Teleconference Concerning Microwave Harassment

There are teams of people assigned to this harassment. They are situated all over the world and are both government and corporate funded. There purpose is to harass the person to the point of death. This is accomplished through various methods, but the main purpose is the drive the person crazy. Now that I know the main mission of these harassment protocols, I have inform myself how to combat this situation.

The first thing you want to do is get organized. Join groups that deal with this issue. And find out how to protect yourself from these technologies. Contact your local politician and let them know that they should propose a restriction towards the use of these weapons.

Here’s a suggestion. Ask them to put sensors around your city that will detect these transmissions. Special forces should be train to locate these transmission and assist in the prosecution of people who uses these devices.

They also mentioned FORT BRAGG and it connection with this technology. Fort Bragg is an army base outside Fayetteville NC, where I’m having problems with the police. This is where the harassment first existed. It is where I was driven from my home and had to start sleeping in my car in another city. It is where I had to go from one city to another to get away from these electro magnetic harassers.

It start happening soon after I wrote in my blog about the racist conditions in Fayetteville NC. Instead of the establishment addressing this situation, they started monitoring my internet activity (cell phone included).

But my first experience with this issue was at the Cumberland County library system. Although this is not restricted to this facility, it was the shear racism that resulted in me making a complaint. The complaint simulated from them restricting my wifi access and internet monitoring.

There is no accountability anywhere in Fayetteville NC. You even except the status quo, or get out. Because old values never die. And surely it wasn’t going to change, because I saw so.

Anyway, I learned a lot about the various methods to protect myself. It isn’t as complex if you are at home, but if you are involved in various business activities and you spend most of your time outside, it can become complex.

I have research various sites and it is possible to shield yourself from these microwave weapons. But cold weather is definitely better than hot weather.

I just realized that once the government found it can convince people that these technologies are for the public’s own protection. Many of “us” never realized that these “protections” can be used against Americans citizens by the same government that say it is for our benefit.

Some of us also have evidence that these terrorist events were staged for the sole purpose to target individuals and groups who are opposed to the government policies. I still remain an opponent to the war as well as the very fabric of the American society.

Just let history speak for itself and you will understand my position concerning the American system.

I would never promote a country that was founded off the backs of Africans and Native Indigenous people’s. And couple that with the continue racism in this society, it becomes really clear that if America shall fall tomorrow, I won’t shed a tear.


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