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To my 5,358 readers,

I’m running out of patience. If this situation continues, I’m getting the Feds involve.

Recently I wrote Alex Jones about these concerns. It is my hope that he air something about privacy issues and how it is being compromize in America. I don’t believe in everything he says.. .He’s a reformist with some conservatism attributes. He kind of reminds me of former William Cooper (he was murdered by authorities for no reason – NOV 5th), but a lot less forward thinking. I do like the fact that he speaks true to his heart, which means he doesn’t sugarcoat his reasoning.

In some ways, he kind of remind me of myself. If you did not know, I use to host my own radio program. It was more resource oriented (not activist oriented as it later became). But because I wanted to put more emphasis on my websites, I decided to end the program in 2001.

But I do plan to go back on the air again (homeless or not, I’ll be your alternative media of informational networking QOLSPONY). Not the kind of blubber you hear from the elite black minority, but what is happening that people are not aware of.

This brings up the fact that even though “black” radio exist here, it is not accessible to everyone. If you are not part of the black elite community, they will not take your calls. PERIOD! That’s just how it is and that’s why more blacks in the ditchs need to start stations. It isn’t simply having a black person speak about racism (that is just to get you locked into something that has a small impact on what is really going on in america.)

What is going on in America is militarism and globalism. These are the major things that affect american lives. Not just black americans. The poor are major targets of this enterprise, but the middle class is not far behind. If you do not conformed to the power structure, you will become a victim of it.

This is hardly mentioned in black elite stations. And I’m about to out them out in another discussion.

(I’m a product of a middle class family, so this does not include all people from this category.)

This is what I send Alex Jones >

“Hey Alex,

I listen to your program on the shortwave frequency of 99.75 KHZ in the afternoon. I find it to be very informative for what is happening in America today. I particularly can relate to the story you spoke about concerning a trip you took with your family. You stated that the authorities search your car and made you feel very intimidated. In the airport, the situation was worse.

I’m going through a similar experience. It involves the Fayetteville North Carolina police. The story begins with me being stopped on the street because the officers claim I look “suspicious.” This was followed by having to put my hands on my head and emptying all my processions on the ground. I was so baffled by this experience, I sent an email to various organizations.

Since this incident, the police has situate themselves outside the Amtrak Station where I work. See, I use the free WIFI service at the station so I can continue to operate my business. It is how I make my living.

Unfortunately, the police authorities are equipped with various technologies that the public is not aware of, they can tap into any private or public network at their own discretion. As a result, any security becomes invalid (as in my case).

Other government agencies (LIBRARIES AND SCHOOLS)are equipped with this anti encryption technology. Besides that, they have place cameras across the entire city. So they know when I enter and leave the station.

I bring forth this manner because I think it will be a good topic for future programs. There is too much violation of privacy happening in America today.

For instance, why are libraries filled with cameras and why are Internet activities monitored? Why are police targeting law abiding citizens while they let real criminals go unchallenged?

Why? WHY? WHY???”

Well… there you have it, I was basically telling the guy to do an investigation.

Other than that, due to the nature of my websites ( and, I plan to redirect some to other sites I have worked with in the past. They are owned by other people, but you are sure to read my postings there. This is temporary. I do not have the facilities to work on them.


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