May 2012 Journal 2

5-16 15:32:54 IGA Carlie C’s 2738 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303. Tele # 910-483-8454. Manager: David Bland. Purchased IGA Milk 1/2 Gal, 2 IGA Hamburger Buns, CC Fresh Pork Sauce and CC Fresh Hot Sauce, Pet Butter Pecan Ice Cream 1/2 Gal., BV Apple Juice, 2 IGA Corn Flakes, 2.11 lbs. Peaches and 5 lb bag grapefruit. While shopping at this establishment, I noticed several individuals following me. I had seen them at least three times and they would position themselves in my perimeter. And one of the “workers” with a broom was positioning himself in different alse as I was shopping. After checking out he passed by me at least three times. Individuals who d this are usually carrying a GPS transmitting device. Another thing, one of the “customers” that I had seen several times, as I was checking out, this individual immediately got on the line directly behind me. They was one other guy that got on the line with him. Anyway, after consuming the food, I noticed smart dust particles inside the grapefruit and increase in directed energy. I also had a forced bowel movement. The chemicals that was in the food could be smell through my increments.

5-16/16 Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system.

5-16/17 Slept in another location, because the criminals of this technology kept pulsing my feet. It was continuous. Soon as I left the area, the pulsing stopped. But it stopped after gathering my things. As I was heading towards downtown, I seen a male dress in red and black with a cell phone pressed to his head. It was around 3A. in the morning. I also noticed several white vehicles passing through. This area usually stops being active around 7P. Anyway, I went to sleep in a new area. When I woke up I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. Earlier, I heard a vehicle come into a parking lot nearby. IT was parked there for at least 30 minutes.

5-17/18 I slept in a slightly different areas as it wasn’t the same warehouse that I am accustom to being under. At this location I could see a number of vehicles coming through the area. I don’t usually see this amount of vehicles passing by here. These vehicles were being redirected off Gillepsie St., which is where most of the traffic is situated. The amount of vehicles being directed in this area is connected to the directed energy attacks from both satellites and drones. Anyway, throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system.

5-17 Legacy Of A Nation – Blog talk Radio. I was invited as a guest speaker by Renata from California to speak on the matter of being targeted by covert technology. They were various speakers before and after me. I plan to upload this podcast on talkshoe and the GSS server.

5-18 Godaddy. I was informed by the company that host this website that I was in violation of their service agreement. As they stated by this service agreement that because this is a shared server, that I can not host files on it. I had this setup since day one, but clearly the actions is connected to the Legacy Of A Nation radio show I was a guest speaking on. I will be contacting them on Saturday to inform them that the files are attached to files being hosted on the site and there is not reason to suspend the website.

5-12 5:31p Rite AID Pharmacy. Store # 11502. 108 Rowan St. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-307-0342. Manager: Luisanna. Purchased Skittles Originals 14oz. 040000248729 and M&M Dark Chocolate Peanut 12.60oz. 040000236153. They were only one skittles on the shelf. Upon consuming these products, I felt an increased of directed energy on my body. I also felt a strong signal on my feet.

5-19 11:42A. Walgreens # 11691 110 Grove St. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-223-0270. Purchased WalG O/F Ice Cream Vanilla 04902232897 and Maola Milk Whole 07519600115. Manager: Miss NYLES.

5-19 3:37P. Walgreens # 11691 110 Grove St. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-223-0270. WalG (Nice) Orange Explosion 20oz. 04902251558 and CLSC Refreshing Cola 20 oz. 04902251557. Manager: Miss NYLES.

5-18/19 Slept away from the warehouse. Towards the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. I could feel the signals underneath me as I was sleeping on top of the grass.

5-19/20 Throughout the night into the morning, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. I particularly felt a strong rapid heartbeat in the early morning. I had consumed only Walgreen products the day earlier. The chemicals and nano-tech particles was still fresh in my body, which is why the criminals of this technology was able to manipulate my heart rate. I’m sure that if I did not consume anything, these attacks would not have existed.

5-20 Human Protection Software Suite. I plan to purchase the license agreement tomorrow. It will be for a trial period of 20 – 25 days. If it doesn’t work, I will be requesting my money on the 25th day. The purpose of purchasing the software so soon is because I will be traveling to New York City to run some errands. The New York environment is even more extreme with the “stalking” and electronic assaults. The reason is that there is a lot of infrastructure to complement their electronic weapons. There is also over 8.2 million people who they can manipulate for these assaults on my life.

5-21 13:17 Dollar Tree Stores, INC. #472 3656 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Tele # 910-482-0038. Manager: Frank. Purchased Murry’s Popcorn Chicken 7 oz. 073744028876, Ferrara Pan Lemon head 7 oz. 041420245091, TJ Farms Select Green Peas 14 oz. 755440004339 and Pict Sweet Steamables Gold Cut Corn 10oz. 070560979061. They were no other “customers” in the store when I came in. Within a minute, “customers” were seen several times. Also. The mansager made his presence several times. Then I seen him GPSing my location. As I was checking out, several people were crowding my space. I was forced to wait on the side before I was able to put my debit card information into the machine.

5-21 1:01p ALDI Store #72 3447 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Manager: Erin Divis. Purchased 2 Stellar Kiwi Fruit 16 oz. 033383401003, Baker’s Treat Cheese Danish 18 oz. 041498191320, Nature’s Nectar Splash Berry Blend 64 oz. 041498186654 (heavily contaminated. Tasted thick fluids inside this product. It was separated from the product itself), Texas Sweet Citrus Grapefruit Pamplemousse 5lb.bag 033383125039 (heavily contaminated. Tasted thick fluid inside this product. Resulted in diarrhea symptoms), 3 Loven Fresh Hotdog Buns 12 oz. 041498191825, Benton’s Everyday Chocolate Chip Cookies 14 oz. 041498157708 (noticeable smart dust particles inside product), Happy Farms Muenster Cheese 8 oz. 041498142933, Smoked Polish Sausages and Carlini 100% Extra Virgn Olive Oil 17 oz. 041498126681. Upon consuming these products, the vehicles in the surrounding area became aggressive. I increasingly felt electro-magnetic energy on my right foot, legs, hands, head and other parts of my body. I had forced bowel movement and as I was walking, I felt stinging on different regions of my face and head.

5-21 FSU Bronco. For the short period I was at this facility the attacks increased. They were several people there GPSing my location. This included brain mapping, pulsing both of my eyes, head and arms. And signaling my feet. When I left this facility, the attacks stopped. They even used their own children to direct this micro-wave energy at me.

5-22 Save The Babies – House Of Refuge. Heard micro-wave pulsing coming from this facility. White vehicle parked in front of 138, 126 and 122 Sam Cameron Ave. License Plate: PZV-4515nc. I was laying down in front of the warehouse at the time. When I moved out of line-of-sight of the weapons, the attacks subsided. However, while there, I could feel the signals being directed to different regions of my head. I first thought it was coming from the warehouse, but when I heard the pulsing sounds, they were coming from 122 Sam Cameron Avenue.

5-21/22 I had moved several places before settling at the second warehouse. This was the prefer location, because I had seen someone in the woods with a flashlight. Anyway, throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system.

5-22 Consumed the food that i purchased from Dollar Tree and I could feel the nano technology being accessed in my inner gums of my mouth. Then immediately noticed pulsing and signaling of my knees. As I was walking I see a Fayetteville, NC city vehicle parked in the grass. It was right near the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. This is an unusual location for a vehicle to be parked, especially the fact it was unattended. The direction of the vehicle is facing east towards Murchinson Rd. This is some time the position where I enter this area (referring to the MLK memorial). The license plate of vehicle is 11353T Storm water management.

5-22 FSU Bronco – Red Car AEY-3069nc, Blue car 0958DHnc, WYB-2276nc missing hubcap. Came into computer lab within 15 minutes. White SUV WRJ-2281nc.

5-22/24 Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system.

5-24/25 I slept at the Bragg Blvd location. After waking up I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. I had eaten the food that I had purchased from ALDI’s just earlier. I then left the area to go to my Gillepsie St. location. However, I stopped several times to take some water at a spiket. Each time I consumed the water I could taste nano tech particles in it. I had went to eight different locations. It was exactly the same reaction. When I got to the Gillepsie St. location, I had forgotten my MP3 player. So this prompted me to leave this location. However, I did noticed that the signals where particularly strong. I could feel these signals mostly on my face, forehead, eyebrows, sideburns, chin, cheeks, etc. So leaving the area was absolutely necessary to reduce these attacks. Anyway, once i rearrived in the bragg blvd area, I immediately searched for my MP3 player. I found it. Because I had walked a mile in an half each way, I decided that it was best for me to stay where I was at. When I woke up in the early morning, I seen a lady GPSing my location. So I walked further from her. A short while later, a vehicle pulls from a parking spot. It was driving very irregular. So this prompted me to leave the entire area.

5-25 I am now waiting for a money order to arrive so I can deposit it into my bank account. Most of the money is going to be used to purchase the Human Protection Software Suite (HPSS). Installation of the HPSS is absolutely necessary before making my trip to New York City. Because of the attacks is software driven it is my hope that it will reduce some of the attacks that the perpetrator organization use on me.

5-25 Ollies. I went to this establishment to purchase a shirt and immediately this “worker” positioned herself in my perimeter. I ask her kindly to give me some space to find something and she insist that she had to do her job in this area of the store. The signal coming off her body is enormous and this was the reason she was positioned in this area. They had already read my thoughts and that she was already scripted to perform a certain task in this area. So I left. I seen this person outside the store when I came back towards it. It was pretty obvious that if I stayed in the store, she would have never left it.

5-26 WYB-2276nc. Everytime I show up at the computer lab this guy shows his face. This is very intensional. I had to leave a short time later.

5-25/27 I slept at the Gillepsie St. location. Although I experienced a rapid heartbeat, it wasn’t as intensive as previousily. I woke up more refresh.

5-25 11:02:55 BIGLOTS. 3800 Ramsey St. Ste 112 Fayetteville, NC 28311. Tele # 910-483-6731. Manager: Christie. Purchased Mem Peanut FS HLWN Candy 40153676, Weese Festival Cookies 114003920, Liberty Orch Fruit Bites 110135986 and Mango 8.5 oz 114011368. Upon consuming these products the surrounding perpetrators were able to signal my location. I then felt increased electro-magnetic energy directed at my feet, legs and body.

5-27 20:14:54 IGA Carlie C’s 2738 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303. Tele # 910-483-8454. Manager: Gary. Purchased DSD Edible IGA Wheat Bread 2 Chic Sea Chunk Tunna, JFG Salad Dressing, Lettuce, Tray Tomatoes and Florida Oranges 4lb. bag. Upon consuming these products I could taste noticeable smart dust (lettuce, salad dressing and tomatoes). Attacks to the feet, legs, hands and head became more noticeable after consuming these products. This was particularly noticeable around passing vehicles, which was steered in my perimeter. Once I moved from the pathway of these vehicles, the attacks was somewhat minimized.

5-27/28 Slept right beside the church. Throughout the night into the morning I witness several vehicles coming into the area. It appeared that they were dropping people and equipment off, because after a while I could hear a familiar pulsing sound and the constant whine that these devices makes. Moreover, I could see the dark clouds that these devices makes. I have seen this in the Gillepsie St. area where I know where these devices are placed. However, I did not experienced the rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system that is so common with the attacks that I’m receiving.

5-29 FSU Bronco- HPSS: I purchased the HPSS today. I could first noticed the HPSS working on the 28th of May. Vehicles did not appeared to be as aggressive as before and stalking was minimized. However, I still felt the stinging attacks to my body when I walk in certain areas, particularly apartment complexes, cars and lower income neighborhoood. I even noticed the attacks minimized when I’m closer to other people. But I expect the HPSS to take a little more time to eliminate the attacks. Anyway, the attacks are mostly software based (90 percent) with about 10 percent being done by paid informants. Most of the informants are concentrated in closed facilities as it is easier to operate from these places.

5-22 11:13a Dollar Tree Store 2065 Skibo Rd Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-867-4772. Manager: Allan. Purchased Sun Flower seeds, trail mix, casher pieces, glue. When I shopped at this establishment, it was being stocked by more than three “employees”. Each alse was covered with boxes and they were far from finished when I entered the store. Upon consuming these products, I could taste the presence of smart dust particals.

5-27 Dollar Tree Store # 471 2636 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303. Tele # 910-486-9050. Manager: John Blackwell as claim by clerk: Carlos. Purchased Diced Pineapple, Mango Slices, SA Swiss Cheese, Snkr Fun Size, Lance Toastee, Bar-B Ham & Water, Plumrose Ham, Thick Bologna 10 oz., 1000 Island Salad Dressing. Tasted noticeable smart dust inside some of the products.

5-29 Family Dollar Store # 00163 420 Person St. Fayetteville, NC Tele # 910-483-8835. Manager: Silvia. I did not purchase food from this establishment, but I did noticed the entire store being restocked.

5-28/29 I slept at the Gillepsie St. area underneath the warehouse. Throughout the night into the morning I did not experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. This is the first time since not being targeted by electro-magnetic attacks. I contributed this to the HPSS. However, I am still getting the dream manipulation. And right after sun up I did have a rapid heartbeat. But I felt more refreshed when I woke up. I did not feel like laying back down.

5-29/30 After eating the food that I purchased from Dollar Tree and IGA supermarket, I went back to the FSU Bronco computer center. They were already people at the center, but several more people came into this facility. One such group of people consist of a family with two children and a wife and husband. One of those children was placed in the area were I was sitting. I had experienced families using their children to pulse this micro-wave energy at my body before. I could feel the signals coming from this individual so I moved from this area. I then setup at another computer in an entirely different area of the lab. However, this individual also had a pulsing device that I felt on different areas of my head. So I repositioned myself in the back of the lab away from everyone else. But I still maintain my presence in the front of the lab to upload files from the GSS server to my external hard drive. I need to eventually delete these files so my site does not get suspended. Anyway, I believe going back to the lab after eating the contaminated food was a mistake. The nano tech particles that was placed in the food was very fresh in my body, which allowed surrounding perpetrators to GPS different areas of my body. Before consuming the food the stalking was minimized and the electronic attacks was almost non apparent. After consuming the food, everything became very routine, vehicles (mostly white, some burgandy and red) traveled in pairs. Certain individuals would cross on my side of the street to get closer to me to pulse the electro-magnetic energy at my body, etc. When I came into the Gillepsie St. area, these electro-magnetic signals surrounded my head and face. When I went to sleep and woke up, I could feel the electronic pulsing on the heal of my feet. I had a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. This happened everytime I woke up. Of course the attacks is connected to the contaminated food, water and going into the lab.

5-30 FSU Bronco. I arrived in this facility around 3:30p. There was small number of people there. I seen the typical faces, including the guy that drives the new vehicle WYB-2276nc. He is usually there when I came in, but at times, he would be there within a few minutes of me coming into this facility. I felt a small level of directed energy mostly focused on my legs.

5-30 I consumed the Virgin Olive Oil, Salad Dressing, Bread, Cheese and spread. Upon consuming these products, I felt directed energy underneath my right foot. It was continuous. The virgin olive oil came from ALDIs. The salad dressing and cheese came from Dollar Tree and the bread and spread came from IGA Carlie C’s.

5-30 21:10:12 IGA Carlie C’s 1790 Owen Dr. Fayetteville, NC 28304. Tele # 910-484-2270. Store Manager: Jason. Purchased IGA Smoked Sausage. (Table Rite) 48 oz. 041270042154, Dole Iceberg Lettuce 071430031872, 2 Nature’s Own Honey Wheat Bread 20 oz. 072250037068, 2 Bosc Pears and Delmonte Bananes Plu # 4237.

5-30/31 Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. However, the symptoms were no where as severe as previously. Although I am still getting signal attacks mostly to the head and face, repeated burning of my right leg and manipulation of my root canal.

5-31  This is my second full day using the Human Protection Software Suite and I still noticed the synchronization of vehicles in my perimeter. Vehicles would pull out of the parking lot as I’m coming towards the entrance/exit or they would be coming towards the intersection right before I cross. This puts me right at their front end. With people, they would come into the lab, or if they think I’m going to go into a business, they would pull into the parking lot. This gives them the opportunity to GPS my location both from their vehicles and inside the store. If they are no one in the store when I first enter, they would be several people by the time I leave. Furthermore, the food/drink is still being contaminated in these many food businesses. But on a positive note, I do notice some minimizing of attacks. It would take some time to deal with these other matters. On a different subject, Greg who mentioned on my GSS website, will be filing his lawsuit against the FCC and FBI on behalf of the TI community. I will be keeping you a breast on the progress of this event.

5-31  Went to sleep around 4a after walking from the Bragg Blvd location. After waking up around 7A, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. It felt like the nano tech particles that I consumed yesterday was surrounding my heart. I could feel the area around my heart vibrating. The signals is continuous even when my heart isn’t beating rapidly. The soda that I purchased yesterday was from BP Bragg Blvd. Some of it has spilled out after opening it, so it was shaken just before I purchased it. It was also very contaminated with nano particles, which I could taste in my mouth. The soda was a Dr. Pepper 2 liters 07800082463. It was the only Dr. Pepper on the shelf. All the other flavors had at least two or more of the same kind on the shelf. These are the kind of crimes that keep happening year after year and not a DAMN thing is being done about this! Not only did I experienced a rapid heartbeat, which is being manipulated by the nano technology, I could feel the signals around my entire head and face. The malicious food and drink contamination is crime against humanity for the purpose of subjugating my life to these events. If I had not consumed the soda, I would not be writing this post. Also noted is that I had a forced bowel movement after consuming this product. It was diarrhea like symptoms.

5-24 11:28a  Best Buy #174 Fayetteville, NC 28314. Purchased Toshiba 3.0 Port 5006B ext. Hard Drive. Upon shopping at this establishment I immediately seen Officer R. Morrison. I had seen him in previous visits to the store. But his presence was very suspect. First a young lady was working the register, so I asked her about the hard drives I was interested in. The next thing I noticed was an older male dress with a white collar shirt appeared. I asked if he was the manager. He told me John Arela was the store manager, but if you looked at him, he looked like the boss and John looked like his subordinate. I was at least 10 years older than John and 10 years younger than the guy in the collar shirt. I have seen this play out in other stores as well. Someone has to take blame for how I was being treated. Well, it really wasn’t how I was being treated, it was more about how people was being coordinated around me. You see, everyone’s device is programmed different and time is of an essence in this program. I knew the officer was the main person, because 1) he positioned himself in my perimeter several times and 2) I seen him GPSing my location. The female leaving and the older sale’s person appearing is the same as when perpetrators came on the bus at different intervals. It isn’t that they are making room for other perpetrators, it is that their equipment is setup as a staging point for the attacks, which at some point will interfere with other devices doing the actual tracking. Anyway, I would not normally document this kind of business, because, it does not involve food. However, the actions that took place above was too significant to ignore.


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