Targeted Individual and Inventor Rainetta Jones

Inventor of Ipod and Kindle

Rainetta Jones

UK Concept Innovator Seven excoriates Steve Jobs, validates targeted inventor Rainetta Jones as original inventor of Apple iPod and Amazon Kindle

By Alfred Lambremont Webre


VANCOUVER, BC – In this August 31, 2015 Panel with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Targeted Inventor Rainetta Jones recounts her story as the true Inventor of the (1) Apple iPod (which revived a sagging Apple’s fortunes at the time it was released and then incorporated into Apple’s profit mainstay iPhone) and the true Inventor of the (2) Kindle, which Amazon has used to increasingly monopolize the eBook market.

With this Panel, the late Steve Jobs of Apple and Jeff Bezos of Amazon, former and current CEOs of companies using inventions stolen unlawfully from Rainetta Jones,  join the ranks of another Intellectual Property theft racketeering syndicate operating within major corporate law firms and media giants, including BBC, ITV, Virgin Media, Channel 4, Scottish TV, as well as major networks in 146 nations around the world showing programs that were stolen by the syndicate from Concept Innovator Charles Seven Seven including the blockbuster and profit center “Dancing with Stars” on ABC-TV in the USA and CTV in Canada.

Targeted Concept Innovator Charles Seven validates inventions and experiences of Targeted Inventor Rainetta Jones

UK Concept Innovator Charles Seven validates the experiences of Rainetta Jones, who contacted Charles Seven as a result of Seven’s public outreach. In this Panel, Rainetta Jones recounts how her Intellectual Property in the iPod and the Kindle were created subsequently stolen and she became targeted by an international targeting syndicate. As part of the theft of Rainetta Jones’ Intellectual Property in the iPod and Kindle, Rainetta became a targeted individual in the same way as occurred to Charles Seven under SevenGate.

SevenGate, the landmark exposé by UK Concept Innovator Seven through her self-represented lawsuit against a worldwide high-level law, media, and government psyop syndicate to target creators, steal lucrative media properties, and fund domestic state terror with the surplus revenues.

Concept Innovator Charles Seven, a musician and media creative Producer, has singlehandedly won one of the U.K.’s largest Intellectual Property theft cases against this Intellectual Property theft racketeering syndicate. More


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  1. Hi Rainetta,

    I think I have found the right person. I’ve been trying to email you for about a week now. I’m having problems because they have blocked my email communication so it’s been difficult to know if people are receiving them. I would be really grateful if we could open lines of communication. I am being technologically attacked, hacked and stalked i’ve been running across the world to escape my perpetrators. I’m now trapped in Jakarta at the moment and I’m genuinely concerned for my safety. My Instagram is driftwood8968, and my blog is also I totally understand if you’re currently busy and can’t get back to me, however I would be grateful if you could shoot me a message on either platform just so I know you have been receiving my communications.

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