Electric Powered Van

I have spent countless dollars and time to develop a system that will power my electronic and the solution was to go solar power. Along with this package included a communication center that will give me access to the world of networking.

Lets start with the basics.

First I had to prepare the roof for the installation of a solar panel and a antenna mast. This involved a lot of planning and purchases of parts. As difficult as this task was, once everything was in place, the installation of these two technologies was quite simple.

The mast is actually a cooper pipe, since I thought a regular mast would present weight issues. So far I believe it was a good choice. But because of it size it has to be more protected. I plan to complete this job in the coming weeks.

The next idea was to place solar panel along the roof horizontally. This did not quite work out the way it was planned. Because the panel was a little longer than expected, it could not be bolted down. The temporary solution was to anchor it to hooks. The Antenna system would also share this same feature.

This method can present problems in the future (and when you have all that strain on one system, the likelihood of the system failing is imminent). Therefore, the plan would be to use longer screws bolted to a metal roof. The idea would be borrowed from the concept that was used with the antenna mast.

This would provide stability to a larger section of the roof, while removing the burden from anchored side. It will also provide additional shielding to this section of the roof that does not exist currently.

As for the antenna system, I plan to anchor the front, as this will give the mast additional protection from wind gust. But I must take into account that I don’t want to interfere with the prospects for another solar panel installation.

But installing another solar panel would require me to purchase 3 additional batteries (I just purchase my third battery yesterday). In order to justify this cost, I must factor in several other things.

For instance, besides powering a television, computer, fan and other devices, what other devices would be added in the future. If they were added, what benefits would they serve.

I have yet to come to this understanding, as my harassment situation limits these abilities.

For example, I would like the van to have a refrigerator and a microwave. But due to space constrains, that is hardly possible. Also, I would have to factor in the cost of a new inverter, as the current one will not allow this to happen.

Anyway, my recent purchases involved camera surveillance equipment. The first set of purchases did not meet my overall goal and as a result had to purchase new equipment.

The problem with the first set of equipment, it did not operate according to specification. For instance, the cameras were suppose to record live video and the full sequence of the attached memory card. Only one camera achieved the live video, and none of the cameras record the entire length of the memory card (they recorded in less than 1hr bits).

The second set of cameras should have been brought with the DVR system, but because I did not investigate further, I mistakenly brought a separate set of cameras. A systems would have cost me a little over $300.

Now purchasing the system will result in me having two additional cameras, put it is still a worthwhile investment compare the latter.

The purpose of the cameras is to surveillance the antenna mast and the surrounding area. This is particularly useful when I’m driving the video. Other purposes could include recording signals that are beamed to me from unknown sources.

Another purchase involved an HDTV. As you know, just a month ago I purchased an HDTV adapter. But because the harassers have access to intercepted technologies, they have the ability to hack your computer.

I don’t know how they were ability to accomplish this task, since the computer was not connected to the internet.

Now one wonders why they are in a rush to get everyone into Digital Television.

It pretty obvious that they have the ability to manipulate the signal. I also suspect that they are able to program certain messages to targeted subjects.

It is pretty clear that there agenda does not coincide with a nation of freespeech, the right to privacy (as I think the digital tv gives them the abiity to see U and other occupant in view of the device).

It is a pretty scary phenonmenon, but it is a DAMN REAL ONE! If this situation continues, it could result in martial law. And I don’t think the average citizen is prepare for something like that!

Anyway, it looks like everything that I said in the past is coming to fruition. But who knows, maybe things will turn around in our favor. Only GOD can make this happen.


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  1. Again I Say To YOU Chris: TRUST No Body AND No One.

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