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This lawsuit is about government and defense contractor experiments run amok. It’s about the abuse of new and classified technologies by criminal elements within these organizations. Specifically, it’s about the intentional use of electromagnetic radiation on innocent American civilians, for malicious purposes.

In fact, the experiments are no longer actually experiments, nor are they intended to be experiments. In the past few decades, they have transformed into ongoing crimes. These crimes are shrouded behind classification and compartmentalization procedures, built into the deep-state for noble purposes, that are now being exploited as cover for what’s become a massively illegal subjugation program.

Our bodies are composed of small building blocks called atoms, and our atoms are orbited by one or more electrically sensitive particles called electrons. These electrons are very vulnerable to electrical, and electromagnetic, disturbances. We all know that exposure to electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet spectrum can cause damage to our skin, and we know that exposure to electromagnetic radiation in the x-ray spectrum can cause damage to our internal organs. However, unless you are a radio frequency engineer, you are probably unaware of the various non-thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation that can manipulate and disturb all of our biological systems — including our brains and our brainwaves.

This lawsuit will prove that researchers within the military-industrial complex have studied, tested, and developed sophisticated devices to exploit the non-thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation. It will prove that criminal elements within these organizations have weaponized these devices and are illegally using them on Americans citizens. This lawsuit will prove that members of these organizations — whom are supposed to be the guardians of democracy — have egregiously violated the trust of the American people to advance their power and satiate their greed. Sadly, they are treasonously achieving their selfish goals by torturing, abusing, and subjugating countless U.S. citizens with these stealth weapons.

Electromagnetic weapons are no more exotic, or far-fetched, than biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons. However, they are more concealable, and these crimes depend on concealability. The concealability leaves the victims with no recourse, even with the medical and law enforcement communities. The concealability also leaves the perpetrators with no accountability. This currently enables the perfect crime. As a result, a modern day form of slavery is being created.

It’s a timeless fact that power corrupts. This is why we have laws and a constitution. This is why we have checks and balances, and a bill of rights. It is all being undermined by these emerging crimes involving electromagnetic weapons. The number of victims is increasing exponentially every year. As we stand back in ignorance or fear, our neighbors and relatives are destroyed or enslaved, and we ourselves become weaker — and democracy crumbles. Any one of us could be next if we don’t shine a light on this criminal cabal. The period of unaccountability ends with this lawsuit.

Note: We are still aiming to have something going by mid-2017, and we could definitely use some help compiling the research and data. The work will be tedious, but it’s essential, and it will get these crimes stopped in the long run. So spread the word, and if it’s something you’re interested in, please contact me and put “volunteer” in the subject line. I won’t be able to oversee the work, so if you’re a self-starter, please step-up.

Spencer Carter

4 thoughts on “PACTS Newsletter 2/3/17: CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT UPDATE…

  1. Please forgive me for my profile photo as I honestly had know idea it was there. I am truly sorry. Darn so sorry, hey I have lots of photos and videos plus I know who some of my Stalkers are by name, employment and wherre they live. Plus more+++

  2. Hi, my name is Forrest Reed Barrow aka Sissy Reed Barrow and Krystal Barrow due to being Transgender, of which should be completely irevelent but it would appear that my main reason for having been placed on the list was precisely because of my transgender status. Rather than going into an extremely long list of events involving the most vicious and dispicable acts of torture and atrocities to a innocent or even guilty human being I would just add imagine everyone of the most hennious atrocities to some of our other fellow brothers and sisters and yes I have indured them all. Over the last three years I have also written over 50 very thought out carefully written letters of which I have sent to every local, county, state, federal and Oval office known to mankind without so much as a peep. Of course by now we all know why we would never be acknowledge ( Heavy Sigh + heavy heart ).

    I honestly don’t know how much more time I have in this world as I have been in an almost daily and nightly battle with these less than sub human bottom feeding inbreeders since I first noticed them almost 3 years ago. I feel things are about to come to a boil here on Whidbey Island 20 miles north of Seattle. With Naval Pyschopath Base 3 miles away and across the Puget Sound in Everett, Wa. Home to the USS Nimitz and watched overy by Pyschpaths and to the North on Whidbey Island is Whidbey Island Naval Air Station with one of the largest underground cities. Also I have met 14 other victims here on Whidbey Island who are also victims although none of them are being victimized even close to my extreme events of torture.

    Dear god please allow me to join in on this class action law suit and with God’s help hopefully end these evil vicious crimes.

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