Activist Coordinator: Team Eric Adams “Timothy R. White”

Dear Family!

Many of you might be wondering what is happening to the one business focused blog that use to keep you abreast of the latest developments of Brunson Marketing Force LLC and it affiliates?

Well, because of the nature of my situation, I’m unable to dedicate the time to build my network.

But there is hope around the corner.

With Obama’s candidacy in the shadows and an hearing focused on Direct Energy Weapons (Microwave Frequency Transmission being on technology), there seems like they might be hope for America afterall.

However, because of the cosmos, the decline will continue unabated. But it is my hope that at least we as a country gain at least our human qualities before the end.
With that said, I spent about 15 minutes talking to a gentleman who I admire greatly. For instance, what I gathered through our conversation is his conviction to keep moving forward no manner what the odds are.

This poor man has been a target of the government experiment program for 10 years.

If you did not know what I’m referring to, I’m referring to the use of mind controling technologies being tested on human subjects.

But I don’t think this is my case. I’m being harassed and my blog speak for itself. The mere fact that this continues to happens to me as I type this message only shows you where this country is heading.

Justice surely isn’t in the vocabulary.

Anyway, he states that a hearing will be taking place in February in New York City. If you will like to find out more about this hearing, feel free to contact him at:

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