April 2016 Journal

Screenshot from POLICE STATE BRAIN IMPLANTS FOR EVERYONE BY 2017!!!!.mp4Affidavit: http://govsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

4-2/3 Throughout the night into the morning after being woken attacks to the foot in the form of palsing and the right arm in the form of induced muscular pain.

4-3 Throughout this period the pain to my right arm was elevated to the point that it became so numb that I could not move it. The attacks are centered around the joints, elbow, forearm and right hand thumb.

4-4 Besides manipulating the charge mechanism of my batteries, the criminal organization remotely access my computer, which they affect the viewable screen size. This screen size is smaller than the actual monitor size.

4-3/5 I did not eat or drink this period and the attacks was mostly centered around my feet, which felt like electrical current going through it. It was center around a row of my toes.

4-5 Found out my sister had passed away. The police had contacted my family. My sister body had been decomposing in the apartment for more than 10 days. This is a replica of what happened to my Cousin in 2010. The examiner still have to determinate the cause of death. Our relationship was considered average, but there was a small attempt to make it better. Her medical condition wasn’t fully known, but she had hinted from time to time that something was going on. However, it did not cross my mind that it was life threatening. But if I was in a different place in my life, I could have been more helpful. Back in 2002, she ran into financial troubles such as the one she was dealing with recently. Because my situation was stable, I let her stay in my apartment. This allowed her to reestablish herself without the stress of paying rent. In a matter of 5 months, she was forced to stay at my Aunts house (which didn’t work out), live in a domestic shelter and finally move to a room and than to a studio (because of problems with roommates). So these stressful situations added up. And one week she was suppose to move to another place, because the landlord wanted to rent to men, this placed an additional burden on my sister. My sister never had to deal with all these situations and this contributed to her failing health and her demised. With that said, my sister and our relationship was average. She calls me when she needed emotional support. But most times, it was skype and that was minimum at best. We haven’t spoken in over 3 months on the phone and I had no idea what was going on. So after making several attempts to reach her, I just gave up trying. I just felt she didn’t want to be bothered.

4-5/6 Throughout the night into the morning continuous pulsing attacks to the right side of my back. This was closes to my right arm. Some attacks was felt on my right knee in the form of directed energy.

4-6 20:38 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #4902 336 N. Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, NC 28301-5175. Phone: (910) 484-1388. Manager: Lacey Purchased Garlic Salt, Margarine/Butter, Caramel Sticks, Mint Patties, Patties, Kidney Beans, Pinto Beans, Steak Cuts 20oz., TJ Farm Vegetables, Chicken Nuggets, Onion Rings, Twix Fun Size, Chicken Strips, TJ Farm Hashbrowns, Fruit & Nut Mix 6oz., Moment Cookies, Chocolate Nut Mix 6oz., Spaghetti, Rainbow Nerds Box, Vanilla Sugar Wafer 20ct, Keylime Pie, Pringles, Elbow Macaroni and non food items. Right after checking out I seen a lady that I have seen before as a “stock” person and when I left the store, I see Will the Manager. How and When I see certain people is very important, because I also seen them again as “customers” at Food Lion. And when I got on the line, they were right behind me.

4-6 20:56:35 Food Lion #0367 342 Eastern Blvd Suite 2 Fayetteville, NC 28301. Phone: (910) 485-8886. Purchased TK Bag Chocolate Donuts (which I later found was opened), TK Peach CBBLR Mini Donuts, EL Hot Dog Bun, FL IQF Chicken Wings, BPRK Beef Franks Family PK, Bananas, Red Tomatoes on Vine, Yellow Onions 3lb., and Bag Clementines 1lb.

4-7 Tastylake Frosted Mini Donuts. One of the donuts did not get a chocolate coating. The package was not sealed properly. So the criminal organization is making these donuts and placing them in this brand package. Purchased from Food Lion. Attacks to my left foot big toe in the form directed energy, which felt like electrical current going through this part of my body. The Halos-Citris attacks to the left knee in the form of muscle manipulation. Attacks to the stomach increased. And attachments to the feet was felt. Also induced muscle spasms to the right hand after consuming the Throwback Nerds Rainbow from Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd was felt.

4-7 Increased attacks to the left and right feet in the form of directed energy.

4-7 The presence of nano crystalline – smart dust particles in all these products: TJ Farms Select Onion Rings, Steakcut French Fries, Circle A Ranch Chicken Breast Nuggets and the Imperial Vegetable Oil Spread. The Chicken Breast Nuggets had the largest proportion of nano Technology – smart dust particles in it.

4-7 The presence of nano Crystalline – Smart Dust particles in the Columbina Moment Butter Flavored cookies. Another Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd product.

4-7 My right arm is back swollen again after four days of it not being swollen. The technology that is in the food has now been re-embedded in my arm.

4-7 Manipulation of the computer battery charging mechanism is back after two days of normal operations. So the technology in the food affects computer operations as well.

4-8/9 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the right arm join in the form of induced muscular pain, continuous pulsing of my knee and head.

4-9 Smart dust technology in the spaghetti I purchased from the Eastern Blvd Dollar Tree.

4-9 Strong muscular pain to my arm increased after consuming the vanilla sugar wafers from the Eastern Blvd Dollar Tree.

4-9/10 Throughout the night into the morning attacks was felt to the feet mainly in the form f directed energy.

4-10 Strong attacks to the left knee was felt in the form of signaling and muscle manipulation.

4-11 Pain increase to the right arm after consuming the macaroni meal I purchased from Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd.

4-12 I have not drink or eaten anything and the targeting is very low. The technology that in the food is directed to my arm. So it has to go through my digestive system first, because that is where the other technology is that propels the attacks.

4-12 Constant burning of my ear, hacking of the computer bios, which forced me to flash the BIOS. This is the second computer within two weeks GONE. But the computer as well as the WIFI internet is partly why the targeting is worse.

4-13 Throughout the day attacks of my ear in the form of strong directed energy. Also attacks to m left knee after consuming the red kidney/pinto beans and macaroni meal (Dollar Tree). Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the free garlic that I purchased from Food Lion Bragg Blvd.

4-13/14 Dream Manipulation. For about a year now the false dreams have seen a mixture of the scenery of the area I’m in and the memory retraction. Earlier it was a movie usually from the 1970s (by how people dress then) and memory retraction. So there is someone different involved in feeding this new information in these false dreams.

4-14 Four Dogs. I heard earlier are now circling the area as before. The pattern that they are using is typical of GPSing an area for GPS satellite targeting. The dogs themselves are being controlled and each one is carrying a GPS collar. This happened an hour before nightfall, which is like before. This rarely happens unless the need to be this close to the target.
4-414/15 Throughout the night into the morning continuous attacks to the left foot closes to the toes in the form of pulsing, stomach, induced hallucinations, which earlier I felt directed energy below my left eye pupil, induced muscular pain to my right arm, which pulsing of the joints was felt first, stinging of my fingers and head as electrical current.

4-15 Strong attacks to my left ear and back in the form of directed energy pulsing.

4-16 Increased attacks to the stomach immediately while consuming the kidney-pinto beans macaroni. Starch products such as macaroni, spaghetti and rice always have large amounts of nano crystalline – smart dust in it. I can taste as they are accessing and manipulating these technologies, which is access by the sounding directed energy pulsing weapons. So there is no secret how it is being done. My right arm joint is now swollen. So the process of lacing the food with the technology, consuming the food, accessing the food with the directed energy pulsing weapons and then taking the technology and embedded it to my right arm joint is noted. The technology can also be felt around my right arm muscle in the form of pain when I move my arm.

4-16/18 Throughout the night into the morning in this period constant attacks to the feet and toes in the form of directed energy. Thought manipulation. My thoughts are being manipulate by the technologies that was placed near the pupil of my eyes. If I turned my head quickly the technology (attachments) is reactivated in the form of three pulsing signals to the eye area. This technology is definitely affecting my vision as it has become more difficult in the past two weeks. Anyway, when I close my eyes when I’m at thought, all in a sudden an image (like a projector) flashes into focus. Then it transforms into different directions until I concentrate on a new thought. It is more of a subconscious phenomenon as most of this visual is not usually very clear. Earlier I heard pulsing devices in the area surrounding me. I had been on the phone a few times and the technologies in my body is still very present, although I have not eaten for a couple of days. Constant attacks to the nose cavity, which is part of the program above was felt as well as signaling to the center of my head.

4-19 Before 6a I heard someone in my perimeter. Like the dogs, they started on my right back side and then ending up on my left front side forming a circle. Immediately felt a strong directed energy on the right side of my head, which covered a quarter size area. Meanwhile, I heard two loud pulsing sounds (similar to a POW sound) near the church on the side street and the warehouse near the main street. I have not eaten several days, but I did drink the rain water.

4:19 7:30a I can now taste the presence of smart dust nano particles in my mouth. So they can spread this technologies (which I have documented earlier in this journal) throughout the area and there is technology in my body that draws this smart dust nano tech to my mouth.

4-19 10:04a Family Dollar Store #00745 1322 Clinton Rd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Phone: (910) 323-9259. Manager states her name was Andrea, which is similar to a manager that worked there years ago and that I documented. Purchased Nestle Baby Ruth Fun Size 6pk, FG Iced Oatmeal Cookies 12oz (noticeable nano technologies), Daddy Ray Strawberry Bar 10oz (large amount of nano technologies detected), FG Fruit Center Cookies Lemon 10oz. (noticeable nano technologies), Mars M and M Peanut Fun Size 6pk, Ragu Tomatoes Garlic Onion Pasta Sauce 45fl oz. (eat time I consumed this product, the attacks would increase to what ever parts of my body these criminal contractors want to target), Bar S Skinless Smoked Sausage, Nissin Ramen Beef 3oz., FG Elbow Macaroni 16oz., and FG SLT SHL Peanut 8oz. When I came to the registered the manager was hesitate to writing her name on the receipt. So her reaction told me she knew about the contaminated goods that were recently placed on the shelves. Do not believe for a second that these individuals don’t know what’s going on. `

4-19 Consumed the M&M first and than the Family Gourmet Roasted Salted Peanuts. I could taste the technologies in the peanuts. Than later I consumed the Lemon Creme Fruit Centered Sandwich Cookies. It too had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. The result was increased attacks to the head, stomach, and legs in the form of stinging and pulsing to the right arm joint.

4-19 Constant attacks to the stomach after consuming products that I purchased from the Clinton Rd Family Dollar. This also includes pulsing of my left foot big toe joint. I had heard someone throwing something in the woods, which is smart dust that is placed in these products. It is programmed to allow passing vehicles/persons in the area to GPS the targeted. Then the GPS Satellites can direct the negative energy to specific areas of my body. Once I move from the area, the attacks stop, because I’m no longer in the setup targeted area.

4-19 2:15p Increased muscular pain to my right arm, upper joint and right shoulder.

4-19/20 Attacks were first felt on my right arm joint in the form of strong pulsing, which was from an individual with a pulsing device. When I changed my sleeping position, this attacks disappeared. Later attacks was felt on my head in the form of directed energy. It felt like electrical current going to this part of my body. A short time later I could see my thoughts were being manipulated. When I covered my head, the attacks and symptoms stopped. In the morning when I turned on my side the attacks to my stomach increased than attacks to my right arm joint was felt. So each time I laid on my side attacks increased, because this gives the criminals direct access to the consumed nano technologies in my stomach, which is the process of directing it to other parts of my body. So I was forced to sleep on my stomach the entire night. Just imagine how uncomfortable that can be.

4-19 Increased chem-trails in the sky. I could see an “X” directly above me, which indicates to the satellites were position is.

4-20 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust from the Daddy Rays Strawberry Bars. Immediate increased attacks to my stomach .

4-20 The person claiming to be the manager at the Family Dollar store at 1322 Clinton Road was the only “employee” in the store. She was hesitant to write her name on the receipt. When I mentioned were she involved in any criminal activity, she did not say anything. But if you read her body language, she clearly knew what was going on and is a participant. So that concludes that these people don’t know what’s going on. This is an operation involving scientist, businesses, government agencies, lawyers, health care facilities, universities and common people that live in your community. They use lots of African Americans to cover up there racist Eugenics program. So it is not surprising that these crimes started out of the BUSH ADMINISTRATION, which is connected to the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (CIA). The agency was responsible for MK-ULTRA. So the implementation of nano technologies in the public’s food supply is a great cover for it malicious past.

4-20 Increased attacks to my head and crystal formation in my mouth.

4-20 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the Family Gourmet Iced Oatmeal Cookies from FAMILY DOLLAR Clinton Rd.

4-20 Noticeable nano Crystalline – smart dust in the Top Ramen seasoning and the noodles looked like they have been sprayed. The Coloration is slightly darker than it should be.

4-20 Constant attacks to the head in the form of directed energy and pulsing. The intensity changes as I’m walking in the area.

4-20 Right hand induced spasms after consuming Ramen and increased attacks to my upper right arm muscle. Ragu Chunky Tomatoes Garlic & Onion was added to the meal. This happened 5 minutes with eating these items. Note: The muscle spasm in my hand is created when this nano crystalline is placed in this part of my body. The pain is similar to a twisted leg muscle.

4-20 I heard pulsing device in the background. It had a popping sound.

4-20 The nano crystalline is now filling my mouth and comes time to time. Increased stomach attacks.

4-20 The technology is now surrounding my right arm muscle.

4-20 3p Burning and pulsing my toes on my left foot.

4-20/21 Soon as it got dark I heard moving activity in the area. This first round of attacks can be felt on the head. When I went to sleep and than woke up, they now have programmed the consumed technologies to project false imagines, but base on words and sounds heard by portable radio. So if they were talking about cats, a cat picture would be seen, etc. But the most noticeable attacks was felt on my upper right arm joint. The pain to this area of my body is because I’m sleeping on my stomach and the criminal organization can not access all the technologies the same way. The technology can be felt in the joint bone, elbow, upper arm muscle and right hand thumb. At around 1a I heard someone in the area with the pulsing device as it was being used to configure the consumed technology, which lead to the above issues.

4-21 Noticeable pulsing sounds was heard. It had been turned up and brought closer to my area. I can also feel the waves created by this device

4-21 12:08 Dollar General Store #01353 3445 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311-7643. Phone: 910-630-0078. Seen manager Frank leaving the mailbox location before heading to this establishment. So he had already been in the store before I arrived. But the Asst. Manager Denise (who I never seen before) was on duty. Anyway, I purchased Carnation Evaporated Milk, CV Evaporated Milk, Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs, Chef Boyardee Chicken Alfredo, Pinto Beans 16oz., CV Corn Flakes, CV Frosted Flakes and Non Food Items. Several things happened. An African American woman with braids rushes into the store heading towards me to pick up an item and head to the line when I was on the line. This is when I felt a surge of energy directed at my left eye. When she left, I got back on the line. One guy that I seen earlier who was wondering around in the corridor was now in the store interested in cigarettes. The cigarettes case is near the cash register. As I’m about to be checked out, a second white male rushes into the store and grabs some and got on the line directly behind me. These are all staged events that are timed and have been coordinated. The employees themselves have these electro-magnetic pulsing devices on them.

4-21 1:50p Big Lots! Stores #5310 Northgate Crossing 3915 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311-7673. Phone: 910-488-6901. Manager: Danna. Purchased Chicken Of The Sea Light Tuna/Solid White Albacore, Arright Angel Hair Nests, Garlic Seasoning, Columbia Egg Noodles, Columbia Medium Egg Noodles, Baronia Sphagetti 16oz., Munchrite Dry Roasted Wasab, Red Mill Soup Mix original Plantains and other non food items. When I was about to check out a lady who was walking in the perimeter was not standing in front of the cash register dialing into her phone. When I walked away to grab my check card, she stopped. When I returned back to the cash register she started again. So the cashier also had a device on her and she was interlinking between the cashier and the implants that are in my body. I also noticed another female who I had seen “shopping” now getting on the line behind me. This happens almost in every store I go into.

4-21 14:24 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #472 3646 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311-7646. Phone: 910-482-0038. Manager Monica. When I entered the store I immediately noticed the manager. Her demeanor was awful from the very beginning. Then I seen her dialing into her cell phone, which is not commonly seen in this store. Anyway, I purchased Fast Bites BBQ Rib Sandwiches, Fish, Chicken Sandwich, Salmon Filets, Chicken Tenders, MNCHROS Pnapl/ppya, Sardines in Brine, SA Jalapeno Cheese, SA Swiss Cheese, Circle A Ranch Meatballs, Chocolate Nut Mix, Tropical Fruit Mix, Sun Flower Seeds, Kidney Beans, Indulgent Mix, Tri-Color Rotini, Circle A Ranch Chicken Strips, Crinkle Cuts 20oz. Chicken Nuggets, Turkey Franks and Sausage Roll 10oz. When I checked out I was told that I could have only one bag for each of my items. I had asked for two bags. So I requested the manager. She was very disrespectful, so I requested the District Manager. She gave me the number to Pam, who I have seen in the past. I telephone her and she told me there was no request to bring more shopping bags to the store. She seem upset. Anyway, the bags is a small issue to the criminal organization that lace, brings and than stock contaminated (re-conditioned) food for directed energy testing.

4-22 Increased attacks to the right arm after consuming Fast Bites Fish & Cheese (which I could taste noticeable nano Crystalline – smart dust) BBQ Rib Sandwich and Breaded Chicken Sandwich. Also the Paypaya & Pineapple from Muncheros. These items were purchased from the Dollar Tree Ramsey Street store – Monica manager.

4-23 Eye Sight. I noticed a change in my vision as far back as a month ago. Now looking at my computer screen is very difficult. When I get to bright areas I get a glare or fog. This is especially noticeable in my left eye and reading with it is almost impossible. I noticed a lot of shifting as if someone is sliding a lens across my eyes. I had never had these problems until I started to see induced imagines produced by technologies that was embedded in my eyes.

4-22/23 Pulsing of my left arm upper joint was felt.

4-23 Nano Crystalline – smart dust was tasted in the spicy chicken strips and chicken strips from Circle A Ranch as well as the Crinkle Cut French Fries. These items were purchased from Dollar Tree Ramsey Street.

4-22/23 The corn flakes looked like it went through another process before it was put on the shelves. The flakes were thin and it did not taste like it did in the past. Now what was the best corn flakes is now the worse I ever tasted. The frosted flakes was not as sweet as they were the last time I purchased them. Increased attacks to the right arm after consuming them. Purchased it from Dollar General Ramsey Street.

4-23 The Clover Valley Evaporated Milk had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming this produce attacks to the stomach increased than diapheria symptoms occurred.

4-23/24 Attacks to the stomach increased after the presence of several individuals in the area. I could hear them briefly at various times. The attacks than escalated to the feet, both arms (which is the first time this occurred), fingers, toes, head, etc. I was woken several times with an induced elevated rapid heartbeat.

4-24 I ate the Salmon (Dollar Tree) with the noodles (Big Lot). It was with the Ragu that I purchased from Family Dollar. Attacks to the head in the form of directed energy was immediately felt while consuming the meal.

4-25 Attacks to the right arm increased after consuming the Naturally Select Snacks (Dollar Tree) Fruit & Nut Trail Mix, Sun Flower Seeds, Tropical Trail Mix, Indulgent Trail Mix and Chocolate & Nut Trail Mix. It lasted into the night.

4-25/26 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the feet, head, eyebrows and arm was felt. Some attacks was also felt to the stomach and manipulate of thoughts after being woken.

4-26 Consumption of the Columbia Enriched Egg Noodles mixed with nano Crystalline -smart dust was tasted. Attacks was first felt on the right arm as induced muscular pain.

4-26 Computer Hacking. Especially after posting JOURNAL content on Facebook. The result was the computer speed reduce to over 60 percent. I was using my thumb drive as an operating system and any new files uploaded had to come from hacking into the T-Mobile WIFI Network.

4-27 Attacks increased to my arm after consuming the slice cheese Jalafeno and Swiss from Sunny Acres from Dollar Tree Ramsey Street, Ramen (Family Dollar), Columbia Egg Noodles (Big Lots) and Circle A Ranch Homestyle Meatballs (Dollar Tree) and Chef Boyardee from Dollar General Ramsey Street.

4-28 Netbook containing Windows was replaced by a malware program. External Hard Drive had trouble being recognized, then when it did, Format was given as a recommendation to “FIX” the problem. This is all malicious code written by the criminals of this program who hack into my computer from a T-Mobile “Secured” wireless connection. I had to wipe out the entire machine and put back the Linux/Windows operating systems.

4-28 Noticeable nano Crystalline – smart dust technologies in the chicken of the sea Solid White Albacore Tuna in water. This product purchased from Big Lots was placed in the wrong place so the manager let me have it for the same price as their TUNA brand. Increased attacks to the right arm as well as the stomach was felt immediately after consuming this product.

4-27/28 It was a major thunderstorm in the early part of the night so the attacks was very minimum. They were mostly directed to my feet and toes. It wasn’t until after 1a that I experienced the first wave of attacks. This was directed to my legs and specifically my knees. It felt like energy was surrounding it. Also experienced body vibrations, which felt like my entire body was on a car’s engine. The second time I noticed a surge of energy directed to my left arm joint as if they were mending the consumed smart dust – nano technology in it. There was also some real strong burning sensations to my left arm elbow. This is the same exact thing they did to my right arm before they start swelling it up. Also experienced an induced rapid heartbeat. So they do these things to me while I’m sleeping.

4-28 Noticeable smart dust – nano crystalline technologies in the Sardines (BIG LOTS).

4-28/29 Woke up with a directed energy attacks to my right hand middle finger. It felt like electrical current was going through it. It did not stop until I start moving around.

4-29/30 Constant directed energy attacks to the upper arm joint in the form of pulsing throughout the night into the morning as well as constant diapheria, which I was force to go several times. I had spaghetti (Big Lots) with cheese (Dollar Tree) and Pinto Beans (Dollar General) and Salmon (Big Lots).

Summarized. Attacks to the right arm was relentless, but especially the induced loss of some of my eye sight became known. And the lost of my sister who’s health was not known and will not be known until a medical examiner report. This is the fourth family member lost this decade and the second family member who found dead after two weeks. My cousin was 31 when he passed in 2010. My Grand father was 100 years old when he passed in 2012. My Aunt was 74 when she passed on mother’s day in 2014. And my sister passed in March of 2016. She was 49. That is a lot to take in. I’m suspecting that it would be me in 2018, since a 2 year pattern has developed in this decade. Everyone but my cousin died of Cancer. His was Diabetes. Unlike my sister, he died in Rhode Island. We have no family in Rhode Island. My other cousin who found out about his situation through his mother drove down from Massachusetts. She did not know he was that close to her. So she was there to speak to officials. I was in North Carolina and his mother was in New York City. I had to drive up as a last minute duty to help. In reference to my sister, she was living in North Carolina for about a year. Because of my targeting, I could not see her. I last saw my sister in 2002. This was because she was in financial trouble and she needed a place to stay. So I paid for her to stay with me, which was NYC 2002. She ended up in New Jersey one year and than Maryland more than 8. North Carolina was one year and Georgia/ATL a little more than 1 year. By the way, her problems started with ATL when she move from Houston TX in 2001. Unlike TX, Georgia is very expensive. So that did not help. I saw the writing on the wall, so I wasn’t surprised by her death. She’s born in 1966 and we are in a 6th year (16) I believe her death must of occurred around the 24, making it 6. Her birthday would have been September 9th. September is the 9th month of the year and you add that, it’s 18. There are three 6’s in 18 and the 2 nine’s become important at this point. Her name was Rhonda. Rhonda has 6 letters and the R represents 18. I told her about this, but she never pay much attention. I was going to call her to tell her again. The problem isn’t just one of these 6’s. It is all of these fragments of 6’s that add to 18. And anything with 9’s and 6’s mean trouble. BIG TROUBLE. Her middle name was Marlene. There is your M. 13 isn’t particularly a concern though. Just that it is there makes me wonder. Our mother’s name was Mildred. With me it is 7s. But that is for another conversation.


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