I would welcome other Ti s to Texas if they want to live near other ‘Tis. I have room for up to six Ti s who don’t mind living in a camper of their own. I am basically charging them lot rent of $399 for utilities – water sewer etc.

NEW! — There is now also a trailer on the premises equipped with showers, kitchen and restrooms to accommodate those who may not have a camper!!!

The property is isolated and in the country…. 15 miles away to two different cities …1 hour from ocean or San Antonio. No buses or public transportation. But it’s quiet here and I am easy going as well.

Drama people not needed. Everyone should be easy going and calm we could meet once a week and talk to ease some of our issues as it’s always the isolation game with our perps not wanting us to talk to anyone but them.

For more information, please contact:


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