March 2012 Journal

3-1 As I was leaving the area, while walking several vehicles surrounded me. What this means is their front end is positioned towards me. The front end of their vehicles pulse a strong micro-wave signal This leads to stinging of various parts of my head and abnormal movements of my body parts. When I got on the Fayetteville City Bus, the perpetrators were already on. One such perpetrator was sitting at the very back of the bus. He was GPSing my location. Several others came on at different points of the trip. Also noted that I seen other perpetrators waiting for other buses. This was at the transfer center. Just in case I used another line, they were going to be at least two perpetrators on the bus. If that wasn’t bad, the bus driver was a perpetrator as well as the vehicles driving in the vicinity of the bus. What they put in the food, which lies in my body attracts these individuals to me as the food is being altered for this purpose. And mostly when I entered the bus, I could feel multiple signals, which was directed to my head. It was in the form of stinging.

3-1 11:13:57 Walmart. 4601 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Tele # 910-488-1800. Manager: Clay Hernly. Purchased Kraft Marbled Cheddar & Montery Jack Cheese 02108803, Lemonade 078742138732, Arnold Dutch Country Whole Wheat Bread 073410138359, Oscar Mayer Turkey Breast/Smoked Ham 044700034071, Great Value Butter Pecan Ice Cream 48oz. 078742089690 and Banquet Boneless Pork Rib 031000109097, Honey Mustard Chicken Patty Neal 03100018047. All items had a certain level of contaminates.

3-1 After consuming the food that I purchased from Walmart, I noticed an increased of directed energy throughout my body. The criminals of these crimes was particularly focusing the technology near my throat and stomach. While shopping I seen a number of “stock” people loading up empty boxes and stocking shelves. Also several individuals made themselves very apparent. I seen several individuals several times in different sections of the store. When i was about to leave, several perpetrators that been following me were on the way out. Also before entering the store i had a perpetrator eyeing my shoes. They knew I was there to purchase new shoes, because the shoes that was on my feet was heavily damaged trying to avoid perpetrators. For instance often times I’m forced to walk on rail beds because this reduces the presence of vehicles. The vehicles pulse micro-wave signals that burn several areas of my head.

3-1/2 I slept under the Murchinson Rd Bridge. Several vehicles were directed in this area to pulse micro-wave signals. The result of this was increase traffic, electro-magnetic waves and noise in the area. Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. At some point I felt micro-wave pulsing on my legs, knee caps and head. When I woke up in the morning, their was a work crew person placing a sign underneath the bridge. It was directly line-of-sight to me and he made his presence known. I also seen him later with another work crew GPSing my location. I have them on video. It looked like an electronic induced scene.

3-1 Cindy Goldman. She was a colleague of mine who had previously moderated the Government Sponsored Stalking Conference Call. I had met her on Lynn Weed’s KELB call. She was someone I was planning on doing several projects with. On February 27 at around 9:01A her house was set on fire. It was set by a tenant who had 2 felonies and was delinquent in his paying of rent. But the result of her death was due to strangulation. I had contacted her over a week prior to this situation, because I became really concerned about her whereabouts. The report can be found by clicking this link: . My condolences goes out to her family. She truly was a great person, although I knew her for approximately three months.

3-2 FSU Bronco. The entire day has been to focused the technology on my penis. The signal feels like someone tapping my genitals with a small object.

3-3 ALK-9400nc three female perpetrators got on the line behind me as I was checking out of Walgreens. One of the female perpetrators was wearing red and black. I had seen this individual in different parts of the store as I was shopping. It was at the Walgreens store on Green St. in Downtown Fayetteville.

3-4 A person who says his name is Jaye was telephoned on a different cell phone number. He immediately answered the phone. I had called him before and at no time did he pick up the phone. He called me back. This is definitely a sign that this individual is a perpetrator, because he needs time to setup a device that is hooked into my number. Upon saying who I was, he disconnected the phone. I had text him prior to calling him. Anyway, the number he is using is 919-633-9869. He has a Youtube profile with a few videos. It is: Metellus10011 >>

3-3 6:34p Rite AID Pharmacy # 11502 108 Rowan St. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-307-0342. Purchased Soft Baked Homestyle Cookies Oatmeal Raisin (This product had noticeable smart dust) and Arizona Fruitpunch 613008718762 (noticeable SILICONE and Chemicals). Consuming these products electrifies my body for remote directed energy weapons.

2-28 09:54A Food Lion #0367 342 Eastern Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-485-8886. Manager: Andrey. Purchased DME Asst. Sugar Waffers and BG California Navel Oranges. I was there to return the bottle water and the Russet Potatoes, because of the presence of contamination and I purchased the above products. Anyway, the oranges had a certain level of contamination, because perpetrators in the area became extremely aggressive after consuming them. And when I went to the computer center (FSU) after walking two miles, several individuals was able to target my body aggressively. This is because the chemicals was still present in my body. The attacks was really noticeable on my head.

2-28 09:46 Food Lion #0367 342 Eastern Blvd, Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-485-8886. Manager Audrey. Received a “Manager’s Journal Report” at 9:45A 0367 17 0010 222 for contaminated items that were returned. They were the Jana water 898709001028 and Russet Potatoes 033383530109. Male with sun glasses was doing wire transfer before doing this transaction. This individual ended up staying in this area to GPS my location. As I was shopping in this establishment, I seen individual several times, even as I was about to go on the line to check out my items. This was very coordinated and the organizers of this criminal activity already knew I was going to be at this location. Plus, I seen several individuals stocking new items on the shelves. This activity could have happened earlier, as they already knew I was going to be at this location the next day. They did it to 1) see my reaction and 2) to show me that no matter how I document these crimes, they control the system.

3-3/4 Went to sleep around 11:30P. Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system. It was continuous. This included attacks o my legs and head. The result of these attacks is due to the food and drink that I purchased from both RITE AID and Walgreens.

3-3 Went to sleep underneath the bridge right beside the railroad tracks. I consumed food that I had purchased from Walmart and the result of this was a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system throughout the night into the morning. I even seen an individual walking through this area right after consuming these products. I also experienced a clogged esophagus as it was both difficult to breath and talk. I had seen several individuals stocking “new” items on the shelves while shopping at this establishment.

3-2 Cynthia Goldman. She was a former colleague who worked with Lynn Weed and Sheila under the organization KELB and hosted two of my conference calls concerning the safe house community cooperative proposal. Last week she was found strangled to death upon her house being set on fire by a perpetrator named Gary McLaughlin. She had previously rented a unit to him, which he failed to pay her. Unfortunately, due to the targeting she was receiving, she ran into financial difficulties. The result of this was overlooking her safety and renting to who ever could keep her house from going into foreclosure. This also forced her to live in the house with her tenants, which they had access to the common area. This is where she spend most of her time at and is where she was killed. Anyway, her death was truly a lost for our efforts to develop a safe house project. She was several things. A business professional, a motivator, a genuine personality and a open minded person to work with. Although I only knew hr for about three months, her impact was earth shattering. On behalf of Government Sponsored Stalking and Targeted Individuals for Self-Determination, we wish Cindy Goldman’s family a quick recovery from these tragic events.

3-4 FSU Bronco. One of the perpetrators that I see very often decided he wants to charge his phone in my proximity. He was standing by the door as I was leaving. I have video and photos of this individual and will refer to this recent entry.

3-4 7:10 Day N Night Food Mart 829 Murchinson Rd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Clerk says name is Joe. License plate IMAN. Purchased Banana Nut Muffins (Cloverhill) 085264281020, Jumbo Honey Bun (Cloverhill) 085264402586, BIG 24oz OHANA Punch original 073800004592, Butter Cookies (Uncle Al’s) 688149230061, Laffy Taffy 02874805 and Now & Later candy. Upon consuming these products, I was attacked with painful directed energy weapons. Soon after, I had a forced bowel movement due to the amount of chemicals in the food/drink. I was not close to a bathroom facility. Plus, there is a large presence of micro-wave sinals underneath the bridge. I was able to see this through the light background. The bridge is Hwy 87 Underpass on Murchinson Rd. The continuous micro-wave signals allows passing vehicles and people to GPS different parts of my body. I also had a very Nassau feeling after consuming the food.

3-5 I went to sleep at my Gilepsie St. location. It was past 1A. Throughout the night I experienced a rapid heatbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. This was compounded with attacks to the head and stomach continuously throughout the night. This is related to consuming food that I purchased from the Day & Night Store on Murchinson Rd.

3-5 FSU Bronco. They were already a number of people at this facility. However, this number nearly doubled within the 15 minutes I was there. I had consumed both the food/drink so the chemicals in my body was present. And since the present of chemicals in my body magnifies the attacks, the criminals of this technology uses this as a means to bring people in to GPS my location. Throughout the time of being in this facility, I was attacked on my legs, knees, head, fingers, toes, hands and personal areas of my body. Before leaving this facility, an individual followed behind me. Later I could feel the pulsing of micro-wave directed at my back. This explains why someone wants to positioned themselves behind me. In the future, I will be limiting myself around people, because often times it is a draw for these criminals to use them for these attacks.

3-5 The United States government is using it “targets” to build an artificial human being that they can control remotely. Then they will start annihilating the real human population. This is already being done through the use of micro-wave weapons. The number of cancer cases will double and the majority of people will have no idea where it came from.

3-5 I ordered a battery charger for my laptop so I will be able to stay outside most days. This includes a WIFI antenna and a battery. This will limit the criminals of this technology use to GPS or Uplink information use to target various parts of my body.

3-5/6 Went to sleep around 11:30p. This was after hosting my Audio Journal on talkshoe. The Audio Journal has been increasing in downloads since last year and a lot of efforts has been put into having a professional production. For information about Audio Journal, please visit id code: 83319. Anyway, throughout the night into the morning, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. I could hear pulsing sounds directly underneath me and every now and then I could hear these pulsing devices that was placed in the woods earlier. When I got up I felt awfully tired. Also noted the criminals of this technology was directing the energy to my head, legs, back, feet, hands and eyes. They were also burning my ears, penis and anus areas throughout the night. And I could see active drones and satellites positioned in my perimeter. There is nothing to justify these actions towards me. I did not commit a crime, nor am I’m breaking the law of any kind.

3-5 10A Family Dollar Store # 0163 420 Person St. Fayetteville, NC Tele # 910-483-8835. Manager: Silvia . Purchased Pan Lemon Heads 6.5 oz 041420126345, Oatmeal Iced Cookies and Family Gourmet Orange Juice 032251014680. Upon eating these items the signals of directed energy increased. Later when I was around people, the attacks increased. The amount of people and vehicles being used in these attacks is directly associated with the malicious contamination of food/drink, which makes my body susceptible to the electro-magnetic attacks.

3-6/7 Went to sleep around 10:30p. Throughout the night I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. However, since I did not consume anything the entire day, the attacks were minimized. Instead the focus was my ear drums, which the criminals kept pulsing throughout the night into the morning.

3-7 05:35:00 Family Dollar store #0840 3421 Murchinson Rd Fayetteville, NC Tele # 910-822-6631. Manager: Phillis. Before entering this establishment I seen a male “worker” leaving it. I had seen him before. He was stocking the shelves and I was told his name was richardo. This is the individual who kept following me around from alse to alse. Anyway, I purchased Tummy Treats Easter Mix 18.8 oz 876941004342, FG Almond Windmill Cookies 15oz. 032251022159, FP Cherry Sours 7oz. 400120176812, 2 CBD Beefroni 15 oz. 064144043026 and FG Dressing Ranch 16oz. 03225121012

3-7 Laundrymat. When I went into this facility, they were already two individuals there. They were two SUV’s of similar color, but they were parked n each end of this business. This created a vacuum effect, as electro-magnetic signals was coming from these vehicles. However, the vehicle that was closes to the machine I was using was pulsing the strongest transmissions. Several times I felt a strong pressure signal, which is like someone hitting you on your head. Then I noticed a male coming from the woody area. Later I could feel the burning of msart dust particles that was placed in the area prior to me using this facility.

3-7 After consuming some of the food I purchased from Family Dollar, I became very tired. When I woke up from a short sleep I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. I have not experienced these attacks this part of the day after consuming food for a very long time. There was enough chemicals in this food that allows the criminals of this technology to do this to my body.

3-7 I moved further away from the street, so I’m positioned further in the woods. When I went to sleep again and woke up, the criminals of these crimes was attacking and pulsing my ears. Also, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. It was a bit worse than last time, which is why I left the area.

3-7/8 I walked to HWY 87 overpass area on Murchinson Rd near Bragg Blvd. I slept there several times throughout the night I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. It is related to the food that I purchased from Family Dollar on Pamala Drive/Murchinson Rd.

3-8 FSU Bronco. The entire day has been spend at this facility. The attacks on my body is relentless! They have been burning my back since one of the perpetrators walked directly behind m last week. This also includes multiple transmissions to the head, face and forehead. Attacks to the legs, feet and constant pulsing of the left eye. Meanwhile, the technology is also being directed to my penis and they are stimulating my buttocks muscles. The crimes are beyond egregious and it just gets worse every time I used this facility. Almost everyone who enters this computer lab is GPSing various parts of my body, I don’t experience anything like this when I’m alone. Therefore, I’m going to limit my presence around people as this is not something I want to keep experiencing. It is my understanding that the United States government has implanted everyone with this nano technology and that is why everyone is participating.

3-9 10:48A ALDI Store #72 3447 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC. Purchased Grapefruit, Condensed Soup, Lite Pancake Syrup, Long Grain Rice, Large Eggs, Condensed Vegetable Soup, Nature’s Nectar, Apple Juice 64oz. (heavily contaminated- upon consuming this product, it leads to severe diarrhea), Onions, Chunk Tuna w/ water, Spaghetti Rings w/ meatballs, 24 oz. Mushroom Sauce, Pancake mix (noticeable smart dust particles), smoked Sausage, cheese Curl, Deli Sliced Cheese, Iceburg Lettuce, Navel Oranges, Whipped Salad Dressing and Apricot Halves. Several individuals followed me throughout the store. I have video footage of these events. The manager told me her name was Toniete.

3-9/10 Constant burning of my back, particularly when I stand up. When I went to sleep, I experienced several rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. I was staying at Les Smith house and several individuals have come in time to time. This is related to GPSing my location in this perimeter. When I got up, I see a checker vehicle pulled in. The individual driver went up stairs. He did not return with a passenger. This was around 9A.

3-10/11 Went to sleep around 11p. Throughout the night I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. When I got up, I was attacked with a micro-wave pulsing signal directed to my head. This was in sync with my heart. After leaving the area, several vehicles was parked along the railroad tracks. This is unusual for a Sunday as these businesses were closed.

3-12 Government Sponsored Stalking was temporary down due to an accidental file transfer. Earlier I was uploading some files to the MP3 archive and this is were the problem came from. After contacting technical support the day after, the problem was corrected,

3-11/12 Went to sleep in my usual location. Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. When I left the area, I experienced a strong burning sensation on my back.

3-13 I slept underneath the Murchinson Rd rail bridge. Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. The attacks is associated with micro-wave transmitter being placed in the area.

3-12 Dollar Tree (Ramsey Street). A male perpetrator claiming to be the manager of this store was following me around intently. I believe the store wasn’t restocked at the level and they needed to know what I was going to purchase or to distract me somehow. Anyway, I was able to videotape the event. The store looked much different. It hardly anyone there – unlike the last time I shopped there.

3-12 AEP-8064nc was parked in an unusual way off the street shoulder. It rear end was facing me although it was positioned in an uphill incline from where I was laying.

3-12 18:36 Food Lion #1533 3300 Rosehill Rd Fayetteville, NC 27856. Tele # 910-822-4667. Purchased V-8 Splash Mango (upon consuming this product, I had massive gas and bloating symptoms) and Red Grapefruit. The manager was Brian Rice.

3-12 ALDI Store. Early in the afternoon I purchased several items. I had lost the receipt to these items, but I could recall tasting noticeable smart dust particles in the sauce and gram crackers. Both of these products upon consuming lead to aggressive targeting, which I was engulfed with transmissions throughout my entire body. I also had an after-taste left in my mouth and large amount of chemicals lingered in my throat and esophagus. While shopping at this establishment, I was able to gather video footage of the manager of the store restocking the shelves. Boxes of empty boxes littered the floor. I seen the same manager previously.

3-1/15 I’ve been seeing two arial drone positioned northwest from where I’m located. Fort Bragg military base is northwest from me. Sometimes I can see these devices being flown downwards or upwards and clearly being controlled by military intelligence. This is with the presence of Satellites that are only situated in my perimeter.

3-15 Slept right outside the veterans memorial park. Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. And aggressive attacks in the form of electronic brain mapping was present.

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