Happy New Year!

This really isn’t a African New Year, but I recognize it as a starting of a new beginning; a time to grow from past experiences.

Anyway, my situation has not changed. I’m under 24 hours harassment and monitoring. This will continue as long as people tolerate corrupt governments.

Also, my car broke down. The radiator hose broke and the temperature gauge started to indicate that the vehicle was getting hot. As a result, I had to pull over.

I did receive some help at a lowes parking lot, but due to the fact that I didn’t have a flashlight, he could not see what the problem was.

So I had to drive to a gas station to fill it up with water. At first I thought I forgot to put my cooliant in and decided to get some water and some cooliant.

The guy at Lowes warned me about purchasing cooliant, but I just did not want to believe that my radiator hose was split.

The car steamed so much that I had to pull over, otherwise I would have pull a gasket. This would have totally decommissioned the vehicle and would have no way of getting to my destination.

Anyway, from the grace of GOD a trooper stopped and assist me after the car wouldn’t turn over.

From there I drove without stopping, because stopping would have meant that I would not get to my destination and that could not happen this time (regardless if I blew a gasket or not).

To make matters worse, I was charged $135 for a 60 dollar problem. And if I knew a little more about cars, I would have saved $100.

This is a history lesson.

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