Electronic Harassment Continues

They attack me while I’m sleeping. They attack me while I’m awake. They attack me while I’m eating. They attack while I’m walking. They attack me while I’m using the bathroom in places that is too graphic to discuss on my blog. They attack me 24 hours a day.


Because I complained about police racist harassment and corruption. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me.

In 2005 I lost my apartment due to complaining about a security guard in my building.

And in 1993, I complained about the dirty thirtieth precinct after they made me homeless due to a tenant/landlord dispute.

This problem is ongoing. They are targeting various regions of my face, which incudes: eyes, nose and head. They have all kinds of weapons at their dispose and it is being done by satellites.

No matter where you go, you can’t escape it. These weapons can operate through walls. They can see everything a person does, regardless if they are in a 10 – 50 story building or in a underground subway.

This is orchestrated by organized crime yours truly the U.S. government.

Billions, not Millions is being spent on each individuals. It is no wonder they don’t have the money to save country. It is all being spent on a black man who lives in his van and takes showers at the homeless shelter.

But I don’t see a dime of this money.

The church that I use to attend when I was in Fayetteville, NC got the money.

Pastor Les Matthews and his family have spend thousands of the dollars to renovate the church.

This church (416 Russell Street) is located inches from the criminal police station that is involved with this conspiracy.

The pastor was an ex Military high official. I’m sure he can explain why I was placed into this program, while I suffer 24 hours a day from privacy invasion and electronic harassment.

But he isn’t the only one involved. For instances, I will go as far as investigating the mayor and the city council members, the police commission and the city attorney. There are several other people involved and the investigation will have to include the black church (white churches are involved as well).

I specifically want to focus on black churches that receive funding from the government. I also want to know what kind of funding they are receiving and from who they received it from. Whether it is from private or public sources.

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5 thoughts on “Electronic Harassment Continues

  1. I am an electronic harassment target could be government related dealing with issues cointelpro could be a matter that should be investigated, from 2011-to present and my family could be under this program. go under wiki under cointelpro this is what is happening to me. The doctors and hospitals don’t seem to understand this technology in Louisville, Ky 40211. Crystal Payne, Louisville, Ky resident, daughter of Thomas Payne past Uofk, and Atlanta Hawks player. Could be a government situation or investigation firm of some sort don’t know. I have had threats of them killing my family for no reason. and they could have put this technology on my family members…son, myself. They have planned to set up my whole entire family for rape, molestation, aggravated assault, murder, kidnapping, check -frauds any type of scams, anything dealing with that matter, drugs and all. They refuse to release me from the technology. They have planned to set my family members with crimes dealing with professional people in the past in Georgia, KY. I am not dealing with no one in GA, or KY past modeling industry, The last time I was there was in 2010. Also my son does not know these people either. No connection with them at all. And I am not dealing with no past boyfriends or friends here in Louisville, Ky . The industry has not bothered me and my family in anyway. Kentucky matter or could be stalkers don’t know or investigating firm or government issue. This what is been seen Big huge Satan images clouds in the sky what we our seeing all over the world.
    I am receiving no help in Louisville, KY on this matter. I need you track see were this technology coming from .
    Attention Head FBI/

  2. I’m a victim now and need a forum and trying to find people just like me, they harrass me where I live and I am taking it one day at a time.

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  4. this type of electronic torture from DEW, directed energy weapons is occurring all across the USA. Most every defense manufacturer makes DE products. They range from handheld, mounted, aerospace, cell, satellite. Thousands of Americans are reporting this and most if not all have been charged with anything. This is a huge injustice and it happening to women as well as men. This is all it takes… piss off some person and they use these vendetta/ vigilant weapons on you. Some good link that explains what is going on

    Electronic doesn’t exist right– here’s one their tradeshows





    They ran out of legitimate terrorists that the infrastructure was built for post 9-11. So they electronically harassed all the ones out of the country they needed to. Since they don’t want to see their budgets cut they are adding “regular Americans” to the list. I saw a list of 450 people reporting this same thing and not one Muslim name. The funding is most likely already in place… they don’t want to see cuts… finding you to fill the gap. They found me too.

    Remote Neural Monitoring…. it’s a reality. The Gov’t/military has been using brain to computer link and brain to brain link for years.


    Remote Neural Monitoring is the technology he says in this interview that should not come out for 200 years


    Who sits at a computer and tortures someone remotely… a coward.

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