How To Find a Reliable Paying High Yield Investment Program

What is HYIP?
Here is the description from Wikipedia. “HYIP is a type of Ponzi scheme, which is an investment scam that promises an unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by newcomers.” It is a program which asks the investors to invest their money and receive great profit in return.

Sounds like a really easy way to earn online right! But it doesn’t take enough time for a Hyip program getting scammed.
Can I get rich and make my dreams come true by investing?

Of course not! So if you’re thinking of making your dreams come true by using hyip programs then you’re totally wrong. But I can help you with some tips which can help you getting paid without risking large amount of money.

There are many Hyip programs on internet which promise you return on your investment but never trust any of them.

Here are some tips for avoiding scam hyips.
1 Check the interest rate the program is offering. If it is more than 1-1.4% per day or 8% per week then surely it will turn scam. The more stable plans it offers the better.

2 The program in which you are looking forward to invest should have a forum. Join the forum and read the posts by other investors and study them. If there are certain questions which the staff is not answering don’t bother investing your money there. If the program doesn’t have a forum, neglect it.

3 Always research about the program and see if it is monitored by Hyip monitors. IF the program says it is online for 5 years and it is not monitored then it’s obvious they are scam. Make sure it is monitored by reputable monitors.

4 Compounding makes everything even worse. Compounding is not the choice so never compound.

5 Let the program operate for a month, and then join it.

6 Look out for that program which withdraws funds every day or weekly. Program paying monthly can eventually turn scam before the month ends.

7 Try to withdraw your profits before the weekends.

8 Don’t just depend on 1 program. Vary your investment.

So these were some tips which can save you from losing your money and getting scammed.
Now I’ll give you some tips which can help you in choosing a decent and a good hyip program.

How to choose decent and a long lasting hyip program.

1 Find the domain details of the program , the creation and expiration details. or can help you with this.

2 Study the hyip before joining. Read forums posts about it, blog posts and also posts on monitors. Forum can really help you because there are posts by experienced investors who have more info about this and they know better where to invest and how much.

3 Find out the ISP of the program and to which organization its IP address belongs.

4 Store some info like email address of the program because if you get scammed report the program immediately.

5 Also Google and find some negative comments regarding the program. If you don’t find any post saying that it is scam then join it.

I hope this helps you with your online investments and you can make more and more profit.

But always remember No hyip can guarantee you life time payments and they can’t really help you to improve your financial position. So if you’re thinking of buying you dream car or house from this then think of getting a better job.


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