Testimony: Smart Phones & Implants

(From the Citizens Against Harmful Technology Newsletter: http://www.citizensaht.org)

They put Apple software on your computer so they can sync it to stalkers mobile devices. From time to time, our devices get automatic updates and sometimes we get updates we don’t want from entities that want to do us harm.  I don’t use apple devices, I don’t have a smart phone and I don’t use Apple Mobile Devices, but I did get this software put on my computer on February 10, 2018.  I have previously deleted it and here it is again.

The police, firemen and the stalkers they hire use iPhones. They conduct a drug making and distribution operation our street. They use these phones and devices to do surveillance on your computers and connect with implants.

Almost every neighbor we have is a phone stalker.  One works for Lockheed Martin and does work from home. We found a CAPS program wall plaque in their garbage which means they were or are working for Citizens Assisting Police (citizen stalking).  Another has police parties at his house and set his dog on me when I went for a walk.  Our next door neighbor comes out of her house when I come out of my house, parks her truck next to my house and she leaves a device in her truck for several days at a time. Across the street are foreign born drug dealers who stalk us with their phones. Another neighbor sits on her front porch when we come out of the house, when we leave and when we come home – with her phone. Behind us is a veteran ex-fireman who dresses up in lime green and rides his bike by our house.  There is one neighbor who doesn’t stalk us but he is an ex-con and may also be a target. We watched a white van stop in front of his house, two men got out, one got on top of his house and put something down the pipe on the roof, they got in the van and sped away. Society has been infiltrated with societal traitors taking money for bounty hunting and stalking us – and killing us slowly.


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