May 2012 Journal

5-1 Heard testimonies of three people who recently purchased the Human Protection Software Suite (HPSS). The result of their testimonies was positive although they have been only subscribed to the suite for a little over a week. Ten people, as claimed by Mellhedek are subscribed to the suite and one person unsubscribed after only being subscribed for one day. This is from the April 29th podcast from and can be found by accessing code: 118041.

5-2 14:17 Food Lion #0367 342 Eastern Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-485-8886. Manager: Ken Culberth. Purchased SK Star Ruby Grapefruit 5lb. Bag 033383118567 (Heavily Contaminated). Upon consuming this product I had an immediate bowel movement. But more importantly I can feel tremendous pressure on the back of my ears. It feels like someone sticking pins directly in this area. I plan to take this product back to the store). Crush Orange Soda 1 Qt. 041710112881, Breyers French Vanilla Ice Cream 1.5 Qt. 077567254382, Nature’s Own Honey Wheat Bread 072250037068, Sunkist Oranges 033383110004 and Holly Farms Chicken Drum Sticks 1.48 lb 275808802358. Before consuming these products after finding a place away from traffic I immediately seen a male positioned on the side of the highway. He just happened to be there, which is not particularly usual, since no one – even homeless people stay in this particular section. Plus the heat wave just makes it 10 times more difficult. Anyway, I keep feeling unusual vibrations to my body and signaling of my feet and clearly this individual had something to do with it. Also noted increased pulsing of my head after consuming these products. The increase attacks on my body is directly connected to consuming the food. When I don’t consume anything the attacks are almost non-existent. So it isn’t a misery that these crimes continue to happen year after year without someone doing something about it. I have informed every government agency about this malicious contamination program and nothing happens. It actually gets worse.

5-2 Went to Food Lion to return the contaminated grapefruit 033383118567. Usually I’m given a Manager’s Return Verification. The customer service agent told me she wasn’t aware of this receipt, so I told her to contact the manager. He, Ken Culberth, told me that there is no such thing. However, I was given this receipt everytime I returned something. This verification is very important as it states what items was returned. I will be contacting customer service (1800-210-9569) to follow up with this situation. I had uploaded too similar verifications as picture files on photobucket and written it in my journal earlier. You can see it here: ECAM0052.jpg ECAM0051.jpg ECAM0050.jpg Video

5-3 Aggressive chem-trail spraying, which blanket the entire area. As soon as I started walking I felt noticeable pulsing on my right head.

5-2/3 Went to sleep right in front of the warehouse. Although throughou7t the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system, it wasn’t significant.

5-3/4 I went to sleep at the same location and throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system. When I got up, I felt extremely exhausted. This is related to two things: I ate chicken that I purchased from Food Lion and I consumed water several times. The chicken that I consumed lead to several bumps on my back side, while the water was consumed from several locations. Although the water that I consumed was totally from different locations (Bragg Blvd on Blue Street and Gillepsie St. on Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway) they were both very contaminated. It had a very heavy silicone chemical taste to it. When ever I consumed something this late in the night, the chemicals are fresh in my body. This is why the attacks to my nervous system is more extreme. Also noted. My blankets were wet. It did not rain and they were in plastic bags. Also noted. Pulsing of different areas of my head and extreme chem-trail activity blanket the sky.

5-4 12:48p Aldi’s store #72 3447 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Manager: Toniete. Purchased Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice (Nature’s Nectar) 64 oz. 041498137328, Millville Honey Nut Crispy Oats 12.25 oz. 041498148126, Little Salad Bar Potato Salad 32 oz. 041498128661, Nature Nectar Apple Juice 64 oz. 041498138356 (Heavily Contaminated. Noticeable smart dust particles inside product), Loven Fresh Hot Dog Buns 041498191825, Parkview Bun Length Wieners 48 oz. 041498178154, Tomatoes 24 oz. 049040323519, Parkview Classic Smoked Sausages 041498123321, Broccoli Crowns 6 oz. 89834001269, Corn Flakes, Bananas, 1/2 Gal. Milk (Heavily Contaminated), Potato Salad and Wide Egg Noodles. Upon consuming these products my body became radiated with electro-magnetic energy. However, the first thing I noticed is them pulsing the right side of my head with directed energy. I did not experienced this attack before consuming this food. While shopping at this store, several sale’s clerks were seen stocking the shelves. I often see this activity while shopping at the store.

5-4 Les’s House. As I was coming up towards his house, I see a young male sitting by the screen door. I went in and seen a middle aged male sitting with Les on the couch. I was there briefly, as I was only there to use the bathroom. When I left, the young male that was sitting by the screen door was no longer there. As I approached the park, I seen the young male sitting. I had mentioned earlier that I was going to the park. Later this young male accused me of looking at him funny. The thing is is that if he wasn’t looking at me, he would not have seen me. His back was turned. The fact that he was in the park at the time he (the organization) knew I was going to be there created this scenario. Just earlier a middle aged lady that looked like his mother confronted me about something that had nothing to do with her. I believe she confronted me, because, I was no longer in a targeted area.

5-4/5 I went to sleep around 10p at the warehouse. The result of this was the criminals of this technology kept knocking my phone off of the speaker. Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous.

5-5 As I was waiting for Michelle to take me to her house to do some gutter work, I immediately seen an older white vehicle and a burgundy truck come into the parking lot. The was pre staged event as I had already informed her that I was going to wait for her at this location.

5-5/6 Went to sleep around 11:30p. Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. Attacks to the head was also noticeable.

5-6 After staying at the warehouse for some time I could hear someone in the building. It sounded like something falling, which it was very noticeable.

5-6/7 Slept throughout the day into the morning but I could especially noticed a rapid heartbeat at around 12:30A in the morning. When I felt my heart I could feel multiple signals directed at it. So it wasn’t a single heartbeat.

5-7/9 Stayed in Gillepsie St. area the entire day. The area had been treated with nano technology smart dust particles. Plus the addition of micro-wave pulsing devices was noticeable. I could feel the signals coming from the ground as if they were a thousand transmitters below me. This is very connected to the food-water that I consumed. When I go to sleep and than wake up, my entire body is engulfed with these signals and a rapid heartbeat is accompanied with it. Also noted that the signals are being directed to my lower leg right above my feet. The signals is itemitted. This does not happen with these devices alone. But there is a series of satellites and drones that are positioned in my perimeter. With the assistance of available persons on the ground, these criminal elements are able to feed these signals to different parts of my body. It isn’t automatic, it is being coordinated by a group of people using the technology.

5-7 12:04p Dollar Tree Stores, inc. #471 2636 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303. Tele # 910-486-9050. Manager: Bridget. Purchased Hunts Tomato Ketchup 24 oz. 027000382493, Ovenbaked Maple Leaf Creme Cookies 9 oz. 020200260004, Circle a Ranch Homestyle Meatballs 7oz. 075901822631, Shortbread Cookies 9 oz. 072320180021, TJ Farms Select Onion Rings 13 oz. 755440003998, Naturally Select Snacking Nuts Gourmet Mixed Nuts 4.5 oz. 639277895622, European Lemon Flavored Shortbread Cookies 5.3 oz. 080943004693, Ferrara Pan Red Hots 7 oz. 041420245084, Naturally Select Trail Mix 6 oz. 639277431356, Melster Candies Circus Peanuts 7 oz. 074013011087, Peach Rings Coastal Bay Connections 6 oz. 639277279811 and Sugar Babies 6 oz. 014200535453. Upon consuming these products my body became radiated with electro-magnetic micro-wave energy. Several individuals and vehicles positioned themselves within my perimeter. The close I get to the people and vehicles the stronger the electro-magnetic feels on my body. The chemicals and nano technology placed in these products makes my body susceptible to these technology.

5-9/10 Spent the entire day in the Gillepsie St. area. Seen individual dressed in all black walk on the railroad tracks – May 10th. However, a worse occurrance took place on May 9th. Some guy came into my spot where I was sleeping telling me he hangs in this area. This was at around 2A in the morning. I had never seen this individual before and it had just stopped raining. So I have to be more alert in the future, particularly in this area.

5-10/11 Throughout the night into the morning I experienced an unstabled nervous system. The signals was being directed to my entire body underneath. During certain periods muscles of different parts of my body was being manipulated and the demonic dreams is also noted.

5-11 5:22:01 University Dollar Store 1047 Murchinson Rd. Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-818-4668. Clerk: Heffena. Purchased 2 Arizona Mucho Mango 23 oz. 073360709258 and Fruit Punch 23 oz. 613008718763 and Deer Park Water 23 oz. 08265754338. The Arizonas was stacked nicely. I could tell no one had purchased anything and they were just place there. After consuming these products, I immediately felt a sensation all over my body. I had seen the owner of the store in the stock area.

5-11/12 Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a strong electro-magnetic energy all over my body, but particularly in my chest area. I had to move several times. The attacks are related to consuming the Arizona sodas and bakery goods I got from the Rescue Mission. Also noted the presence of Nano Technology smart dust in the area. Early in the morning I seen the presence of chem-trails.

5-12/13 After going to sleep underneath the warehouse, I did not experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system until I placed the sleep bag over me. The sleeping bag made me warmer, but it allowed the criminals of this technology to attack my body more viciously. When I removed the sleeping bag, the vicious attacks disappeared.

5-13/14 I slept underneath the warehouse due to the rain. Throughout the day into the night and the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. They were clearly someone in the warehouse when I got up in the middle of the night. I heard a cough and then when I moved from the prior location, I could hear the individual leaving the warehouse. What prompted me from getting up and moving, I felt intensive burning on my leg. It was like someone laying a hot iron on my leg. When I moved to a new location the burning immediately stopped. The warehouse has two main entry points. A side door and the door that I could see. The other entry points is a slide up gate.

5-14 ZWV-5516nc, FBC-6589ny, XWA-4812nc. Vpoint supermarket. These vehicles pulled in soon after I came towards the store. One of these individuals was already programming their phones as he drove in. This was already coordinated including how the shelves looked. Purchased Our Family Strawberry Preserves 32 oz. 070253270185 and Peter Pan Crunchy Peanut Butter 045300005409. Together with the bread I got from the Rescue Mission and these two products, my leg, feet, arms and head was attacked aggressively with electro-magnetic energy. Before finding an area to consume this contaminated products I seen a male reading a book right off the highway in a woody area. It was a staged event.

5-14 FSU Bronco. As I was working at the computer lab, one of the perpetrators decided that he wanted to sit at the roll of computers I was sitting at. They were hardly anyone else in this area and clearly his actions is related to the targeting I’m receiving. Several other perpetrators came in, but when I left, they left as well. The only reason why a lot of these perpetrators come int this lab is so they can GPS my location. Most of them are watching videos and not doing any assignment stuff.

5-14/15 Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. It was like someone attached a vibrating device on my chest. It happened several times in the night and can only contribute what I eaten on the 14th of May. I was particularly concerned about the amount of chemicals I was tasting in the bread. It particularly concerned about the amount of chemicals I was tasting in the bread. It particularly tasted like someone sprayed a perfume like substance on it. The bread came from the Rescue Mission, which is why I’m often forced to purchased my food, because this food is so easily contaminated. The food is laid out there for all who can take. However, it was wrapped with plastic wrap, which tells me that it was done from within. These are the kind of crimes I have to deal with every time I consume an item. Whether it is from the Rescue Mission or a local grocery store, it is my reality. There are plenty of individuals partaking in this criminal activity and it is happening with the regulators knowing.



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