Save A Lot Malicious Food Contamination Complaint 2/24/18

 “Dear Christopher Brunson,

Thank you for contacting us with your concerns about the referenced products that you recently purchased from your local  store.

We have forwarded this information to the Store Director for review and you should receive a response by phone or e-mail by the end of the next business day. For your records, your case number regarding this matter is 01777738.

Our number one goal is customer satisfaction and if you have any other questions, comments or concerns, please contact us by calling (888) 725-4537.


Shea F.
SaveALot Customer Care

This is regarding fecal matter American Choice Tropical Nuts and human hair found in the Jiffy Cornbread mix. Also nano tech – smart dust was mentioned (which was found in over 90 percent of the products), but that wasn’t the basis of the complaint.


I was hoping to reach out to you in regards to your inquiry about product tampering with mix nuts and cornbread mix at the Fayetteville Save-a-Lot.  Please see my cell phone number below and give me a call when you are available.

Best regards,

Houston Hawley
Corporate District Manager | Save-a-lot Stores
Cell: 919-270-6863 | eFax: 877-353-5990″

Spoke to DM of Save A Lot and was told an investigation will be done. This was regarding the fecal matter in the American Choice Tropical Mix and the hair found in the Jiffy Cornbread mix.


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