Police Corruption

Where is all the money coming from for this police surveillance of American citizens? Just yesterday I was working at one of my wifi areas and one of these colored coded police appeared. The officer in question told me that it was illegal to use someone else’s wifi. These were his first words. His second words was that he was tracking me.

Now what in the world is going on here? Doesn’t these police officers have anything better to do than to harass homeless individuals working in their car.

Anyway, you might be thinking that I’m back in Fayetteville, but time and time again, this seems to be a phenonmenon all over the south.

If you aren’t doing anything particularly wrong, than the police has no business bothering you.

But this incident was different. Just recently I was at the Library and the Sherif kept watching me. This was after I put new security in my system.


You must be wondering why would Sherif personel be watching inside the library. Well… since I have installed new computer software, the HACKERS (police and government officials) no longer had access to my online experience.

Therefore, it esculated into this recent action involving me having to leave an OPENED school parking lot.

By the way, there were no Tresspassing signs, so I figured I take a break here. This was a Saturday afternoon.

This is the climinate that many Americans are facing. And it is increasingly becoming more restricted for us to speak our minds.

It is just a manner of time that cewfews be placed on Americas and the things they take avantage of today. As a manner of fact, I can remember that it was much freer to move around without worrying about your actions were been surveillance.

But since this time, the illuminati “NEW WlORLD ORDER” people have take over the government and installed policies that make it harder for the average person. Especially individuals who’s view are different from the establishment.

But has really anything changed in the South. Remember, there were many restrictions placed on the black community before the civil rights movement. And I feel that although less evident, these systems still exist.

Another thing I’m going to say is that the racism here is more individualistic. So you are more likely to be TARGETED directly if the group annihilation fails. It isn’t about crime, it is about control. And if you don’t fit along this context, you face even more scutinization than someone engaged in this detrimental behaviors.

Perhaps I have reached the end of the line. Because in all my years (35 of them) in the NORTH, I did not face this level of harassment from law enforcement officers. Maybe because I wasn’t driving a vehicle, or maybe because I wasn’t using wifi services at the time. But walking in so many places could have made me a TARGETED to this practice. However, it didn’t.

I hope Obama does something about these racist law enforcement officers and elected officials. Because the world can’t keep going like this.

There are too many people loosing their jobs for the law enforcement officers to be spending too much resources for surveillance HOMELESS MEN in their cars using WIFI that is open to the public.

Some of you might be saying why don’t I use the WIFI services in the Library? If you have been reading my blog, you won’t be raising this question. First of all, the internet runs really slow in the Library. And second, it is because you have teams of “Librarians” assigned to viewing other people’s personal web experiences.It is what they are being paid to do. However, very few people know that this exist.

Being that these “Librarians” are assigned to this duty, it is no wonder that they could be offended by some of the things I typed in my computer. And as a result of this offense, they will go about blocking various webpages and services that I count on for my resources (I mentioned this in 2005 when I was in Virginia).

So now you understand why I put so much emphasis in blocking everyone from seeing what I publish in my blogs/webpages. I don’t want to offend anyone.

But these parasites are not satisfied with no being offended. They want to see what kind of information you are putting online, so that know how to control you. This is happening to me right now.

As a resut of putting some critical information online, I’m faced with highly sophisticated mind controling technogies. This is a 24/7 assault on my right to privacy and freewill.

This is being orgistrated by the corrupt establishment and the racist regime of these government. And it will affect more people as the time goes on.


PS: I’m presently in DURAM NORTH CAROLINA!

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