The NO LIFE Matrix Must END

Attention Readers:

I’m coming up to 10 years as a Targeted Individual (October 15th 2007). So it has been a while, since I have been able to live a normal life. However, just existing as I had for these years, is no longer going to work for me.

Before the targeting began, I was working on several projects. It fell under the Umbrella of Brunson Marketing Force LLC; a company I created in 2004.

The purpose of the company is to manage my web presence, which consist of various websites and domains.

In a short period, I was able to generate a large following of people who believe in the direction that I was going. With this support, I was able to create websites that was geared to uplifting this population.

I still feel that this can happen.

But I have to break from this pattern that something will be done about my situation. The more time goes by, the more it is obvious that the targeting situation will not disappear.

The problem isn’t so much about that perpetrators, but individuals claiming to be Targeted Individuals (which, by the way have not been substantiated).

Just claiming to be a Targeted Individual will lock you into this mentality that you can not do anything with your life. So you go on complaining about what the perpetrators are doing to you, without realizing that the damage is wrap around not doing anything with your life.

So I am at the point of reliving my life as it was before 2007, so that I can be myself again. This will involve cutting my ties COMPLETELY from people associated with this MATRIX called Targeted Individual.

I’m not saying the Targeting doesn’t exist. IT DOES. But the worse targeting is not living your life and associating with others who are not living their lives.

With that said, my evidence gathering will continue to exist. But I will be implementing my two ethnic websites. This will include a audio webcast in the future.

I will give more details about these projects in the future.

This is the post I made on Facebook, which I did not get any response:

“For some time I have been thinking about bring my websites on-line since targeting started in 2007. And today, I’m very sure that it can happened. The website was news focus and an on-line community that was tailored to a specific segment of the community. It was focused on giving individuals accessibility by submitting content based articles that is tailored to a specific segment of the community. As it has been, there is no website out there that allow this kind of accessibility to this specific segment of the community. Either they are general focus or, they present information that they want you to read. Although this website would encourage readers, we will be more geared to promoting journalistic content. So right now I need to figure out whether I should do this. Also, not only would the website be content base, but their will eventually be an audio component. The audio component would come in the form of a live audio cast or a podcast (or both). The additional component would involved having a televised news feed each day, but that is something that would have to occur in the distance future. Before these crimes happened to me, I was running a marketing company: bmarkforce and a non profit Qolspony. Eventually I had plans to merge these two entities at some point. Unfortunately, I do not know the status of these organizations as I was too involve with the Targeting and stop filing paperwork. But for now I can simply run this as a sole proprietor until I figure out how to retain the status of those entities if they still exist. GSS, which was started in 2010 is not a legal status organization. There is no paper filed for this name. It is just something created to shed light on individuals being targeted with organized stalking and electronic harassment. Earlier, there has been some effort to start an organization with a name of: Targeted Individuals For Self Determination (TISD). However, that did not occur. I mention this, because GSS purposes was just limited to the website and had no purpose outside of that. But in the case of what I want to do with these websites, I can bring it once an audience is established. However, the audience will be quite different than the audience that GSS represents. But due to time retrains and expenses, this is the only way I can do it until I can figure something out.

So it is pretty obvious to me that: 1. Either they are aware that this MATRIX exist and they don’t want other TIs to recognize it. 2. That they are just too IGNORANT to notice about the MATRIX.

The MATRIX is not the gang stalking and electronic harassment. It is how you react to these things. If you are too STUPID to not see that they are doing these things so you won’t live your life, you will continue to fall for this MATRIX.



2 thoughts on “The NO LIFE Matrix Must END

  1. You said this before and I’m sure you are saying this out of concern. However, I’m not interested in becoming a celebrity or making a million dollars. My interests is having these crimes stop for everyone.

    Anyway, at least you knowledge the electronic harassment. But for me, they would not be any harassment if it was for what the criminals are putting in the food.

    I am very detail about they are doing. How many TIs are unaware of the intensity of placing nano pathogens in the food.

    What it does is make the body more sensitive to the electronic attacks. That’s why when I consume food laced with these pathogens, my targeting increases.

  2. Ten years is a long time. But you’re not using it to your enrichment like The Invisible Crime . com guy and writing a book about it and getting millions in royalties like him, your appealing to the internet, that preceives you have a mental problem, and you do because you have a mental disturbance from your surroundings or a disturbance from someone stalking you or you have a chemical imbalance that causes your body to react abnormally to your surroundings and stress.
    Without question, I know the electricity burn is real. With me over the years of fighting the electricity I have become a pro at using aluminum foil on walls and using noise makers like loud fans or in the past radios to create radio noise or white noise but fans or noise from air purifiers are better because radio is connected to the air waves.
    I’m not boasting but I find and end electric bombardment.
    Look you seem like a nice person living in Carolina a place the invisible crime guy lived. There are 315 million people in the USA. If the invisible crime guy sells only 25 million books at 10 dollars. He is rolling in money. His harassment has basically ended, but not yours. You’re going to end up dead.
    Look I’m losing my internet because my computer crashed and I am only able to visit the internet a couple weeks a month or so, but if you ever need a friend I can try and be one. I’m single and live in a somewhat safe place. And I’ve coped with stuff like this for years. I used to mess with the ice box refrigerator to stop it’s electronic assault, but in the end I discovered, it’s not my refrigerator, it’s not inside my place, he comes from nothing that is mine. From the other place,.

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