Satellite Transmissions Directed At Various Parts Of My Head

Dear Comrades,

As a major concern to the warfare being conducted on the citizen’s of the United States of America, I’m informing you that as of current, I’m being attacked by on-going satellite transmission directed at various parts of my head.

This is coupled with individuals identified as organized gang stalkers (or community based vigilante groups) placing satellite interface technology onto personal property (vehicle) for the purpose of conducting “research” experimentation.

Further, I’m informing the citizen’s of this great nation that malicious food-water and product contamination is happening in the areas surrounding the targeted area. This area can be greater than 5 miles.

Individuals who are concerned about product safety, should take necessary precautions to make sure that their products are protected. Contact your Food and Drug Administration Offices for more details.

The criminal use of government agencies to carry out these non-consenting experiments should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And new laws should be added to enforce these protections.

The use of government spy and covert technology must be regulated. The operators of this technology should be require to report to a citizen board and their actions should be record. These actions should be mandated by new legislation.

The illegal use of this technology to cause bodily harm or to be use for purposes outside this mandate should be decommissioned. And the operators of this technology should face stiff sentencing from this citizen board.

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