Edmund Igberaese TI had been ARRESTED!

I was just informed by a GSS forum contributor that a well known Targeted Individual, Edmund Igberaese had been arrested. This explains his long disappearance.
Attention TI in the State of Colorado, please contact the Adams County Sheriff Office. We want them to know that Edmund has someone watching over him.
He is credit with very thorough research journals explaining the technology used as Targeted Individuals. He is 18 years old and had been a TI since High School.
Edmund has been arrested. It does not appear he is released yet.
Adams County Sherriff Inmate Search
Name: IGBERAESE, EDMUND EDEDE DOB: 01/20/1993 Sex: M
Date of Booking: 1/18/2017 12:48:38AM Booking No. : 201700000842
Docket No. : J214281
Holding for Agency: AURORA PD
Bond Amount: $750.00 Bond Type: CASH/SURETY
Next Court Date: Sentence Release Date:

6 thoughts on “Edmund Igberaese TI had been ARRESTED!

  1. Hi Amma

    The record of Edmund’s arrest suggests that he may have been released by now . But none of his old phone numbers are working and I do not know how to contact him.

    If you know a way to contact him would you pls share it …? Thanks.

  2. Pat B. I saw your peacepink post and am trying to reach you.
    I’m the one who checked on Edmund at Adams County jail.
    I’d like to help you find him if I can. Please send me an email at askamma@yahoo.com

  3. Pat B. I appreciate your website as it explains how these nano devices operate in the body a way I did not exactly understand.

  4. Thank you Pat B. for informing me about Edmund and for sharing your website with me. I’m sure now that Derrick got this information, he will do something about it. Stay bless.

  5. Thank you, although I already had found out about this sad information.

    I am Pat B., and Edmund and I are dear friends. He called me every weekend to support me in my horrific torture even as he was being abused severely himself by the sychopaths. Even though we never met in person, he is like a dear son to me.

    He left disturbing phone messages and emails about what they were doing to him just prior to his arrest. He said they made him walk into a running fan. Made him walk outside into the street naked. Made him walk into the path of an oncoming car…

    Every call I made to him failed to go through. I’m devastated but will never lose hope. Please send your best energies, and prayers, to him. And if possible, let him know that we are with him.

    Please read my own torture nightmare at the following:


    The original has been wiped off by the torturers. And they have tried to kill me several times as I exposed the crimes to the New York Times Comment section on their series on torture.

    Does anyone know what the charges are?

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