All 4 sites are down after using LIBRARY WIFI

All sites are down after using Library WIFI. I have already contacted my developer regarding the black conscious news website. However, the Black Conscious Network, Travel and and Black Adult Entertainment will remain closed until a new platform is found to replace it.

There is a lot of speculations of what happened, because once I changed the password to the server before the site stop working. But the problem first started when I was updating the news stories and the pictures wouldn’t display. Now the site is totally down. Another problem was signing into the Black Conscious Network site. It displayed a blank page.

I advise everyone to not use the LIBRARY WIFI if you cherish privacy and do not want your websites (if you have any) to be compromised.

I changed the passwords, but two things could have happened.

1) I did not change them in time and the staff in the Library destroyed some of the information on the server
2) Changing the password has lead to the site not being accessed. I will change the password back temporarily to see what happened. If the sites do not come up, then I have a lot of work ahead of me.

This is a BIG warning to everyone to use a lot of precaution in using the Library computers or WIFI service.

It just goes to show you that if you are trying to educate your people, prepare yourself for precautions like this one.

But on a good note. The sites weren’t generating money directly. I expect my next MYSPACE page to take care of that.

Thanks for reading and good day.

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