Walmart Nano Contamination 102920

Walmart 2820 Gillepsie Street Fayetteville, NC 28306. Manager Michael Phone: 910-364-0315.

Going into Walmart look usual until you go towards the center of the store and that is where you immediately notice entire sections completely clear of products. I have witness and documented this in the past. What it means is that they took the items that were there previously and did not have a chance to put the new items in. The new items is the one that has the nano contaminations that once consumed allow various surrounding perpetrators to align their directed energy weapon systems to you. It comes in the form of induced pain, which is directed to the joints and muscles of the body.

When first consumed, you noticed a crystallized sensation to the mouth. This is followed by targeting of the stomach, which bloating than gas pain is experienced. For the fact this is happening with one of America’s most well known store tells me how vulnerable the system is. Here you have groups of people bringing in food that have not been tested through a delivery process that have not been verified for the purpose of targeting a single person for directed energy attacks. This is the America that I have known for at least 12 years that I have been able to document these events.

So here we have McCormick Garlic Salt 52100038346 15.75oz that has massive amounts of crystallized nano pathogens in the product. The same can be said about Great Value Fully Cooked Chicken Strips 078742083520 25oz, which also had similar amounts.

Also noted that throughout the time I was in the store, my camera refuse to operate. But once outside the store, they worked perfectly. I was able to get some small clips of the empty shelves, as this is evidence where infiltration of a store occurs.

Before leaving the store, I ask the female that was checking out my items who was the manager on duty and her reaction was that of fear. I have seen this type of behavior from people that they just bring into this criminal program.

So bringing perpetrators and recruiting new perpetrators is very simple for a store like this. We are talking about Walmart here, not some convenience store. But these criminal groups have master deception practices and setup systems that allow them to institute these models into real life circumstances.

Last thing, this check out person took the opportunity to take out the ginger that I had part of my order. This has happened before on occasion and has brought me to look into checking out these items myself.


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