GSS Conference Call Was A Total Success

GSS Conference Call Was A Total Success

Dear Comrades,

The conference call was a success. We were able to interview two TI’s about the crimes happening to them. Affidavits are currently being prepared for them, which they agree to take to a notary next week.

We do hope that you follow their direction, as we are close to starting the coalition.

Next conference call will be Thursday at 11PM on Or call 724-444-7444 id 83319 # pin 1 #

Affidavits and descriptions outlining your crimes should be submitted to:

If you will like to be place on the talkshoe list for future conference call, contact me at

Our website is located at:
Our Affidavit is located at:

Thanks for your time and hope you attend the next conference call.

Chris J. Brunson

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