January 2012 Journal 2

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1-15 6:15p Walgreens 110 Grove St. Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-223-0270. Purchased Sweet Time Jelly Beans 049022458413 and Arizona Half & Half Ice Tea/Mango 613008725853. Did not notice any immediate symptoms.

1-16 18:24:08 Family Dollar Store #0163 420 Person Street Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-483-8835. Manager Sharon. Purchased 2 Lt. Contour Bolt Fanta Strawberry Soda 049000050271 (heavily contaminated). Soon as I consumed this product, I was burned on several parts of my head. It felt like someone sticking a thousand needles on different parts of my head, FW Rubg Alcohol 032251005237, Ferrara Pan Lemon Head 041420126345 (smart dust was inside candy), CK Cheese Pop Cheese Kurls 075934002420 and Nabisco Oreo Cookies 044000027308 (tasted smart dust inside this product). As I was entering this parking lot, a series of vehicles came in. The perpetrators who control the technology was reading my brain waves and they needed individuals situated in this area before I got into the store. This typically happens before I come into an establishment. It’s because the perpeptrator phones have been programmed to do specific things to my body. As I was turning into the parking lot an older male in an older model pickup truck rushed in so fast that he nearly hit me. He looks right at me as he racing into the parking lot. Then he runs out of his vehicle into the store. Because this is a timed program, his actions was related to the electronic targeting that I’m experiencing on a daily basis. His license plate was WRK-9316nc.

1-16/17 I went to sleep around 9p. Throughout the night I experienced a strong rapid heart beat. It is related to consuming some food I got from the Rescue Mission. The heart beat was so strong that my whole chest was pounding as if I ran 5 blocks. This was complicated by an uncontrollable nervous system. Meanwhile, the criminals of this technology was signaling my area and attacking my head throughout the night.

1-17 Library. As I was working on my computer, several individuals stood or sat in my perimeter. This happened throughout the time I was there.

1-17/18 Went to sleep around 10p. I had consumed the strawberry soda that I purchased from Family Dollar. The result of this was continued attacks of my heart, nervous system and head. When I woke up I felt exhausted as if I haven’t slept for days. This is related to the chemicals in the soda and persistent attacks by electro-magnetic energy.

1-18 FSU Bronco. Soon as I came in, one of the workers that I seen very often was on her cell phone GPSing my location. I told her “is it Human Rights Day or GPS Day”. Then I told her happy Martin Luther King Day. She did not know what I was talking about. She told me I couldn’t sit in the back, because they are working on a special project. Meanwhile, one of the perpetrators that I seen before was allowed to use the computers in the back. The way that this program works, they had already setup the area they wanted me to sit with GPS devices. Plus most of the people were already seated in this area. So it was convenient for them.

1-17 As I was consuming the food that I purchased from Family Dollar, the perpetrators of the satellite technology began to burn my head. When I made it to the wooded area someone with an handheld device directed the micro-wave energy to my heart. The previous night I had experienced a strong heartbeat, so I think hey was trying to modify my heart so I can experienced the same thing the next night.

1-18 Library. I could literally feel the signal radiating from the floor below. It was so bad that my entire leg was shaking. I was using computer 18 at the time of this incident and it was definitely coming from the ground level. After they couldn’t get enough satisfaction from this deplorable act, they decided to target my head. Shiela was told to be the head person on the night shift.

1-18/19 Went o sleep around 11:30p. It was particularly cold tonight into the morning and I did not consume any of the food I purchased recently. The result of this is that I did not experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system at the level I did the previous day. When I woke up, I noticed a man in a white company van backing up. He was looking at me, while he was backing up his van. His van was positioned on the driver’s side of me. I was far enough in the back of the warehouse that no one could notice me laying there. Clearly the man knew I was laying there, because he looked right at me as he was backing up. I got up and went to the other side of the building. This was temporary as I had plans to move further away from the warehouse. Do you want to know what this man did? He went on the other side and was watching me from there. By this time, I was already packed up and ready to leave the area. All in all, his actions was definitely to pulse a micro-wave signal at my location. He was contracted to do this and it was clear what his intentions was. Plus, because my body was almost freed from the nano-tech/chemicals that is regularly placed in the food, it became more difficult to use traditional means (cell phone) to GPS the area.

1-19 Library. My trip to the library was very brief. However, several individuals that I seen in the past was seen GPSing my area. Some individuals come on the scene different times and then they are told that their assignment has ended. Some individuals will pretend to be reading a book or working on their laptops, but meanwhile they would be GPSing my area. When I get up, certain individuals would be keying in their phones, because the area was made into a GPS area for attack with electronic weapons. It is all being done very strategically by a most inner city youth population. I probably saw only one individual that was above 25.

1-18 5:31p Day N Nite Food Market 829 Murchinson Rd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-366-3867. Clerk on duty was Shannon (name given). Purchased Arizona Orangeade 613008715625, Uncle Al’s Lemon Cremes 688149330013 (noticeable smart dust particles), Uncle Al’s Butter Cookies 688149230061. Large amount of smart dust and nano-tech particles in all these items. During the night after (see 19th-20th) I experienced several rapid heartbeat and associated these products to it.

1-19/20 Went to sleep around 10:30p. Throughout the night the perpetrators was pulsing the area around me. I could actually hear the sounds underneath my body, which means that they had placed smart dust particles in this area. The result of this is several heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system throughout the night into the morning. The worse attacks was felt right after sunrise. I contributed consuming the products that I purchased at Day N Nite Food Market on Murchinson Rd the culprit, as the cookies was heavily conditioned with nano-tech particles, silicone and other chemicals that assist perpetrators using directed energy weapons.

1-20 The criminals of this satellite technology continue to pulse the left side of my head with the electro-magnetic energy. This is happening in pure cloudy skies. This started around 10A after situating myself in downtown Fayetteville.

1-20 VZS-9324nc Black vehicle with all dark tinted windows — Female wearing sunglasses. She was parked at Cool Springs St. Park.

1-20 Glenn Bass Commercial Refrigeration Co. U.S. Army Special Forces License Plate 43D45Z5. Dodge Pickup Black Pickup Truck. At around 7:30P earlier in the week I seen a tractor trailer truck inside the lot of this business. That’s when the above vehicle pulled in. However, the vehicle had been at this location about 2 weeks prior to this event. The next thing I know a micro-wave pulsing device was placed in this location. This is the 21st prior to this event, a red truck was parked there and the gate was left opened for the perpetrators to pulse micro-wave transmissions to me in the adjacent woods.

1-20/21 Throughout the night I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. Although the attacks was not as bad as the previous night. However, as I was walking into the area, a truck associated pulled in. It never went through the gate as the van (which I seen a few days earlier) that came in moments later. When such occurrences happened within seconds of coming into an area it was an organized criminal event. But I don’t think it was there to move furniture. The truck was particularly modified to pulse such a high rate of micro-wave current that I could not stand being by this vehicle any longer. I had to walk on the back side of it.

1-20 Held conference call on Safe House project, which we are proposing for next year. The keypoints of this project labeled (“Safe House” Community Cooperative Proposal Revisions) is to 1) purchase land in Upstate NY, Purchase shipping containers, purchase machinery that will be used for the organic farming and two transportation vehicles. The call was good for about an hour until it was interrupted by several infiltrators. Next call has not been announced, but the idea for this call is to generate interests.

1-21 After consuming the contaminated food that I purchased from Family Dollar, as I was walking, I did not noticed any significant attacks until I got to Hillsborough Street. I had been walking mostly on the rails, which limit my exposure to both pedestrians and vehicular traffic. But as the amount of people and vehicles increased, so did the attacks on my head. The attacks are similar to a thousand pins being stuck to my head. The path that these individuals were coming from is the area where I was being attacked. When I diverged from the path, the attacks subsided. That’s because the perpetrators on foot already GPS their positions, which the satellite perpetrators could then duplicate when I walked this path.

1-21 I immediately noticed a light and a pulsing sound coming from the direction of the woods. It was approximately about 200 ft from the warehouse (or more) I was sleeping under. There is definitely a relation to the tractor trailer that I seen previously and the white van I seen at the warehouse. The result of this pulsing was a continuous rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system throughout the night. Anyway, while I laid asleep in a cold frigid concrete slab, several individuals attacked my body from the comfort of their warm office facility.

1-23 5p N.Y. Deli 1047 Murchinson Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-433-3056. Manager: Jaye. Purchased Faygo Redpop 24.oz. 073800004608. Soon as I drank this beverage, I had a clogging effect. Soon as I got around people and vehicles, I was burned excessively throughout my face, forehead and head. I was told by the employee that they don’t give receipts. I then seen him and two other people on their cellular phones.

1-23 11:47A Azel Food Mart 602 Gillepsie St. Fayetteville, NC 28306. Tele # 910-484-7766. Manager: Stephanie. Purchased Arizona Lemonade 613008726096, Peace Tea 070947814528, Banana Nut Muffins (Cloverhill) 085264281020, Cheese Danish (cloverhill) 085264321634 and Apple Danish (Cloverhill) 085264320033.

1-23 Throughout the day I felt continuous pulsing on the right side of my head. The pulsing is centered on the middle near where my ear is. It is settle, but I noticed it.

1-22/23 Throughout the night into the morning I was attacked by microwave weapons. The criminals of this technology was pulsing the area continuously. This lead to several rapid heartbeats and an uncontrollable nervous system. I had to relocate my sleeping area right beside two manufacturing buildings and railroad track, because a pulsing device was placed in my perimeter.

1-21 Consumed Daddy Rays Strawberry Bars 669731130044 that I purchased from Family Dollar on Person St. It was filled with smart dust particles. It was like eating sand. The reaction was tightness of the eyes, attacks of the stomach and digestive system by directed energy weapons.

1-21 11:47A Rite Aid Pharmacy 103 County Club Rd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-488-1033. Manager: David. Purchased 1 Lpt Brsk Strawberry Melon 012000034039 and Powerade Orange 049000045796. After consuming these beverages, I felt clogged and at some point, I developed diapheria symptoms. This was also due to persistant attacks to the stomach and digestive system by micro-wave/directed energy weapons.

1-25/26 Went to sleep after 10p. Throughout the night I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system, with the worse being right after sunrise. These attacks resulted in me sleeping longer than I anticipate. Also, there are two micro-wave pulsing devices that was placed in the woods. I heard them just before I have to get up.

1-26 After consuming the food that I purchased from Family Dollar, I had a forced bowel movement. The criminals of this technology even attacked me earlier in my large intestines to indicate that they had put something in the food to cause me to have these symptoms. The symptoms was also brought on by constant attacks by directed energy weapons to the stomach and digestive area.

1-24/25 Went to sleep and around 10p. Throughout the night I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. In the early morning hours I heard two loud sounds coming from the micro-wave remote devices that they placed in the woods. The result of this was sharp pain to the chest and digestive track.

1-27 Contacted the IRS, New York State Dept. Of State and the NYS Attorney’s General’s Office concerning the status of my non-profit organization named Quality Of Life Support Prgs. of NYC, Inc and my Business named Brunson Marketing Force LLC. It has been over three years since I filed with these agencies. This is due to the nature of these crimes, as it has side-tracked me from handling this business. Plus the fact I had to watch the vehicle that I lived in, because these criminal groups persistently went into it for the purpose of setting up the technology. Once the technology is setup, the attacks become unbearable. Now I might have to pay between $400 to $800 to re-establish my tax exempt status because of a REVOCATION. This is all due to the U.S. Government 1) refusing to acknowledge of these technology crimes and 3) investigating the allegations.

1-27 13:09:48 Rowan BP Family Fare 225 Rowan Street Fayetteville, NC 28301. Clerk: Kim. Purchased Laffy Taffy 26 of them. While at this establishment, a “customer” gave her $40 This individual was not given a receipt and he wasn’t holding anything when he left the store. It definately looked like a payment was given to this clerk. Anyway, I did not noticed anything unusual until the criminals using the electronic weapons started burning my head. This was after eating several of the candy.

1-25 10:13p Day N Night Food Mart 829 Murchinson Rd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Clerk say name was Joe. Purchased Cloverhill Cheese Danish 085264321634, Cloverhill Jumbo Honey Bun 085264440258, Cloverhill Apple Danish 085264320033 and Arizona Southern Style Half & Half Sweet Tea Pink Lemonade 613008730390. Upon consuming these products, I felt very clogged. Then I developed Sinus Pressure in my nasal cavity, which resulted in a running nose, watery eyes, thick fluids in the esophagus, thick fluids in the ear passages and tightness of the eyes. Meanwhile, I was burned with electronic weapons on different regions off my head. It felt like a thousand needles being pressed into my head. Also the clerk who claims to be named Joe was GPSing my location as I was shopping in the store.

1-25 1:11p Walgreens 110 Grove Street Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-223-0270. Manager Gorski. Purchased Skittles original 14.0oz 040000248729. Tasted noticeable smart dust particles inside candy. The result of this was attacks with electro-magnetic weapons, which was focused on my feet and head. Also cars became aggressive as well as pedestrians GPSing my location.

1-21 13:27:20 Family Dollar Store # 7412 2800 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC Tele # 910-630-1711. Contacted the District Manager about this transaction and was reimbursed the $1.25, which was taken out of my debit account. This transaction was the result of the manager: Stephanie attempting to keep me in the store longer. This also involved crowding by perpetrators who stood in my perimeter pretending to be shopping. This is because they are carrying pulsing devices, which transmit a micro-wave frequency.

1-26 Library. Purchased ear buds for $2. While waiting for change, the librarian – Lisa Dean keep stalling to complete the transaction. Meanwhile, a female and than a male stood in my proximity. This was all an organized effort to pulse this electro-magnetic transmissions at my body at close range.

1-25 09:42:02 Family Dollar #0163 420 Person St. Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-483-8835. Asst. Manager Pamela. Purchased Vitners Sour Cream Onion Chips 078271220601, Chef Boyardee Ravioli 15oz. 064144043155, MB SD Pineapple in Juice 20oz. 074584062006, 32oz, Powerade Lemon-Lime 049000045734, FP Chocolate Chip Cookies 12oz. 032251013893, Armour Vienna Bites Original 10oz. 054100931108, Stauffers Shortbread Cookies 9oz. 072320180021 and Bush;s Best Original Baked Beans 28oz. 039400016144. Upon consuming these products I was immediately was attacked in the head with electro-magnetic weapons. I was in the woody area at the time. While shopping at the store, new items was being placed on the shelves. Also noted was excessive sinus congestion to the nose cavity, eyes and throat upon consuming these products.

1-20 13:21:17 Family Dollar Store #0163 420 Person St. Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-483-8835. Manager: Pamela. Purchased Arizona Sweet Tea 613008717711, Lepages Tape 071980000250, Armour Vienna Bites Chicken 10oz. 02054100831101, Stokely Mixed Vegetables 15oz. 07022069079, Daddy Ray Strawberry Bar Cookies 11.5oz (heavily contaminated with smart dust particles) 669731130044 and FD Heavy Duty Battery AA 4pk. Upon consuming these products I was attacked with persistent electro-magnetic weaponry. This involved stinging various regions of my head. Later in the night I could feel the transmissions on my entire head, while I lie asleep. The signals could also be felt on my feet And several times throughout the night into the morning, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. I particularly noticed the Arizona Soda and Bar Cookies to be heavily contaminated.

1-27 9:51p CVS Pharmacy 404 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-484-1106 or 9370. Manager Lola. Purchased Canada Wintergreen 050428385890 (was very hard and tasted like it was dipped into a chemical solution), M&M Peanut Candy 04000037884 and Arizona Iced Tea Raspberry Flavor 088130994642. After consuming these products shortly after going to bed, I heard several individuals in surrounding warehouses. I was laying down right beside the railroad tracks, which happens to be by these warehouses. While sleeping, I experienced unusual amounts of rapid heartbeats and an uncontrollable nervous system. This is the result of consuming these products. While paying for my items the manager stood directly behind me. This action happens almost every time I’m standing on line. Individuals are usually pulsing on a frequency to target my back. This creates a trembling effect when they are able to manipulate my heart rate and nervous system.

1-26/27 I went to sleep around 10:30p. Throughout the night I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. I was sleeping right underneath the warehouse, because it was going to rain later the next day. Although I did not consume anything in the night, the warehouse was configured to pulse a micro-wave frequency, which affected my nervous system. Also noted was my head was entirely engulfed with electro-magnetic waves as I lie sleeping.

1-29 9:25:29 Family Dollar Store #0163 420 Person St. Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-483-8835. Asst. Manager: Pamela. Purchased 2 Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli 15oz. 064144043064, Nissin Ramen Shrimp 3oz. 5pk. 070662055106, Lance Nekot PB Cookies 1.17oz. 6pk 076410093031, FG Fudge STRP Shortbread Cookies 032251122149, MB Water 50.72oz 075140005000 and Mrs. Freshly OT Cream 1.16oz. 8CT 072250912273. Before entering this establishment the criminals of this electronic technology kept hitting my stomach. It caused me to have indigestive problems. These individuals do this to me when they think or know when I’m going to buy something. When I went into the store, I immediately felt the burning of the electronic signals. The clerk (BARBARA) and other associates already programmed their GPS devices in anticipation of me coming into the store. This is the first time today that I experienced something like this. Also I noticed one of the sale’s clerks stocking (BARBARA) the shelf when I came into the store. The latter was sitting in the alse. As I was shopping, I seen several “customers” watching me, but when I came on the line, suddenly one of these criminal individuals rush up behind me. This often happens when I’m about to pay for my purchases. Meanwhile, I’m being burned continuously on different parts of my head as I stand by the counter. The attack signal was definitely programmed in this area of the store.

1-28/29 I went to sleep in a similar area that I was at the previous night. I then noticed a light on in a storage area. This was at 10p on a Saturday night. There was no vehicle parked next to it, but I could tell that someone was inside. Often time these criminal groups would setup in the area that they know I’m going to be sleeping at so they can pulse this micro-wave signals at me. When the morning came the perpetrators of this technology turned the weapons on my penis and anus area, which they continuously stimulated with pulse micro-wave technology. There was enough individuals in this area that were able to attack different areas of my body continuously. The availability of A/C current did not help my cause. Also, due to the nature of these attacks, I developed an induced back ache. And as I was walking towards downtown, an individual was sent into this directly to GPS my location. I had to turn around and wait, as this limits their ability to attack me in this location.

1-28 17:25:39 Family Dollar Store # 7412 2800 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-630-1711. Manager: Pam. Purchased Coolie Orange Fruit Drink 128oz. 087932603639. This product had a large amount of chemicals in it. Throughout the night and morning I had a difficult time breathing. Several times I woke up grasping for air. The drink was also unusually sweet.

1-29 Left my bag at the Person Street Family Dollar. When I came back to the store I see that the bag was moved. It was moved further back where the office is. Then I noticed several holes in the bread bag. The salad dressing that was there and Sausages was also tampered with. I had to throw out the bread. If they could contaminate the food in the store, they can contaminate the food in my bag.

1-29/30 I slept in an area away from the warehouse and it was significantly better. The warehouses provide the perpetrators with unlimited A/C current, which is why the attacks consist of a multitude of things. I did consumed items that I purchased from Family Dollar, but I did not noticed the attacks to be extreme. However, the food did consist of larger amounts of smart dust/ nano tech particals than previously.

1-30 When I came back to my sleeping area I noticed one of my bags not in the place that I left it. When I left the bag, I placed another bag over it to seal it from moister and rain. It was not there. So the perpetrators of this technology sent someone there to place smart dust nano tech in my blanket as later I felt signal through the blanket.

1-30/31 I went to sleep around 11P. At first I did not appeared to be experiencing a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. However, these attacks were first experienced in the early morning hours. The signals were felt underneath the blanket and via satellites. I contribute the sodas that I purchased at the N.Y. Deli at the FSU Bronco center. Smart dust particles was placed in the blankets and the food that I consumed from Family Dollar did not help.

1-31 9:05P N.Y. Deli 1047 Murchinson Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-433-3056. Manager: Jaye. Purchased three Arizona sodas: Orangeade 613008715625, Kiwi Strawberry 073360709494 and Lemonade 613008726096. Upon consuming these products I did not noticed aggressive vehicle activity. I did see two groups of individuals walking towards me. As I was walking to my usual location, I did not witness a signal vehicle meeting me near the intersection, which is usually the case. The chemicals in the soda was fresh in my body so the lack of aggression became more susipicious. When I got back to my sleeping area, I see that my blankets was messed with and early in the morning my heart rate and nervous system was attacked continuously.

1-31 As I was walking on Murchinson Rd near where the V point Supermarket is, my head was burned viciously with micro-wave weapons. This is the same area that I experienced the very same attacks. These aren’t just car pulsing micro-wave energies, but there is an active transmitter in this area that is designed to burn these pathways in my head. Just earlier I was thinking about walking on the rails and all in a sudden a guy just came from no where. They didn’t want me to walk on the rails, because the cars could not GPS my location. Nor was there a device planted in this area. Not long ago I seen a PWC worker installing something in this area. Anyway, the food that I purchased from Rite AID is a contributor to these attacks.

1-30 FSU Bronco. While working on the computer several individuals positioned themselves in my perimeter. One individual sat net to the computer closes to me, but did not do anything the entire time (like search websites). When I got up to leave, he got up to leave, too.

1-31 Library. The guy that I often see at both this facility and FSU Bronco positioned himself in my perimeter. Meanwhile, a “cleaning” crew decided that they wanted to spend a large amount of time in my work space. I left the immediate area. Anyway, before the targeting started, I have never witness a cleaning crew. I just assumed that they worked after hours. To see these individuals means that they were contract to 1) Surveillance me and 2) pulse these harmful micro-wave transmissions at my body. The same can be seen at the FSU Bronco.

1-28 14:10:03 Family Dollar Store # 7412 2800 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-630-1711. Seen Asst. Manager placing new items on the shelves. Manager is Pam.

1-31 5:10p Rite Aid Pharmacy Store # 11502 108 Rowan St. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-307-0342. Manager: Kim. Purchased Brisk Mango-Dragonfruit 1lt. 012000512551, Daddy Ray’s Apple Bars 669731100221 (had heavy amounts of smart dust particles), Daddy Ray’s Golden Vanilla Wafers 7oz. box 669731700018 and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 7.1oz. Upon consuming these products I was attacked by painful electro-magnetic transmissions. These remote devices was situated on Murchinson Rd. near the V point supermarket. The attacks are similar to a thousand pins being stick on different parts of my head, face and forehead.

1-31/2-1 Because of the nature of the malicious, excessive and widespread food/product contamination, I experienced several rapid heartbeats and an uncontrollable nervous system. That’s because I consumed this contaminated food too late in the day (it was around 5:30p) and it did not give my body a chance to deplete some of the chemicals. It can take as much as two days for the chemicals to deplete out of my system. When I woke up, I see a guy dragging a garbage can. It was a stagged event as this is not a pedestrian friendly area. There is a series of railroad tracks in this area.

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