Northerners Don’t Hold Grudges

It has been almost two months and the electro magnetic frequency harassment (or Direct energy weapon) continues. But I have moved on from what has (and still is) happening to me.

All I can wish is the best for them and hope that eventually they will seek out God’s forgiveness.

Anyway, I was able to move the database from to If you remember, I was having problems with this company and requested that my account be removed. Surprisingly, they did not remove my account, so I decided to continue the relationship.

The issue was that the phpbb database that was running my black conscious network (BCN) forums was taking away needed space to build the drupal (blackconsciousnetwork) database. Almost towards of every month, I ran out of bandwidth. So the site was down almost 10 days before the refresh period. This was not an act of sabotage, but unsound planning. In other words, the phpbb forum should have never been installed on the blackconsciousnetwork domain.

Now the phpbb database is on the domain. This is better because the website for this domain is html scripted. What this means is the space requirements are smaller when programmed under this language.

Anyway, I expect to move forward with my plans as I have sole faith in the almight GODly spirit that make this world possible everyday.

Such plans include reschedule that conference that I had to discontinue because of other obligations (I have combine my storage space with a family member and this arraignment will save me money). A restructuring of the Black Adult Entertainment website. And the total redevelopment of the Black Conscious News site that will allow writers and content distributors to contribute to it.

It has been a real challenge to get these sites working, but that is because of bad management and the inability to find competent developers. So research in the area is necessary for this project to work.

Thank you readers for sticking with me. I currently homeless due to the circumstances that I have written about earlier and there is no plans to find shelter at this time. But my spirit is uplifted so that when GOD wants me to find shelter, he will guide me to the right place.

So I will continue to live out my car and will continue to educate (you) my readers about life in general.

Remember this, we will all have obstacles in our lives, but it is how we manage those obstacles. If we choose to allow ourselves to be controlled by these obstacles, we will not recover from them. So the idea is to keep a positive mind while you work through these obstacles and you will continue to strive for more.

Also noted. Being homeless isn’t the end of the world. It is an experience that can make you a stronger person. If you are there at your stage of life, do not let it be your downfall.

Just make sure you have God almighty in your life and ask him to help you work you through any problems you might be having. But you must to clear of alcohol, drugs and casual sex so God can reach your soul.

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