White Supremacy, The Black Community & Wireless Technologies

We know how white supremacy affect us physically, but “we” fail to address the spiritual aspect of white supremacy. And this is the most formable aspect when you talking about wireless technologies and their capabilities and how they are used to both submit someone who is targeted or someone who is being used to target our communities.

So the crimes that Black Americans I have been facing can not stop at Slavery, Jim Crow, or on-going systematic racism. It must include relationships that exist in our community. Because we are talking about technologies that influences and manipulate people to participate in crimes against humanity.

What I have witness time and time again, how the controllers of this technologies use Black Americans to engage in these crimes. But it wasn’t always that way. It started with rural white guys who had nothing to live for. So I know they have the capability of latching their wireless technology to the Black American frequency, which explains why 90 percent of my targeting is from this group.

So how does Reparations cover this particular crime, because I have lost at least 15 productive working years of my life? What about the impact that this criminal program have been on my health? Or, the countless days I had to forced myself not to eat the food that I knew had nano technology in it that aide the perpetrators in attacking my body wirelessly?

There are many examples of why Reparations wouldn’t even come close to paying me for what I have endure under this white demonic system that has led to almost loosing my life more than 5 times. Whether it was through starvation, or driving close to a ditch that would avoid some of the targeting. And forget the amount of agonizing pain that they put all over my body for just being alive.

Anyway, while Black Americans continue to turn over statues, the white supremacist continue to operate undercover to manipulate my community with this wireless technology. And we continue to stay silent about this issue, even though it is so obvious of what is really going on. Just like you can have a police officer who can kill a man in the middle of the day with on lookers and the world is clueless on what is really going on. But it is evident to me (and many TIs) that these wireless devices has had a very negative impact on our population. Just like the advent GMO foods and nano technologies. We can not ignore what is really happening.

So just because you can’t see it happening, doesn’t mean it is not happening, because for a long time, things have been happening behind the scenes. But now more than ever, these white supremacist have the aide of wireless technology that allows them to see you through walls and complete darkness. They can read and manipulate your thoughts and others around you for a specific purpose. They can project things into your mind that make you paranoid and fearful of people around you. I see this being done a lot in major cities.

But the more sinister things is how they are able to use the technology to manipulate people around you. Because you are constantly exposing people who might not be aware that they are targeting you. That is how powerful this technology is. So the issue really needs to be about education. How does it work. And how it has impacted certain communities in a detrimental way. And why it is important to ban wireless devices or at least limit it use. This can come in the form of developing devices that allows the user a way of detecting these wireless devices. I think that is all for now. But if you have more to say about this topic, please feel free to comment.


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