February 2012 Journal

2-1 Throughout the morning into the day the criminals of this technology was pulsing the right side of the very back of my head. I could also feel the signal on the back of my feet. Earlier as I was walking towards the FSU Bronco, vehicles were positioned to leave the parking area. As soon as I enter the parking lot, vehicles would turned their front end towards me, which exposed me to the full effect of the electro-magnetic field around their vehicles. As a result, I felt intensive burning on different areas of my head. Soon after, I could feel multiple signals on different parts of my head. I also noticed several individuals keying something into their cell phones.

1-28 12:09P ALDI Store #72 3447 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Manager: Renee. Purchased 2 hot dog buns, whipped salad dressing, 2 chunk tuna and 3lb. Smoked Sausage $4.29. When I went into this establishment, I felt a strong presence of electro-magnetic waves directed at my head and body. The waves are in the form of stinging different regions of my head. Then I seen a Fayetteville, NC Police Officer named Hicks keying into his cell phone. It was clear he was GPSing my location. As I was checking out, two individuals got on the line behind me. Meanwhile, the sausages had noticeable smart dust particles in it and the salad dressing was radiating a signal.

2-1/2-2 Before going to sleep, I seen a military aircraft flying low around the micro-wave pulsing device that they recently installed. Every time I’m in this area I witness this activity. Throughout the night I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. This is due to consuming food and drink that I purchased earlier. Because the chemicals is fresh in my body, the criminals of this technology are able to work off of it. The chemicals magnetizes my body to the technology. Earlier in the morning a guy in a small truck appeared. I asked him if he knew about a device that was installed in the woods. He had no idea that it even existed. Anyway, because it had rain late in the night into the morning, I had to sleep underneath the warehouse. The effects of the smart dust became highly reduced, because of the rain.

2-1 21:32:10 Hay Street Mini Mart 318 Hay Street Fayetteville, NC 28301. Manager: Sean. Purchased Coverhill Blueberry Muffins 085264281013, Cloverhill Banana Nut Muffins 085264281020, Jumbo Cloverhill Honey Bun 085264402586 and King Henry’s Cherry Sours 61054645224. Upon consuming these products, the criminals of this technology began to attack my stomach with electro-magnetic weapons. After going to sleep, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system several times throughout the night into the morning.

2-2 09:48:57A Food Mart 2 102 Robeson St. Fayetteville, NC 28301 Tele# 910-843-9522. Clerk Muhammad Ali. Purchased Stone Creek Raisins, Cashews, Almonds 891164002227, Arizona Grapeade 613008719296 and Arizona Watermelon 613008720209. Upon consuming these products the perpetrators of this technology kept attacking my stomach and head with electro-magnetic weaponry.

2-2 The cans are all being opened before they are being placed on the shelves. The reason why I know this is when I use my can opener, it can’t cut through the entire can. They are bent enough that the average consumer does not notice. They are using some kind of device to open and reseal the cans. These cans would never pass warehouse inspection before they are shipped out to the various retailers.

2-2 As of 4:55P, I have diapheria like symptoms after drinking two Arizonas that I purchased from Food Mart 2, which is located at 102 Robeson St. This also includes constant signals being directed primarily to my feet and head. I could also feel the smart dust in my mouth hours after drinking these beverages. And I noticed large amount of perpetrators aggressively pursuing me with electronic devices at the FSU Bronco.

2-2/2-3 Went to bed over at Gillepsie location. The area had been fixed a bad earlier with nano-tech particles, which the perpetrators work off of. It also has an active pulsing device that is situated in the woods, which is about 200 ft. away from the warehouse. However, due to the rain this area had in a few days, the ground was wet. Anyway, the attacks to my heart and nervous system was continuous throughout the niht into the morning.

2-3 Library. As I was coming to the Library, several individuals was seen GPSing my location. It looked like about 15 people was standing outside. This also included the security guard who I seen later “doing his round”. These round calls are related to GPSing the area were I was working. As I was settling in the area, about an hour later two older females sat at the table I was positioned at. I got up and moved myself to another workspace and a slightly younger female sat at the table I was positioned at. I have seen a guy sitting at this work spot after I had gotten up.

2-3 FSU Bronco. Several individuals would go to the bathroom back to back to GPS my location from this area. I was all the way in the back.

2-3 11:08:48 Fayetteville Main Post Office. Cynthia is the clerk who took the transaction.electronic return receipt was made for package mailed to the Attorney General for the State of N.Y. for non profit charities: Quality Of Life Support Prgs. Of NYC, Inc for year 2008 to 2012. Seen woman with a grey hood and older male. I noticed these individuals only because (they were other perpetrators of this location). I seen them in the bank as well. There is absolutely no coincidence that I would see these individuals at these two locations.

2-3 On a positive note, I updated my profile for my stock account, which resulted in an above balance. This is the first time within a two year period. Now this has allowed me to open another bank account and put money in my stock brokerage account. I had already plan to do this after the fire of my surveillance vehicle. Meanwhile, I’m updating my paperwork for both my non-profit “Quality Of Life Support Prgs, Of NYC, Inc.” and business “Brunson Marketing Force LLC”. IRS stated that I will be receiving a REVOCATION letter this month. What this means is in order to keep my non-profit tax exempt status active, I would need to pay a certain amount of money to re-establish it. The plan is to change the By-laws and Mission Statement so would umbrella several other non-profits that don’t have tax exemption. So as of this time, “QOLSPONY”, which is an acronym for “Quality Of Life Support Programs Of New York City Incorporated is not available for this function. As for “B-MARK-FORCE”, is the acronym for Brunson Marketing Force LLC is currently waiting for legalability acceptance from the Department Of State of the State of New York and the IRS. Form filed for this entity is 8832 for year 2004 to 2010.

2-3/2-4 Went to sleep underneath the warehouse. Throughout this period I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. It was raining most of the time, so the affects of the technology was minimized.

2-3 10:13A Food Lion #0367 342 Eastern Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Purchased My Essentials Orange Soda 725439112079 (heavily contaminated. Large amount of Silicone and other chemicals. It did not have that fuzz. Chemicals would linger in my throat and esophagus), American Accent Sandwich Slices 036514220009 (noticeable smart dust), my essentials Iced Oatmeal Cookies 725439102872 (noticeable smart dust), my essentials Vanilla Sugar Wafers 725439102896 (noticeable smart dust) Johnsonville Brats Sausages 077782007879 (noticeable smart dust) Nature’s Pride 100% Whole Wheat Bread 045000111875 (noticeable smart dust), Johnsonville Italian Sausage Mild 077782008166, 2 Food Lion brand Pork & Beans 035826021793 (noticeable smart dust) and my essentials chunk light tuna in water 725439100038 (noticeable smart dust). As I was shopping in this establishment, I seen large amount of individuals stocking the shelves. I seen large amount of individuals stocking the shelves. I seen large boxes of empty boxes being carted away. It was like a store in the holiday season. Also purchased My Essentials Mini Beef Ravioli 725439101332 and Hostess Cinnamon Rolls 045000011335 (had large amount of smart dust particles). The manager not on duty was told by clerk was Kenneth Culbreth. She did not provide me with the name of the manager on duty at the time this criminal activity was taking place. When I consumed these products I experienced flu-liked symptoms, which was a running nose, watery eyes, sinus pressure to the eyes, nose and back of the ears, sinus-chemical clogging of my nasal passages, throat and digestive system. Upon digesting these chemically laced products, I was attacked repeatedly on my stomach. The result of this was a forced bowel movement. The first day of consuming these products I was situated underneath the bridge. It did not reduce the attacks, although the cold weather did help somewhat. The second day was considerably worse, because I was out in an opened field and passing vehicles was able to GPS my location. I could literally feel the smart dust particles in my mouth as the criminals of this technology was using Scalar waves, which trigger the smart dust particles. This is by way of Satellite transmissions. I was walking at the time. All in all, I have filed a complaint with the Justice Dept, U.S. Agriculture Dept and FDA about these businesses. This is the absolutely worse experienced I had with the products. It goes to show you that the only good food is the one you grow yourself.

2-4/2-5 Went to sleep in another location and their I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. I had consumed food that I purchased from Food Lion and a soda that I purchased from a private hospital on Robeson Rd. I was at the Army Memorial area. Because the area was receiving rain, I left. Then I went to sleep underneath the warehouse. This is about a mile away. The result of this was multiple rapid heart beats and an uncontrollable nervous system

2-5 6:11p Walgreens Store # 11691 110 Grove St. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-223-0270. Manager Gayle Pyles. I purchased 2 Sweethearts candies 011215331704 and Blueberry White Tea 613008721015. Upon consuming these products, I was burned on different parts of my head. I did not experienced anything like this throughout the entire day. Plus the chemicals linger in my throat and esophagus. And the sinus pressure became bad in my eyes, nose, back of ears and my stomach was attacked continuously

2-5/2-6 I went to sleep underneath the warehouse. It was particularly cold, however, this did not have much impact. I still experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. When I left the area, a male that I have seen several times before suddenly appeared. This as by designed as these individuals are equipped with micro-wave pulsing devices that operate on specific frequencies. And because I left the area immediately, the devices they had in the area did not have time to configure certain areas of my body. As of later I could feel a continuous pulsing transmissions on the right side of my head.

2-6 FSU Bronco. I was confronted by one of the workers at the computer center stating that I was banned for 90 days. The result of this was because I was seen looking at some pornography. This suppose to have happened on the weekend. I was not at this facility during the weekend and can prove it. As a matter of fact, I had logged an incident that occurred at the Library last weekend. As stated by employer, I was seen by camera, which is directly above the table where I supposed to have been working. Could this be a perpetrator setup? Well, since I’m a targeted individual of covert government crimes, it is likely that is the case. All in all, the employee that was claimed to be working at this time was said to be Rosemary Byrd. Campus Police no. 910-672-1772.

2-6/2-7 Went to sleep around 10:30p. Throughout the night I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. This is partly due to consuming food earlier in the night. This is the food that I purchased from Food Lion last week. I had also consumed water that I got from a storm drain. It, too, was heavily contaminated (chem-trails). Soon as I drank it, the criminals of this technology immediately began to attack my stomach, arms, legs, head and other parts of my body. Also just before leaving the area, I seen someone walking on the other side of the rail tracks. Recently, I have seen an increase of individuals in this area.

2-7 As I was walking towards my sleeping area, I seen a young male walking towards me. It was on the railroad tracks, which is a very isolated area. It was also after 10p. I have never seen anyone in this area this time of day, so seeing someone already told me that this individual was part of this organization. It was also unusually cold these night.

2-7 21:32:58 St. James Liberty 120 Rowan St. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Manager (claims) Kim. Purchased Tom’s Bar-B-Q potatoes chips 02190011477, Nestea 083900005498, Little Debbie Crunch Donuts 024300837852 and Iced Honey Bun. While at the cash register a young male perpetrator comes over to GPS my location. When I leave the store, there is now two vehicles in the parking lot and a male in his vehicle. Anyway, upon consuming these products, I developed intensive GAS pains. While walking, I see a checker yellow cab parked near the railroad tracks. I have seen this vehicle there many times before nd is an attacked point for electro-magnetic transmissions. Note: earlier in the night this vehicle was in parking lot on Murchinson Road. As I was crossing the street this cab turned aggressively around. Now it is facing the street, which before it was facing my direction. These particular cabs are the only cab company vehicles that I see doing this. That’s because they are on contract to do this to me.

2-7/8 Went to sleep around 11:30p. I woke up several times and each time I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. The attacks are related to the food I consumed just an hour earlier. The food was purchased at St. James Liberty.

2-8 13:57:28 Family Dollar Store # 0163 420 Person Street Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-483-8835. Manager: Silvia. Purchased FG Dressing Ranch 16oz. 032251121012, FG Graham Crackers 14.4oz. 032251121777, FG Almond Windmill Cookies 15 oz. 086106002193, CBD Lasagn 15 oz. 064144043040, CBD Spaghetti Meatballs 14.5oz. 064144043224, FG White Chunk Chicken 10oz. 032251124778, Van Camp Pork N. Beans 15 oz. 05200001127, Armour Vienna Bites Original 10oz. 054100931108, Ferrara Pan Lemonhead 6.5 oz 041420126345, FG Rubykist Cranberry Juice Cocktail 64oz. 032251014604 and mini tool set 27 pc 883652701590. While shopping at this establishment I seen several individuals entering the store. A male with dark sunglasses on when there is an overcast of clouds. And one of the stock workers was seen GPSing my location. Also noted was coca-cola truck male just delivered at this store and was on his way out. Noticed the same stock person cutting away boxes and several items sitting on the floor. Plus several parts of the shelves was empty. It was like they remove what was there before and did not get a chance to replace these items with “new” items, which is the items they want me to purchase. I have noted years ago similar activity happening in other stores in other cities and states.

2-8 As I was walking in the Cool Springs area towards downtown, I was burned intensively by electro-magnetic weapons. This is due to several things. Consuming the food I purchased at a Liberty Gas Station late in the evening and the amount of vehicles and people GPSing my area. I had seen a female wearing a RED cap/hat before detouring to another street. I’m starting to see more of these individuals wearing RED caps and RED/WHITE BLUE clothing. I have video and photographic evidence of individuals dress in this way in New York City. This is Fayetteville, NC. Anyone dress in these colors are more likely to represent the criminal organization that is TERRORIZING my LIFE!!!

2-8/9 Went to sleep around 12A. Throughout the night I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. And earlier in the morning as I stood up, I could feel the pulsing on the very back of my head. It was in sync with my heartbeat. When my heartbeat lowered, the pulsing completely stopped. I had experienced this many times before when I staying in my van. Also noted was after consuming the food that I purchased from Family Dollar, I had excessive bloating, GAS and several bowel movements. I could literally smell the chemicals coming out of my body. The chemicals is associated with making my body susceptible to the electro-magnetic transmissions. The area is constantly being pulsed as I could hear these sounds intermittently (they are not continuous like a heartbeat). The chemicals in the food and drink also affects the enamel on my teeth and my gums. Oftentimes, my mouth would swell up after eating. These crimes are so out of the ordinary that it’s hard to believe that they are actually happening. But each passing year that it continues, my health symptoms become worse.

1-20/2-7 Library. The perpetrators of these crimes purposely takes the seats that are away from the windows, so that I could sit in an area that gives the satellites direct access to my body. One of the librarians even offered me this seat near the window as a nice gesture.

2-10 Library. Soon as I come into the area were the main library s located, the criminals of this technology start burning my head.

2-9/10 Went to sleep around 11:30p. Throughout the night I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. When I sat up, my heart rate would decrease and the pulsing of my head would stop. This was continuous throughout the night and early morning. At one point they were attacking three sections of my head at the same time. When I left the area, I see two 9V Duracell batteries laying on the tracks. I did not see this before. These batteries are probably being used for these micro-wave devices.

2-9 FSU Bronco. While on the computer I felt continous pulsing of both of my legs and my left arm. It was all being coordinated inside this facility.

2-10 14:02 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store # 472 3811 Ramsey St. Suite 122 Fayetteville, NC 28311. Purchased Overbaked Maple Leaf Creame Cookies 9oz. 020200260004, Naturally Select Snacking Nuts Gourmet Mixed Nuts 639277348604, Gourmet Select RIB Sandwhich 071421106169, Fish and Cheese Sandwich 071421106176, Circle Ranch Chicken Breast Strips 075901822129 and Lil Dutchmaid 086106002681.

2-12 12:15p ALDI Store #72 3447 Ramsey St. Baker’s Treat Cherry Danish 041498136215, Friendly Farms 041498192112 (some of the milk spilled out, so it was opened prior to me purchasing it), heat n serve sausages 041498134921, Chunk Light Tuna with water (northern catch) 041498140892, Brookdale Vienna Sausage 041498141479, Bon Italia Pasta Rings & Meatballs 041498124410, Love N Fresh 100% whole wheat bread 041498113438, Aunt Maples Syrup Original 041498113438, Bon Italia Beef Ravioli 041498124601 and Brookdale Corn Beef Hash 041498141530. Manager: Ferin. Seen large amount of empty boes in the front of the store and in storage area. Seen clerk stocking new items in alse. While on the line, woman claiming to be an employee stood behind me.

2-11/12 Les House. During the night I heard constant noise from the upstairs apartment. This apt. is occupied by a James Brown. James Brown was in Les Apt earlier and he took this opportunity to GPS my location. Later it involved GPSing my location. Later it involved GPSing my location as more people came into the area.

2-11 Went to sleep around 1A. Throughout the night I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. The apt. where I was sleeping was a bit heated and that contributed to these attacks. When I fully woke up, I could feel signals throughout my entire body. It wasn’t until 10 minutes that the signals decreased. This was the worse I have felt since my van was destroyed by the perpetrators. There is plenty of individuals and the availability of A/C that makes these particular attacks possible.

2-11 8:57A ALDI Store #72 3447 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Manager: DEDE. Purchased Marcuchan Ramen Chicken Flavor 12pk. 041789002311, Parkview Smoked Sausage 041498178284 and Burman’s Cocktail Sauce 04149847068. I had purchased some previous products from this establishment and did noticed the milk, bread, cheese danish to have the presence of smart dust/nano particles in it.

2-13 10:10A FSU Bronco. The signals was particularly strong as I worked on my laptop. I could feel it from the floor as if current was running through the floor. These signals affected my feet, legs and head throughout the entire time I was there. And hour before I was going to leave, one of the staffers approached me. She was accusing me of yet another thing that I was suppose to have done and in mid-sentence, she cut herself off. This happened before and what I noticed was a male sitting in her perimeter. He looked like a Norman (tie and shirt with no jacket). In this situation, it was two people sitting near her that fit this description. The interaction is so scripted and could only be said that her mind were being influenced by these electronic devices these individuals were carrying.

2-13 Library. As soon as I settle in, I could feel continuous pulsing of my right finger. It felt numb and like it was falling asleep by the directed energy weapons have been configured to this particular part of my body. As I was about to leave the library, the security guard that called himself Joe followed me out of this facility. And as I was leaving the last set of doors I see the janitor. This was a very coordinated action.

2-13/14 I went to sleep around 10p. Throughout the night I experienced intensive rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system. This is due to consuming food and drink that I purchased from ALDIs on Ramsey Street and smart dust/nano tech particles in the area. The attacks was continuous even though I stood up. My heart was pounding but my entire chest had signals around it. When I got up and was about to leave the area, I see a guy walking on the rail tracks going towards downtown. I decided to take an alternative route. The result of this was as soon as I came towards the intersection, I could feel the stinging on different parts of my face, head and forehead. This is the result of vehicles GPSing my area.

2-14 Library. Upon coming into this facility, one of the guys I seen many times before (he a “resident” at the salvation army) followed me upstairs. When I got settled I could feel strong electro-magnetic energy directed at my left hand. It was similar to my had falling asleep or being shocked by electricity.

2-10 Picked up mail today and noticed that the package containing the surveillance key chain was opened prior to me receiving it. There was a label posted on top of it. The bar code is LK181879720CN. I had noted packages being previously opened, but this is the first time I noticed it significantly damaged. This is the only package like this. Also, I had troubled getting the memory in the slot and the file is missing to control the time.

2-14 FSU Bronco. Both of the workers of this facility was wearing all black. The male janitor was wearing black pants and a red shirt. I have this on video. He made his presence known several times.

2-14 Library. As I was working the janitor crew situated themselves in my perimeter. Actually the male janitor pretended to be cleaning the table where I was working. The female was GPSing my location on her cell phone. He was a beckon as he was transmitting this frequency to me. Later the security guard stood in my perimeter as I was working in another area of this facility. The acts are intentional and the purpose is to transmit these harmful electro-magnetic waves to my body. Their devices provide information to the satellites that they are linked to through GPS technology.

2-14/15 I went to sleep underneath the bridge after eating the food that I purchased from ALDIs. I immediately noticed smart dust particles in the food and drink. Upon going to sleep and then waking up, I was attacked on my heart and my nervous system was being manipulated. The chemicals in the food and drink make it possible for the criminals of this technology to manipulate my body. When I left the area, it was about 2A. When I went back to sleep, it was in an entirely different area (and the area I typically sleep at). However, before going into this area I took some water from an spiket, which was at a Car Quest Autoparts store on Russell St. and the Friendship Church on Campbell St. In both cases the water was contaminated. The result of this contamination was tightness of the eyes, shakiness, sinus congestion, bloating and flu-like symptoms.

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