Los Angeles Targeted Individual Meeting Notes

We were finally able to hold the first Los Angeles area Support Group meeting on Sunday, July 21, 2013 after a hiatus of nearly a year while the Coordinator, Delores Hall had to take time to recover from extremely severe targeting.  DeDe is one of a few survivors who is truly on the road to recovery. More about that later.
DeDe hired a videographer who taped the meeting for showing on YouTube.

There were several speakers, including Derrick Robinson, director of FFCHS.  The first speaker, Alfonso is a member of an organization that is associated with the United Nations. He may be of important help to the targeted individual community at some point.  Other participants shared their targeting experiences  with the group.

DeDe Hall shared with everyone her recent experience with the Human Protection Software Suites (HPSS), invented by Mellhedek, which was instrumental in stopping much of her attacks, enabling her to recover from a relentless onslaught.  What Mellhedek is doing for her and others is nothing short of miraculous.

We also decided to start a “Buddy List” for the Los Angeles area.  If you’d like your name added to this list, send it to DeDe.

DeDe hopes now to have meetings on a more regular basis.  More announcements will be coming soon about the next meeting.


12 thoughts on “Los Angeles Targeted Individual Meeting Notes

  1. All these posts are old. Is there still anybody involved? Are there still meetings?

  2. Being able to offer additional seating, without the area looking consequently congested can be one crucial

  3. There is currently a report in the OC Register about a group of people using cell phones, Facebook pages, local law enforcement, and automobiles tailing to follow and capture a runaway dog. It is a small but now very public example that such a network might actually exist and work. If it can work in a positive way to help a dog get home, imagine if someone started a rumor about a person on such a network. It could get into bad territory quickly. Where does community policing end and community harassment begin? What if this goes on for years? Is it an investigation(info gathering) or bullying( or self appointed punishment)? If the behavior and network becomes large enough, do we trust the “due process” any more? If accusations can be made without the “target” knowing, the target has no recourse for getting their life back together. And if actions of the group do land the individual in legal trouble, how can any jury or judge or other be truely trusted if social media can spread rumors far and wide shaping the opinions of large sections of the communities long before the target is aware of what exactly is going on in their lives? If corporations are backing any of these networks, is it truely community policing? Or is it now corporations abusing group behavior to further corporate agenda? At that point do corporations actually form the opinions of a community about opposing groups or individuals and therefore corrupt due process and community spirit? If workplace mobbing and school wide bullying can be recognized and attempts at regulating can be made, is it not time that the Lagal system and community recognize that group harassment is the dark side of community policing and strict lines need to be drawn. Or due process is gone and we are back to the days of Salem witch hunts and vigilantes where a rumor can unjustly ruin a life just as much as it can bring punishment for bad behavior.

  4. I’m tempted to photo them when I can catch them, but I really don’t want to play the where’s waldo game. I can be nerve racking doing that. so I avoid doing that and feel a lot better not trying to catch them in a photo. I’m relying on the police reports and will seek out other tactics.

    now enough of my ramblings

    thanks in advance

  5. also, in the meantime I have filed a police report for the first time on their activities. and plan to continue to file police reports on them.

  6. this definitely applies to me. and I know exactly where these stalkers are at and I was able to capture a photo of one of them.

    Their unit: Motel 6
    705 S. Beach Blvd
    Unit 223
    Anaheim, CA. 92804

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Normally I would not post this address, but I’m curious as to what else I can do.

    thanks in advance

  7. is there a current number for Derrick Robinson? I keep getting a busy signal. 213-453-4407. Please call vs email. Would like to be a part of this.

  8. It would be a pleasure to work with you. But first, what would be the best time to call you. We have a number of projects in the pipeline and we are looking for people who can assist in this process.

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