heartbeat and body vibrations was felt in the early part of the day.

6-7 The green peas Wylwood and the Fairgrounds Chicken Strips had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming these products crystals formed in my mouth. Then later stinging attacks to the face and head, which felt like burning. Both of these items was purchased from Ramsey Street Save A Lot.

6-8/9 Body vibrations centered around the legs.

6-9/10 Body vibrations centered around the upper body and shoulders.

6-10/11 Did not eat this day so body vibrations was mild in comparison.

6-11 I was bit by a dog at around 7:30a on Southern Avenue, while walking towards Owen Drive. I was going to Uhaul for a propane fill up. It happened in front of 1998 Southern Avenue, which I confronted the owner about it. He was in denial of it. So I called 911, which I was told an animal control agent would be sent out to address the situation. However, because of the nature of time and due to the approach of very hot weather, I left the scene. Although the dog did not rip my pants, I felt pain. So later I checked and there were three incisions of where the dog bite me. This prompted me to make a direct call to Animal control. I spoke to an agent and arraigned them to meet them i8n front of Cumberland County EMS.


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    What is the pink makeup on the bridge of your nose that the use to make you have a bigger noze bigger eArs. I
    Has everyone st
    Rted.rioting Bout our animLs and kids who Re i nocent . my dogs legs shake and my exs voice is heard loud through the vibrations when dogs snore. He is flat out lying and sYs Im. Druggey. Wro g I foind out he was! And according to TexZ law bra
    ODcasti g. Any privTe i co broadczsted through the neiborhood without my consent is Gainst the law

  2. Have you gained weight and is there a bridge over your nose that looks like putty that is shaped on ur ears to look like Dr SPOCK! MY stalker started in 1999. He was doing ithings to me. when we would drink. I remember it starting because I new in my.subconscious he was leaving because I kept having the same repeated dream i would wake up and just know he was leavi g. But he never told me he just took.off. and ran to Colorado with his friends. I was trying to give hi. Clothrs bsck. His 1200 dollar Cowboy boots. I wanted him to take them nut he just ignored me a d I moved on. I met so.eone he knew and went out with this guy .I do not k ow if he thought I was tryi g to make him jealous. I was not I just ran into him. His friend was standu g behi d the door and I al.ozt fell down. It did nt last because they knew each other but I know it set him off. From this poi t we never spoke he had installed hidden cameras and. I woke up to his hand over me and he said sho go back to sleep. I could feel so.eo e watchi g me and there was green beam survellance lights ln mg wi dows and walls. Then 7. Years later he started. talki g and insulting me and making fun of md losing all of my hair. He calls it a helment. He spiked my shampoo with.
    He comes in my house and steals my underwear and clothes and wigs. He and his friends laugh and say they are having the time of thsre life I found a silver a d gold pin I guess its how I can hear them. They are hixden with the putty lime makeup. In my ears. He claims he gojng to changr my image . make me look ugly. He puts poison in my milk and tea. It makes my stomache blow up or .y tea makes me feel drugged and I faint and hurt myself. It is so strange. One day we were dating the next he moved and hated me. Its been 18 years I want my body and face plus privacy back. I need to be blessed with someone who knows bow to stop his illegal smart LG Tv hacki g
    I can hear him but he does not let anyone slse hear him because he is trying ti mimicked. schzophrenia. He has used my identity to make credit cards. He bounced alot of chechks in the beginning. My sister had to cover them becauze it was a large amount. I had to have a liver transplant because of the radiation and toxins in my cereal and my milk. All of the sudden it ztoped and I needed a li er. He puts a brown surupe substance to make a huge mess and it somehow makes images everywhere. He does dusting with surevellance dudt And I begged him to stop. He riuined my cars apt and now houze m by breaki g in and damaging all my property. He even admitted to killing a cat and o e of my bulldogs. I am hopi g to find a attorney to stzrt suingthem for every si gle crime. He created a broadcast he says on on 92.5 Sierra radio and hacks into my smart lg tv. Plus he wiretaps my pho e

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