Contacted Fayetteville Police Department

I contacted the Fayetteville NC police department regarding this manner and have not received a response. But the microwave harassment continues to happen.

{They intell a couple of things I’m willing to agree to. One, I will not mention Fayetteville NC in my blog and will limit my visits there. And I was open to other concerns they might have. My only concern is the contractors, but I want them to stop surveillance my cellphone. Now that I’m in Virginia, it should be a non issue}

If my health should deteriorate at any moment, I have enough evidence for prosecution. So it is pretty foolish to not contact me or to stop the microwave harassment.

Everything from being stopped by the police to loosing my home and traveling to various cities to escape the harassment is all I need to put an end to this nonsense.

{I even have a record of speaking to an FBI official}

It is pretty obvious that the Fayetteville police (and establishment) has hired contractors armed with these instruments to destroy my ability to function properly and even death.

What more could possibly be done but a lawsuit? A frequency tracker is all I need to put the nail in the coffin. Why does this continue to exist?

Either there is a few bad apples working within the police department (which I don’t believe) or a system of evil pirates (which I do believe) than it is necessary for someone of higher authority to revamp the entire system. This way situations like this one won’t happen.

For instance, who is paying for these contractors to go around following me from city to city? Who is giving them the orders and who is working in the control center where they can pick me up on satellite?

This is extremely important information.

How many other government agencies are involved in this program? Is it restricted to the local level or is it more widespread?

I think it is more widespread and I will go as far as person’s who hold certain viewpoints are the most to be concerned.

To be frank, I rather put this situation behind me. But if I continue to be harassed by these weapons, then I have no choice but to pursue this manner further.

There is no reason that this situation should be happening to me. All I wrote in my blog was an opinion about a place that could change for the better.

Just yesterday I went to the place I use to live. It was quite surprising to see the handicap accessible walkway. It was my idea to put together a petition to force the landlord to make the necessary repairs.

Both the landlord and the property manager were shocked to see such a well written petition being mailed to them. This resulted in immediate action.

So I had a very positive input to this place.

The landlord realized that it was a good investment and thanked me for my input.

This is what I’m use to. I’m use to working with people, not going against people.

Obviously, many established people in the Fayetteville area have not developed negotiation skills. To be honest, most of it is ignorance and racism. These individuals rather hold onto old customs than to develop new ways of being better people.


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