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Could this be a retaliation against the complaint I filed against the police department of Fayetteville, NC who were involved in racial profiling? Well, my computer has been acting very funny recently (mouse acting funny, receiving constant disconnects). This is a week prior to be lorging a complaint against the Police department for stopping within blocks from the precinct for “looking suspicious.”

They haven’t done that recently, so I account this response from the action I took.

The last time my computer went down, I was suspcious of government interference since around here the police have so much time on it hands. And since this is a small town, they can “target” individuals more specifically than in a bigger city.

Why are the police after me? Is it the complaint I made against the “Crumberland” (Cumberland) library system. Remember, the negro told me that this is how things are in Fayetteville and how it always will be. He also say it is legal for the Crumberland Library (Government) system to use ecryption to spy on individuals internet activities.

I wish I can say good things about this place. But as you can see, there are a lot of racist white supremacist who don’t want real black people to achieve. A sad fact indeed.

It is a lot deeper than black/white. Actually, they want you to think it is a white and black thing so they can continue to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

Anyway, as of 4:03 AM, the Fayetteville vultures are running spy operations on my internet activity. Their cars all have computers in them. It is my belief that they use it to run warrant checks on them through some kind of face recognition technology. So there is no need to stop anyone since they have access to a national database (state id’s and licenses). It is just used for intimedation purposes.

Since the population isn’t vast, they can bean down on individuals unlike a big city (I could be wrong though). They literally have cameras all over the place. These cameras have automatic lenses so they can take pictures of almost any moving object. I’ve observe this with my own vision.

This whole terrorist plot is so the government can keep a watchful eye on american citizens. They are preparing for martial law.

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