October 2015 Journal

Affidavit: http://govsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

10-1 Bee stings attacks to my legs. Attacks felt like someone sticking pins in my legs.

10-1 6p Read the Audio Journal on talkshoe. It went well. This is the third time I read the Journal since 2012. Recording of the Journal can now be found by visiting talkshoe.com and searching “83319”. Once at my profile, you can either download it or listen to it live. The important part about listening to the journal is that you can do other thing around it. The other important thing about the journal is that you will learn about the techniques and tactics that I and the criminal organization uses. This will allow you to cope and avoid a lot of the targeting that is so common with our situation. But the most important part about the Journal is you will learn the importance of evidence gathering and how you can use it to empower yourself.

10-1/2 Raining all night into the next morning, but that did not mean the targeting stops. But it does mean that the targeting is more specific. Attacks to the hip was noticeable.

10-2 Attacks was minimized to the legs. Ate noodles I purchased from Aldis. Although I rinsed it several times, the attacks were still there, especially in the night/morning.

10-2/3 Heavy rain. Shortly after waking up strong bee sting attacks to the legs and toes. I was laying on my side. When I start laying on my stomach, attacks was than focused on my head. When I bang my feet together, attacks subsided.

10-3 7a While waking up I heard dogs barking in the background. I did have a noticeable rapid heartbeat and attacks was concentrated to my hips.

10-3 Bee sting attacks to the legs.

10-3 Attacks to the stomach increased after eating in late evening.

10-3/4 Attacks to the chest were continuous after being woken around 3a. Abnormal heart palpitations were also noticeable.

10-4 17:25p Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #4902 336 N. Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, NC 28301-5175. Telephone No.: 910-484-1388. Manager: Carlos. Purchased Chocolate Nut Mix, Indulgent Mix Sunflower Seeds, Gourmet Mixed Nut, Pumpkin Mellocremes, shoestring fries, wafer cookies, Tootsie Fruit Chews, Sniker fun size, Sugar Babies, Reese Pieces Butercup, Soybean oil blend, elbow macaroni, pasta, Moments cookies, Twix Fun size, swiss rolls, toothpaste nature white, hand sanitizer and bubs maple cookies. Noticeable perpetrators centered in the back of store and right before checking out, “customer” was standing next to my property.

10-4 16:58p Food Lion #0367 342 N. Eastern Blvd Ste. 2 Fayetteville, NC 28301. Telephone No.: 910-485-8886. Manager: Sheppherd. Noticeable stock person’s throughout the store. I count more than 10 different persons in more than 7 alses. Anyway, I purchased Food Lion brand Brocolli Florets 24 oz., FL Brand Green peas, White House Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 Nabisco Chips Ahoy Reese Pieces Cookies, Gwaltney Hot Dogs, Fuji Apples, Red Grapefruit and Onions.

10-4 After coming back from shopping, I noticed strong energies around my sleeping area. I could feel it in my toes as bee sting attacks. It had rain earlier, so it did repel some of the attacks though. However, when I laid down, the attacks was focused on different parts of my body. When I moved my bends away from me many of these attacks stopped. But I could feel the attacks in the form of crystals in the mouth. When I leave the area, these criminal groups saturate the area with technology. I have no control over this, but I am able to limit the attacks by identifying where it is. Cleaning the area (especially the area surrounding me) always give positive results.

10-4/5 Throughout the night into the next morning attacks to the legs in the form of bee stings. Some attacks to the head, feet and toes was noticeable as well.

10-5 After consuming these products from Dollar Tree and Food Lion, attacks to the legs, hands, toes, stomach, fingers increased. Attacks to the legs, feet and toes felt like bee stings, which is like someone sticking a needle in this area. Signal attacks was also felt on my feet, hands, fingers and head. These attacks, although existed before consuming these products, the attacks increased at unbearable levels. The attacks first start with my stomach, which is a pass-through for technology attacks to the rest of my body.

10-5/6 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the right foot and a rapid heartbeat several times I was woken. I could hear the dogs barking, which is about two thousand yards from me. This tells me that someone is in the area. The church is right across the street from the where the dogs are located. The church has the transponders that the criminal organization use to communicate with other transponders in the area. The reason why this is an important area, other than the street that the warehouse is on, is because it is the closes street to the neighborhood perpetrators. This allows someone to be on call at any given time.

10-6 Attacks to the legs throughout the day.

10-6/7 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the feet and legs. Rapid heartbeat around 6a.

10-7 Large amount of nano dust crystals in the Chocolate Nut Mix I purchased from Dollar Tree Stores and peas mixed vegetables I purchased from Food Lion.

10-7 After consuming the food, I heard a motorcycle coming into the back of the warehouse. Then I heard the motorcycle leaving and judging by the sound, I knew which direction it was going. I have heard a similiar sound motorcycle coming going into the back of the warehouse and leaving within a few minutes. As I have already indicated in previous journals that they have setup pulsing devices in this location, which can be access by anyone coming into this area. The pulsing devices emit electro-magnetic waves that interface with the implants in my body. The implants is placed in the food and when I consume it, the perpetrator activity increases in the area to manipulate these pulsing devices to attack certain parts of my body. Many times it is not immediate, which means the attacks usually occur at night when I’m sleeping or waking up from a sleep. Also noted is since I have been in this area, the amount of activity at this warehouse has increased. I’m talking about the business activity. This new monies is coming from the government as this business has been the primary location of this criminal activity. Moving to a new location would only mean the government funding new businesses and residences in the targeted area. This is your tax paying dollars at work.

10-7/8 Throughout the night into the morning, attacks to the chest, legs and feet in the form of bee stings. Also attacks to the leg joints, elbow, ears and nose cavity was felt. At around 6a a rapid heartbeat felt.

10-8 I could hear sounds that resembles rain drops in the area. I’m familiar with how they can place the nano dust around you and that appeared to have been the issue here as I could only hear it in my immediate area.

10-8/9 After being woken I felt constant directed energy attacks to the right buttock. Also experienced a rapid heartbeat. Heard sounds in area, which woke me up several times. Perpetrators place technology in area often so they can reach you with the weapons setup in others locations.

10-9 Burning to the right leg in the form of bee stings after consuming food I purchased from Dollar Tree. I could clearly taste the nano dust in the nut pack I was eating, Attacks to the stomach has increased as well.

10-9/10 Continued burning of my right leg throughout the night into the morning. Also attacks to my nose, arms, feet and head.

10-10 Throughout the the day muscular attacks to my neck. It felt like a symptom of Arthritis, but the pain goes in and out. Also attacks to my left ear. Than attacks to my stomach after eating rice and black eye peas that I purchased at IGA and noodles that I purchased at Dollar Tree. Later heard pulsing devices being activated throughout area.

10-10/11 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the mid-section, right buttocks, feet, neck, head, shoulders and arm. Also memory retraction through manipulated false dreams, which happens every night.

10-11 Constant attacks to the feet. I did not eat or drink the rain water the entire day.

10-11/12 Throughout the night into th morning attacks to the feet, legs, leg joints, head, stomach, neck, face, eyebrows, nose, toes and fingers. Also attacks to my computer – when I turn the computer on, I got the black screen of death. And once I was able to recover the machine by flashing the bios, the operating system had been messed with. That was fixed as well. Many Targeted Individuals have lost a lot of money replacing their computer, because they didn’t have the technical understanding on what to do. This is what you should do. 1) download the flash files for your computer. There should be information on this by running a search on your computer model and flash bios files. 2) Get a program called spotmau 2012. This will recover your windows and you can use it to backup your hard drive. 3) Have a standby computer if something goes wrong. The files should be identical to the files on your main computer. 4) Keep all your data files on your flash drive. This includes videos, pictures, pdf’s, word documents, etc.

10-12 Attacks to the feet and legs. The attacks felt like bee stings and abnormal movement to this part of my body.

10-12/13 Throughout the night attacks to the feet, stomach and legs. I was woken several times and I felt as if I did not get sleep for several days. It was around 7:30a when I got up. This is very unusual as I usually get up around 5a. Yesterday I consumed some green peas that I purchased from IGA and macaroni that purchase from Dollar Tree.

10-13 Attacks to the legs and feet.The attacks felt like bee stings and abnormal movements of these area, which is what the directed energy does to my body. Increase amount of responses made to my Youtube videos, which are over 5 years old. Of course most of the responses are negative. It is no doubt that the responses are coming from these criminal groups to discredit me.

10-13 Early in the night I heard popping sounds, which was coming from the sound end of the wood near the street. The sound is similar to popcorn and anyone who is a targeted individual knows what I’m talking about.

10-14 Woke up in the morning with my entire right hand numb. It felt like it felt asleep, but I wasn’t laying on it. The criminals of this organization can manipulate the technology to this part of my body to cause this reaction. Also had a slight elevated heartbeat.

10-14 After eating macaroni and green peas meal attacks to the feet occurred.

10-14/15 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the legs, feet and head. Also attacks to the hips and elevation of the heart rhythms. When I woke up in the morning, sexual stimulation was felt.

10-15 Computer Hacking. Abnormal remote mouse movement made it impossible to use the machine. I had downloaded some files earlier, which I know viruses/spy-malwave was placed on my machine. I am now reinstalling the operating system. Don’t install anything on the machine that you plan to use mostly. Lesson learned.

10-15/16 Throughout the night into the morning, attacks to the legs and feet.

10-16 3rd day of not eating or drinking. Attack to the feet was noticeable.

10-16 Went online at around 7p, after disconnecting I heard loud popping sounds from the warehouse area.

10-16-17 Throughout the night into the next morning I experienced several attacks. The first attack was directed to my sleep, which the criminals of this organization made it hard for me to wake up. When I finally opened my eyes, I experienced a rapid heartbeat, which came from not being able to pull myself on my time from this locked sleep. Also heard a loud motorcycle several times traveling through the area, which is a noise campaign.

10-17 1:30a Heard several people in the area. When these individuals are in the area, they are placing technology in the area. Placing technology in the area allows the criminals of this program to attack me from a remote location. I could tell the direction they came from by listening to the dogs. I also know that they brought in new people to participate in this criminal program, because the access is usually the warehouse north or the warehouse south. Judging by how the dogs were barking, this individual came from the main road which is positioned north east from me. Anyway, after a short time of being in my close proximity and than leaving, attacks to my right leg was felt. It felt like a strong bee sting. So I turn my music on and start banging my legs together, I did this for several hours. It was around 5a when I finished. Not only did the attacks stopped, but I was able to go back to sleep peacefully. I woke up again around 9:30a.

10-17 Constant attacks to the stomach, which produce bloating, gas and inflammation.

10-17 I ate blackeye peas and white rice. It was mixed with vinegar, garlic seasoning (filtered) and olive oil. I had to clean the rice thoroughly, because of the presence of tech in it, which takes a considered amo9unt of water to accomplished. When I finished eating, attacks to the leg joints became noticeable.

10-17/18 It was a very cold evening, but the targeting was still present. Attacks to the hips was present and a slight rapid heartbeat occurred around 9a.

10-1/18 Attacks to the ears and neck.

10-18 Ate rice with black eye peas (IGA supermarket) mixed with apple vinegar, garlic salt and onions (Food Lion). Increased attacks to the stomach was noticeable.

10-18 Later in the night attacks was directed to the right leg in the form of bee stings. This also included continued attacks to the stomach and feet. Battery power dropped immediately after I started using it and the hdtv lower power indicator begin to show. Later as I was using the computer it shut off unexpectedly, although I had charged it full earlier in the day. And getting the display to show a full screen took some time to correct. So the manipulation of electronics is very well evident here.

10-19 Throughout the late night into the morning attacks to the stomach, feet, head, neck, fingers, finger joints, toes joints, upper arms joints, arms, forehead, eyebrows, knees, eyes, etc. I was woken several times and each time I felt like I hadn’t sleep in days. At around 8a attacks to the heart was felt. This is not the same thing as a rapid heartbeat. Numerous occasions I heard the pulsing devices in the area, which sounded closer than previously. I’m in the woods surrounded by trees and brush, which blocks my line of sight of any possible attack devices in the area. Although the food is a contributor to the attacks, I can not discount the presence of these devices, which appeared to be closer. I had spoken about this several months ago and why it is better to be in an open field than to be surrounded by trees.

10-19 There will be no on-line activity or eating today.

10-19 Attacks to the feet and legs throughout the day.

10-19/20 Throughout the night into the morning, attacks to the legs, feet and hips (mid section). Each time I bang my feet together, the attacks subsided.

10-20 Attacks to the feet and legs. When I move around attacks stop completely.

10-20/21 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the feet, legs, head, hand, right foot big toe where I felt energy around the joint and forehead. Also experienced a rapid heartbeat after waking up from an induced dream.

10-21 Fifthteen minutes after consuming the white rice and black eye peas meal (IGA) I heard a familiar voice in the distance confirming that the area was setup for the attacks. Soonafter, I experience attacks to my right foot. Later the attacks became continuous into the late part of the evening. So I took some vitamin C’s, which later made me go to the bathroom (more on that later). Also noted is that I heard the familiar sounds of the pulsing device, which has a popping sound similar to popcorn and then again I heard the same voice that I heard earlier. Anyway, taking the vitamin C’s change the composition of the attacks and also helps remove toxins (and in my case technology) that doesn’t belong in the body. So going to the bathroom so many times is a minor inconvenience.

10-22 After going online attacks to my stomach and than my feet and legs pressed forward. When I got up the attacks disappeared.

10-22/23 Throughout the night into the morning, attacks to my feet, legs and stomach was noticeable. Because the weather was increasingly getting colder I decided to put my sleeping bag on me. Upon waking up around 7a I experienced a rapid heartbeat. The heat from the sleeping bag increase their ability to reach me.

10-23 Went to the storage room to drop of some of my things. I needed to do this, because I will be leaving for New York City on Sunday, October 25th. At first I felt fine. But after making several trips, I begin to feel week. However, while making the trips, I felt directed energy directed at my right and left feet. This was particularly noticeable around passing cars. When I was not in the presence of these vehicles, the attacks to this part of my body stopped. To get an idea of how they do this, it is fairly simple. They have already programmed these attacked areas when I was at my home base. So when I got around anyone, all they needed to do was transfer this information to the other groups driving vehicles (working inside businesses or pedestrians). But everyone isn’t just doing the same thing, although it does look like that at first. For instance, I can identify who is doing what as the signal is transfer from their vehicle to my body. So it isn’t just a band of mind controlled marshans that have no idea of what they are doing, it is a criminal enterprise ran and financed by the United States government. Anyway, after completing my second trip to the storage room, it was my plan to switch out the old generator for the new generator. Unfortunately, the plan did not go down like that. As I was walking, I had to take several breaks along the walk. I needed to make time as I had only 2 hours between the store and the storage room, which normally would be plenty of time. The walk between the storage room was about 45 minutes. However, because of the nature of what they are doing to me, that tasks becomes much more complicated. Although I haven’t eaten for several days (because I ran out of food, this was the first time I had left the area in two weeks. Not leaving an area has more to do with the ability to obtain water sources than gang stalking, which is still relevant in my life. Because of it hadn’t rain for several weeks, I was holding on to dwindling water sources. Drinking tap and bottle water was an absolute no no as in the past chemicals are pushed in or placed in the water. This is being done to me systematically and as I have experienced, it does not matter where I go. This is very well documented. Anyway, because of failing health brought on by the criminal enterprise using directed energy, I had to lay down. When I laid down I could feel the pulsing pressure of the directed energy on my stomach. This was causing me to feel tired and nausea. It was also affecting my heart rhythms and my temperature. So I was feeling hotter than the outside climate. Anyway, when I don’t eat for a certain period of time, specific attacks subsides, but attacks directed at my stomach become more directed. This is because the criminals of this enterprises have wired my stomach to be as a repository for these attacks to the rest of my body. When I don’t eat, they can’t really direct the attacks the way they want to, so they place major focus on my stomach. So if you ever had a stomach virus, this is what it feels like. This isn’t the first time they have done this to me, but then, I never through up several times in the street either. Yes! I through up, but it was mostly water. Every time I through up, the pain was released temporarily, but it would return after some time.

10-23 19:08 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc Store #4902 336 North Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301-5175. Manager Will, Carlos was also present. I purchased Cobblestone White Sub Rolls, SA American Cheese, Bar S Thick Bologna 10oz and smoked sausage Ravioli Spaghetti and Meatballs. The reason why I made a small order is because of my trip on Sunday.

10-23 After consuming the food, I could taste nano dust. It was particularly in the cheese. Then I noticed various criminal groups in my perimeter. The aggressiveness of the vehicles also increased.

10-23 One thing I fail to mentioned is the number of business that sudden closed after a certain time. During the early part of my targeting, these businesses were open 24 hours. So seeing them closed tells me that the level of targeting that I’m receiving no longer have to consist of the large amount of people (which includes businesses).

10-23/24 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the stomach, feet and legs were felt. I could hear the dogs barking at the person across the street, which was shooting the weapon at me. When I decide to turn to other side, they walked in that direction. The way I know that is the dogs bark became louder and more aggressive. So they were now closer to the main street and the dogs. So I laid on my stomach. The attacks that was primary focus on my stomach (which is a repository for these attacks) became less convenient for the criminals, but the attacks was still there. With that said, the same nano dust that was consumed in the food is now in my hip, right food big toe and right leg. When I squat I can feel a painful sensation in two areas of my right legs. Attacks to the right hand was also felt as muscular or arthritic pain.

10-24 This is my last full day before I head to the City of New York. The purpose of this trip is strictly business and my visit will be very temporary. Of course New York City presents certain challenges that is too detailed for this post. But if you have time, click on New York City in the subject title and a group of posts will be presented. There’s also plenty of video concerning my targeting there.

10-24 12:20p Aldi Store #72 3447 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Manager: Seyria. Purchased Spring Mix (Salad), Grape Tomatoes, Bratwurst, Butter Quarters, Green & Red Grapes, Pomegrantes, Corn on the Cob and Bananas WE. When I got to the line, I seen the same employee that was stocking now checking out customer purchases. I have seen this script play over and over again in Aldi stores no matter what location I have been (New York, Maryland, and YES North Carolina). I also noticed a WAVE of customers coming into the store.

10-24 Ollies. As I was shopping I noticed an older couple standing next to my property. At first glance, one might have thought they would be interested in purchasing the candy that was nearby. However, as I kept weaving in and out checking my property while trying to pick up some merchandise, I noticed several other individuals weaving in this area. I have learn to focus my shopping closer to the front of the store, so I can prevent one of these individuals from placing chemicals in my food and water. This is typically what happens if I leave too much dwell time. The manager, employees and customers are in on it.

10-24 1:08p GNC #09932 NorthGate Plaza 3771 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Telephone No. 910-822-4462. Manager: Danquis. Purchased Chewable Vitamin C 500 mg.

10-24 Dollar General Store # 1363 3445 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311-7643. Telephone No: 910-630-0078. Manager: Denise. As I was shopping, I came across a pile of boxes blocking the alse. I have brought this to her attention several times, but her response is exactly the same. The problem is it is happening every time I’m in the store. Although this seems to be an occurrence in other establishments as well, the impact at this particular location is worse because of the stores layout. Anyway, I’m very familiar with the criminal corruption with bringing new goods (that have been reconditioned with nano pathogens for the purpose of using experimental electro-magnectic technologies on non-consenting individuals) into a store and how it affects the overall quality of these businesses. That it is important to understand that if the citizens who believe our businesses and government should be held accountable if the current laws are not followed.

10-24 As I was walking along Rowan Street in Downtown Fayetteville, I came across a very derange man who was mouthing off something relating to my area. From this information, I knew he was in my home base area. The way he was acting is unbelievable for any human being, but these are the kind of individuals they got trained on me. There was another perpetrator walking on the other side of the bridge, but his demeanor was typical of what I deal with from them. Total Silence. Anyway, I did not give them a chance to confront me directly, so I step aside. When the pair passed, I proceeded. However, I immediately felt a needle pain directed at my toes. Since I had experienced this before, I immediately crossed to the other side. The perpetrators had spread the nano smart dust on the bridge. When the perpetyrators walk across them, they are programming them to attack a certain part of my body in that GPS field. And since I already had the technology in my body, it was easy for them. They put tech in the food, which I consumed, then they read my mind and setup areas that they know I will be walking through and they create antagonizing scenarios that can exacerbate the effect that the attack technology has on my body.

10-24 Upon consuming the Vitamin C from GMC, attacks to the stomach, feet, legs and toes increased significantly. When I went to sleep, I was woken with a superficial rapid heartbeat.

10-25 After woken several times, I came out of an induced dream that was focused on my passed. The technology that they place in the food (in this case “vitamins”) allows them to read your thoughts and look into your past.

10-25 Due to my Driver’s License not being updated, I decided to canceled my trip until further noticed. I expect to renew my license on Monday.

10-25 Contamination was found both in the red grapes and the green grapes I purchased from Ald’s. Also contamination could be tasted in ground turkey meat I purchased from Food Lion. The contamination is the nano dust that resembles a crystallized sensation that could be felt in mouth. The crystallized sensation is triggered by the presence of directed energy in the area.

10-25/26 Throughout the night into the next morning attacks to the right foot big toes, stomach, eyes and legs. The symptoms were bee stings and muscle manipulation. I was also woken several times in the morning, which resulted in me not being able to fall asleep.

10-26 Went straight to the DMV office to get my license renewed. Renewing my license is for driving truck in NYC, which I was hired for a job. I expect refund as this was an unnecessary expenses. Receiving my License prompted me to reschedule my train trip for New York City. My trip will take place on Thursday and should arrive by Friday.

10-26 When I left the DMV office, I took the bus, which required two transfers. When I got to my designation, it lead me to Best Buy. Unfortunately, Best Buy did not have my phone so I was forced to contact support. They told me I should purchased the phone on the web. However, when I got on the web, it was not user friendly. The result was contacting support again. The reason why this post is important, is it happens too often. When I got support on the phone, they then transferred me to the sale’s department. I got someone on the phone immediately GOOD, but they were not paying attention BAD. When someone is not paying attention, one or several things could be happening. But the first  thought came to mind that he was GPSing my location. It is not unlikely and it has happened many times before. That is why I limit my cell phone calls to business.

10-26 Food Lion #1612 2071 Skibo Road Fayetteville, NC. Manager Bill Vanwinski. Immediately noticed stock activity and the attacks particularly directed at my feet was noticeable. I have shopped at this establishment before, so the infiltration is not normal. Anyway, I purchased 2 wheat hot dog buns, Jen O FST 80/20 Ground Turkey, Dry Rub Whsk Black Pepper St. Louis Ribs, Broccoli, Red Tomatoes and Cauliflower.

10-26 Dollar Tree Stores Inc, Store # 1753 2065 Skibo Rd. Unit 6 Fayetteville, NC 28314-2226. When I first entered the store, I see a cart full of boxes in the front of the store. Purchased Steak Cuts french fries (heavily contamination) and to Honey Hams. When I got into the line, immediately a man and woman got behind me. The woman was dress in red and black, which are the colors that they uses to target me with. When I got off the line, the lady move my cart out the line. So I ask the sale’s person to open up another line and was out the store. Also noted: when I initially got on the line, 2 person’s was ahead of me and the couple. By the time I left the store, they were 10 people behind the couple. The purpose of these people getting on the line at the same time is to delay me from leaving the store, because this allows the attacks to be more coordinated.,

10-26-27 Because I walked and did not eat the entire day, except the grapes I consumed early in the morning, the attacks were minimum. The attacks was felt on my feet and legs. I did not have the bloating symptoms which is so common after consuming these reconditioned goods.

10-27 Earlier in the morning before 6A I had the St. Louis Ribs, Wheat Rolls and Cauliflower. Then I went to sleep. The attacks were minimal. I did not suspect contamination in these food items, which is why I decided to take the risk. There was a slight rapid heartbeat, but it was forced. It just felt like they were trying too hard.

10-27 Attacks did occur especially after consuming the green grapes and vitamin C’s. The attacks was directed to the legs, feet, toes (as bee stings) and eyes.

10-27/28 Throughout the night into the morning attacks was primarily concentrated to the right food big toes. This is were I felt the technology attached to the joints, which blew my toes up, Then I noticed the pulsing attacks concentrated in this area. Attacks was also felt on my stomach, legs and eyes.

10-28 Attacks still concentrated on my feet, which also included my stomach, legs and eyes.

10-28/29 Throughout the night into the morning attacks were primary felt on my right foot big toes where the joint is. Attacks to My feet and eyes was also felt. The presence of someone was also heard.

10-29 Heading to Amtrak train station. The ride will take about 10 hours. When I get to New York, I got to buy a coat as the weather there is much cooler. However, I do not plan to bring the coat back. I have kept a lot of clothes there, so I won’t have to travel with them. So most of the stuff I’m bringing is computers, which will keep me company, while I’m there. As I said before, New York City is a very challenging place for Targeted Individuals. It is GRID tight and the perpetrator activity can be very overwhelming. But it is the Government keep the people there in check.

10-29 Amtrak. When I first entered the train car I seen people spread throughout the train. This is how they first setup to target you as it puts an individual within striking distance. Anyway, after attempting to get comfortable, two guy perpetrators sat across from me. One particular guy was talking very loud. So I got up to move to another seat. As we were traveling, new person’s was coming in. This gave the perpetrators different people to target me with their electronic weapons. Although in certain events, the targeting was felt, it was mainly directed to my toes. I don’t know if that was done on purpose, but it was nothing I wasn’t use to. Anyway, the races of people change throughout the trip. First the typical African American folks are used primarily, but occasionally a Caucasian is used. But after DC my first Asian perpetrator was used and in Delaware, she was replaced by several Latinos. When I went to the dinning car, I sat down across from an Asian person who appeared to be sleeping. Unfortunately, due to my dissatisfaction, this Asian woman was sprung to action and became PERPETRATOR NUMBER ONE. I came to the dinning car, because the wifi signal gotten weaker throughout my trip.

10-29/30 11p Got to my destination. It was the typical perpetrator activity with the cell phone tracking of implants as I past the hoards of people at Penn Station. So I decided to take a long walk. I can remember that the weather was really nice for an October day in the city of NY. After sometime walking, I decided to stop at 23rd Street and 5th Avenue and than Union Square Park, which is on 14th Street. Each experience involved individuals walking in my proximity with cell phones pressed to their eyes. After some time, I felt abnormal movements of the leg muscles. When I got up, they stopped. When I went away from the park and sat in another area, the attacks never returned, even though I had been sitting in the area for at least 10 minutes. It was a quite 2a night. Does the government purposely put up mind manipulation transmitters to intimidate park visitors? I don’t know, but it does appear to be a concocted plan.

10-30 The morning of Thursday, October 30th 2015 I settled in the battery park area of Manhattan. It was a little cool, but it quickly grew warmer as the day progress. The purpose of my visit is to move some furniture for a family member, which would allow them to enjoy their apartment. But because of the nature of the crimes that I face, I have to limit my visit to at least two weeks. However, that will not affect my ability to remain calm as this must be accomplished during my visit. Anyway, after making the transcend to the financial district, I decided to make an upward climb back towards midtown Manhattan. New York City is definitely an interesting city, but it is plagued by corruption and manipulated mind programing through the use of wireless communications. To the average person, they would see overly paranoid people who black phobia supersedes the Ku Klux Klan. But I look at the eyes and I can clearly see hypnotic persuasion is being used on the average New Yorker on a very deep level.

10-30 8:47a Duane Reade Store #14159. 378 Avenue Of Americas, New York, NY 10011. Telephone No. 212-674-5357. Manager Shanice. When I went into the back of the store, I see a stock person stocking the store, which is a network part of bringing items that have been reconditioned with the technology in it. Anyway, I purchased Mars M&M 11.32oz, Hershey Payday 11.60oz and Snickers. I later found after consuming the Snickers and Hershey Payday was heavily contaminated. They had noticeable small dust (nano) technology particles in them, which attacks immediately followed.

10-30 Citarella Prepared Foods 424 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10010. Manager: Casandra. Purchased Fuji Apples and Macintosh Apples. No noticeable technology found. This is the fist time I went into this establishment, although I seen several stock persons.

10-30 Trader Joe’s. Store #543. New York, NY 10010. Telephone No. 212-255-2106. Manager: Kevin. Purchased Cinnamon Rolls, Meat Sausage Pork Bratworth. Tofurky Italian Sausage and Sliced Sourough Bread. Later I found all these items had some level of nano technology contamination in them. I could taste them in the form of crystals. This is the first time I went into this store and the first time I ever went into a Trader’s Joe’s store. However, I’m a constant customer of Aldis in several locations and that store is heavily contaminated. So the distribution centers responsible for stocking these businesses might be connected as they are owned by the same company.

10-30 Met my Aunt later. We went to a second rate hotel, which we were surrounded by individuals who identified as perpetrators. When we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken, several groups of these individuals were there. When we went to hotels, we will see no one and after going into the hotel, one or two people would go into hotel and stand directly behind us. It was very scripted.

10-30 Livery Cab and Howard Johnsons. As we were riding the driver received a text. It was in spanish. I can read some Spanish and the text was refering to targeted individual in vehicle. It was around 11p. When we got to the hotel we stood on the line and just as previous hotels we visited, a person immediate went in the hotel behind us. We got a room for the night.

10-30 Howard Johnson’s. They first gave me a ground floor room, but I settled for a second floor room. The number was 222. There were already several people in the rooms surrounding us as I heard them coming out. It was all hours of the night. The electronic attacks was very obvious, which first consist of a rapid heartbeat. Other attacks were directed to the feet, toes, legs and stomach.

10-30 From walking in the street and riding the subway, persons with cell phones were tracking me. Sometimes when I’m walking there will be a group of people directly behind me, which cause me to stop and let these individuals go ahead of me. When I got into the subway car, I would sometime move from on subway car to the next. I was carrying a big duffel bag and a heavy back pack, which consist of clothes, food, water and computers.

10-30/31 When I got to my Aunts apt. I had to make room for my stuff and a place to sleep. Throughout the night primary attacks was made to the feet. This does not happen by themselves. There are already several individuals in the surround apartments that are engaged in these crimes. When I go into the bathroom, I can hear them clearly.

10-31 We rented a truck. As I was driving the truck, on several occasions I see at least one or two vehicles behind me. So I developed a method of pulling over so they aren’t able to coordinate these attacks so easily.

10-31/11-1 Throughout thought the night into the morning attacks to the feet and toes were felt. When I got up I had a rapid heartbeat and constant attacks to the stomach was felt.

Summarize: Attacks to the big toes and feet was most common this month. This month also saw the lowest rain fall and that forced me to be the area longer than I should have. It also result in long periods of not eating, because the water is like a counter-balance to the technology that is placed in the food. The month ended with a trip to New York City.



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