January 2012 Journal

1-1 Patel’s Motel 442 Eastern Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-323-4008. Soda Machine. Purchased Sunkist 07827404 and 1 Mountain Dew 01208500. Upon consuming these products, seen male walking on the other side of the street. Another male was carrying cell phone as he passed me.

1-1 20:30 Eastern Blvd BP Family Fare 220 201 Eastern Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Clerk: Larry Manager: Renu as was stated by Larry. Purchased 02430086568 Cheese Danish, 024300837852 Crunch Mini Donuts and Arizona Orange Aid 613008715625. Upon consuming these products, vehicles start acting aggressive. Saw male with hood walking. He was looking at his cell phone. Meanwhile, vehicle turns into adjacent parking lot and four vehicle come out of Apt complex simultaneously. All were going in my direction. As I was walking on the railroad tracks going towards Gillepsie St. countless vehicles came out of the Apt. complex to go on Campbell St. Past Campbell, a white vehicle coming towards me began to speed up, so I ran. Then the vehicle turned towards the railroad tracks as I was running towards Gillepsie St. Clearly the vehicle was positioning it front end to pulse the microwave in my direction. Otherwise, the vehicle would have kept going in the same direction. Often vehicles would come down the street as I’m coming into the cross walk. This places me directly in front of the vehicle. That’s why this happens. The chemicals — drugs/nano technology turns my body into an antenna for anyone carrying a GPS device specifically designed to attack me.

1-1 What prompted to leave the area that I was positioned in because I could barely hear someone walking though the section of the woods. I was positioned in one section of the woods and they were close enough to that section. It was like a section had been cut out for them, because they were walking so fast. I was deep enough in the woods with very thick brush. So it could not have been possible for them to have walk through there at that speed if it wasn’t pre-setup. Anyway, this happened right after dark. But it did not discourage me from leaving this area. Earlier I had to leave another location, because the perpetrators kept signaling the area (GPSing). It did not help that smart dust was put in this area to make it easier for vehicles to GPS this area. When I came out of this area, I seen a whole bunch of vehicles in a parking lot. Church was having service and this explained why I was feeling these signals. Anytime these church people are meeting, the attacks increase. The perpetrators are using this church parking lot as an opportunity to attack me.

1-2 13:36:13 Family Dollar Store #0163 420 Person Street Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-483-8835. Manager: Erica. Purchased Bush Baked Beans 28 oz. can 039400016144, Van Camp Cos Chnk Lt. unna 04800002556, FP Peanut Butter Cup 12 oz. 032251011306, MB Tropical Fruit 15 oz. 074584400204, Lance Toasty Cracke . 83 oz. 6pk. 076410093017 and FG Almond Windmill Cookies 15 oz. 086106002193.

1-2/3 Throughout the night into the early hours of the morning the criminals of this crime kept pulsing different areas of my body. I could feel the pulsing both underneath me and above. I could see a usual pattern of satellites that are group together in the sky. There is one set of satellites that is group into threes. This is not a usual star formation, as this pattern is seen every night. Plus, my area is being signaled (GPS) throughout the night. Someimes I can feel the signals through my feet and then my head. Sometimes I can feel a pressure impact on my head. This is simultaneously with the GPS targeting. The attacks is related to consuming food that I purchased from a Family Dollar store on Person St. Erica was the only person I sen working in this establishment at the time. Later, I had a forced bowel movement upon consuming the peanut butter cups.

1-3 Library. When using the library early in the evening, I felt a wave of electro-magnetic energy. This was due to consuming 3 Arizona sodas. The manager claims to be named Stephanie and this was the Azel Food Mart 602 Gillepsie Street Fayetteville, NC 28306. The purchase was made today at 09:34:42. Authorized Transaction ID is 082003491639665. Invoice # 46001. Auth — code 153194.

1-3/4 Went to sleep around 12A. It was particularly cold, however, the food/drink that I consumed earlier was still in my body — at least the chemicals that allow these criminals with these technology weapons to do the aggressive brain mapping, burning of my legs, attacking my stomach and doing sexual things with my body. There is always someone in the area around the clock to dial in these attacks with their GPS cellular phone. As what happened yesterday, the signals were aggressive because the chemicals hat were placed in the food/drink was still in my body.

1-2 VTT-5912nc Grey vehicle parks directly line of site of me. The incident happened on Person St. in front of the ABC liquor store. The individual did not get out of her car.

1-3 10:29p Azel Food Mart 602 Gillepsie Street Fayetteville, NC 28306. Tele # 910-484-7766. Shawn was the clerk on duy. Purchased cloverhill 2 honey buns 085264402586, 2 Cloverhill Danish Cherry Cheese 085264326431, 2 Cloverhill Danish Blueberry Cheese 085264120084 and 2 Texas Cinnamon Roll by Cloverhill 08526323539. These products were heavily contaminated and upon consuming them, I experienced aggressive burning on different regions of my head. This is coupled with individuals equipped with GPS devices positioning themselves in the woods and blankeing the entire area with smart dust particles. The consuming of these products happened on the 4th of January.

1-4 Library. As I was preparing to send a fax to two companies, several individuals made a point to be in this area. It was pretty obvious that their interests wasn’t to use the photocopying and fax machine. It was to target my area with GPS technology. Upon leaving this area and coming back, all the previous occupants were gone.

1-4 FSU Bronco. The faculty became hotter the more people who came in. But they was two things that happened that prompted me to change computer locations. First, someone made it a point to sit next to me. The criminal org. need someone to be closer to me to pulse this electro-mgnetic signal at close range. The signal is coming off their phones or micro-wave devices they have concealed. And second, the perpetrators was pulsing a very strong signal at the right side of my head. It was continuous until I moved from the area. When I moved from the area, a new group of individuals setup in the next computer room. This was done intentionally to regenerate this strong pulsing sensation on my head. This also included my legs and knee caps, which has made it difficult for me to walk. Running is nearly impossible for me. Later I smell the presence of Ammonia and Bleach, which created a toxic compound. These are the same two chemicals used in Military combat situations. But the reasons was clear that they wanted to attack me with chemical warfare weapons and electronic weapons.

1-4 9:56 Day N Nite Food Mart 829 Murchinson Rd Fayetteville, NC 28301. I purchased Taffy and Know & Laters candy. Name of the store clerk is JIMMY (his claiming its his name is suspicious).

1-4/5 I went to sleep around 11p. When I woke up around 7A, I felt a noticeable rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. This included my who body trembling from the technology. Later I could feel the presence of directed energy focused on the right side of my head. The signal was definitely similar to yesterday.

1-5 Library. I went straight to the fax and copying area and less than a minute 2 perpetrators came over. They wanted to fax, but if you know how this program works, the criminal organization send hem there. I had to suspend my fax efforts for a later time. So I setup in the quiet area. They are now pulsing this area of my head and I can feel the signals around me. In order for them to be able to do this, the Administrators of the LIBRARY had to give them permission to setup these remote devices to pulse this kind of signal. At no time did I experience this signal earlier. Also the availability of both people (perpetrators) and A/C makes this possible.

1-5 At around 6:30p a whole bunch of people start crowding me and the next thing I feel is a strong force on the side of my head. The force was so great that I felt like someone just punch me in my head. Judging by the reaction, I could tell who was responsible. It all started with an “innocent” old lady looking through a set of books. I had been at this library for several hours due to defragging my new laptop and the result is these aggressive attacks. Meanwhile, the criminals are still pulsing my head, which happens to be the right side.

1-5 11:51:58 Family Dollar Store # 0163 420 Person Street Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-483-8835. Purchased MB water 50 oz. 7202 075140005000, FP Iced Oatmeal Cookies 12oz. 032251013904, Van Camp Bake Bean Hck BC 28oz. 052000021783, 2 CBD Spaghetti Meatball 14.5 oz 064144043224, Ferrara Pan Lemon head 6.5.oz. and Brass Padlock 1.25 in. 075877162304. Upon consuming these products on the 6th of January, I felt a strong signal underneath my feet. It was continuous. When I went to sleep an hour later, I woke up to a wave of directed energy targeting my feet and head.

1-5/6 Went to sleep around 10:30p. I was woken several times with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. The signals could be felt all around my body. When I woke up the next day, the attacks included pulsing of my head and signals of the area through GPS technology. As I was leaving the area I heard a loud pulsing sound coming from the woods opposite of Gillepsie St.

1-7 Shiloh P.H. Church 2271 Autry Mill Rd. Godwin, NC. Serving food in front of the Resuce Mission. Pastor Eddie Smith. Church member points cell phone in my back, which rescue mission staff watch. They was standing together (transmit and receive). Large amount of smart dust and Silicone in food after consuming it on January 8th.

1-7 SSC-1070nc Tan colored pickup truck. Several people in the library started surrounding me; pretending to take an interests in the books around me. I jumped up and immediately noticed a tan colored pickup truck with a person inside. He was GPSing my location. But then he stopped as I was walking around. Anytime someone comes around me and there is a vehicle in the area, the attacks worsen. This time the attacks included aggressive brain-mapping. What this is, is when the perpetrators hit different parts of my head. It does not matter if you move your head from line-of-site of these weapons, the signal always manages to hit your head. The best thing to do is move out of the area and this usually prompt these individuals to show up. As long as they can transmit these directed energies at your body, they will not appear. But once they can’t direct these signals, you will notice more people appearing around you. There isn’t any place as bad as a facility that has been configured to direct this energy at you. I could also feel the energy underneath my feet, which I think they are working from. But I don’t think the signals would be as accurate if the smart dust/nano tech particles wasn’t placed in the ceiling. I left the library and the signals have all but disappeared. The brain-mapping is probably a tactic to keep me from the library.

1-6/7 Went to sleep around 11p. It wasn’t particularly a bad night, because I had eaten much earlier during the day. However, throughout the night I did experienced a rapid heartbeat and a uncontrollable nervous system. It was several times and it involved my entire body. I found out now they are able to cause my whole body to tremor like this. It is why they are always positioning themselves behind me. My heart is being manipulated from the back as well as from the front and it creates a trembling effect to my whole body. When I wake up, I could feel someone signaling my body. This is done by way of GPS.

1-7 18:38 Food Lion #0367 342 Eastern Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Purchased the Packers of Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit 5lb bag 033383108025 ( after consuming this product (January 8th), I felt a stream of directed energies weapons targeting my face, forehead and head. This was while, I was walking in the woods with no vehicles present. Before this time, I did not experienced these attacks.) and my essentials Iced Oatmeal Cookies 725439102872. Both of these products had a significant amount of SILICONE and SMART DUST when I consumed it on January 8th. Such symptoms included running nose, immediate bowel movement, diaphreia, tightening of the eyes, increase sinus around the ears, eyes and throat and electro-magnetic energy on the face and head. The chemicals placed in these products makes my body susceptible to the technology. Meanwhile, as I was shopping I seen several “workers” stocking can goods on the shelves. It has been recently that I started buying can goods (because of no stove), so there is a relation to this activity.

1-7/8 Large amount of smart dust particles in area, because after laying down, I could feel signals underneath me. Before coming into this area, I seen a RED pickup truck pulled off as i was walking towards it. It was near the Gillepsie St. sleeping area. Also, noticed someone GPSing the area multiple times, but because I did not eat today, it did not have a major effect on me. However, I did experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. It was no worse then yesterday, because I did not eat the entire day. When I woke up later in the morning I did experienced aggressive GPS attacks, which included stinging and pulsing my head, knee caps, legs and face.

1-10 12:17:08 Food Mart 2 102 Robenson St. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-843-9522. Purchased Arizona Fruit Punch 613008718763, Arizona Mucho Mango 073360709258 and Stone Creek Cheery Sours (heavily sprayed) 891164002937. Upon consuming this product I was attacked on the right side of my head with satellite based electro-magnetic weapons. It felt like someone sticking a thousand pins in my head. First I noticed a woman sitting on a been keying her cell phone and then a male walking with his cell phone as he was keying it in. Then I felt attacks on my stomach. Also noticed was increased in flu like symptoms. Large mount of SILICONE was present.

1-8/9 Went to sleep around 9:30p. Several times I was woken with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. It was worse by the warehouse. I was there because it rained. When it stopped raining, I left the warehouse. After sleeping two more hours and waking up, I did not experienced the same attacks. Electro-magnetic is very present at this warehouse and I absolutely avoid this area if I have to.

1-9/10 Went to sleep around 6:30p due to the damp weather the area was getting. Because of the rain, I was forced to sleep under the warehouse the whole time. It did not feel bad as yesterday, but I just think they was doing something different. When I got up, I went to the area I previously use to sleep at all the time. This area is no longer a good area, because I’m being attacked from the warehouse across the street and the area has been cut out to target me with handheld weapons. It is situated in the woods. Because smart dust was placed in this area, it is no longer a viable option. However, to make a long story short, I was attacked in the head, forehead, fingers, toes, private area and eyes continuously. This happened for a short period of time until I got up and left the area.

1-10/11 Was wken around 7:30a after going to sleep around 12A. I laid beside the warehouse and it didn’t appeared to be troublesome. However, I could feel the technology (the signals) although it wasn’t so obvious. This is the synthetic telepathy that happens after the criminals burn these pathways to different parts of my body. Another name for it is brain-mapping. When I covered my head, the attacks now included burning both my anus and penis areas. So as long as I appeared to be complying the “attacks” ceased. When it begin to rain, I made my way underneath the warehouse. The signals increase as this facility has A/C power. I also felt the signaling underneath my feet, which meant that someone was occupying this facility at the time. It also happened in the morning just before getting up.

1-11 FSU Bronco. After working on the computer for several hours, one of the local perpetrators decided that he would sit on the computer next to me. This happened because the weather wasn’t particularly favorable for the satellites attacking me. Earlier a guy who pretended to have sight problems sat two seats from me. Upon him sitting next to me, I noticed pressure attacks made o different parts of my head, but overall, the attacks was no where near as bad as previously.

1-11 Library. From time to time several people sa in my perimeter. I could first feel the electro-magnetic energy on my head. Then I felt it on my legs, feet, knee caps and around my face. However, due to the weather conditions, it wasn’t as bad as previous. One more thing. My computer crashed. It wasn’t by accident as one of the library employees walked by just as it happened. As of today (January 12th) the computer is working my slower.

1-11/12 I went to sleep around 10:30a. I slepted with my duffel bag underneath me. I could feel and hear the pulsing sound underneath me. So I changed bags. Immediately, I was burned with micro-wave weapons. They were directed this energy to my penis and anus. The duffel bag had been opened at a Skibo Food Lion store. It was padlocked. So there is a relation to the micro-wave pulsing. Anyway, when I woke up my penis was erected. This happened yesterday and the result of the nano technology/smart dust being placed in the bag. This explains why these businesses always want me to leave my bag upfront. Also noted. Large amount of chem-trails in the area.

1-10 16:47 Food Lion Store #1612 207 Skibo Rd Fayetteville, NC 28314. Tele # 910-867-2454. Manager: Terrance Williams. When I came into the establishment I locked my bag and left it at the counter. When I came back to retrieve my bag, I was told by a male cashier that it had been placed in the Customer Service room. Later I found that the bag had been unlocked and the zipper had been opened. This happened less than ten minutes of shopping at this establishment. I brought my complaints to the customer service agent Madison Deal. Her reply was “we are not responsible for personal property left with us”. Meanwhile, it is the policy to leave the bags in the front. So why don’t I just keep my bag on me and if the buzzer goes off, the bag is searched? Anyway, I purchased Florida Marsh Red Grapefruit 033383108025 and Le Bleu Drinking Water 734341000190. Both of these products lead to continuous diapheria that lasted to the next day. And the water had heavy amount of SILICONE in it. It was so bad that my whole esophagus was clogged. In addition to this, I could feel oncoming sinus pressure, tightness of the eyes, running nose and drainage problems behind the ears.

1-12 Fayetteville Police Officer. Confronted me as I was writing in my journal. She checked her cell phone and waved to a man who happens to be wearing a red cap. I have seen individuals wearing red caps/hats and it is part of the perpetrator code.

1-12 9:08p Rite Aid Pharmacy Store # 11502 108 Rowan St. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-307-0342. Purchased Rite Aid Pantry Chocolate Covered Raisins 011822822299 (noticed smart dust particles) and Arizona Mucho Mango 073360704258. I drank it and the chemicals went straight to my eyes. Then I began to get flu-like symptoms, which was a running nose, thickness of saliva, stuffy nose and a sinus headache. All this happened in less than 5 minutes. I also developed cold soars in my mouth, which lasted into the morning. Upon consuming these products the criminals of this technology started attacking my stomach, head, anus and penis.

1-9 15:50:16 Rowan Bp Family Fare 225 Rowan St. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Purchased Laffy Taffy Sour. Upon eating this candy, I was attacked on my head. It included burning certain sections of my head.

1-13 5:31p V-point Supermarket 447 Murchinson Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Purchased A&W Root Beer soda 2 liters 078000052466.

1-13/14 Went to sleep around 7:30A. Throughout the night I kept getting a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. There was noticeable smart dust on the ground, because I could hear them pulsing the area around me. I also felt noticeable transmissions coming from the area where the smart dust was placed at. The signals was directed to my head in the form of micro-waves. Also, the perpetrators of these crimes kept signaling my feet and is associated with the nano-tech that was placed on the ground.

1-14/15 Went to bed around 11p. This area was considerably better because of the lack of presence of smart dust technology. However, because I had eaten just before I went to bed, I experienced several rapid heartbeats and an uncontrollable nervous system. This is related to the chemicals and smart dust particles that was placed in the food. Early in the morning, right after getting up, I could hear pulsing sounds coming from the woods. This prompted me to leave the area. Once I left the area, the pulsing sounds stopped.

1-13 04:43:26 Family Dollar Store #0163 420 Person Street Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-483-8835. Purchased Chef Boyardee Mini Ray 40oz. 064144043101, Nabisco Golden Oreo Sandwich Cookies 044000027315, Bush Baked Beans Original 03940001644, Armour Vienna Bitcs Original 054100931108 and Dinty Moore Beef Stew 037600215831.

1-15 Martin Luther King’s Birthday. Library. At around 2p I entered this facility and immediately was greeted with aggressive micro-wave weapons. These weapons were directed to my head. I could feel the back of my head being burned intensively. The weapons was definately placed in the ceiling, because I once seen a panel out of place. This isn’t smart dust/nano technology, it is an actual device that shoots a laser beam at a target and is controlled from a computer within this facility. This is a government building and explains how it is being used to attack and torture me. I have seen library personnel dressed in red and black. There is absolutely nothing resembling human experimentation taking place at this facility. This is outright TERRORISM on American citizens using government resources to carry out this onslaught. And what is so disgusting about these events is it happened on Martin Luther King’s Birthday. If this isn’t white supremacy evilism, what is! The acts are similar to a Ku-Klux Klan rally around several black lynchings. Meanwhile, several individuals who was situated outside decided that they were going to follow me in the facility. They all setup upstairs were I was working on the computer. This is commonly the case and their actions is related to the electronic TERRORISM that I’m facing.

1-15/16 Before going to sleep, my entire body is being radiated. Particularly I could feel these signals on my feet. Throughout the night I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. This also included micro-wave pulsing as there is smart dust particles right below me. The presence of these particles helped to manipulate my heartbeat and muscles of my body. The signals could also be felt on my head. Also, I was forced a bowel movement in the middle of the early morning hours. This is because the criminals of this technology kept attacking my stomach.

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