Thursday Night Teleconference

Thursday Night Teleconference

Good Day Comrades,

We are in the fight for our lives and it is not getting easier. But one thing we do have is each other. Won’t we take this this opportunity before it passes us by?

What I’m referring to is the idea to create this coalition. But first I need you to do one thing. Won’t you put together an affidavit so we can began the process of ending these horrific crimes?

The crimes I’m referring to is organized gang stalking, electronic harassment, chemical warfare and so on.

If you want these crimes to stop you will take heed. If you are unable to fulfill that mission, I won’t just let you go, but I do need your help.

If you find it too difficult to write this affidavit, in return, I can accept a summary description outlining these crimes.
It should start with when the crimes happened (specified date), who was involved (name of person(s) and place), what techniques were used (organized gang stalking, electronic harassment, chemical warfare, etc), and how can your elected official assist you in stopping it.

All correspondents should be sent to:

Other matters. Recently, there has been a lot of rumors that a coalition should not happen. But this is the reason why it should happen. Perpetrators don’t like coalitions, because they operate independently from government sponsored 501c3 organizations.

First of all, Targeted Individuals will dictate what happens with the coalition, not some IRS corporation that operates in Washington DC. We will make decisions whether the government likes or not.

Another issue is the sudden interests in these other conference calls around the importance of creating an affidavit to document these crimes. Do not be fool by this new position as it is there to distract you away from forming this coalition.

The members of these conference calls are affiliated with an organization that has failed TI’s for over 5 years. Don’t think for a minute it will change. It would be business as usual once the coalition is no longer a factor.

Please do not let this happen.

If you need help with putting this affidavit together, I will help you every step of the way.
Do not believe that the affidavit is all you need to stop these crimes. The affidavit is just one process in stopping these crimes.

I have written 5 affidavits and since this time, my crimes have gotten worse. Reason? I did not have an organization behind me.

Now that we are almost there, all it will take is YOU willing to sacrifice an hour of YOUR time to put this affidavit together.

Anyway, if you are still hesitant in making this decision, just think about your current situation. Is not doing an affidavit worth 5, 10 or even 20 more years of cointelpro targeting?

If I thought so, I probably would not being pushing this idea.

It cost dearly to do this every week and I don’t get paid a red cent. I don’t expect to. But I do expect that there is enough TI’s willing to support this idea.

What do we have to loose? One more Saturday teleconference of constant blabber?

Weekly conference calls that repeat the same message about how bad things are, but never have a solution of how to solve it?



We can’t sacrifice anymore of our PRECIOUS life for this NONSENSE!!

We must get down in the drenches and tell the world that if these crimes continues, THERE IS A BIG PRICE TO PAY!

Are you tired?
Teleconference are held every Thursdays (TODAY) at 11PM on or call 724-444-7444 id 83319 # pin 1 #
Chris J. Brunson – GSS

PS: If you will like to be place on the list for future conference calls, contact me at

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