October 2018 Journal

10-2/3 Was woken with signal attacks to both knees, legs, hips, torso, head, fingers (and joints), feet, toes, eyes, hands, ect. When I stood up and walked around, the attacks were gone instantly.

10-3/4 Pulsing attacks to the legs – sometimes induced tension, signal attacks to the head, hands, fingers, eyes, nostrils, feet, ect.

10-7 The items that I purchased from Rielly Rd Farmers Market had noticeable nano crystalline in it, because in the night the attacks induced an elevated heartbeat, burning sensation and signal attacks to the legs, knees, feet, hands, arms, head and other parts of the body. The items included, mangoes, apples, bananas (which I purchased and consumed a lot of) and what looked like grapes.

10-9 Single attacks to the legs and feet can be felt everywhere I go, but especially get worse at night. Sickness feeling in the stomach, which made me feel like throwing up several times. These attacks is a combination of installed technology that is already in the body and the surrounding directed energy.

10-10 Slept in different areas. The attacks changed in each area that I slept at. Woke up to man walking on rail road tracks. The night before consumed baker’s harvest chicken flavored crackers, which had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. And today the Nature’s House Indulgent Trail Mix and Gourmet Nuts, which both had the technology in them. Items were purchased at the Bragg Blvd Donllar Tree where Frank is the manager.

10-13 Radionics treatment was done on me. And in the night I noticed that someone had came from the front end. I also noticed an increased in traffic in the area. This showed me that the criminal organization needed to main the same level of targeting.

10-15/16 Stinging attacks to my legs and signal attacks, which causing legs to shake. Heard someone in the woods. Also each night raccoon and opossum will come in – especially after I was woken by the criminal organization.

10-19 While walking to the store, from time to time pain attacks to the feet. It feels like devices had been placed in three sections on my feet. These devices is the technology that had been placed in the food and are than wirelessly “burned in” by the various programmed pulsing devices in the area. When these attacks do occur, it is using a strong painful 2 section sensation that come suddenly.

10-20 The grapes had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in them. Upon consuming this product a crystal sensation formed in my mouth. The product was purchased from Save A Lot.

10-20 Pulsing pain attacks to my thighs increased after consuming the Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch Original 24.8oz and Pet Dairy Pure Whole Milk one gallon from Big Lots.

10-20 Strong rectum burning sensation. When ever this occurs, this means I consumed a large amount of nano crystalline – smart dust. In this case I consumed Milk.

10-20 The spasm attacks to the hands returned, which cause the muscles to tense up. Also burning sensations to the ears, which have been clogged up with the technology. This is being propelled by the stomach attacks, which increase after consuming the reconditioned food.

10-20 Signal attacks to the knees are now continuous.


8 thoughts on “October 2018 Journal

  1. Consider Fibromyalgia and work from there. The chart has some characteristics of it.

  2. having read extensively in biology, I have never heard of nano crystal line smart dust. I will read up on the subject. But I am not convinced of it’s existence. However the concept of targeted particles to attack cancer is under investigation. Such particles are first covered with a small does of chemical to attack a cancer cell and to try to neutralize the cancer. This is still experimental.. Other methods to control cancer include Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes which are effective in many cases. So while I can not rule out any such technology, I am hessitant to say that it is used as you say. I would be curious to know if you are diabetic etc., Which might shed light on these things for you. Also a Regional Medical Hospital has to take care of you, by Federal Law. I.e. if they receive the cash from the Federal Govt then they are obligated to take you in and examine you. It’s your choice.
    Do not be like Steven Jobs who had Pancreatic cancer and chose alternate treatment, He had the best chance to life if he chose conventional treatment. Also if the first diagnosis is not as you expect, go to a second medical institution.

  3. Which link or post are you referring to? As you requested earlier, I removed all posts referencing your name.

  4. Chris Brunson, I has sent you a Cease and Desist and now having a restraining order issued against you and WordPress. I, Darlene Miles have nothing to do with you or your writings yet you, Renee Pittman Mitchell and Neil Chevrier continue to tag my good name to draw people to your posts. This is my last public Cease and Desist, asking that you remove my name from your crap. I hope you get exactly what you deserve. Hell. Darlene Miles 11-15-18.

  5. Phineas J Whoopie: wow! thanks for your pearls of very harsh wisdom. Hope you grow some compassion instead of the over critical “tude” . BTW are you a disinformation troll?

  6. I understand your position, but there are several things to acknowledge. I don’t have the money for these laboratories. And if I did, there is no guaranteed that the process would not be free from infiltration. So the information presented is base on experiences and reactions. This is more than enough I need to draw the conclusion that the food is tainted with nano pathogens that harm the body. Thanks for your comment.

  7. Blind leading the blind… sharing disinfo leading you all off a cliff. Nano crystalline in your food…but you cant be bothered to send a sample to any one of hundreds of independent laboratories for analysis… signal beam attacks which would easily be documented with rf detectors.
    Its certainly your right to post your delusions on the internet but the sad fact is vulnerable people eat this stuff up as you have. Your fantastic unfounded claims will be used by them in self caused ruination and they just spread it along.
    Signed, someone who fell for this bs for a little while and figured out the obvious. It was my own foolishness and all the stupidity I found online only made it worse.
    Reject this as you will its your own life to destroy.

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