Phone GPS Targeting

GPS Phone Targeting is when a perpetrator or when you call a perpetrator phone and their phone has been program to interlink with GPS satellite, which sends signals to your body. They have various perpetrator apps developed for this activity and each program represent a different signal that is sent to you. It also interfaces with the ground systems that is pulsating these different signals to the body.

So every time you make or receive a phone call, you can potentially making it easier for your perpetrators to target certain regions of your body.

In one case when ever I called my Aunt, it isn’t long that she receives a call from her “friend” (handler), which I am alerted each time. This happens every time I calls her. And I’m very aware that she’s a perpetrator and this so called friend of her’s who came into her life about 3/5 months after being in her house.

Anyway, not too long after she told me her “friend” is on the phone with her, I her a buzzing or clicking sound. So this is an indication that her phone is interacting with her phone and the GPS satellite.

In order for this to occur, her “friend” initiate a call, which allows her friend to attach herself into the carrier signal to my GPS location. I don’t know exactly how it is done, but I do know that after her “friend” makes the initial call is when shortly later, I hear the buzzing sound.

Just last week after she told me her friend was on the phone, I told her that she should take the call, but my Aunt keep convincing me to stay on the phone (that she will call her later) and than as I say I’m leaving the call, I hear the buzzing sound again. So it was important for me to leave the call as soon as possible, because I’m aware of how they use this method as a targeting protocol.

The reason why you leave the phone call, is because the perpetrators is that they are using your phone signal (locator) as method to program the signal to your body or the technology that lies in your body. So the longer you stay on the phone with them, the more they are able to upload the targeting protocols to your body. So you will start feeling pain in your body in certain places that you had in the past.

Because the phone puts you right at the position where you can be targeted vs the surrounding perpetrators pulsing devices, it is one of the major targeting protocols that is used.

Another situation of a “Targeted Individual” who called me recently. It just happened out of the blue. I knew he had lost his phone or it was broken, because he mentioned it in his Youtube video. I’ve been very skeptical for sometime on whether he was a Targeted Individual, because of where he is staying at. Because my targeting was so bad at that location and meanwhile, he spends 24/7 at a location that has security cameras and is very lit up at night.

Anyway, he called me. But after I hanged up the phone, I get another random call. I did not answer it. But I decided I call this person back anyway. I’m immediately told that they had the wrong number. But than I feel a very strong signal on the side of my head.

What I gathered by this is that he was the initiator. And after he rushed off the phone with me. They were able to establish contact into my area, which is why the call was immediately made by the second person.

Regardless of the targeting that I receive by the surrounding perpetrators, it is these 5/10 minute calls that concern me the most, because the signals are more precise and direct. I know it has everything to do with the GPS satellite and that’s the reason why i no longer take calls from anyone.

In closing, we are in a very different world today. The world we lived in (if you are over 30) is not the same world we lived in yesterday. The same sinister people who created platforms to benefit people have created these platforms to target people.

So convenience is not all that convenience if you can not live in this world without someone watching or bothering you. So it got to the point, why live after all, because life is suppose to be about freedom, not constant harassment.


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