Government Insider: Regarding The Technology used against TIs

I’ve come across new information regarding this technology. It seems we’ve been on the wrong path. The common consensus is some sort of ultra low frequency.

In reality they are using a technology known as Near Infrared Spectroscopy. Using nanometer wavelengths in the near infrared spectrum, they are obtaining blood flow patterns based on the absorption of chromophores in the brain. They use an advanced artificial intelligence to then recognize patterns and decode blood flow into inner thoughts, images, and impulse thoughts.

This technology is being combined with a new intelligence program known as SENTIENT. SENTIENT is used as an analysis tool in order to combine the brain data from the near infrared spectroscopy along with IR visuals (through most materials and thin metals), Laser Doppler Vibrometers (focused laser beam reading soundwaves in a given area). This program combines these and other sensors to give the operators options to proceed.

Currently the only known deterrent to this technology is Carbon Black. There are possibly others, anything that can absorb or reflect the near infrared spectrum waves.

I understand this is quite different from what we’ve believed thus far, but they are using satellites to track people and scan their brain with this technology.

I don’t have much more information, but the foils and mylar aren’t enough to reflect near infrared. I wanted to keep everyone informed.

Forgot to mention when used at a high enough power level, can cause brain injury and death


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