Trip Back From Rhode Island

Fayetteville NC hired stalkers followed me from New York City to Rhode Island. A special trip I made to purchase a van, which didn’t turn out in my favor. After staying there two days, I was continuously targeted with microwave frequency transmitters. Then on my way back to New York, the stalkers followed me on the train and then on the bus from Boston. When I got on the subway, the stalkers were there too.

What was interesting about the bus trip, there were about 6 stalkers on the bus with me. All female. They were using PDA like device. I assume this is a way to conceal this technology.

I notice the young man 2 seats in front of me seemingly suffering from an epileptic seiger.

I have taken pictures of the stalkers and the whole event and will be seen on my new registered domain.

I think it goes without saying that these stalkers will do whatever they can to reach you with these weapons, even if they have to go through someone else.

This brings up many issues.

One, there are many people who suffer health defects and this act of cowardness could result in the lost of life.

So this incident isn’t only about me, but the others who might be in my proximity.

Anyway, it is pretty obvious that a mass investigation of the Fayetteville establishment need to be made immediately. For instance, how much are they paying these individuals and where are these expenditures coming from?

If this continues, the Feds might have to shut down this government.

For instance, why were they surveillance my internet for over a year?

Who is giving them authorization to track me with positioning satellite?

Is the military giving them clearance?

How many other citizen’s are facing the same challenge?

This is an act of terrorism against America citizens and someone should be held accountable.

The use of electro-magnetic energy, whether through satellite or through traditional means is an act of treason. It can also mean an international tribunal.

PS: What I notice is a host of people being used for this operation. They appeared to be under some kind of mind control. I would consider them scouts or implants. They operate at all hours of the day and they appeared to have been implanted with these mind controlling technologies. Is this the future of America, everyone must be implanted with these technologies in order for them to stay alive? This is very, very scary. And investigation in this area should take place as well.


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