A reply comment to a Targeted Individual

A reply comment to aTI who is going through something similar to myself. But because her targeting is more intensive than myself, it require a lot of time to address her issue.

Please understand in addressing her it is not my intentions to neglect my other readers. The long comment is particularly design to address the physical symptoms that a lot of TIs are enduring.

The symtoms don’t go away by complaining as I have done with my former Journals. It goes away by being proactive in making good health and sound decisions concerning the targeting.

No TI organization is good enough to address this problem, which is why I will no longer listen them. They are all on a repeated cycle process, which never ever address the real needs of the TI.

And spending tons of money on shielding is just so they pocket your money without really benefiting you.

Here’s the following message. Pay close attention on what we need to do.

”Thanks for your comment Teresa. Please note that I’m not a doctor or engineer, but I think this will help reduce some of the targeting. Get rid of SUGAR out of your diet and reduce carbohydrates considerably. Do a monthly cleanse of your body to remove parasites, metals and other materials that can be used for the targeting. Engage in plenty of exercises that will promote presperation and energy.

These are the foods you should eat. Garlic, Ginger, Lemons (peels included), cinnamon, radish, celery or any foods that will build a resistance to the attacks.

Take vitamins C, B complex, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium, potassium, grapefuit seed abstract.

What I have done is green tea, citric acid, Epsom salt (internal and in baths). You want remove the technology from the surface of the body.

You also want to use essential oils. Peppermint, clove, and that helps in dealing with pain.

Drink plenty of filtered water. Do not drink bottle water unless you know the source. Tap water is a no no.

Reduce your need for cell phone and wireless communications. Do not use a phone in a car. It magnify the signal, which is a draw to your perpetrators around you. Turn it off when you at home unless you are expecting a call. All calls should be kept short, because of how these criminals can link to the GPS satellites. Never have a phone on when you are sleeping.

Be aware of people around you. They don’t always have cell phones, but it is important to see how they are position to you.

The body has seven chakras. One being the back. So it is important that you know this, because you will feel pain in this area.

Stop fast foods period! The perpetrators are known to put technology in these places.

Walk barefooted when you could. This process will give you balance to the earth, which would make it more difficult for them to access you.

Listen to spiritual music. There is various music that have frequency tones that will interfere with their program to you. You can search frequency healing on YouTube and Google.

When you go to sleep, don’t ever sleep with a full stomach. Sleeping is when they program these pain elements to you.

Anyway, you are an elevated level to me. But you can reverse the control that they have of your body.

So if you follow at least half of what I said, you should see improvements.

I’m no longer referring TIs to groups or organizations, which I feel have all been infiltrated. Most have been started just so they can track TIs.

And the mere fact someone would be encourage on a conference call for hours works against them. Because the cell phone is a major tool for our targeting. So keep the phone off unless you really need it for business.”

As you can see, it is the habit that we have done in the past that is catching up to us today. All the perpetrators are doing is taking advantage of these habits. So the bottom line is to break the cycle of ignorance and you should see improvements in the future.

For instance, stop relying on things that you think is convient. Start making sacrifices for you, your family and the public as a whole.

No TI call or organization is going to tell you. And having rallies convincing other people about our issue, when they themselves have not broken from these minor conveniences is a no go for me.

So follow my examples and you should see improvements.

Good day and be well.


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