Targeted Justice Class Action Lawsuit

Mission Statement:

We are a 501 (c) organization (pending) committed to pursuing legal action for Targeted Individuals.  Our secondary purpose includes education for public and legislative awareness of these Hate Crimes.


Latest News:

We currently have about 200 people that have agreed to participate in legal action.  If you would like to add your name or volunteer with our team, please contact us:


Mail:     Targeted Justice
1289 West FM 515
Winnsboro, TX   75494-4501


The Board of Directors held their first meeting in December 2017.  Teams have been formed to initiate membership, address legal and technical issues, and respond to outside questions.  The Board’s Co-Founders are Midge Mathis, Susan F. Olsen, Christi Kennedy Duncan, and Dolly Guenthner.

53 thoughts on “Targeted Justice Class Action Lawsuit

  1. Hello,I have signed up to targeted Justice also.But I don’t think I have gotten any notification from them..I have had EMF blanket my area and make me and my daughter sick and dizzy.i have a pain between my shoulder blades next to my left one that will burn and throb everyonce and a while I am on remote neural monitoring and I get knocked out day and sick I looked up the patents for these weapons and the one that knocks you out was good from 73 to 90 now I guess the military uses it .I’ve been knocked out for a half hour up to 5 hour’s .this is criminal .I have had people stalk me at my old apartment and lurk in the bushes and I would get hit with frequencies to the heart and when I was knocked out and woke up bad headaches.. I’ve been followed , mobbed in stores , people just act dumb with the street theater.almost hit by speeding car.But I’ve been knocked out for the last year so many times been to the hospital for a heart attack and they told me it was my anxiety but that doesn’t make you arm go numb and fingers tingle.please get back to me I had a stroke and seizure on May 20th 2012 and my wife passed away on October 20 2012 at almost the same time of night and just five months to the day of mine and around the same time at night.1:30 am.I called the government patent att general office .they keep knocking me out and try to stop my heart and when I’m in public I get followed or mobbed.I already have PTSD and anxiety they are just really trying to make what I have already worse.the date is 6/26/2019 at 2:33 pm being tourtured and knocked out multiple times a day isn’t right I’m widowed and a father also. also I have had entry and exiting from both places I have lived old and new one.andnim tired of this B’s.

  2. Tracey mielke , victim of police government gang stalking , death threats harrassment , organized electronic vandalism , tracking , home invasion and much more . Four years of experience , a high school education on this subject . Targeted individual Mosinee Wisconsin.

  3. Much more than all this to what HAARP, Stargate, etc doing. There are things in those airwaves–they change magnetic plate in 5G+. Example, I was being blasted so much I hung plastic wrap off ceiling. My body looked like a shish-ka-bob when I looked at video later. Plastic reflects what is in the airwaves going through the tissue, house, etc. Start bombarding police with complaints. Go to doc armed with article #Micriwave Bioeffect Congruence of Schizophrenia. Found another today also discussing Microwave Auditory Effect. None of us are nuts. Systematically used to appear so including ruining credit (which is illegal Class B Felony Financial Fraud Against Disabled). Trying to find a lawyer..they hang up the internet and start pulse blasting head. (Images and video of the horror).. thing is the country created the disabilty and their docs diagnosed with torture to psyche that they will again lock me up. Locking me up was abduction..still is). HAARP has us all segregated into their timezoneless magnetic holding tank. Removing anything and everything as hostage taking. They hide in certain facts such as a car breaks down. They are the mechanics. And 4 vehicles in 3 years do not break down with the same problem. Late 80s onward: 1 problem vapor lock as they use the vehicle RF sensors to make external combustion tank.. latest is massive massive! electric pulses and pulls to magnet of vehicle and all pieces.. looked up giddy-up effect rolling through electric lines. There is a science to it. Seems like they are monitoring and basically caging with this site.

  4. HUNDREDS HERE WILL join the class action lawsuit and show up.
    stalking is illegal and highly dangerous, and done to VERY GOOD PEOPLE WHO ARE

  5. Hello. I am being tortured daily by this remote neural monitoring systemic network. The nightmare began on
    . I thought initially it was a prank, but these frequencies are no joke. They cause headaches and even feels like I’m on the verge of a heart attack at times. I wonder who I pissed off and how? This shit is no fun.


  6. I am Earl Williams and live in northwest Ohio, not sure about when this started some years back , but now increasingly get much worse. Have evidence of directed energy weapons in use , they are using headlights of vehicles to shoot microwave weapons and others through them. Got it in videos. And bought a trifield meter.and readings are off the chart for microwave.
    I need help. Sign me up..

  7. Hello, I am as well a member of targeted justice and would love to be involved in this lawsuit.

  8. Ron Benish They have been doing this to me for 3 years.. There is 3 of them that talk on a full time basis… 2 try to talk since into the others while the other one yells all the time and threaten to kill me.. He uses something to make me hot and cold extremely bad… Also is causing pain to me.. Now has also try to stop me breathing.. Two of them didnt know what they were signing up for.. Please help asap..i will die anytime.. He also has threaten to rape my daughters kids mom my girlfriend.. He also has said he was going to my daughters school to kidnap her…i have people with the information along with a email to you… Ty Ron Benish

  9. I believe that I am a member of Targeted Justice, please confirm this. I have also requested to join your Class Action Lawsuit, and I have never received your confirmation if I am in. Perhaps the perps have interfered with this, so I need you to let me know. I have been in touch with Midge and Jack, both by phone and email. Jack could not find me on your list, but he said he will make a new attempt to add me to your Class Action Lawsuit. And I have also been in touch by email with Richard and Karen on other matters.

  10. Me too since 2016, I believe that’s when it started in Weymouth, Mass

  11. They
    Will kill me there is no way out. Does not matter what I do . I can’t fight. Every time I’m around people in public after they have multiple time gas lighten me I have horrible thoughts that are being broadcasted. I did not have ever such a number of horrible invasive thoughts before. Time is ending. They wish for me to explode and do cr8mes to a sure them that I’m bad . I was close to losing it today after members of public were keep telling me that’s what is I my head is my could but they are the ones who fucked my head psychologicly so badly that I can’t stop around people to have bad thoughts. I have never before been so volatile in my mind now I get stuck on bad thoughts and repeat. There more 8 get Streess out and more I th8nk about it the worst it gets.

  12. Add me to that.. Happening in Troy Illinois, check cbs atlanta article, that is 300 more people.

  13. Unfortunately it’s nice to hear that I’m not losing my mind and that it’s true, that there is evil people in and around the Scientologist who are gang stalking me shooting me with microwaves and radiation, cuz you my hips to feel like there’s railroad ties being pounded into them in between my shoulder blades tinnitus my but the ringing my head is not tinnitus do you guys hear chainsaws this is unbelievable and it gets worse, it turns out cut my ex-wife is involved and strung me along with her entire family involved in it for over 10 years, getting me for lifetime alimony payments. This is truly the last days God help us all… i thank our Lord Jesus Christ, that he is in charge..HIS WILL BE DONE…Amen

  14. More like manage it. Change your diet. Eat more green foods. Stay away from Sugar, carbohydrates and reduce your meat. Take vitamin c, b complex, magnesium/calcium/zinc, grapefruit seed extract and drink plenty of akaline water. Tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar daily and a 3/6 month cleanse. You want to do Epsom salt baths and make sure you soak in hot water. Take a look at You want to learn everything about it. And You want to reduce the amount of stress in your life.

  15. I am bei g gang stalked i hear voices both in my head and outside my head they can manipulate my dreams i hear voices of my family and friends what can i do to protect myself from this horrible crime

  16. I have been targeted since 2013, They constantly harass me using voice to skull, and microwaves to burn my eyes and skin.. They sabotage me everywhere I go telling people a bunch lies and bull shit to make other people Think that what they are doing is ok, when in fact everything they are doing is illegal..Please when will our class action finally happen?

    Ted talk at the end of August, 2018.
    This video describes reading and writing to the brain with near infrared. Infrared as in your tv and remotes and some cellphones. I knew these greedy bastards would eventually give themselves away. This stuff gets developed to stealthfully screw over incovenient people, but the folks who develop or use it eventually get greedy enough that they market the hell out of it for their own profit. Then it’s screw government secrecy, their’s a buck in it! It uses infrared and a colloidal suspension of carbon nanotubes so look out for charcoal tasting slippery goo on your food.

  18. i have been gang stalked by a sadist community for nearly 30 years off and on literally the entire community is involved

  19. I have been being tortured since 2016. I just can’t believe the technology thru have to destroy people. For instance, they put some form of very sophisticated surveillance system all over the property, literally snaps single shots (pictures) every couple of feet all over, including the bathroom and bedroom. So as bad as they have made me, everyone has also seen me nude as well. So they take these single shots (pictures) use Google Layer program, then they layer them up in order of how they want the video to play out. Next once they have all their pictured taken and layered in order, they use Google Animation to make these single pictures into a glass fake video. Now that they have the video, they get back into your Google account and get YOUR OWN PERSON VOICE and they type what they want you to supposedly be saying in the video. Once that is complete, they use Google BLURR. They BLURR out the video so you can’t really tell it’s the person in the video they made, you just think it is because they have your voice. Now how is that for DEMONIC activity. They literally can make it look like you are shooting heroin, which was the case for me, and/or they can make it look like you are hurting animals or people or yourself. Somehow, they put these single pictures, then the completed video on YOUR OWN PHONE and they upload them into a cloud account that they are using for this, then they delete it off your phone so you never know it’s happening. These freaks have destroyed my life and taken everything and everyone away from me. Nobody talks to me because the man I live with is also behind this. They choose people like him who is an alcoholic, or drug addicts and unemployed people to do their dirty work. All your friends who are going thru any kind of financial hardship will turn against you just for the money they pay out. I have literally sat back and watched all these freaks get new cars, clothes and new places to live, plus they get their drugs paid for. Can you believe these Apps and how these spy apps can make it look like you are doing something that you are not or never would??? My own Son is in on this too. He even thru me in the outward and was really pissed off when they released me. He went as far as to tell them I was sketso, but that shows up on a CAT scan. I have heard that they did all this also because there was $100,000 left to me from some one but I don’t know who. A couple of people have come forty and skilled and said “you can stay with me if you sign over guardianship.”. I said “What….. guardianship, what are you talking about?”. Then they back peddled and said that they never said that. I could pay am attorney to help me but none will take my case because they have already gotten the world believing I am a crazy heroin addict. I was also told that the owner of the property hired the FBI. When I cornered the person saying this, again they back peddled and said he only hired them because things were stolen and that was a while ago. I say BULLSHIT, it’s happening NOW and it’s happening to ME. If any attorney tried to contact me, they intercept the email and/or the phone call. If there is any help out there for a woman like me who has NEVER failed a drug test in my life, please send a letter to PO Box 804 Grass Lake MI 49240. You as an attorney should be able to find that money ASAP and you can have it. Take it away from the jerks NOW. My number is 517-539-9184. Like I said, they block calls, they block texts and erase emails too. I hope someone can help

  20. I have been targeted for 20 years, I didn’t even know I was targeted. I just started getting sick. I was so sick all I could do is lay in the bed and Ikept having all these issues with the heart, head, joints and now I use a walker and wheel chair. One day my landlord came by and got on the roof, after inspecting the roof he tells me that the chimney had been burnt. Then he came inside the home and found some food and electric cords in the attic, I still did not realize that a perp had been coming thru the outside chimney and using directed energy devices on me, I would hear noises and feel like someone was there watching but I never imagined. Then I moved to a entirely different state, purchased a home and now I am being attacked with energy devices, found out that my home I has directed laser surveillance coming thru several windows in my living room and bedrooms, My home has been constantly vandalized and now my daughter and granddaughter are being victimized.. something is being used to speed up their hearts, and high pitched frequencies and other things happening. Tonight I heard this loud generator sound and my bed starts shaking And seems llike I am being electriicuted. I feel so sick and my entire body is burning. They are also constantly burning and trying to sexually stimulated my buttocks and private area, jut seems as though most of the neighbors are perps, also law enforcement and done firemen.

  21. I have been electronically harassed by two individuals for 9 years. James Randall jimerson child sex offender 9 year old. Longview tx. Gregg county.and his fiancee Carrie Elaine Nicholson Moore. Also from Longview tx. Traci Lynn area. And zeola st. They do not work. She is on disability. Lol. So she aids and abetting. They claim. They will torture me forever. Wanda Phillips 9033098020.

  22. Hi my name is Donna,

    After thinking about this for sometime, I decided to stand up for myself.
    I had no idea how big this thing was. I have been a targeted individual since 2011. My targeting started at my place of employment. I had no idea what I was dealing with they were burning the top of my head so severely. I literally had to take off time for disability. I was help by my supervisor which she is no longer employed at the company.

    The main reasons why I decided to write and be a part of this petition, is because they continue to violate me in my bedroom at night. They burn my feet so severely just enough so it won’t leave a mark but had enough to feel the pain. I have no proof but this started at my home three years ago I feel strongly it’s about five neighbors in my neighborhood that are part of this harassment. At one point they were whelping my body with the laser weapons, I have photos to prove that. The first burn mark on the side of my chest is very bad they burnt me while I was sleep at night. They actually torment me when I’m making love to my husband. I have lost over 35 pounds due to the stress that they have put me through. I’m not sure how long I’m going to be here that’s one of the reasons also that I’m writing. I am not sure of this energy weapon that they’re using on my body is getting me sick.

  23. I am targeted and my gang of stalkers has now spread to a ARMY. I moved to another state to get away from the torment and the imprisonment these creeps create. Well so did they. I have been making police reports for 4 years not one investigated. I went home to get all my forensic and other proof of spyware gps trackers voice recorders etc because they won’t investigate. After giving me my documents the Officer had to throw the harassing gang sign in my face. I was hit by this radiation so much in the airport my eyes were jiggling all over the place. The crazy stalker on the plane next to me screaming I was high on drugs. Ya ok. my face is swolen skin around my eyes weird white and puffy and my mouth tasted like I sucked on a metal pipe. I;’m to damn scared to leave my home. I was arrested two weeks ago for false reporting yet texas followed suit with Colorado. Funny right as I left the FBI office and them telling me to press charges on eachone of these creeps for felony stalking. i need help as an example my stalkers identical to skizit guesture youtube videos gang stalking. Damn nose pickers. Only an entire ARmy in Denver international Airport. Seriously this many people had to get into the terminal just to stick their phone in my face AND throw their gang sign and identify themselfs as an abusive POS to a complete stranger.
    I do not feel safe for a second and need someone to help advocate for me becasue I am about to take out this 4 years of rage out on one of them very soon If i do not gain help from someone. I have a long story and I know who the creator In denver is and who has hacked every device and vehicles with gps trackers spyware you name it. I unwillingly fell victim to his entire training process. yep 4 years of reporting this strange man stalking me and this man that preys on me like a piece of meat just happy as can be as he is about to push me to the breaking point. Its a start if someone will please find a way to help me.

  24. Hi I have been targeted for a long time in the state of WA and other states , in the state of wa there wa in year 2000 full reports of the crimes committed against me by my employer and others that report was by the radio station 100.7 the Buzz that ran every day in the morning for 3 to 4 hours and it lasted more than 7 months, other reports too was on TV 7,5,4 , reports by wsp in year 2000, I have busted the biggest corruption since 1926 in the state of wa and there was national news about it in 2000.they have used everything and every way to kill me. One of thier devices was the Willam Nelson Machines, I know that when we get a hold of those reports that all have in it what they have done from crimes against me that alone shall give us all wee need to get a victory in every city of law. There was a lots of attempts of farming by the perpetrators at that time it all failed too.

  25. I am interested in a lawsuit against the so called “powers” that are targeting me. My neighbors, as well as local police etc are participating in a gangstalking campaign against me. I have researched some lawyers that may take interest in these sorts of cases, and have come across your names. I have evidence and am compliling more with each day. Please let me know if you can assist with this process.

  26. I was kidnapped held hostage molested by scalpel mid-2015 I am subject of the brain initiative project and Bill Gates I was told with ray kurzweil l at Google along with government initiated. this experiment with me turning me into a cyborg I have 5 and plants with 90 probes on each implant in my brain I’m a hippocampus in other areas of my brain I have a pump in my liver or pump in my colon a valve on my heart a camera in my eyes and something in my nose they’re downloading my brain to put it into a prosthetic body to be the first generation transhumanist because I’m not compliant the using their technology to torture harasss and assault with a bloody nose headaches toothaches lower back aches sleep deprivation their form of tinnitus you name it they’ve done it they threatened to kill me and or kill my family if I don’t comply without consent being subject of the brain initiative project it’s all documented it’s aired on TV or it’s aired on an app that tried to bribe me with a million dollars. you can reach me at 910-5230 no use this number 330-634-7268. I would like to talk to somebody in person hopefully and I probably the interesting hearing about a class action suit although in my case it’s public knowledge I’ll sue them outright myself

  27. Where can I get help? Can’t call the police because their apart of it or FBI.

  28. I have been followed by police since 2014 , someone mess with my background, basically my identity has been taken away, all of this is because of a rumor someone started.

  29. For me, almost 25 years. I know who put me on the list..I pray they and hundreds other end up at San Quentin or GITMO for the rest of their sick pathetic lives.

  30. I hsve been a TI. for a very long time. Harrassed electronically by my nephew son of my sister. She is involved with son. Harassing is painful and pressure on head an ears , eyes non-stop. Tired of stalk, hack, track, monitor mail. Their action caused
    Ill-health an being tortured by weapons in his possession an use is a slow killer an bought with intent to kill. so he can control am handle am not be e exposed

  31. I started noticing weird things happening in the early 90’s. I am now 74 and they have ruined my life. They had me terrified for many years not to mention sleep deprived. They have ruined my reputation in my town and surrounding towns. I have refused to move . We need justice. I hope I live long enough to see these people pay for the crimes they have done to me and the rest of the targeted community.

  32. I have been targeted since late December 2016. I am an innocent citizen and have committed no crime. I am being tortured with directed energy /ELF/HF/ RF and acoustics 24/7. The directed energy and acoustic targeting is strongest at my place of residence but is also present in my car and in my office at work. I often measure the EMF to be in the hundreds mT at home and in my car. I have also measured the infrasound waves to be between 8 and 28 Hz at 8-14 db, pulsed and appear as a sinusoidal function when graphed. My physical and psychological symptoms are severe. This torture is destroying my body and mind. I will testify if it helps stop the targeting. I would do anything for this torture to stop.

  33. the idiots that do this are nothing, but idiots and criminals.
    and so are the stupid neighbours that also join in, that are also losers, criminals.
    unfortunately the idiot neighbours are also being watched. by participating.
    sad thing is, this kind of activity could be used , could have saved a lot of lives, but those in receipt of dodgy money just shows what kind of people the crackpots and neighbours are. glad i’m not one of them

  34. I have been targeted since 2015. The electronic harassment (torture) started in 2016 and continues 24/7. Gang Stalkers have increased from two towns Navy and Air Force using Ultrasonic Weapons and others. My house has been hijacked, infiltrated and so has my vehicle. I live alone so the Military come into my home and use there Mind Control device on me when I am sleeping….Poison is in my house etc….
    I am sure if you have my name and have a list of device chips that are implanted in myself you can find out the location of these weapons being used on me.

  35. Thanks for contacting. You can call me tomorrow at: 980-285-7954. I will be interested in what you can do. I know what is going on and have been speaking out since 2010. I have an idea of putting together a save house community. But that requires funds and support from the TI community.

  36. I am being targeted in Tooele Utah and my 5 and 8 year old children have been complaining of these pains also and have heard them talking. I Am not breaking the law or doing anything to anyone. This started with my sister and they now are useing these things in me and my small children if you could tell me what to do or if I can participate in anything I could pitch in on any funds if that’s what we need. My children are afraid and this needs to stop! Thank you my email or my phone number is 435-850-0981

  37. Please do not publish my name or my email address. I would like my name placed on list for Class Action Suit. I am unsure exactly when the targeting began in my life. The first episode of the program making itself known to me through a weapon that used loud voice was February 7, 2015. I also participated in Global T.I.Survey last summer. I too initially thought it to be a prank. My entire family has been affected and under constant threat. My only wish is to have my life returned to me. Privacy of own thought has become a given of the past..

  38. Ive been harrassed ,gangstalked,had stalkers put splinters on food trays at my job and i had splinters on my fingers,which caused me to have cardio arrest and almost died.even heard the gangstalkers talk about the splinters loudly to get my attention.they are unconstitutional .they are psyco sometimes.fbi cia terror squad

  39. I am being gang-stalked and I have not had any of my rights granted or privacy for years.

  40. Hello. I am being tortured daily by this remote neural monitoring systemic network. The nightmare began on January 01, 2016. I thought initially it was a prank, but thess frequencies are no joke. They cause headaches and even feels like I’m on the verge of a heart attack at times. I wonder who I pissed off and how? This shit is no fun.

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