Is Your Library Surveillancing You?

Important Concern,

I’m being very serious. Two weeks ago I went down to City Hall with a list of complaints. I met with two LACKIES (blacks who work with whites against blacks people). The first guy gave the false notion that he was aware of the racism going on inside the library. The second guy made it plan and clear that this is the way it is and will always be and you are not going to change things.
For clarification purposes, the second guy told me out of his own mouth that it is within the Libraries own right to monitor what get sent through the internet. He also told me arm security guard are mandatory in the library for safety reasons

As you can see, these are the kind of people who are given jobs in city hall. They are there to keep us from getting the same rights that whites have.

This is the south. Specifically, it is Fayetteville North Carolina where interracial relationship are common (even amongst white men/black women couples). So one wonders why Black like myself are having a hard time coping with the old way.

For some it has changed. But if you are conscious and are aware of many things, it has gotten worse.

First of all, I’m completely against surveillance cameras and techniques used to monitor someone’s internet searches. But before I continue I must say that for many people, it doesn’t appear to be a problem.

If you were to go inside the library, it looks completely normal. They are blacks and whites working at the library. There is a lot of material that can be useful to most people.

But the material is compiled by Government workers. Oh! you did not know that the Library is operated by the government? YES! indeed it is. That’s why they call it a public library not a private library.

I don’t know when this occurred, but since it not a private library, one has to wonder why?

I grew up liking public libraries. But then the camera’s and security came and I stop going inside of them. I just felt that black’s behavior was being more scrutinized too often when it wasn’t necessary. I just felt that the reason it was occurring was because they wasn’t to discourage them from going to the library.

I feel that is happening to me as of now. They “Cumberland County Library” located at 300 maiden lane in Fayetteville North Carolina makes every effort to make me feel very uncomfortable to the point I would want to leave. If I even blink and eye, they will send the guard after me. And they constantly turn my WIFI off when I’m searching websites. Especially if those site pertain to black oriented issues.

I can’t even walk inside the library without every scrambling to get to a computer so they can surveillance my internet search and my movements. This is the America in the future for most people. I’m just one of their demonstration projects. They just want to see how long I hold up before I break down.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me. But that is a story I will like to save for my book.

America is becoming more like the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union is becoming more like the United States.

The United States use to be a country that you kind of appreciated. You can walk in the street and if you have to scratch you behind, you could find a place away from people and do it. Now, the government have install highly powerful surveillance cameras on the street to “monitor traffic.”

That’s a bunch of bull, but they can get most Americans to believe everything.

Now the Libraries across the country are saying they need these cameras as a safety measure for their staff.


There staff in every corner of the library to provide protection.

And if they want to protect their property, the camera’s can be situated near the entrance where people leave.

Also what you need to know about these camera’s is they are connected to a national face recognition program.

I know because every library I have gone to, the security and library personnel have made me their target.

Maybe (and I’m sure it is) the many years of marching against police brutality and racist discrimination that prompted our government to scan my face into their systems. But this is real folks!

If you feel that you are being harassed in a governmental institution, don’t write it off as “it’s all in your mind.” What the government has done is target anyone who has ever been in a protest and has label them terrorist.

This also means that when ever you enter an airport, there is a likelihood that you might be on the “no fly” list.

Isn’t that incredible? YES! but don’t think it surprising. This operation has been engineered way before 911 was constructed.

YES! 911 is a BIG lie. And the people who engineered it were the one’s who flew the planes inside the buildings.

I’m taking a lot of risk saying this, but someone has to let the truth be heard.

Americans are under attacked as well as our third world cousins. The powers that be are doing everything to stay in power and they feel that in order to do that, they must control people’s lives. And the best way to control people is to know what you are dealing with. So this is where the surveillance comes into play.

Again. The camera’s isn’t about security, it is about control. It is about monitoring people’s behavior and harassing those who do not share the same views as the government.

This is a long post, I know, but I needed to get this off my chest.

If you don’t hear from me, know that the government has annihilated me.

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