Uber and Aldi 11102020

My day first starts with an uber ride from Reynaldo which I was entertain with a strong surge of Directed Energy Weapons. And when I got back to my home base, it was a continuation of where these weapons were attacking my body, which was mainly my feet and legs. The result of this is that they were made to tense up by surrounding directed energy weapons of the area. His license plate is PHA9265. I was dropped off at Aldi after making a brief stop at my mail drop location. Although I tipped him because of the third leg of my trip was not processed I gave him a three star rating. However, I go back to the app and I see a five star rating was posted. So the uber app had been sabotage, which is why I was assign this driver.

Anyway, my first arrival at Aldi 5201 Ramsey Street was rewarded with an alarm. But I ushered into the store as if nothing had happened by someone who introduce me as a manager upon speaking to them later. Then to see a guy rushing out of the office later making a quick glimpse at me as I was packaging my purchases. I was told by a sale’s associate that he was a general manager from another location. There are only three locations in this area, so that should be easy to find. However, it very well might be likely that he is the general manager of this store or a District Manager.

Why is this all important? It is important as a cover to what is realistically is true. And the alarm is just to let surrounding perpetrators know that I enter the store. Also the store had already be retrofitted with the directed energy pulsing devices before I enter the store. And it allows the surrounding perpetrators to link into these pulsing arrays with coordinated phone apps that linked into different parts of my body that have been assigned a frequency. How each part of the body is given a frequency is the digestion of nano particles, which is maliciously placed in the food. I talked about the distribution process in another post, so it is not necessary to speak about it here.

Anyway, upon my consumption of these items, over 90 percent are nano filled. This is gathered by the crystalize sensation that feel in my mouth and the escalation of the directed energy targeting when I consume these products. I particularly found the cheese to have an alarming amount of nano technology in them.

The nano technology is attached to the nerves and muscles, given a frequency and anyone with a cell phone aided by apps can send signals to that part of the body. You feel it as pain depending on the part of the body they are targeting.

This is why I cover the store infiltration and distribution pretty intensely. Because if protocols were put into place, more than half the targeting wouldn’t even exist.

Although I know it is more widespread than the neighborhood stores that I shop at there is biological reasons why they are specifically target these stores.

I don’t want to specify were the pain is being propogated, I’m only interested in the exposing the technique used to target us.

Because of low battery, I have to end this post. But I need to post receipts, photo and video later.


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  1. It has been done multiple times to me. I believe it has to do with the medication, if any, a patient is taking. These people actually may target certain individuals and preserve food which may cause some type of chemical imbalance.

    I was food poisoned twice so far, in this city. Have eaten rare meat my entire life and never was poisoned or ill.
    Thank goodness for EMS who simply gave me a shot to counteract the poison.

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