Artificial Intelligence: The Messages Are All The Same!

No matter who comments, the messages are all the same! While several posts about taking the steps of repairing these wrongs go unanswered. Meanwhile, our situation continue to worsen, because the “Targeted Individual” community refuse to step to the plate.

I’m not talking about endless invitation to conference calls that lead to no.where. Or your occasional rally that produce no results and cause money to get to. I’m talking about creating a safe community whereby TIs feel connected to each other in a way they can overcome some of the targeting they face everyday. But first, they the AI program

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) is always working in the background. It occurs everytime I read a post on Facebook or right here on this forum. It occurs everytime I bring up this idea of having a safe community and flooded with excuses of why this can’t be done.

I could remember a time when we at could at least talk about the possibility of discussing this idea. I could also remember the time when I use to read post relevant to the technology. But most of that has been replaced by constant agorithms of complaining about the targeting and nothing else ever gets explored.

So you have no choice but to move on from.all of this, because you know any more effort spent on this will greatly deminish your time on this earth.

So I have greatly limit my presence in the TI community, because there would be nothing to live for other than these program messages of defeat. And no.matter how often I mentioned it, the deafness of the conversation leads time not well spent.

Anyway, if you can comment on anything other than what your targeting profile is, we can began to break these walls down.


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