“Testimonies of Targeted Individuals” Booklet now available!

Derrick Robinson
“Testimonies of Targeted Individuals” Booklet now available!
Derrick Robinson

People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance, International
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“Testimonies of Targeted Individuals” now available!

Greetings, all.

As some of you are aware, the booklet: “Testimonies of Targeted Individuals” is finally completed and ready for distribution. It mostly consists of a collection of 37 TI stories originally sent to the FBI from PACTS, International in May, since the agent stated it would be easier for the FBI to processs our claims collectively rather than individually.

Along with the stories, there is some background information, the PACTS flyer, the Urban Dictionary definition of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment, the Richmond Resolution, Federal Statute violations and letters to President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director, James Comey by Mike Patrick.

It is coil-bound with an opaque world atlas grid cover and a midnight blue back cover. The booklet itself is sectioned into testimonies from four regions of the United States – West, Mid-west, East, and South – and one entry from Canada.

It cost a little more to produce than I had hoped at Fedex/Kinko’s. $25 per book, plus the shipping – approx. $3.00?

To get a copy please send $28.00 via Paypal to: info@pactsntl.com indicating you want a copy of the booklet.

Or send a check or money order for $28.00 with your request for 1 (or more) booklet(s) to:
PACTS, International
PO Box 5405
Hemet, CA 92544

Here’s the Introduction:

For over 50 years, secret research has been ongoing in this country into various methods for controlling the human mind and body. Just as hobbyists can control toy cars, airplanes, and drones with radiofrequency devices, there are covert operatives using similar devices that can manipulate the human bio-electromagnetic system in much the same way.

Research and development of these covert technologies was started in the fifties mainly by Yale neurophysiologist, Dr. Jose Delgado. He found that once brain-implanted, he was able to access the control centers of the brain and command the movements and behaviors of cats and monkeys like his “electronic toys.”

Eventually, he found that he was also able to control human beings as well. Every thought, action, organ of the human body, every pathogen, and every bodily condition is a matter of frequency. Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) researcher, Elizabeth Rauscher once said, “Give me the money and three months and I’ll be able to affect the behavior of eighty percent of the people in this town without their knowing it.”

This booklet is the story of individuals whose minds and bodies have been affected by people mostly unknown to them; people who seem to have a nefarious agenda of control and subjugation of these individuals and perhaps ultimately, the masses.

We present these stories to the general public as a testament to what can happen when there are those among us with devices which may have the ability to wield unbridled power over another’s life, health, and well-being. And to bring everyone to the realization that there are decisions that need to be made immediately about the proliferation of such technologies if we expect to continue to enjoy a free society.

Derrick Robinson, Executive Director
People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance, International
www.pactsntl.org | June 30, 2016

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